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Is Zbrush(or any sculpting tool)->Retopology in Maya for animation/games the best possible way of creating a human model?

I am trying to do one from scratch in Maya and its like trying to draw a human on paper blindfolded with the paper constantly moving while you also have parkinson
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Wouldn't it actually be a lot easier since you just trace over a reference image?

3D is easy af, m8.

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>Started learning Maya from Plurallight
>Everything goes smooth and easy
>The character tutorial comes up
>mfw after 20 min

This shit is fucking retarded does someone know what are the best tutorials for human models in Maya so i can learn and kinda put it into my head to memorize something?
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Yeah here I'll give you a tutorial for human models in Maya:

Use Zbrush, then retopo and UV in Maya.
Wouldn't my character have like 1 billion polygons if its made entirely in Zbrush tho?
Zbrush is pretty much industry standard for creating detailed characters now. You make the high resolution (millions of polygons) mesh in Zbrush. Then you either retopologise it in Zbrush or Maya down to a lower polycount, and do the rest there (UVs, rigging, animating).

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>Installs a shitton of bloatware
>Takes an eternity to launch, no matter how powerful your PC is
>Crashes for no reason
>Make a lot of corrupted, bloated save files
>UI is not actually comfortable
What's the point on getting 3DSMax or Maya nowadays? Not even pirated or student versions are free of this shit.
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You can uninstall every shit except for Maya,atleast i could with the 2017 version, and Maya, nor Blender for that matter never crashed for me, dunno what the fuck you are all doing with this programs. Maya's UI is top fucking tier. 3DSMax is fucking shit tho and i don't know why would you use it instead of Maya or Blender or C4D if you are in for the movies
Ok, Maya UI is not bad at all, yet the rest of the problems are still there.
Maya launches in like 10-15 sec with a 100k polygon model on my mid tier PC Ryzen 7 16GB of Ram, and the funny thing is i have Maya on my 10 year old HDD(yes HDD not SSD or even a hybrid) who is gonna probably explode someday in the next 3 years.

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>tfw everyone is hating on Maya but i actually like it

Whats wrong with it? I am using the 2017 version as my first Maya version and i only went to it because people recommended me starting from the "hardest" program to learn so i can switch between them easily. And now i actually work faster and prefer Maya more after like 2 days of using it(I used earlier Blender and C4D). It only crashed once and that was because i was just checking the functions like a retard clicking everything. Am i in the wrong here for using it without sperging on Autodesk forums about it?
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Nobody but /3/tards / blenderfags are hating on Maya.

Read the comments

I didn't even know Maya 2018 was a thing. I thought they had finally ditched the new version every year meme. This videos are hilariously shit. It's crazy how Autodesk always manage to make the most unappealing characters possible for their demos.

So, 2018 looks like it should just be a new service pack for 2017, but it doesn't look bad. It's still an improvement - just unnecessary.

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I'm modeling scene for animation to pass my diploma. My friend told me I could twich it so I thought why not? I'm not sure, because I think my modeling skills are not that good from what I've seen others do, but anyways... here is my transmision, feel free to write comments, maybe that could speed up my progress.

I need to model old town square (one side view) with 2 boarders left right))) then the same square but destroyed (war), and then rebuild, with some modern elements... There will be also a statue of a writer, tank, couple of people, and 2 rooms on each side of a square. Well thats basicly it.
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twitch tv / loquiman
>statue of a writer, tank, couple of people
can the writer be hitler?
the writer should be hitler.
it only improves grades.
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Yeah Hitler would be nice but I think they wouldn't understand...

In middle of the animation when war happens there is a tank which shoots at the statue behind which soldiers hide. The statue should be more like protector... maybe woman idk ... Then by the end, the girl or boy who saw that explosion, sees that the statue has not been rebuilt, and decides to wear statue costume and pretend to be that statue to honor the memory bla bla Wubba lubba dub-dub!

hi guys gamedev here. making a game that combines elements from hearthstone, dota and pokemon. the idea is pretty original and create, it think this could become something pretty neat.

time has come however to decide wether my combat screen should be 3d or 2d. if 2d i could do everything myself, no problemo. but 3d would be a lot cooler. however i'd have to outsource the models as well as the animations.

my question: what would it cost to have a model like this modelled and made a set of animations for (say a total of 6 animations) ?

posting some models that are very much in the complexity and style im after
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I'm sure some pajeet on fiverr would do it for a couple bucks
15$ at most

go on indiegamer and ask

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/3/, i need your opinion on this,:

What this is, it's an apparently upgraded version of blender, called "Bforartists" made by some german people,
The thing is, that it's actually better, but i don't know if stop using blender for this, or stay with old Rusty blender?

If you want to hear some features:

>Non shitty controls
>Better ui
>Some things, don't crash as in blender.

Help a blender dude, Prof/3/sionals
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this is actually pretty interesting.
So this is actually what Blenderfags say regular Blender is? Because if that's the case then I'd say go all for it. Though I don't know if the development that's done on the main branch of original Blender would be able to be meshed with the new one. But if it's better in every way and is the actual equivalent to what original Blender is touted as, then this should be a better switch. Go for it.

I know, what amazes me it's that it's new and very stable.

I do sculpts and game assets, but I have no presence online. Where do I post my work to get commission requests and collab proposals?

Just make a profile on deviantart or some shit? I guess that's where the autists with money hang out? Any other places? Do I do some particular thing to highlight that I'm open for business?
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indiegamer,deviant art job forum,local freelancer websites,indiedb,polycount,zip recruiter

for actual industry work indeed.com and monster.com
you can use this too


Thanks a lot!

I have zero skills in 3d modelling, and no money...
I need a 3d model of a basic 3d anime girl naked without any vulgarity
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ps no hair
i second this I can not model at all
>anime girl naked without any vulgarity
anime is the definition of vulgar.

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noob question:

Am I limiting myself if I stick with Blender? Do I eventually have to move on to use Zbrush, Maya, or whatever else to ever approach anything "professional"? What I mean by professional is all the cool stuff you see on Artstation and CG Society where everything is made by a multitude of these programs. I guess something more specific would be something like character modelling. I'm not too concerned with architecture at the moment.

I know as a beginner I'm not supposed to be too concerned about these things but I am worried that I may never reach that level if I never spend the amount of money getting these programs, or the time to learn all of them.

If there are any really good Blender artists I would really appreciate it if you guys can link me to their portfolio.

pic not related
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industry artists:
donnie oliver (mentioned above)
max pulieo (mentioned above)
Daniel Bystedt (https://www.artstation.com/artist/dbystedt)

trainers & gurus:
reynte martinez (mentioned above)
andrew price
gleb alexandrov
good stuff man thanks
Blender is an excellent program, nearly everyone starts out there. I just use blender for fun occasionally, but I do know that Maya is used for nearly every professional project in the field. I have heard, however, it is not that hard to switch once proficient in blender.


this is hyper, a perfect example of what you are thinking. He used to just make shit for fun in blender, then he got hired by respawn, and worked on titanfall 2, using maya and 3ds. Hes probably the one that got me interested in this, and he said during a live stream that the switch was relatively painless.

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sup /3/

I want to talk about procedural and parametric workflows. I work in Archviz and so far I've done everything in Rhino and Grasshopper. Rhino on it's own is pretty shit desu but Grasshopper is amazing. But now I'm working with UE4 a lot and Rhino is pretty useless for that. The mapping tools are shit, the mesh tools are shit... you can kinda make it work with GH but it does not feel very efficient.

So I'm looking for more CG oriented software, but it should also have these procedural and parametric possibilities of Grasshopper. So far I can only think of 3dsmax + railclone or Houdini. I know neither of both so idk which one I should learn. Or maybe I'm missing something else?

Anyone here integrated these in your workflow and can shed some light on issues or just tell your experience? Maybe someone else is using Rhino and UE4 and can shed some light on the issues of mapping, smoothing groups etc...

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If you work in Archviz, did you try some other plugins like VisualArq?

What problems do you run in using Rhino to UE4?
substance designer is ontop of the food chain so to speak.
but i used to make some procedural in cycles like wood & metal. simply not anymore because it lacks grunges and it only have patterns
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tried VisualArq for a bit, but it wasnt very reliable imo.

the problems are mainly related to uv mapping and mesh control. Rhino is a nurbs modeler made for designing things to produce irl. So when you try to use it for CG you run into issues. The meshing algorithms are not very great, leading to very fucked up topology. Mesh editing tools are pretty much non existent. Things like bevel or chamfering are very inconvenient to do..

The mapping tools are very basic as well. I managed to do a decent enough script for mapping surfaces but unwrapping anything that's not a box is a pain in the ass. Then there are no smoothing groups. Instead, Rhino has vertex welding. For example, if you have two mesh faces that are connected, they will each have their own vertices. If you want an edge to be smooth you have to weld the vertices, but UE4 does not recognize this as smoothing groups. It renders it regardles, but it's a pretty shit way to deal with this. Especially since there are no ways to select edge loops or something like that.

Today, I mapped a pillar I made and then used "match mapping" on the 919 other pillars. It did not work, for some reason only some random faces were mapped on the other pillars. When I imported the pillars into Maya, it was like viewing the UV mapping from the top... really weird. I mean, UV maps are normally 2D, right? It was like they were rotated towards the screen. Like laying a sheet of paper on the table and then looking at it from the side. Wtf.

No matter what you do, you always have to go through Maya or Max or another CG suite if you want smoothing groups or hard eges but without having 2-3 times the amount of vertices..

Oh and by the way, rhino and GH both can't into multi threading. It just feels very outdated for what we're trying to do and I'm growing pretty frustrated with it.

pic related
created a surface mapping with GH and in the UV editor, the shells are somewhere in the boonies. It worked fine in UE4 but wtf man

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Hi guys so after i smooth out my model the edges became a fucking mess (pic related, looks like some fucking church art), and i wanted to ask does this matter if the model is just gonna be a static object that will not stretch or anything? Its not gonna be used for a game (because lmao that poly count) and i will only probably use it for an animation somewhere down the line, and if it matters for it how can i optimize it to make it look a bit less retarded? The model looks fine rendered. So thats why i don't know if i shoul waste time with it
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If you're happy with how it renders that's all that matters but it's not a good habit to get into. With that many polys I reckon you probably could have modelled it quicker but it doesn't really matter - just try not to keep working like this because it's so much easier to get out of shit if it's all quads.
Thanks! Is there any way to avoid my edges going full retard when smoothing a model?
The only reason you should care about topology is if you are performing interpolation (subdivision) or deformation (animation). Anything further is simply autism.

You can also see it as a chance to improve your skills.

Hi guys, I have a problem, I'm doing a practice in blender about texturization, but at the moment of baking the object it appear this error, I tried a lot of things but anything works, what could I do?
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>Blender Internal
>posting outside the Questions thread, or the WIP thread, or the Blender threads
Watch more videos, baking from high poly to low poly requires you to exactly follow all of the steps perfectly or else you get wonky results (regardless of 3D package).

No I'm not gonna spell out all the steps, look it up on the Blender Stack Exchange or Youtube

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>Lets you draw edges into the nothing
>Lets you snap to and align edges
>Auto fills holes when an edge loop is completed
>Auto connects edges when dragged on top of each other

Sure it's a shite program, but goddamn it does those things better than any other modeling software.
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>palm trees with a greyscale alpha being used as a cutout
why google
Because SketchUp is a mostly 2D program. The basic primitive is a 3D surface cut by a 2D drawing. It's great but it's not really suitable for 3D porn, that's why it's not so popular.
They're proving to you that your modern ultra detailed hyper realistic graphics are kinda useless and don't even look that good anyway.
I still use it for many non complicated hard surfaces like house interiors like kitchens, cupboards, tables actually most furniture then I fine detail any fabric parts of them in MD anyway.
Also for large urban many plugins like create roads/pathways/etc are invaluable.

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Why no work?
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I can't even tell the shape of your loft profiles and guide curve from this. It's probably easier to just make a sweep cut to format the blade.
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