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What's the best/your favorite texturing solution?
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The best solution is photoshop, my favorite solution is photoshop. /thread.

Honorable mention goes to substance, mari and mudbox.
The best solution is the tool or a combination of tools which gives you the best result in a minimal amount of time, and you have fun doing it.
The old school method i use everytime: Photoshop.
Photoshop is the hub, where the layers and elements get assembled.
But for 2d painting on the texture itself i often use Krita. Especially for characters because of the symmetry tool, and for tileable textures because of the tile workflow.
If i want to paint directly on the model i use either Mari for very complex models with UDIMs and high texture resolution, or Substance Painter.
For hard surface tiles, panels, modular pieces i use Substance Designer.
I also create my own substances to use in Painter. Sometimes i consume illegal substances while i design substances with substance designer.
I also use quixel NDO from time to time to convert drawn height maps to normal maps.
I haven't had the time or motivation to learn the DDO drawing workflow.
Maybe i should.
My faverorite workflow is to switch inbetween all these tools and find the best one for the actual job. Or the one my computer handles flawless without hiccup.
>Sometimes i consume illegal substances while i design substances with substance designer.

can only recommend you


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Hi guys, first time using zbrush I figured the best way to get good was to just work on the human body. How am I doing so far?
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>first time
>model something as complex as a body
Nigga are you for real right now?
Start off with something simpler and smaller, like a hand or a tree log.

But for the most part this looks pretty good (for a firts time). Keep on going.

Don't start with a figure.

Create a skeleton first. Learn how the muscles attach to the skeleton and make an ecorche. This will greatly improve skin sculpts.

mama didn't raise no bitch

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Does anyone have some shitty blender armature animations? Or those beginner "robot arm" ones?
ITT: shitty old animations you've made
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cmon 3 make this real for me
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/3/ is not your personal mod team

You can mod Ocarina of time?
What are the polygon limitations.
What are the texture restrictions.
How do you import models.
no thanks.

With so many various tutorials for Unity, Unreal Engine, Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, etc. available from brands such as 3DMotive, Digital Tutors, Lynda and others, I have wondered which beginner ones are considered or you have personally found to be the best and most instructive.

It seems that a lot of people recommend Ben Tristem, but some say his courses are too simple and not that in-depth. Also, it appears that Gnomon courses are for intermediate students and higher.
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which software are you using?
No preference at this point. Trying to play around with them all to choose the ones I am most comfortable with.
then just do that

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Has anyone here taken this exam? Is it difficult? I know there are three tiers, user being the easiest and professional being the hardest.
If you have taken it, what's a good way to study for it? As in like specific sections that were on the test, not just general overall knowledge of maya. Lastly, is it worth taking? Thanks
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it's just a photoshopped piece of paper with your name on it.

Just focus on your reel and portfolio. All else doesn't mean shit, except for bragging rights.
you can have as many certificates as you want but that doesnt prove your worth
Some 4 years ago I took 3ds max certificate exam just to see what it is all about. Absolutely worthless. These certificates are designed in a way, so that people who just take a quick course of a program could then take the exam, and feel good about themselves, like they actually know something. In a no way this represent your actual knowledge and capapibilities.

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The version is somewhat out of date but the principles are still the same. Enjoy.
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gee, I forgot how fucking horrible the UI of blender looked in the pre 2.5 times.
reminds me of endless frustration.

now shitposters will chime in and say it's still horrible but doesn't matter.

I think it was horrible pre 2.5 and I really like it the way it is now. night and day difference.
It can still be much better and it lags behind its contemporaries
I remember when everyone was complaining about the new UI. I think I might have been one of those people. :/

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Hello, /3/. I have tried, fruitlessly, for the past month to get Maya 2016 to operate for more than 5 minutes on my computer. I've uninstalled Maya, reinstalled Maya, installed service packs, ran antimalware, removed said antimalware, reinstalled the parts in my computer, all to no avail. I know it is not an issue with autosave, and, when rendering or generating anything with xgen it tells me that Maya is attempting to use more video memory than is available. Please, /3/, can you give me any advice? It's greatly appreciated.
My Specs:
-AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor
-16 GB of RAM
-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 w/ 2GB of dedicated memory
-Windows 8.1 64-bit
-I have 699.2 GB of free memory
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5 bucks says it's a mix of AMD and windows 8
Check logs, it should tell you what is requesting what and how much.

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>want to animate
>free rigs are shit
where can I find GOOD rigs to animate completely free? im talking about Animation Mentor tier of quality

hard mode: no Malcom nor Mery

Also, Animation thread
post your webms and shit
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mixamo fuse
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I wonder how gooks can animate in this weird moon software
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Where can i find Blender files that have already animations done. I need to show how to import Blender animations in to a game engine and dont want to do the animations myself as this would look crappy. I can find a lot of models that are already rigged but i want something that already has the Blender Animations. Thanks for help!
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Can you create a low poly model of a character in Zbrush rather than making one in maya or is it better to make it in maya then make the high poly in zbrush. I was just curious because if its possible id rather just do it all in zbrush.
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the zbrush workflow doesn't acknowledge high and low poly. You work in layers of detail like on a real sculpture.

The "low poly" is the laying of zspheres (if you do that) then you shape out the resulting mesh and then you add detail. If you have a polygon restriction then you'd have to retopologize the end product and reduce its polycount.

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cotton candy.jpg
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Is there a way to make cotton that looks like this in 3D Studio Max without VRay or any plugins?
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This >>526733 Op.
layer a few meshes with transparency

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Like... a physical simulation of the cloth wrapping around the curves but simulating the tension inside the cloth with tension creases and folds.

Sure, you could sculpt those tension folds but some kind of shrinkwrap that makes the cloth tent over notches would be neat.

Science boob gif not related
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Blender cloth physics are kinda slow and glitchy af. You can do what you're talknig about with marvelous designer. Go find a copy and dick around with it. When you compare that to blender, blender's cloth system wont even be worth the time anymore.
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>marvelous designer
>not simming in xsi
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pick one
I guess you're still using Netscape too

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The texture isn't what I focused on. I just wanted to quickly test my self. And I suppose the wheels are kinda off but is it ok?
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What the hell were you "testing" yourself on? Be more specific. I don't feel like giving advice you're not going to follow because you weren't ``focusing" on it.

If it was the ability to make a wheel, you definitely failed.
I was testing my how I can model. I only started 2 weeks ago. Now how can I fix my failed wheel chair model?

It looks like it's floating can we see the reference.

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hi ya friendos!

just got paid and would like to upgrade my tablet for zbrush xD

Anyone have some recommendations? For the past year I've been using the wacom mini. It's shit.
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Cintiq 13hd

It's really fugging big. Looks dope. TY

mfw $800

I guess I'll just go with an intuos 3 large because I'm a cuck.

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