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I've seen a lot online about how to download the 3d models. But not all cities have a ton of buildings made as 3d models, most have the satellite image with some cheap elevation data which barely resambles the size and shape of building and trees. It's shit, but that's the best i've got and i need it.

anyone knows how to rip this data? i'm either able to get the texture, or the 3d models, but not this elevation data.

thanks in advance
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Agreeing with this. I'm wanting the city models, ground elevation, buildings, those could easily be remodeled, but having the proper ground elevation and building positions and everything is what would make this. Wanting to remodel a small portion of a city for a game mod, using Google Earth's stuff would be a good simple skeleton to get started.
exactly. Tbh i could work with it as it is, im not aiming for any 4k aesthetics, i just need to vaguely represent the real world, actual places. And doing it by hand would be a hassle
There was software which could snapshot 3d info from your graphics card, and output it to 3ds max or some shit. The result was very much usable, but I dont remember the name of the software

Student here. Need help for ideas

Can you think of any possible tools which Maya lacks(or suck at) for modelling in general? Maybe even tools which help modular houses/map creation.

I am thinking of making a tool/plugin for my grad show. Will be using mainly Python and Mel.
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>Python and Mel
>not using PyMEL
>not using PyMEL to call maya c++ plugs
welcome to the unemployment line, anon

problem for me is that I am already nearing my graduation and need something to show. Will probably learn PyMEL in unemployment for a year or two
If you want to make plugins for programs that lack it, try making some for 3DS Max. I'd kill for a kitbash plugin like I have in Maya.

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I have an interesting problem that is beyond my skill.
tl;dr version: What small mesh(es) can be used to compose any tetrahedron?

Long version:
A game editor allows me to create meshes within it, but does not allow me to create meshes within the game itself.

However, it is entirely viable performance-wise to make a composite mesh out of pre-made smaller meshes.

For simplicity, I'll refer to these "pre-made smaller meshes" as "atoms" as they are the unchanging components of larger meshes.
These atoms can be scaled in three dimensions.

Any composite mesh can be made out of various tetrahedrons, so if you can make those tetrahedrons from your atoms, then the problem is solved.

So, my question is: What atom(s) would allow me to make any tetrahedron?

A good candidate is the right-angled tetrahedron; someone told me that you can make any tetrahedron using right-angled tetrahedrons, but they didn't say how.
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This topic is barely /3/, you know that, right?

What kind of engine is that? I find it hard to believe, that there is an engine out there, that would prevent you from spawning stuff "in the game itself"

>someone told me that you can make any tetrahedron using right-angled tetrahedrons, but they didn't say how.
Does this really require any further explanation to you? Open up a 3d program, make yourself one and try to assemble any given shape. I'm pretty sure you'll get to it unless you're suffering from severe autism.

And most importantly:
Are you twelve?
Salt: 8/10
Reading comprehension: 2/10
>it is entirely viable performance-wise to make a composite mesh out of pre-made smaller meshes
this is why the source engine has shit performance with games like garry's mod because of people building props in the hammer world editor.

i would even go as far as to say it's better to use milkshape than the method you're talking about.

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>You aren't supposed to animate with tris
>All game engines convert quads to tris and the animation are of pic related level

I don't get it, so can i have tris in my mesh or not?
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Once the animation is baked into a quad mesh, converting it to tris doesn't change the deformation. You need quads when you're animating.
Oh okay,thanks
what game is that? looks pretty sick

I'd say FFXV if the protagonist didn't look like a female

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July 8: https://community.hivewire3d.com/threads/official-announcement-hivewire-3d-to-publish-animals-through-daz-3d.2121
Former DAZ founder Chris Creek approached by DAZ to exclusively sell his animal figures through their store instead of his own. He accepts the offer to financially bolster Hivewire3d.com and even agrees not to mention his own store anywhere on his product page.

Yesterday: https://community.hivewire3d.com/threads/official-announcement-daz-terminates-agreement-to-publish-hivewire-3d-animals.2188
4 weeks later, DAZ decides to terminate their agreement with Chris citing negativity in his announcement as the reason, without specifying what was negative or how they didn't notice it at the time.

While he can't model a woman who doesn't look like a tranny to save his life, Chris sculpted the figures that built DAZ and is arguably one of the current top animal modelers for DAZ Studio/Poser -- which is why they courted him. If they did this to the co-founder of their company, they will do it to you. Do not broker anything through these cunts, they can and will find reasons to renege on their terms if/when they decide you aren't humming their tune.
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Isn't DAZ going broke anyways? I've heard they fired a shit ton of people recently.

It's not exactly like they can expand to any serious professional market.
We've had people here claim DAZ Studio has a grand total of 3 programmers now so I could believe that. They tried expanding into game assets and Unity curbstomped them pretty quickly (that and Unity finding out DAZ was reselling one of their environments illegally), along with mediocre .fbx export making it impractical.

Comments about the company get routinely deleted from their forums. I could easily see a new investor shitcanning the current management the way they did to their predecessors, burning off the software they won't support any more and within 5 years selling the entire catalog to TurboSquid.
They have to be pretty desperate to beg the guy they fired to develop for them again before going tsundere on him.

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>tfw installed houdini

What in the flying fuck are all this .exe
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I guess those are command line utilities meant for batch processing stuff. But those may be viruses. Better delete your windows folder to be sure.
This question is easily answered by searching the name of each .exe in the docs. Do yourself a favor anon, uninstall Houdini and run back to whatever piece of shit software you came from.

So my problem with blender on my laptop is that it's set to zoom with two fingers and I don't want that, I want to zoom by pinching. Please help and thank you.
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prteferences in blender and get you fucking Bluetooth mouse
I don't want to use a mouse though, I want to use the trackpad.
I don't know which settings in preferences I need to edit though.
i don't think anyone adapted blender to this input because it would be a stupid idea to begin with

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Maya 2015.png
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What is the most stable version of maya? I'm thinking about getting the 2015 version for learning.
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what would a new version not be stable?

are they not testing their releases?
It generally isn't

I've just discovered something disconcerting.
America has really bad topology.
Look for exaple at the places I've circled in red. Those are potential T-Junctions which could cause all sorts of artifacts when rendering.
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>literally all n-gons
>nitpicking t-junctions

that's the least of your worries anon.
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I'm going to leave this here because I don't know where else to put it. It's a work in progress. Sorry for the texture coordiantes. I'll fix them eventually.
File: test2.jpg (69KB, 640x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And this is the other side of the same corridor.

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Hi guys, so i am a beginner, i am doing my first model but i have a problem, so i have the whole body except for the hand and feet and head, problem is i don't have a clue how to connect my ""hand"" (cube) to my arm, my arm has an 8 edge opening for the hand but i realized i will have way more edges in my hand because it has to have 4 fingers connected. So what to do. Pic related, Cube has 8 edges so he can be connected problem is i don't have any edges to connect the fingers
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edge flow example.png
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This is fairly trivial once you learn how to reflow edge loops. At first you should probably start like in pic related, with the split happening at wrist, but you should eventually figure out a way to integrate it more organically into the shape of your hand and multiply loops as they get to the extremities, because you generally want the density of edges over the mesh surface to be fairly even, otherwise it'll be quit jarring when the poly density suddenly doubles from the forearm to the hand. Of course you don't want your splits to be as rigid as my example either, I just have them spaced like that for clarity.
File: 4 to 6 split.png (34KB, 945x830px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 to 6 split.png
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Here's another type of split that might be useful to save loops on fingers, you basically get two free loops per finger this way.
U a magician, thanks

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