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How is the situation with pirating Nuke? I heard this corporate whores legit go after everyone who touches their precious baby. God fucking damnit i just want to learn it without using the 5% features free edition not create a blockbuster you stupid fucking cunts
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Can't go wrong with installing it on an airgapped computer and never connecting it to the web

t. gentooman
Couldn't you just block it in the firewall or something? Also you still have to download it somehow
its loaded with spyware.

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Hey /3/

for the last year I've been preparing to change careers to 3D (I do video editing and special effects right now), learning maya and zbrush on my free time and such. I think I might be ready to take the plunge but I'm not sure.

pic related is the best model I've made yet.
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shit wrong pic
looks good to me, but what the fuck do i know
its meh

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I'm mostly a 2D artists, and I was looking if real companies IRL care if some 2D artist can do low poly as well.

I know how to do low poly and wonder if I can add low poly renders to my portfolio.

I want to mostly try to get some jobs at advertising companies locally.
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Looks like No Man's Sky a bit
ok so whats your point?
Real companies don't even care that you do 2D, senpai.

Hello, I'm new to mudbox so bare with me. I have two questions.
1) How do I extend a bust primitive to make the rest of the body? With the grab brush I'm stretching the topology. I don't want to add a new object, I want to extend the current but with a not stretched topology.
2)I chose mudbox over zbrush cause I read rumors in cgpersia that Autodesk with show some love to mudbox 2019 with a huge team of artists and programmers and specifically "we won't believe in our eyes". I don't know if it is just a rumor, or a marketing trick... but I got the bait. I want to grow some knowledge and practice in 2018 so I ll be ready next year for the 2019 release. What do you think?
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>What do you think?
download zbrush
on a month-old thread a guy suggested me to forget zbrush and download mudbox. Just make up your minds you guys!
>I don't know if it is just a rumor, or a marketing trick... but I got the bait.
It's fucking Autodesk, I would be surprised beyond belief if they ever made a significant update to literally anything they develop.
I can't answer your question as I never used Mudbox, it always seemed to be something of a dark horse compared to ZBrush.

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Hello /3/.
Let's make 3D porn, starting from the basemesh. Post your results here, we'll all work together.
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How's about you take and jank off, just about?
how bout no and I just use daz :))))))))))))))
Is this your work or are you just an ideaguy fag?

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Are there any non professional 20 years in the business way of modelling a head without reference images like box-modelling or something cause all the "tutorials" or timelapses i see is take a reference image close to the character you are making and just copy it which i don't really want.
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>Are there any non professional 20 years in the business way of modelling a head
Now try with punctuation.
How about:

Are there any ways of modelling a head that don't require huge knowledge that only people who are in the 3D modelling business for years know and can use properly?
those are not needed anymore since most people moved to sculpting

you wont find many refs onlinee since those are done inhouse for the 3d artists

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Anyone here uses SP for handpainted single diffuse textures? I find the procedurals help save a lot of time compared to doing it all by hand in 3Dcoat like I used to.

Substance general I guess. I'll be dumping some stuff I made over the weekend for a game jam

[spoiler] programmer shitter fucked up big time and we didn't make the deadline [/spoiler]
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I actually made a few smart materials for the outlines and cross-hatching. I'll upload them if anyones interested
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also if anyone's got any tips for reducing the jaggies I got on some of these I'd appreciate it

They're all using one diffuse map per prop, 2K resolution
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Is there ANY reason to not do porn? You make a shit ton more money for low quality work. Why isn't everyone doing it?
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they have girlfriends
Just lie about your career then. Build a fake portfolio and claim you do something else. No one has to know you do 3D porn. They will be thankful when you buy them shit.
how can i make money with 3d porn?
i meant were to post my work?
is better to make animation, games or sill images?
is japanese style the best option?

In Maya, how do I mirror over a control curve with driven keys on a rigged model?

I've got a simple bipedal model I'm working on, and I just finished rigging finger curl and grabbing animations on each finger on the left side. I've driven the keys for the animations through a control curve which the hand is constrained to so that it follows it as it moves. How do I copy all of this over to the other side? I've copied the geometry, joints, and skin weights over, but I don't know how I can copy driven keys, or curves that contain controllers for driven keys. I think this can be done through a script but I'm having a hard time finding a script or a good method for doing this in Maya. I've already mirrored the curve and all the attributes for it over, so I pretty much just need to drive keys on the opposite side now.

Everything I've done is properly labeled, the joints on the right side are prefixed with "Right", left is prefixed with "Left". That's the only labeling difference. I'm using Maya 2017.

Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks.
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This requires some scripting. Search for sdk copy mirror on Highend3d to get started

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I'd like to create some humanoid creatures. Not for any games or animations, I just need them to look nice. Thanks in advance!
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first post best post

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Hi! Sorry if this place is the wrong board for this, but it looked like the best place to start.

I'm looking for 3D printers and 3D printing information.
I'm looking for a somewhat good quality printer capable of printing models, minis or small terrain on either a 28mm or a 10mm scale; does anyone have any recommendation?

Is a heated bed important? And which materials are suited for actual printing?

Thanks in advance for any assistance given. I've tried the /r/ and /wsr/ boards.
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Use the 3D printing General thread, you silly willy
Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction! =)

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IF you're so good at making them 3D graphics, how come you're not a Youtube millionaire yet? This has 2 billion views you know
pic unrelated
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>This has 2 billion views
degenerate single moms thinking that a brand called "little baby bum" is cute (even tho is actually sick and pedo).

you gotta appeal to the masses to get hits, kid.
that's how nickelback did it.
why is Nickelback constantly singled out? Tons of even shittier music has been hitting at any given time for as long as Nickelback has existed

The cow on the bus goes AAAaaaaAAAAaaaAAAaa


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I've been a 3d artist for a few years now and have worked on several games. Thought i'd show off my latest creation- thoughts? Took forever to finish.
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you are an excellent 3D artist and your work really makes me think
I Hope Riot makes this the new League character
This is amazing, can't wait for pixar to hire you

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Hi guys, so i picked up Maya some days ago and i am learning modelling for now but the progress is steady and the skills are going up and some of my models are already reaching pretty high amounts of polygons etc. and i wanted to ask, i have a Ryzen 7 1700 (8 cores/16 threads for those who don't know) and a GTX 1080, what render engine should i pick, a GPU based one (Octane) or a CPU one (Arnold)? I don't really care about photorealistic results but i know both of these are pretty fucking good.
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Forgot to add i am looking for the fastest one for my PC specs.
Redshift. 100% Redshift.
Nigga i am a beginner not a pixar employer

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yo /3/, i'm looking for coders, 3D modelers and concept artists for an upcoming game i'm making on unreal engine 4, if you're interested join my discord - https://discord.gg/NaFQ6mR

Even if you're not interested you can still join the discord and post memes. ¯\_[ツ]_/¯
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>looking for coders, 3D modelers and concept artists
Let me guess, you're the ideas guy?
>Even if you're not interested you can still join the discord and post memes. ¯\_[ツ]_/¯

Sounds like a lot of work will get done.

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