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I'm getting pic related today. Post your best obscure DOS games
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Nigger in the wonder-land (1995) MS-DOS
>bentium 4
did you buy it just for the case?
You guys are all faggots

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2D city builders will always be the best.
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What is this game?

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom

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How do you shop for retro games?

Unfortunately, I only have one used game store in my area that sells retro titles, and their selection is overpriced and limited. As a result, I'm mostly having to resort to online shopping to make my purchases. I've tried using apps like LetGo, but most of the items posted are either in poor condition or are massively overpriced.

Although I use Amazon quite frequently for other types of purchases, I don't really like using it for buying games because the listings rarely have detailed photos of the item being sold and I'm afraid that I'm going to buy something that will show up in poor condition. So far, I feel like I've had the most success with eBay. It usually takes some time to find a decent listing from a reputable seller at a decent price, but I can usually find what I'm looking for if I give it some time and check back regularly. I also like that a lot of sellers post multiple, high-quality pictures of the items being sold. So what do you guys use? Any other eBay users here, or am I a sucker for using them? Are there any reputable online shops dedicated to selling retro titles in good condition?
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Price: Lowest First
Buy It Now
Dont sell games on eBay, you'll get screwed by default the seller takes the hit 100% of the time no exception
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>buy game from japan
>3-4 dollars shipping

>buy game from europe
>7 dollar shipping

>buy game from USA
>+30 shipping

fuck burgers, fuck them all.

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As a compliment to >>4235349
Post your favorite retro hunks - 2D or 3D

Let's not be prudish. Pixelated men can be objectified, too!
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Too bad there aren't more 3D renders of Arthur
did you say HUNKS?
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I wonder why Xande always appears shirtless

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>when a remake is so much better than the original and the original is no longer canon
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You're about to get NOTRETROED my friend ;)
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What? Why? Remakes are totally retro. Get out, newfag.
wow, sure is I CAN'T READ RULES here

Which system has the best version of Shaq Fu? Is it worth emulating now that the meme is dead?
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It's honestly not even that bad for the time.
Delphine Software were known for their cinematic platformers, like Flashback. Shaq Fu is basically a cinematic fighter. One of a kind game.
It controls better with a genesis controller, as for the version I can't help you I haven't played the Snes version

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Why did none of the other Monster raising/battling games survive the 90's other than Pokemon. I like the early Pokemon games, and Gold/Silver/Crystal were great games. However, I always enjoyed Dragon Quest Monsters more, and pic related was a fantastic game. I've just always been disappointed that Pokemon was the only one to survive.

Or if you don't want to discuss that I'd be fine just talking about how great Monster Rancher 2 is.
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Digimon and yugioh survived. Card games are like DnD. It was done right the the first time.
Because Pokemon was always portable and multiplayer-oriented

I forgot Digimon, but then again Digimon outside of the first World (and even that wasn't my taste) were third rate for a long time until just recently. Yugioh isn't a monster raising game, so I don't know what you're on about.


I don't know if that is the only reason or even the biggest reason because Dragon Quest Monsters had both of those aspects.

Now that the dust has settled how bad was this game?
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Was this some sort of rejected MGS spinoff?
As a young teenager, I wouldn't play this because naked man at beginning of game who I assumed was protagonist, but then gets shot by some guy. You then begin playing the game as the random shooter.

I just turned it off.
I found it amazing. Actually, the platforming sucks, but the fights were amazing.

I want to create a game with a similar battle system, but I can't do it alone as I'm most a 3D modeler.

rate my ff vi party for the the last stage
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Everybody can learn every spell. it truly doesn't matter who goes where.
Why would you stick Gogo on a team with no one good to mimic?
>Umaro and Gogo
>But not Strago and Relm

Strago has some good lores, but Relm has the highest magic stat in the whole game.

Best multiplayer games to play with someone who doesn't usually play games (parent, girlfriend, young kid, etc)?
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Kirby's Dream Course
Sanrio World Smash Ball!
Mario Kart
Any Mario Party on N64
Mario Tennis
Mario Golf
Mario Kart
racing games in general
sports games in general (if they're a fan of that sport)

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