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How do you guys study something new by your own?

>Downloaded some modeling/rendering tutorials
>Have dual screen, play video on one, follow steps in the other while writing down notes on a paper
>15 minutes of the video - 1 real time hour
>not sure if this is a proper workflow, I didnt work like this before

How can I learn a 10 hours tutorial? This is going to take ages
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I have vacation now so i just dropped everything and i am studying Maya 24/7.
I do the same thing but I don't write any notes. Don't need to and it slows down the process even more. If I forget a thing here and there, I can easily go through that part of video to remind myself.
i usually do the same exept for the notes and i have a 25min to 1h ratio.

But even if 15min of video takes you 1 hour irl that would make 40h for an entire tutorial, basically a week worth of work for something that will stay with you for the rest of your career. Pretty good if you ask me

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Wait seriously? I'll have to check that out.
False flag. Nice try, Autodesk.
It is not though?
Look it up, it's real.

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A friend of mine wants to get into 3D modeling, but he only has 200$.
He wants to use software like ZBrush, 3DSMax and Maya. Since he has little money, we've decided to buy old and used hardware off of ebay.
The hardware we've chosen are as follows:
Dell Precision T3400 (Q6700)
8GBs of RAM
GTX 560 1GB.
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not gonna cut it
what would work for 200$
How about a cheap quadro?
Q6700 is a 4-core non-HT 2.66Ghz part, expect massive lag if you try to run modern versions of any of these softwares on it.
8GB RAM is going to be maxed out and hitting the page file all the time.
GTX560 is Fermi, so expect house fires, and again 1GB VRAM is going to get maxed out all the time and possibly cause crashes.
Quadros are a meme for the most part, if you can barely afford decent base hardware, you definitely don't want to spend extra on validated hardware.

Just save up for something decent and maybe pitch in a little if you're really a friend, shit hardware is only going to kill a persons desire to continue working in a selected medium, because it'll misrepresent the results you can achieve for a given amount of effort.
Having realtime feedback of end-results on a decent system is a complete paradigm shift from having to wait 10 minutes for a 1/4 resolution blurry pre-render just to see what your shaders are doing.

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Absolute beginner here, can someone tell me,is creating textures materials, lights etc. different in render engine to another render engine, let me explain. I have maya with now Redshift and i see some new lights or other redshift things + i can create "redshift materials". So do i use these or can i use all the other assets that maya had ?
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Different render engines render 3D objects differently. What you might see on Maya might look a bit different in others like Blender. If I were you I'd just import the materials into your software of choice and tweak it there again. Pretty painstaking but it's better to have full control anyway.
Thanks, If i am reading this right (i am not at home can't test it) i can just use the normal materials i already made for maya and use it for redshift and just tweak them if something fucks up i don't have to do them all again

A thought occured to me while working: is there a sane way to avoid awful pixelation when baking multiple layered objects? I know IN GENERAL these things aren't super noticeable after texturing but it still consistently bothers me how UGLY it looks.
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increase padding maybe
Per part baking limits pixelation on the crossing surfaces to an extent. Idea is to seperate parts with intersecting faces to different meshes, and bake them seperately. Substance atleast does it easily at the push of a button. You just need to seperate and name the parts.
it's not a padding issue, more an issue that comes up on overlapping/intersecting high poly geometry. my padding is at 40 for this, so seams on UV hulls look fine.

for reference, here's the same thing with the colormap and AO applied. while it looks better, it's still kinda ugly looking in those areas.

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How the fuck do i make a brick wall that is actually kinda realistic (so not only a slapped texture on a cube) but it doesn't have 3 billions of polygons after 5 bricks?
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displacements son
how realistic do you feel this one is >>576048

i can go into more detail about how i made it
It's bad and here's why. You never paint directly on the bricks. A layer of concrete, which is blueish-gray and a layer of plaster of paris goes on first. That's why your wall looks like wallpaper.

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>mfw i just realized after starting maya (and basically starting 3D) one week ago all i have been doing all day is following tutorials and my day is now wake up work out maya go to sleep reapet
>i am still fucking god awful at it

Will it get better? Right now i am doing a (6 hour long what the fuck) Pluralight tutorial on creating a car and i undestand all of it but if it came to me making a car myself without following the tutorial i'd be in deep shit.
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>a week ago
You are really fucking dumb if you think that's a lot of time.

Anyway, yes, it will get better. I am 4 months in and I still follow tutorials for specific things I want to do, because there is so much to learn. Learned a ton of shit and programs, though, so that is nice.
>wake up work out maya go to sleep reapet

so what are you, a neet or something?

I was balancing work, university and learning 3D on what little free time I had, still took over a year to get even remotely good. If you're a neet it should take you only a few months to get on my level
Vacations, no i am not underage

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Fusion vs Nuke vs After effects?
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After effects motion graphics.
Nuke > Fusion, compositing
Maybe i am retarded but what exactly does motion graphics mean


a very simple example for you

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Pic Related is one of the reasons I still use Blender after over a decade because I find it an incredibly useful tool in modeling.

If I were to move over to a different program like Maya, is there a feature similar to it I can use?
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No. Blender is the only software in existance that can remove doubles. Be sure to watch hundreds of hours of Blender Guru, Blender Sensei and Blender Senpai tutorials, but their add-ons so you Blender can become a "plugin beast". Also buy some goats and an unholy altar, which you're going to need later to get a job at the Blender Foundation.
hows that doom mod going?
The fuck are you talking about?

I was just asking an actual question and you show up. Fuck off.

I have to buy a new ultrabook as my main computer. So I'm thinking about the entry level macbook pro 13" from this year (without touchbar). So can i get a decent performance with it with tools like blender or unity?
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I can tell you it will run for basic modeling and not heavy stuff, or for starters. I've seen some nerds built pretty complex stuff in unity using a Macbook. But I still won't use it as a render machine or rigid body simulations, I'd use a desktop for that.
Hi I use a retina 5k iMac, (32gb, i7 4.0ghz) running under windows 10. I never use MacOS on this machine anymore.

Don't listen to the neckbeards who will piss and moan about Macs in 3D, they're fine machines for 3D work, but not the one you have selected. I would not recommend a laptop of any kind for 3D work - you need a desktop for this stuff.

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Any tips with making money using DAZ?
I can make renders like pic related
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So, just like every other person using Daz and Iray?

Add g3f, apply character morph, apply clothing someone else made, apply textures someone else made, add environment props that someone else made.

To make money, be original, make your own clothing and textures and props etc. It's rewarding and it won't look like everyone else's stuff.
Yes, I wanna make money with the renders using my original clothes and props. But how? Where?
on the internet, duuuh...

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Freedom edition!


Previous thread:
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take your cancer and leave. this shit looks worse than garry's mod.
Please be nice. This is no place for anti-American activity.

how fix texture?
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what the hell is that even supposed to be? looks like a fucked up mix of galil, a tube smg and a handgun grip

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Post your work in progress!

Old Thread
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torso .jpg
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First time sculpting torso

What am i doing wrong?
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pls no bully.png
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Just learning Blender, this is the third thing I've made.
Gotta learn how to make UVs now then texture it.
I also want to try out the revamped cycles engine in 2.79, but I don't know how yet.
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Messing with some particles for an assignment

Are all tutorials complete bullshit?
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No. They teach you how to actually do something. They make sure that you get to know the tools so you can use them and improve yourself later.
No, if they are genuine tutorials. Blender tutorials on the other had are made by preachers who are running a cult and are not meant to teach you anything useful, just to put you deeper into the cult.
That's not what people like >>576221 say.

Even if I weren't using Blender, I'd still be asking if tutorials were needed for something like Maya or ZBrush.

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