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Are 3D artists underappreciated considering how much knowledge they need to have?

I'm also wondering what is the salary limit in this field, and are there some famous public figures/celebrities in the 3D world? It doesn't seem like many normies care about 3DCG, unlike music, painting, illustration etc.
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They don't need to know that much and it's all not that hard to learn, albeit hard to master.

And they don't carry any real risk either.
3D graphics only become more and more mainstream every day, and that means there will always be a need for 3D artists, even if it's just crunch work based on something that was already designed for you.
Knowledge is not that much more complex than traditional or digital art, training and experience should eventually reduce technical specifics to muscle memory either way.
Of course it depends on whether you choose to have a strong focus in one thing, or want to learn all the things. Even if you want to branch out, a lot of things can be semi-automated for you to not have to worry about them too much.
Even if you're just a straight modeler, you can always throw on an pre-fab rig, do a render based on some preset data and composite in a program you may already know well, like Photoshop. It won't blow anyone's socks off as if you had a dedicated rigger and TD, but it doesn't have to, you can already get much of the way there just from pressing some buttons.
i don't think 3D modeler are underappreciated. its just that 3D content takes so long to develop in comparison to 2D so people are still risk adverse to 3D unless its somehow tied to an already successful franchise.

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Remember the Tony is Back thing?
I'm thinking that the guy behind it used Blender, how about you, /3/?
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What makes you think that anon?
I bet they used maya, they just dont' give a fuck about texturing
You mustve seen quite a few pixels in your time, OP

>People still waste time with rendering engines to render one frame in 10 hours when they can just use Unreal Engine and get it in real time with "similar" results


And most of this is at 60+fps, you can crank it up so it goes to 25~30 for it look much better(its not like it matters in animation)
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>presents UE4 as if its an alternative for render engines
>can't even make a mirror in UE4
kek. lemme know when UE4 can handle some baby steps
Literally 5 min in fucking After effects or Nuke to fix this. Pretty worth when you dont waste 5 days in rendering
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>no realtime raytraced GI
>crappy inaccurate ambient occlusions everywhere
>no decent fluid simulation like fire or smoke
>you wait for hours for a large scene to lightbake
>even then you get lightmap bleeding everywhere
>lightmaps are static and if you move 1 thing, you rebake everything all over again for hours
>backface reflections are horrible
>even screenspace reflections are too noisy and inaccurate
>transparency sorting issues
>list goes forever

Good luck shitting out crappy UE4 renders and waiting for days infront of youtube, begging to get a thousand views for it. I'll go with the industry giants who use real products like renderman, arnold and mentalray for the million dollar blockbuster movies they create.

Real talk, how do you hype yourself up to use zbrush and its abysmal interface enough to learn it and be good at it?
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80% of the work is done by 20% of the features
Progress is rewarding
Stick to tutorials, if you're getting that frustrated feeling of "I can't make the software do what I want" it's because you haven't learned enough yet
Eventually you'll git gud enough to customize the UI for your own needs
the interface is horrible, but you can customize
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Zbrush interface 2.png
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ups that's an old one

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How much money do you niggas think blender is actually worth
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like 2 or 3 dollars ?
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>another ironic thread another blend
>another retard who need to push a thousand buttons just to make a basic model
>another schmuck that things blender is wings3d with perks and don't realize its actually a serious software
I wasn't actually being ironic, I guess I don't lurk this board enough.

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I just need a bit of advice, pic related is a quick model made in Sketchup of an arm from an MRI scan. The layers in the scan are 2.5mm apart but i want them to be smooth like one continuous piece. Can anyone explain the easiest way to do this? Thanks in advance
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hey man, unsoften the mesh, extract the perimeter of each piece and join it with a plugin called curviloft, search it on youtube it does just what you need.
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I'm not sure if exactly what you need, but I worked on a similar sounding problem.

I work for a company that does dispersion modeling for petrochem/oil & gas facilities, and long story short, they wanted to show the clouds in 3D. Well the program we have that does the actual dispersion modeling is old as fuck, and the best i could get was "slices" of the cloud, much like you have "slices" of the scan there. I wrote some relatively simply python code to create a new mesh and stitch the slices together. i don't know what the MRI data looks like, but that may be your best option for getting a real smooth model.

pic related

How far have you guys and girls came as 3D artists?
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> girls
He's including the fe(males), which amateur 3D attracts like honey.
honestly your topography is still looking like shit.
There is ton of optimization to be done.

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this is what I reached so far..
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please end his suffering
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Still looks pretty good; you have full color and ray traced shadows + self shadows in your scene, things you probably wouldn't even be able to reasonably do way back when.
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Thought it'd be fun to try my hand at it.
What do you think of this?

Show me your worst renders, /3/.

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Anyone else colorblind here? How do you manage proper colors in your models?
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>pay some fiver to videoconf with you
>play with the sliders until the fiver says it's the right color
>pay him 5 bucks for the hour you needed to get the colors right

You can get glasses to compensate for colourblindness now.
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OP, do you want to stay poor? Just use your brain for a moment.

For example, use your colorblindness and just use the shades that look right for you.
To all others it will be the biggest color clusterfuck and everyone will call it art and you will make big bucks.

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Is it true you can model anything with just a polygon primitive and tons of edge loops+ extruding?
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What do you think retard?
Loop cut extrude loop cut loop cut loop cut extrude etc . and you can create anything prove me wrong
What do you need cut for? If you start with a plane you can extrude to any shape.

I want to design a miniature helmet and armor set and 3D print it. But I'd like the model to be about 3 feet tall. I've never 3D printed anything and I've only just started with 3D modeling. Been using Cinema 4D for the time being.

Here are some questions:

1. Is C4D a good program for modeling characters and preparing them for 3D print? Or should I be looking at AutoCAD or Zbrush?

2. What is a great home 3D printer that can print something that large? The largest piece is just over 30 inches. Would you know of a good one to buy?

3. Back on software, I need to be able to build parts and possibly animate them minimally. Which is why I thought C4D was a good choice. Does C4D have 3D print capability? Is it print friendly? Or should I go with another software? Ideally, I'd like to be able to stress-test joints and parts of the model using material presets or parameters. I know I'm kind of out of my field right now, but that is what I am eventually trying to get to.

I think that is it for now. If you have questions for me, let me know.

>pic unrelated
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What do you need it for?
3d printing isn't /3/. It's /diy/

they have a general.
I'd like to 3D print character models, body armor, and architectural stuff.

I'll repost in /diy/, thanks.

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Why is this thing such a piece of shit, tried to go from Blender to it and the shortcuts + the way you navigate trought your scene and the views makes me want to kill myself. Atleast the UI is nice. Is it worth learning this or should i stick to Blender? I wanted to learn Cinema4D Because of the compatibility with After Effects and Premiere but guess i will just do my modelling in Blender and i will just export the object+textures to Cinema.
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What are you yapping ? Oh so the shortcuts are different and the viewport navigation is like the industry standard and you have difficulties to adapt?
Have fun getting that non standard Blender muscle memory out of your system while you use C4d, it will take some time (but its worth it).

Look, C4d is not shitty, its just in your head because you don't know it yet.
If you want to do Motion Graphics or TV/Broadcast kinda stuff stick with it (or any other discipline where it is more useful than Blender.)
Keep on using Blender learn C4d and use each of them to their advantage.
I use both, and i think polymodelling in Blender is faster and more fun, also UVing. But C4d isn't bad either and shines when you work with Splines, Parametric objects, procedural stuff and the mograph tools.
It works well with all the others 3dDCCs and Adobe, all important Renderers available, Realflow and Houdini implementation etc...

It works well as an 3d hub pipeline tool where all stuff comes together and gets rendered.
Unless you want to do high end character animation and VFX then go Maya/Houdini.
Also After FX is nice and effective for easier stuff, but if you really want to use 3d and Composition to its fullest potential, start looking at a node based compositor like Fusion or Nuke.
Unironically AE can do the same shit (and more) Nuke can but people recommend that fucking garbage ancient piece of shit because muh professionalism

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I'm transitioning to Maya from Blender, and how do I "relax" or "smoothen" an edge election? I want to make this edge loops more rounded as they are slightly too blocky.
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You push the button that makes a selection rounder but be careful because it's next to the button that sets your mesh on fire.
Press "3"

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why are there so few 3d comics?

>pic unrelated
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>lost /co/ck

I only ask because I can't find the answer anywhere else and I feel like I'm the first person to ask
It's a lot easier to draw than it is to render.
Corrections are also easier with drawing.
The creative freedom of drawing is unparalleled.
3d comics look like absolute shit for the same effort done with 2d

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Is anyone using 3D Paint for modelling? Is it good? Show your creations.
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still haven't got the creator's update. why ms hates me?
It's the 3d equivilant of ms paint

good for getting an 8 year old interested in 3d modeling, and you could probably get something great with it if you put in the effort, but it's much easier to get good results with a real 3d program

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