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So, recently a girl from my university faculty leapt out of the window and died.
Sad things being sad, she was working on her master degree diploma in Arts. So, i think it's only fair if i somehow get the world to see it.

Link below

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researched to see if this was legit

kinda sad now.
This is the very first time ever that I visit /3/ and this is the first thing I see.


Does anyone know this program and know where to download it for free ?
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Sorry, but you won't find it for free.
I just researched it yesterday on CGpersia because i remembered it and searched for a download.
One of the crackers wrote that its nearly impossible to hack since all legal customers connect directly to one server who sends all the geo-data to their computers. Without hacking their server there is no way.

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What exactly is the animated movie aesthetic /3/?
According to their papers they keep their lighting as physically correct as they can, so it's nothing to do with lighting. The material work is also always pretty consistently realistic, so what seperates pic related, for instance, from photorealistic rendering? Is it simply the models used, or is there more to it than that?
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once you go the talking animal route the brain can never accept it as real
its realistic texturing and cartoonish proportions

id say its damn hard to nail
sometimes things such as SSS/translucency, glow, are pushed extra (tangled, ratatouille). this is kinda old but worth a read https://renderman.pixar.com/view/pixar-ratatouille-shading-food

other than that it's mainly the design aesthetics

Do you think it's possible to model a better horror robot than the original t-800 terminator? I often think about trying to make one as hard surface modeling tools have become faster and Hollywood has destroyed the terminator franchise.

Attempts to make new terminators in newer movies have been terrible, though some of that is because it was no longer a horror movie.

I can never decide where to start, is a metal human skeleton always going to be the most unnerving robot for people? The T-600 was the only decent attempt at a different design but it was just a bulkier terminator with slightly less human anatomy. Or would a less skeletal robot with a more deformed human anatomy be a better starting point?
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Childish and cheap having the red eyes. Same with matrix. Doesn't look menacing & scary to a soldier fighting them, looks like a target.

Matrix drones are guilty of the same. Whatever your design is no fucking neons. Just imagine what a joke Jason Voorhees would look like should they've made his eyes glowing red.

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What is happening here?
Left; Regular model things seem to be going okay.
Right; Turn on smoothing and tons of polygons go bright green.
I have tried putting lambert material on but nothing.
I am working in Maya 2016.
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delete history
then delete urself
I've done that

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does anybody know the name of a plugin/software for 3ds max vray that allows you to modify lights, textures and materials interactively? pic somewhat related, the video I saw some years ago was a bedroom scene and they changed some textures, made the scene look like night, etc.
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It's called Autodesk Fuck Master for 3DSMax. I know the name is kind of strange but trust me, that's it.
Are you talking about vray RT?
no, it was a software/plugin/something that lets you modify lights, materials, textures of a render (rendered by vray + this plugin/software) in real time.

how viable, and applicable will the 3D industry and being a 3D artist will be in the future.

From look at all the signs right now. a good education, skillset and understanding in 3D modeling looks like a great career choice for the future. as of now. The Video game industry is booming and more and more people are becoming "gamers" people are able to make a decent living by starting small indie companies, make small games, pump it into app stores/ steams and leave comfortably of of that.

3D printings are starting to become viable in all kind of different environments for different environments and industry's, and from the looks of it, in the next 10-20 years they're gonna used in a lot more, for a lot more different things.

VR seems like its here to stay. This year they released the first consumer ready VR headset and its going to spark a lot of new company's and studios that focus on VR related projects.
I saw at least 4 studios that were looking for 3D artists that are highly knowledgeable of VR development and photo realist modeling/texturing.
and god knows wtf else will come out in the new few years fueling the 3D industry.

Are you optimistic about the future?
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We're planning to replace all artists with 3d scanners. Just you wait.
>ow viable, and applicable will the 3D industry and being a 3D artist will be in the future.

it completely depends.

in my opinion more studious are setting up but in the same time 3D is getting cheaper.
environment artists will get hit the hardest, since everything is becoming more procedural,assets are cheap to produce.
VFX and characters artists are basically safe as long as they can keep up with next gen tech

3D printing is getting big but if you want constant work you would need to setup a decent base to operate, possibly having equipment to scan things

seems like there is a rise in mobile assets, and handpainted stuff. i think that it will become more prestigious than PBR stuff.
>We're planning to replace all artists with 3d scanners. Just you wait.

how the fuck are you gonna scan shit that don't exist or are bigger than your scanner.

GL scanning yourself a godzilla for the next movie

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I'm currently trying to learn 3D modelling as a hoby, but one thing through the tutorials I see continues to irk me. Whenever getting into character modelling, most every tutorial uses some form of reference, instead of just going at it, and, from my standpoint as a learner, I don't think that helps, since it just revolves around placing your mesh over an existing image. Do these tutorials truly help learn character modelling, or is it just crap?
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The only people who draw/model without a reference, have done it with a reference so many times, they are etched in their head.
Use references.

In this instance it would just be for the height and silhouette of the character. You would still have to manually do all the wrinkles, style the hair and make the entire design work in 3d. You would be surprised how often concepts don't transfer well to 3d. Reference is vitally important for nailing likeness.
Interesting, thanks. Like I said, I'm new, and was just making assumptions. Good to know that I'm on the right track, then.

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I've been studying Aerospace Engineering and am hoping to get a job with Boeing/Lockheed Martin so I haven't had much time for CG, but now it's summer and I have some time to myself for vidya, /fit/ and CG.

However I am having trouble getting focused on one thing to work on, and my mind basically only works if someone gives me a project to complete.

So /3/, give me a concept to create.

Pic related, old ass drone in Luxrender
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why not just playing vidya all summer instead?
because i want to pursue this as a hobby and get my mind off airplanes for a while
k, try some to do some modelling
leave your comfort zone and make some weird shit like a character or a big penis

How do I model something like a rail station?

I don't need to make something super accurate or usable in actually building the railway?

I have some idea about how to position the rails and platforms at a terminus of a metro line such that it would allow for easy transfer between the metro lines, and I want to make a crude 3D model to demonstrate this.

Do I need to learn AutoCAD Civil 3D to do this?
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maybe, yes

if its just a simulation you can assist array and curve modifiers
No you don't need AutoCAD. Something simple like this just use sketchup it's free and for something crude you wouldn't need all the details, sketchup is more than capable.

I suggest you do a few draft overhead plans to get an idea of the layout and look at photos of train stations for reference.

How complicated you want it is up to you. A simple small station that trains just pass through would be really simple. If you need all the junctions gonna get much more complicated but I don't know enough about train stations to help you

What are the standard rendering engines being used nowadays?

I'm mainly a modeler / sculptor, trying to learn some texturing / shading / lightning to finish my stuff better. Where should I render my assets?

I don't know shit about game engines - should I be worried?
Should I learn more about pre-rendered stuff?
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industry wise? there is a bias towards proprietary renders like keyshot when it comes to rendering characters or objects

for rendering large scenes and visualization v-ray is the big thing right now.

in the end, it doesn't matter. some engines are more accurate than others whats important is your own artistic skills and knowledge of lightning and composition.

What about Arnold?
Heard a lot of folks saying it can be even better than v-ray w/o all the tech stuff.
What is the best for hair rendering guys? Renderman?

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I'm thinking about going to an art school. They'll teach me how to make stuff like this:
Do you think that making an portfolio with models, sculptures and animations on this level would be enough to get a job or at least an internship?

I want to become a 3d artist, but I'm worried that the industry is so oversaturated that my goals simply aren't realistic.
I need a red pill, /3/.
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art school is good for only a few things:
1. foundation art studies
2. networking
3. getting advice and education from veterans of whatever industry you've studied (not a guarantee at all schools)

a better use of your money would be to look for colleges in your area (including community colleges) with good foundations classes. classes on the basics of 2d and 3d design, color theory, drawing, painting, life drawing and anatomy. if you take them seriously, you'll learn a lot that will directly applicable to 3d cg art. a major that's more rounded in digital media rather than a specific niche like art for games or visual effects will give you more wiggle room to develop yourself as an artist and find out what you really want to do. foundations are the most important, though

the problem with education tracks and majors focusing only on one thing like art for games or visual effects is that it's really easy to find yourself halfway through the program and realizing you don't even like the subject anymore or aren't really capable of doing it at a professional level. but what are you going to do? if you went into an expensive niche program, you've burned your way through $100k and realizing your options are to either finish the program and not have a clue what to do after, switch majors and eat another huge chunk of tuition fees, or drop out.

regardless, i would never go to a program that doesn't spend the first year or so having you learn the foundations. community colleges can be a great place to start for that. there are many different paths you can take in your education. you have to remember that it's a path that may take you somewhere you didn't anticipate. as far as oversaturation of 3d industries, that is a valid concern. you can't assume you're going to go to an expensive school and walk out getting a job. in the end it's entirely about putting in a ton of hard work and study to develop the skills you want

No none of those are production worthy models and yet this is the stuff that 3d schools pump out constantly.

I don't know what sector you want to join so I will talk about games. There are about 200 character artist positions in the industry and it's ever decreasing as tools become better.

Go an artstation.com and search for people like Frank Tzeng then go to his likes page to see who else is good. You must emulate or be even better than these people to get a job in the industry.

For fps weapons look up Greg Rassam again same principle. Look for prominent environment artists and do the same thing.

The only other method in to the industry is outsourcing. You don't need to be as good as above but deadlines are tight and you are competing with a worldwide talent pool. In ten years or so China and India will completely take over this entry point. Look at the credits in any AAA game and you will see all the Chinese outsourcing company's.

Don't waste ur money on schools buy a good computer and a 1440p monitor and follow a goal of being able to crank out a project each week in your chosen field. Don't get sentimental, learn from something and move on immediately if it's not working out. Keep screenshots of your progress from the beginning of the year to the next. After a year you will know if you want to pursue it as a career once you see the workload involved.
You should save your time / money and work a real job and do 3d as a hobby until you get gud enuff (if you get gud enuff) to get gigs

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Hi there /3/

I wanted to know if someone could help me?

I would like to 3D print a video game character to paint-up as a static model, I am a novice air-brusher.

I wanted to ask if someone would be able to extract the model of the player character from Doom4 and maybe a weapon model (super shotgun?) and convert it to a 3D printer file and make it available for me to download..

The model will most likely need to be posed appropriately.

I don't really have anything to offer in return except for photos of the finished model airbrushed and looking amazing..

Can anyone help me out?
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perhaps I could get two printed, then paint up both and post one as payment?
not sure if any artist would help you commit this felony

maybe you can ask "fanart" model from really good sculptor but it would cost you a fortune

felony? You're joking right?

I would extract the model file myself but I am unable to get the resource browsing program to run..

It's not complicated, people have been extracting all sorts of model files from this game and 3D printing them... I highly doubt the studio or publisher are going to anything about some hobbyists..

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I'm having a couple issues rigging. After setting up the ik handle on the eyes they moved out of place a bit and when I move the main control they move in a weird way. I noticed the eyes aren't orientated like the video. Is there a way to orient them after they've been setup or a way to fix this lazy eye thing? Also on another rig I have a ribbon connected to a blendshape for the lips but after connecting it all I have to move the lip controller half way across the face to get any movement. Any ideas would be most appreciated.
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Here is a picture of the lip controls. Thanks

sup my dudes - i use max msp to edit video and 3d graphics and whatnot but i had no idea till recently that this new tech is actually accessible - there seems to be a plethora of different apps - have any of u used this technique / have any recommendations ?
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nice that looks so simple - have u ever used it ?

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