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I cant design at all and dont wont to pay 40 $
How much would it cost to get somebody to design the picutre into an .stl so I can print it out myself?
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Do you have dimensions?
5.5" x 1.5"
although I woul prefer metric.
You don't want to pay 40 bucks for a few stl models, what are you a fucking jew?

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Steve Austin.jpg
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Is there really a point in moddeling in Blender instead of just doing it completly in Zbrush, i tried doing a project from scratch in Blender and holy shit it was fucking painful, In Zbrush everything goes fine tho. I always see people posting that you should do the base or the whole model in Blender and just add details in Zbrush but really i prefer do it all in it.
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zbrush is for organics. there are lots of artists that combine zbrush with blender

Zmodeler is fucking slow.

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Question for ModoFags from a ModoNoob here

Got several thousand hours in Max and I'm very at home with it. No complaints really.

I'm just investigating Modo because fuck it its the weekend, and also because I keep hearing from Modo fans about how awesome modelling is and integration with Unreal etc.

So, after a day and a half with it, it all seems ok. There's nothing I really don't like (apart from trackball rotation which I've just found how to kill once and for all) - but there's nothing really standing out to me about what's so great about it. The work plane stuff is good but hardly a huge deal, and yeah - I like the falloff tools but... ah...

I guess my question is, really, why should I drop Max for Modo? What's the big deal?
To be honest - the big problem I've got is that there's no equivalent to the modifier stack as far as I can see; if I create a cube, and then decide a moment or two after that I want a few more subdivs in it - I've either got to add them manually or create it again?! Really?! There's no sort of persistent construction history that I can work with?

Also - doing a few tutorials and one has got me to install a bunch of 3rd party scripts (free). We start using them and... one of these 3rd party tools is basically the 'sweep' modifier. Like - one of the most basic modelling tools ever, (it's even in fucking AutoCAD) is a hack made by a member of the public?!
It just makes me wonder how many other tools and things that I take for granted in Max are just not gonna be there...

So, really, I'm 100% open-minded here. Please convince me about why Modo is so great - I want to be converted, if it's really worth it.
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Big deal is that you can map every single action to a hotkey (and same hotkey can be mapped to a different command dependent on your active tool/viewport), and once you do that you can work very fast.

As for stack, they've added procedural modelling in MODO 11, it kind of works like it.
Are you 100% Modo now then? What were you in before and what do you miss about it?
What sucks about Modo, I guess is what I'm asking...
Ok... I'm loving the profile function integrated into the loop slice tool. That's really cool...

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aka.Digital Tutors, worth it if i want to learn and learn and learn?
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There's some good tutorials there but shits way too expensive for what it provides.
It's mostly (entirely) beginner shit, but if you're the average /3/ user, by god do you need beginner shit.
I got it and leaened alot
Its got some advanced stuff if you dig deep enough

I am very new to Blender (2 days deep)and I want to convey an overwatch setting in this case. the shadows, the bloom, glares and overall lighting, any tips?

Pic is my first attempt.
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you won't be able to get this shit right with just 2 days in blender.
im sorry
Where'd you get this model anon? I want!
Where did you not get her panties?

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ricks car
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Why does this deserve its own thread? Looks like shit by the way.
thank you, will try to improve on that.
Work on the glass specularity it looks like there's a pin light on it.

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how do I get the qualifications needed to do autocad works without studying stupid shit like an engineering or gay shit like math?

Can I take a technology in graphic design to fill my paper diploma and then get a course on autocad?
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for industrial design you don't necessarily need a degree, but you won't make your own shit if your'e not an engineer to begin with
I just want an easy job following instructions and making shit on autocad.


I just want to be paid for making blueprints.
Then go on Craigslist and start applying for design jobs.

I know you guys are all into muh loomis and muh art.

But I know I wont be able to make it in illustration, I still like to draw but I don't think I'll be able to be a master draftmen.

Plus, I was looking at local jobs, and all asked for technical drawing and autocad skills.

So, I want to ask, what's this board opinion on joining a trade school and learning tehnical drawing, some autocad as well?
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Your thread confuses me. What kind of jobs are you looking at that ask for technical drawing/CAD skills? CAD jobs?

If so yes, you need to learn technical drawing and CAD.
When I was talking to some mechanical engineering faculty at my university, drawing shit by hand isn't even taught anymore.

Everything is Solidworks now.
You'll get faster responses from >>>/diy/ and >>>/k/

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I need help with a pseudo-modelling issue.

Namely, my insecure bitch-ass can not commit to actually fully modelling something because no matter what I sketch, nothing ever looks good in my own eyes.

How do I unfuck this situation?
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>How do I unfuck this situation?
You really did a shit job of defining your problem, so I'll try to guess at some possible problems you might be having and how to fix them.

If you're just fishing for a "oh Anon you're just being a perfectionist, your garbage looks great :D" you aren't going to get that here. If you're seriously unhappy about your work and feel like what's in your head isn't coming out on the screen, then you lack experience.

Do big multi-part (as in several hours) tutorials that you finish a big complex model with texturing and shit. Do several of them, you'll feel better about yourself and realize that it IS possible for YOU to produce something that looks good (even if you're following someone else's method), and you'll learn some ways to produce certain shapes, forms, how to solve certain problems that come up.
Because the "I imagine this and then I go to model it and can't get it the way I want it" (if that's your problem) is the result of a lack of experience.

Now, there's another possible problem, which is if you said you were getting shit renders, rendering is its own artform all unto itself. For that you need to understand Lighting (topics to google: HDRi, 3-point Lighting, Light Theory), Materials (PBR or Physically Based Materials, Dielectric vs Metal, NPR or Non-Photo Realistic Material), Scene Composition (this is a general art / photography concept related to making something visually interesting), and Compositing (aka Post aka tweaking the Rendered result's color balance or adding shit that would suck to render but is trivial to do in 2D such as blur).

I know it's tremendously obvious for someone to just say "lmao do more tutz brah" but really it's the only way to learn, the only way to build up your confidence, and it's very rewarding to have a finished render. You might feel like "but I didn't earn this" and you didn't, you should credit the tutorial but once you've learned enough you can go back and improvise.
Thank you. I'm currently trying to drag my ass through some fundamentals on Pluralsight but I guess the only way to figure out exactly what I don't know (besides the things I _know_ I don't know which are really for the later stages, like rendering) is to just shut up and watch the tuts.
Do one of those challenges where you do one project a day or week or arbitrary time frame. When the time is up, post it to Artstation or wherever and never touch it again, even if you're not happy.
You don't have to post it anywhere obviously but it helps because then you can't really go back.

And basically in most things you spend 80% of the time on 20% of the results, ie focusing on small details that nobody is going to notice. Starting a new thing every time forces you to learn new things.

Also learn actively. Really watch and understand tutorials. Google shit you don't understand. It's useless to follow a tut if in the end you have no clue how you got there. And not doing tuts will have you do the things you know over and over.

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what is best programm to display it and pose?

.dae file
tryed blender but it is only a white modeling clay
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Best program will be the program you're most confortable with. It's only clay in Blender because you're not familiar with Blender. If you're familiar with no program, learn one.
just ask how to import it in blender. Make sure the 3d view port is in texture render mode and that the texture imported.
it wont be rigged if it was ripped from game so you will have to learn to rig it yourself
>video game characters for download

How can a site like this exist without getting taken down in a fraction of a second?

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You can see I suck at face topology.
I'm getting into character and a good face topology is kinda my nemesis now.
Could you guys give some advice or tutorials on face and body topology?
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its not that bad but the character reference youre using looks like a mongoloid from the side
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It's ravena, and I agree the side view looks ugly.

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I have a question. I'm trying to make some animu models for a animation project I'm doing but I want to know if there's a way to emulate the graphical style seen in pic related. From the Dragon Ball game Raging Blast 2. What do I need to do to achieve it if possible?
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if you have to even ask this question you arent ready

Watch all of this.

Hey,first of all im not sure if this is the right forum if its not im sorry.

But anyways i hope you can help me, i downloaded lightwave and when i try to do anything at all, it responds so slow take a minute to load a moving edge( talking about creating a simple box)

the wierd things is that on maya 3ds and zbrush everything runs smoothly.

seeking the web i havnt found my help neither asking in class so i come here as a last resort :\

thanks inadvance to all.

pic unrealated
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It's the first time in six years someone mentions lightwave here
are we 2000?
did we time travel?

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Who thought this was a good idea?

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are you talking about the trailer?
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They put so much fucking chromatic aberration and AfterEffects glitches into the demo that you can't see anything of the actual renders accompanied by brain melting EDM.

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This, precisely

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Anyone else tried to capture the feeling of a blank banshee album cover?
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Vaporwave is a dead meme.

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