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I'm making a game and I may plan on hiring a animator/rigger.
What should I do/don't do when setting up my models for him to weight paint and animate?

decent topology is already covered but that's all I know.
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posing of the model so that the skinning process is faster and easier.
as for this though
the rigger is going to like poses that make it easier to rig. The animator is going to like poses that deform well. These are not the same pose. You're going to have to tell one of them to deal with it, and it should be the rigger.
Drawing joints for characters in an A-pose is not significantly harder to do than on a T-pose. And more extreme poses like halfway-to-fetal-position might be tedious for them to rig, but the rigger's job is to endure discomfort so the animator doesnt have to.

animators are after all highly emotionally fragile and lack the maturity to handle the slightest of inconveniences.
You should probably watch a few tutorials on rigging/skinning just to know what they would expect from your meshes. It's one thing to think you know that placing some edge loops a certain way will rig or deform well and another to see it first hand. And in general, whatever aspect of 3D you're interested in, it always pays to "know your neighbors" so to speak. You can be certain that the person you will hire will know quite a bit of modeling themselves, but it'll be a waste of time and money to have them continually fix your mistakes or god forbid hold your hand.

Starting out I had a ton of trouble rigging and deforming A-pose characters, T is just way easier. I think it's more of personal preference in the end, and your rigger can always just lock the character into any default pose he wants before sending it to an animator.

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I want to start writing my own dither shaders to achieve rendered results like pic related. Do any of you know any good resources to start learning how to do this?
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i have no idea of programming shader but i would start from here:

go to shadertoy.com
thats a whole other language

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i see cg artist do this but i dont understand why,i suppose that is for VXFcompositers to understand color??
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For debugging purposes. A rendering and post-processing pipeline may have a hundred stages and you need to have a way to check if all that nonsense is doing what it's supposed to.
>what is a properly calibrated studio scene
> I need to prove i'm using properly calibrated studio lighting when it should be a given and not something to show off

Because they're pretentious faggots, OP.

Whats the secret to making cute Disney characters ?
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solid 2d drawings from drawfags
I think the secret ingredient is paprika.
Vigorous animal testing ?

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Is 3ds max considered "bad" in the industry?

I know the question may be silly. Im a bit new here in /3/ and i have roughly 2 years experience in 3ds and i keep seeing people mostly refer to maya. While at the same time people say that plenty of companies use it. Is that true? And if it is bad is it worth spending the time to learn maya in this industry?
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So i use both since a couple of years and i dont think you can call either of them bad, they both have their advantages over the other but are very solid in general.

I think it strongly depends on what you want to do, in my opinion max has the most powerful modelling tools in the industry, no matter classic 3D software you use the toolset and variety of modifiers max offers is one of a kind.

In terms of animation and rigging i would prefer maya over max, the rigging tools in maya are much more advanced and its alot easier to create complex rigs in maya than it is in max.

In terms of rendering they both offer the same renderers so i wouldnt choose based on that.
kill you're self
modeling: use Max
everything else: use Maya
Max just has a UI that's amazing for modeling.

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do you guys only make professional stuff or do you make silly one off things for yourself occasionally?
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I don't because it is a waste of time.

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>find a nice tutorial series on youtube
>after going through a half of it, realize the person never finished the series
>look at the comments
>he is still replying to new comments, saying he will finish it as soon as he gets a bit of free time
>literally YEARS pass and he still hasn't managed to make a 10 minute tutorial

Holy shit, how much are 3D artists working? It seems to be 24/7. Should I worry as somebody who is wanting to get into industry?

Shit seems crazy, man.
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Tuts are for fags. Make some porn and set up a patreon.
pro here

work hours are sometimes 12-14 hour shifts a day for several weeks at a time. But more likely than not that person also has a life after work, yknow.
Just buy complete tuts m8
Not that expensive and at least you know you'll get something complete

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I finally got a 3d printer a few days ago. I have it set up and I printed a few items from thingiverse.I want to make my own models to print, but the only cad experience I have is in Rhinoceros 5, from a course I took late in High School. I got pretty experienced with it, and all the open source software I've tried doesn't feel the same, or have the same tools as Rhino. Any help?
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What do you want to print?
Rhino is good for printing
I just want to have some kind of cad software similar to rhino so if I ever want to model something and print it, I can do it easily without having to re-learn everything
Why not use Rhino then?

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/3/, I recently started looking into 3D Modeling taking some classes on Blender

Should I continue using Blender? what are the pros and cons of Blender or why should I stick to it or avoid it?

Just looking for some advice
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>what are the pros and cons of Blender or why should I stick to it or avoid it?
it's free.
it can do more than the other softwares for 3d.
is open source.

"blender won't get you a job!" meme is a real thing.
switching from blender's layout of shortcut keys to any other 3d software's layout is a pain in the ass.
is open source.
Switching from any program to any other program is only hard if you are mentally challenged. Agree about the rest.

If you're planning to get into industry, you'd probably want to drop blender, you'll have to learn a dozen more programs anyway.

If you're in it just for the lulz and a hobby, it literally doesn't matter what you use.
>Switching from any program to any other program is only hard if you are mentally challenged
but blender's interface is so intuitive that it makes the workflow so much faster.

>one hand on keyboard
>on on mouse

just like the games i play that i can't make because i use blender...

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>Have a nice looking mesh
>Becomes a fucking mess 5 min after when you have to add edge loops everywhere to not make it look like a piece of blob

Anyone else hates this feel?
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Learn to use creases. Learn to use smoothing groups. Learn to use your renderer to smooth your edges instead of using geometry. Stop posting pictures of that stupid fucking frog.
As a total beginner, I have the opposite problem, I tend to model stuff with way more edges than I need, and then throw away like half the edge loops. I really need to get better a predicting where to place lines ahead of time.
>>I tend to model stuff with way more edges than I need, and then throw away like half the edge loops.

Ah... this is pretty much what any pro does when he's up against the clock!

But seriously - you need to get good at arithmetic. I'm serious - learning how to multiply and divide numbers in your head to end up a power-two numbers very quickly is an underrated skill, and it will aid you in deciding how many initial subdivisions to give to a surface or how many sides to put on a cylinder etc.
(If in doubt, go with 8 sides on a cylinder btw - it's easy to cut the cap down into four quads).

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hands bridge error.jpg
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Need your help with zbrush /3/
Its been hours and I dont find any solution for this -pic related- and by images :

>1 - Im using CurveBridge brush for joining the arms and hands, everything is one single polygroup and symmetry is activated.
>2 - No problems when joining the vertices, it creates the polygon mesh right
>3/4 - As you can see the mesh is created in both sides -purple-
>5 - But when I meshsmooth the union between arm and hand, it only works properly in the right side. It acts like an independent mesh in the other one.
I tried unmasking everything just in case too

Any fix for this? What Im doing wrong?
Thanks in advance
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>What Im doing wrong?
Using Zbrush to correct simple low-poly issues that could be fixed easily by welding vertices or using a symmetry in any other 3D software.

Also that's not how thumbs work at all
Turn off symmetry when using the curvebridge. They don't play well together.
And do each arm at a time? Tried it and it magically works.
I also used Mirror and Weld before and CurveBridge works fine, so at these first modeling moments before posing it can help.

Thanks for the answer

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Why is the price of 3d printing so expensive??

For high quality resin, 96 one inch diameter pieces, it's over $1000 through a manufacturer.

Would it be cheaper to just buy a 3d printer?
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3d printing isnt as easy as buying a printer and some filament, you need to understand the materials, the printer capabilities, design software, and other factors that arise, not to mention time. theres a good reason 3d prints are a bit pricey, because they take a long time to setup, and usually don't get the desired results in the first try, which depending on what you want to print can take about a week. a professional printer has already gone though this trouble of setting up optimal print speeds, layer heights, temperature control, support structure/lattices, print bed leveling, and generally foresee issues regarding print orientation and overhangs. if you tallyed up the total cost for you to buy a printer and fillament and climb the learning curve in hours, you're better off paying someone else. unless you want to print stuff on some sort of commercial scale.
>3D print one ultra detail copy for $10
>buy some 2 part silicone and pour a mold
>pour 2 part urethane resin casts dirt cheap

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I don't know if this is the correct place to ask this, but...

I recently played the game "The Beginner's Guide" and was amazed at the architecture and spaces within the game. Looking at the amazing life like Unreal Engine 4 lifelike simulations is mind blowing too. I love it so much that I've decided that that's what I want to do.
But where should I start? I'm up for going to college for this stuff. Do I take a minor in "Game Art and Animation" or do I go for "Computer Programming" ?
Any advice would be great.
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You should get a PhD in reading the sticky.

And realise that this is a very broad and complex field taking years to get good at. The pay will be bad and there won't be much job security.


if you're serious about a career in 3d modeling, design, animation, shading, scripting, and helping to shape the forefront of the industry, that's your best bet.

>go to school
>learn your software in depth
>pay attention in school
>watch videos of others in action/work with others
>work with others, not rely on them. always out perform yourself on your part of a project.

passion = success.
passion without knowledge = a dream.
passion with knowledge = a dream made reality.

if you're absolutely dedicated to pushing it, you'll push it.

anybody that nay says in this thread is just being a bit too internet.

>no i'm not a pro 3d person
>i'm youtube tutorial and fun 3d fag

i'm a professional guitarist and composer and i can tell you that passion for art makes you an artist.

getting paid makes you a professional, and nobody will hire you without at least some proof of knowledge of what you're doing.
Apparently it's like "Start learning coding/doing shit and shit will happen"

I'll sage myself out

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So the game House Party has been blowing up lately, anyone know what the models were made with?
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What do you mean? They're just preset characters applied to genesis 3 female in Daz.
So anyone can make the same models with Daz?

People are starting to accept porn games maybe there's a market for that
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It's kinda funny how video game success directly correlates with how popular it is with facecam streamers.

I hate videogames.

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Could someone explain to me why in Maya sometimes when i am trying to create an edge loop it doesn't do it but instead it makes only a vertex but when i use the multi-cut it creates an edge no problem? God fucking damnit this program was supposed to be the next coming of Christ but i feel like its more archaic than Blender (Using Maya 2017 by the way)
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I'm scared to try it, I've been hurt too many times before.
I dont know about this problem, but try to use old versions if you can. They are better than these new ones.... too much changes, and few problems were solved. I prefer maya 2015, 2014, way better than these 2016 and 2017

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