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Thoughts on the new GTX 1070 with VRay RT?

I'm considering buying that card...
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Go for it. Seemingly the best budget-performance card right now with much more power and efficiency than the 900 series.
Buy octane, kekz
>Not using Cycles

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How do I make animation this good?

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It requires a lot of work, a lot of work, that's it.
By practice animation and rigging until you get good at it. There is no shortcut to putting in the hours, as in thousands of hours.
What u see in that clip look like classic handmade keyframe animation of bone rigs with common IK features.

Basically the stuff that is on offer out of the box in max and maya, or blender for that matter, With no additional tools needed.
Just difficult to obtain skill you yourself need to bring to the table.
time, experience, dedication, and most importantly a really good team.

and team part is not just for specilization and more work force.

to make a cohersive (both estheticly, tempo-wise, well directed, technically efficient and proficient) animation you need a team that keeps each other in check and capable.

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Again, since the beginning, many tools have been created to help and ease the process of modeling, we have UVmapping softwares, such as HeadusUV, texturing tools such as quixel and substance painter, rigging tools, such as many scrips and even mixamo auto-rigger

But what about facial rigging, is there way to set up facial rigs, maybe for lipsynch, importing into a game engine as blendshapes or something, idk. Keep in mind im talking about creating the whole rig and blendshapes from a base mesh
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There are some tools for Maya where you select the facial lines like eyelids, mouth edges and most facial lines that crease and fold when you move your muscles, but they always require a similar amount of extra work to get it looking decent.
So it's much better and safer if you just learn the manual way and do it all by hand.
I dont know about any auto-rig for facial rigging, but a one click solution for blend shape probably dosent exist and even if it did It'll give results ranging from terrible to unusable.

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What would be the motto or tagline of /3/ ?
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Whatever it is it must capture the essence of /3/ness. Such as it's 'slowness', 'twilight of death status', 'boob rigging' and 'elements of random anthropomorphic bestiality'.

I propose /3/: '3DCG & Areola slug buggery phantoms'.
"Needs anatomy".
'Smoke and Mirrors'
coz all we do is fake cgi things that evokes real emotions

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Long story short, I'm going to be setting up a system separate to my main gaming PC for the sole purpose of doing art and 3D/dev work. Was just wondering if anyone here has done the same thing, has any build recommendations etc.
Really just looking for something that will let me do 3D work and photoshop painting at fairly high resolutions comfortably, without any performance hitches, for as long as possible. I'm still not sure whether to opt for a workstation card or just a regular, mid-range gaming graphics card to get the job done.
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get a midrange GPU with high end CPU and 16 gb RAM

Any modern cpu will do. The GTX 1070 has a great performance price ratio, going to get one myself. 32gb ram. SSD's are great if you can get a high capacity one. Under 1tb is not worth it because you get low memory errors.
Anything modern is fine as said already.
I'd suggest spending most of your money/research on the display. High res and rich color. I can't suggest anything as I'm still looking for one myself.

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Is this a good poster for a vodka thing? Would be be impressed if you where hiring me based on this?
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I would kick you out if you tried to get a job at my company if this is the best you can do.
What if I was an apprentice?
Looks like absolute shit.

Anyone know of a good program for sketching that has an infinite canvas or something similar? SAI and PS both have limited canvases, so it's not that great for sketching out a ton of shit.

I'm guessing there are programs out there that do this kind of thing, anyone know?
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Check out Mischief, Anon.
There is a free lite version, but the full version cost only 25 bucks.
Why not just create an action in photoshop to create a new background layer, lock it, then a new blank layer to draw on, and group them, then hotkey it.

What a shill vibe those posts gave.

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Been trying to register for a while but it keeps throwing up an error, Registration is open though.
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i want to get into the forums, that looks like mission imposible.
Just registered and downloaded a few torrents.

However, it has not counted my downloaded MBs... is it because of that FreeLeech?
stay away from torrents, they can get you for copyright shit because you actually upload their data, download from one click hoster and stay on the safe side.

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How to get proper curvature maps?

So, when I try to add an edge modifier on Substance Painter, it doesnt work properly. Sometimes it takes whole faces as the "edge", and sometimes it takes only a few of the edges (pic related).

Tried baking curvature maps with xnormal (default), and substance painter itself (messing with the settings to see if I could improve the result). Nothing worked.

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Did you make phong breaks / smoothing groups before importing to Substance Painter? That might be why.
curvature maps are based on uvs. Check your uvs
That was the problem. Thank you a lot, anon.

what do the anons from /3/ think about them?
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why and even and bother
Remember when voxels didn't mean cubes?
voxels are cubes by definition. Though you don't have to *render* them as cubes.

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I've been doing 3D models in blender for years,
It's my first time using Maya 2016 to model this
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Well great job, Maya, it's hard at first but once you get to know it it's one of the easiest 3d software you can use
Ditch the name

I've heard good things about every aspect of Maya, except for modeling.

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Have you been looking for any kind of tutorial on something random or overly specific that you just can't find? Or even if the subject is strange or taboo and this just had to find information on? I'm looking for ideas for tutorial vids I could do, but I don't want to just make the 10 millionth "how to model a head" tutorial.
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Yeah, I haven't found good tutorials for blender for a streamlined way to create large backgroun envrionments like this one here I created.I now know how to do large mountainy forests, but I don't know how to do fields, rocky things, other shit without it looking like shit. I'm interested in blender.
I was searching for inner sharp corner adjusted to smooth surface topology tutorial for hard surface modeling
why would you do that in blender

Whats your opinion about scripts that let your automatically rig a character? Im watching this video demostration and Im seriously amazed. Do movie studios use this kind of technology for their models?


Also do auto-rigs work so well? The tutorial for this tool is 12 videos long and implementing it looks more a hassle than anything else, but the facial rig is super powerful.
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yeah, auto-rig are a really useful tool.

As you work your way through learning advanced setups you'll notice recurring control patterns (FK/IK switch, noodle limbs, zippers and so on) that require a bunch of extra control bones and, at the same time, you can set up very mechanically by following recipes, ie it's always duplicate those bones, place a bone at the root of each other bone and so on, that can really take ages to set up.

So long term it's well worth automatizing them since that'll save you tons of menial work. There's other benefits too due to how it standardizes rigs including controls and bone names, making it really easy to map poses and animations from one character to the other or how animators will have consistent controls to work with at all times.

It's used in movie studios, yes. There's a siggraph paper somewhere about Disney's modular auto-rigging system though I can't find it right now.
the vast vast vast majority of people using auto rigs they download and dont write themselves dont understand 3d well enough to produce anything thats worth looking at for more than 10 seconds

if you dont write your own tools you have a 99.999% chance of being bad at this
Well put. On a side note, this is where computer science and art comes together, and there are plenty of technical art jobs in the industry (at least here in LA) just looking for people who enjoy aspects like scripting and speeding up workflow through proprietary tools.

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Hey, /3/
I'm somewhat of a beginner to 3D animation and modeling, and now I've gotten to the point of UV mapping.
Mostly I use 3DS Max for just about anything, then KeyShot for a few test images (very rarely though).
Planning to switch to Blender and Renderman.

But for now, every time I try to UV map in Max it gets really really slow and crashes. Doesn't matter how many polys, tried with a 3D scan of myself with 2bill+ vertices, and a ripped model of Gta3's Claude (about 500 tris).

Do any of you know of any tools for UV mapping? Could really use one.
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bump? I really need this

Bulk of people will use the native UV unwrapper of their software. You really should look into fixing your max install, max's uv tools are pretty good.

yo guys,

yadda yadda im a beginner okay do you guys know of any reputable sites for consistent orthographic reference photos? It doesn't have to be people or anything really, just so long as there's a defined front, side and angled view and its easily accessible. /ic/ has some good reference threads but they're typically single images, not series of the same subject.

I am familiar with posemaniacs but that's not really what I had in mind.
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