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How do I join these sites to download from them?
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Just make an e-mail and hope you get selected.

That's all there is to it. I'm a member of at least one of those sites and that's all there is to it. No fees or anything.

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The most SFW animation Cyber 8 has ever produced. Any thoughts, my thots?
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I'm a bit of a retard and didn't understand it
Cyber 8 is a CG shitposter.
should have edited it down a bit - drags on.

The second half isn't very funny. I like the concept and the animation is pretty well done for what it is

My probation is starting soon and im scared as fk couse I have to prove myself to hopefully get hired and If I mess up I feel like I will never find a job and give up on 3D for good. I worked once before at a small indie company for 7 months and its been a pain to find something else since then.

Any advices to not screw this up ?
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Get tatted up, something 3d related, somewhere visible.
Who would want to work in this field.
It seems like hell.

I love 3D, but I'm an accountant because I want to eat.
accountants are going to be replaced by AI really really soon. Only artists will be left desu

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3dsk sometimes seem like a disease encyclopedia, i guess the author just picked some junkies and low tier scum from street to save a nickle
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wtf what are you doing, just use pinup sites and chaturbates like all normal 3D modelers
Go look up Kim, the black woman with actual knife scars on her face who ended up being the texture for any number of V4/V5/V6 characters.

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How is it that there are literally no sculpting programs that take advantage of the surface? It's perfect for sculpting but there are simply no programs optimized for it.
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I guess most professionals just use cintiqs and don't sculpt on the move.

I have a surface but I use it for Rhino&GH, presentations, drawing and controlling robots. Works great. Never tried sculpting anything tho.

I guess the market is not really there and the things are very expensive if you get the hardware capable of running zbrush.
I got ugee hk1560 tablet monitor for sculpting.
It's much cheaper than cintiqs, and works great even thou I cannot compare it because it's my first monitor tablet (much better, than a wacom graphics tablet)

I also like it that it's 15 inches, because I can use it in bed at night.

also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0dH4P0jHJA
Can the Surface handle sculpting? It's possible that it's simply not that great of a device for sculpting or that not that many people who owns one sculpt. Why optimize a program for a small group of people?

On a side note i've never seen someone with one of those Surface devices.

>I also like it that it's 15 inches, because I can use it in bed at night.

Context anon.

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What's your opinion on Source Filmmaker?
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Fisher Price's "Baby's First 3D Program".
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Nice looking on the surface until you realize the absolute assfuck that is dealing with creating Source engine custom content.

Making models and learning all the stuff with source makes it not even worth it unless you like dealing with one of the worst modelling workflows imaginable and numerous stupid quirks of that engine. Pretty much the only people who can make decent use of it are the people who have worked with source for years prior.

Anyone else would realize that making animations in your 3D program is easier than attempting to get a working model with proper flexes compiled for source. Hell you could probably model several characters from scratch in the time you would take just to learn how to deal with source's SDK bullshit.
Let me know when they make importing not retarded, alongside allowing PBR. Until then, no thanks. It is a nice introduction for new animators though.

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Hi. You may remeber me from the Duke Nukem tread a while ago. Back then somebody asked me to provide an OBJ file for experimenting with texturing and stuff. It't a work in progress and there are minor geometry issues, but you can get it here:
All the entites are separate and should have useable texture coordinates, so you just have to set up your own materials.
Let me know if you think it's useful or not, if you want more, if there are bugs, ideas.
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>Hi. You may remeber me from the Duke Nukem tread a while ago.
how could i forget such a god damn superstar
Omg keep it up dukeguy!
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A quick example just to show that it works. A couple of original bitmap textures and a procedural one on the same scene in Blender using the provided UV coordinates.

Where can i find a normal map of Europe of decent size?
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theres a 16K X 8K heightmap of the world on wikipedia. Other than that, you can get elevation maps from ArcGIS and turn them into normals with a 3rd party software.

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You are my last hope anons, can you help me figure out how to me a stencil for my forearm/sleeve tattoo ?
There is this pattern which must go around my arm and well me and my tattoo artist can't figure out how to make a stencil in which pattern connects..
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Here is the pattern
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That's my fukup. Clearly not the way it's done, also here are the measurements
God dammit, Lover bottom says 18,5cm, top 28.5,length 17cm.

Please anons help.

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do you guys have a clue about what could fix this?
its being rendered in the browser with webgl/threejs, only the engine looks like its normals directions are wrong but they seem ok in blender, and ive tryed normalizing, its not the material too...
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Are you sure you don't have doubled normals?
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D: awww i double normals? i havent heard of this problem, i will deffnitely check and learn about it, but they seem ok in blender
its in the left panel right there. just make sure all polygons are selected. click remove doubles

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Is Sculptris a decent alternative to Zbrush? Due to Zbrush's price I've been mostly using Blender but the sculpting feels a tad stiff there.
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Due to Zbrush's price I pirated the shit 8 years ago and have long since mastered the UI.

Steal the fucking program Harry and get to studying. The only decent alternative is 3D coat. Blender is great after setup and will likely be the best option in the long run.

I do open sculptris for alternative practice. Zbrush can and will hold your hand once you get to know the program. I consider it a crutch when it comes to practice.
as someone who actually owns a legal copy of zbrush, just fucking pirate it.

its industry standard, you need to learn it. It's only going to get worse if you become like those Blender fags.

Where can I find more pictures with smart deformable topology solutions, sort of like picrel?

I'm looking at a freshly complex high poly model right now with about 50 joints in it and I'm literally afraid to enter the retopo stage to make it a game asset.
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*freshly made -_-

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So I've been working on my first real render for a couple days now. Nothing too great, but I need your guys's help on what i can improve before making the final high res render the low poly count is do to me not wanting to wait a bit longer. So that will be changed in the final render. Any help on making better texturing is especially appreciated.
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i don't eve know what is that thing?

make a table with a coffee cup on it, its the best way to introduce yourself to modeling and materials.
and coffee cup, simple as it is - can always be improved in some way because you have cycles
A well-made plumbus.
>A well-made plumbus.
lol god damn it

Add some bevels to those edges OP, real 90 angles don't exist and they jump out at you as "off". It also looks like you just pasted the wood pic on the block surface. If you're going for some high res stuff, look into adding all the neato texture maps. Blender guru has some great tutorials on this. Also maybe play with multipoint lighting once you get the rest of it set up.
Good luck anon

Would using multiple xbox 360 kinects still be a good enough way to do photogrammetry?
I have two that i used for facial animations, i dabbled in making 3D scans but they were always a little too messy, is there a simple way to get them cleaned up?
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No, it was never good and will never be good. Get Agisoft instead.
you need the highest resolution you can get and
kinects do not have that at all also their color accuracy is terrible. id just buy some newer point and shoots that give you full manual control

and like the other guy agisoft photoscan is the king and has been for a long time
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that dude looks like he'd been better off being 100% basketball american instead of 80%

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Where can I download V-Ray for Maya 2016? It's not available on Piratebay.
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You can try CGPEERS or CGPersia. Good Luck
>not cracking your own software
>not uling them with trojans and two week backdoors to create a botnet
It's like I'm on fucking deviantart.

Enjoy my fruits of labor anon.
CGPeers is great when the website isnt down like it is now

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