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I'm comparing to using the built-in nes emulator on the everdrive gba and it seems like the same experience...
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It's emulation.
wow that's such garbage, can't believe nintendo sold them for 20-30 dollars when they came out, and people are still paying that much or more
some of them have a few "extra features" but most of them are straight up roms with nothing else. And yeah nintendo has always been pretty fucking greedy, but blame the people who buy this stuff.

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Just finished the first one. What am I in for?
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A really comfy game
H.R. Giger was a hero of mine, I wish he was still around, I had always wanted to meet him
A game that's long as shit for all the wrong reasons and just not enjoyable. Get ready to exhaust hours figuring out who to talk to and what dialogue choice you need to make in order to have something happen so you can get some dumb item to do shit and/or have other dialogue options to exhaust on dumb characters.

Pretty much a shame considering the story is interesting, but thanks to shitty execution, bad production values, bad voice acting and just crappiness, it ends up being rather shit and with the ending poorly executed (Thinking about it, the ending would have worked, but of course thanks to shitty execution, it just feels like an insult for spending hours on a pretty bad adventure game), not to mention just about any game around the mid-90s did pretty similar stories with a much better execution (Phantasmagoria 2 being a good example as it is essentially psych horror with the "My friends and acquaintances are suddenly murdered, people think it's me, was it really me? I don't remember, but can I trust myself?" story). Darkseed 2 really is a game that should have been done well or just not done at all honestly, and obviously it got done, and it wasn't done well, so it's existence isn't really justified out of laughably bad scenes.

I guess some of the normal world parts are alright looking though, but really, you might as well just look at screenshots or watch the damn game on youtube, it would do you a favor.

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>no save feature
this ruins the game
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>i'm underage: the post
Fuck off to /v/ with your shitty b8. Game takes like 2 hours to beat.
>accuses other people for being underage because they don't have time to sit around and play a game for 5 hours
are you NEET anon?

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Post games you played when you were 6 or younger.
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Pac man, keystone kapers on the atari 2600.
Odyssey, Pong, a few others you wouldn't call video games.
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Jill of the Jungle.
Hugo's House of Horror.

I played them with my mom. She was a computer geek.

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Whats you opinion on collecting?
Meaningless? Or a good investment for the future?
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I just want to know what the Guinness world record is for
>collecting games that you genuinely enjoy and play as often as you can


>collecting games just to have a collection of games, actually owns sealed copies


Vidya is to be enjoyed and if you're collecting it just to brag on the internet or some shit then that's just lame. As for starting one unless you already have plenty of games it's not worth it due to inflated pricing and youtube faggots so you'd be better off emulating or getting flash carts.
Gathering 50 virgins without blowing up himself.

Biggest nintendo collection.

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dark sun.png
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>tfw all anyone ever talks about is Baldur's Gate
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Sell me this game.
On it.

*Based off of the Riftwar series, written by an excellent author and with lots of input. Very faithful to the source material.
*Well-written, to the point where the original author novelised it himself with minimal changes to the original script.
*Nice music, even sounds good on PC speaker.
*Surprisingly open world, especially in the first few "chapters". Things done in one chapter can affect subsequent chapters, especially if you're ambitious in exploring early on.
*Interesting combat system with a good amount of tactical options for what it is, especially when it comes to magic.
*Glorious MS Paint houses mixed with professional portraits and surprisingly detailed combat sprites.
*Chests with locks opened by solving riddles, most of which are pretty interesting and only one (iirc) that requires in-world knowledge to solve.
*PC attributes increase by usage, can be selected for special training.

I could go on. It's one of the best DOS RPGs out there, hands down.
it's fuckin dope

Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask on but I just installed a Commodore 64 emulator and after the initial load times and intro it takes forever to load games.
Is there a way to speed the load times up or does the emulator also emulate the floppy speed?
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Pardon my french, but what fucking game is that?
To me it doesn't appear to be a game about fucking.
really bruh? really?
dont make me smack you

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What are some must play Sonic rom hacks?
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already completed that.
if you love fun and weird hacks, play crazy sonic. 8/8 no b8 m8

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>amazing weapons, almost every one entirely unique and with two distinct functions
>graphics that pushed hardware to the limit and rival early 6th gen games
>fantastic music spanning everything from rock and jazz to techno and industrial
>controls can be configured in any way you desire (even using two fucking controllers for dual-analog if you so choose)
>lengthy single-player campaign with difficulty settings that actually change the levels rather just making enemies harder
>insane single-player features, too. augment the experience with various cheats, bring AI companions with you, even have another player take on the role of the enemy AI and play against you
>unbelievable multiplayer mode. tons of great maps, dozens of weapons, unlockables galore, support for up to 4 players and 8 AI opponents, customizable AI personalities, customizable music, player profiles and stat tracking, the fucking works.
>insane attention to detail. each character model has a unique set of hands viewable when holding guns, etc.

Perfect Dark is, in my opinion, the best first person shooter ever made. The overwhelming variety, attention to detail, wealth of content and frenetic gameplay is unmatched. Contrarians will shit on this game for framerate or simply by nature of not being on PC and not having mods/online, but these are silly complaints when you consider just how fucking good this game is and how much Rare was able to accomplish with a 5th gen system. To this day, nothing approaches the masterpiece that is Perfect Dark.
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It's good, for a 5th gen FPS designed for console, and it's one of the better N64 games, but I don't think it's the best FPS ever made.
>It's good, for a 5th gen FPS designed for console, and it's one of the better N64 games, but I don't think it's the best FPS ever made.
Timesplitters is hot trash compared to Perfect Dark. Its only real claim to fame is a few decent story missions and the mapmaker mode, in every other way it offers less of just about everything. It doesn't even have hands holding the guns... pathetic.
TimeSplitters 2 was fun, but it felt like a step backwards;
Reload animations were back to the simple GoldenEye style;
Story felt very light and unimportant;
You could see that they weren't pushing the hardware the way they did with the N64 games, although maybe since that's because they prioritised framerate;
Aiming (at least on Gamecube) was super jerky/over-sensitive
Overall felt low-budget

Future Perfect felt like a more natural progression from Perfect Dark, and a better single player game

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Is it possible to take the output from something like a SNES mini (HDMI) and feed it into an old CRT monitor?

I think I could get it all to fit with various adapters but I'm guessing there's not going to be a 15Khz signal at the end of it unless there is circuitry somewhere in the cable?
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Delete this embarassing thread OP.
If it's VGA, it's very simple.

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