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Yo people im interested in finding some ps1 or snes games (preferably) with great stories. Gameplay is less important but still relevant.
Im not really interested in genre exclusivity so games like oddworld, xenogears or secret of mana are all in the vein of well executed game mechanics with good stories.

So, Lets hear some of your favorites and why you feel they are so great.
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Have you played the English translation of Policenauts? Amazing story and game imo.
What is this? Googling led me to some Mexican site and that's as far as I can go.
inb4 the mods delete this thread because nsfw

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Was there an 80s/90s movie that featured a scene where someone calls in a nintendo help desk where some guy helps people figure out how to solve levels?
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Yes or a tv show i cant remember which
Almost certainly yes. Video game tip lines were a part of culture back then you can be sure they've been referenced
I think there was a scene like that in one of the Beethoven (dog) movies

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I'm about to start working on a rpg game. Give me some interviews, documentaries, etc of past rpg creators who talking about their development for inspiration.
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Focus on making the gameplay interesting first, then create a world around it. There's also a game dev general on /vg/ that might be a better resource.
world first, cultures and political factions second, then work on some key characters and dynamics between them.

THEN steal someone else's good gameplay with your vastly superior game.
Roguelike Earthbound clone with trans characters. Enjoy making millions.

If I wanted to play this game, would I go PS1 or Saturn?
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Saturn has more detailed background layers. PS1 has an extra super hard boss, the Grim Reaper.

Working Designs redesigned the American version so weapon shops charge LESS money but your weapons DRAIN spirit upon usage, but you can recharge your spirit back by hitting enemies with their own polarity. This doesn't happen in either PS1 or Saturn Japanese versions. I actually liked the Working Designs version better but your mileage may vary.

Also when you get to a weapon shop make sure you scroll the weapon list all the way to the end for a secret high level weapon.
In the blue cave section of the first stage, make sure you ride the left wall all the way along the ceiling for a secret shop that sells a Surosa Lv 5 weapon. It's probably the best weapon in the game.

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My RetroUSB AVS came in today. I'm happy.
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Piracy is illegal.
Cool, congrats anon
you stupid kid.

you dont know shit.

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Any place I can get these for under 8 dollars a four pack? At this early stage of my collecting, I'm paying more for the damned sleeves.
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Probably not, it would be cheaper just to buy plain PVC cases, sometime like pic related. That is if you care about maintaining them rather than them looking cool in the Nintendo jacket
I honestly just want to protect my carts. Even generic NES sleeves were pretty high. I'll take a look at those PVC cases, thanks.
I use these for my SNES carts, they're a good no frills solution to keeping them dust-free.

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Greetings Turok
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I am tits.
dumb whore.

anyways, the game was very confusing map-wise.

What games are you playing right now, anon?
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Nothing I can post about here at the moment.

>tfw 2001 isn't retro
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my nigga
Air Fortress at the moment. Picked it up for $3. I've also been playing Shadowgate for the past few months. Im not using any guide so it's been frustrating at some points but I get a huge hard on when I discover something new.

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Playing this right now and im at the second half of it.
What are your thoughts on it?
I think it really got the Dark Souls treatment of being called hard because you might die a few times, but its actually a very fair and fun platformer if you put minimum effort in understanding it.
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Currently playing it on Genesis. It's an awesome game.

Game is extremely hard but it's fair that there are infinite continues and virtually no game overs since you always get to start at your last checkpoint.
Im kinda disapointed that the only current year platformer that tried to emulate it are Volgarr the viking and Maldita Castilla. Volgarr is good but more of a trial and error game and Maldita nailed it.
I love it. Yes it's hard and you'll die a lot, especially when you're first learning it but that just makes it all the more satisfying when you progress through the game.

There's a game called Battle Princess Madelyn coming out soon that takes it's inspiration from GnG, pic related:


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The absolute best retro fighter. Lots of great characters, costumes, game modes, moves and secrets. Tekken 3 was in every PSX owner's collection for a reason
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It's one of the greatest games ever made. Even today you can still pickup Tekken 3 and have a blast. I really enjoyed Tekken 2 as well.
You mean 3D fighters or fighters in general?
For 3D fighters, I prefer VF2.
Agree completely. Tekken made zero impact on me but Tekken 2 was in the arcade and was a real console seller then Tekken 3 is still pretty damn amazing for a PS1 game

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