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What is the best racing game for 16-bit consoles?
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F-zero and mario kart. And virtua racing if you like a very crappy port but very impressive game for the genesis.
Outrun 2019 is fun but what >>4254859
Said is your best bet for 16 bit racing. IMO skip this gen and move to the next if you want to get into racers.
It kicks ass on the 32X, but the Genesis port is lacking.

Did you ever own one of those games that have attained infamy online? What did you think of it at the time?
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I had Bubsy 3D and ET as a kid (ET being a hand me down from dad along with his Atari 2600). I despised Bubsy even back then but I did like ET

I rented Superman 64 back when it was new if that counts.

I thought it was awful even back then
Quest 64 and Superman 64. I didn't really like them, but I thought that was because I wasn't gud.

The flamthrower is such a shitty weapon. They trick you with how epic it is to wield. But it's weak and slow as fuck. The flamethrower should be just incinerating everything in its path IMO. Funny thing is I believe all the plebs here its their favorite cannon ahahahha
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Is there any Contra game where all the weapons are actually balanced? Some are always stellar while some are shit and some are in the middle.

Maybe it's a little vanilla but spreadshot is usually my favorite.
The flamethrower works great for me since it does pass through some objects to damage them. I tend to pair it with a high damage weapon like the L or C, sometimes H for homing laziness. While it is low damage, I find the F weapon very versatile and cary it through from that stage through the end.
The flamethrower is good for taking out mobs of smaller enemies. You need to use the shoulder button to properly use it.

Ultimately though, Contra 3 is all about weapon-swapping double crash missiles for max damage.

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Is ebay really the best place to buy retro game systems online? At least in the United States. I want to buy someone a n64 for a gift, but I don't want to spend ~$50 including tip.
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you can occasionally find a deal on shopgoodwill, at the risk of getting broken shit
Ebay is the best place to find what you want now online sadly
>n64 for a gift
>I don't want to spend ~$50
are others giving a flashcart as joint gift?

it doesnt matter if its a piece of outdated tech that exists a few milion of them, those who have it in cold storage wont usually want to part with it for some small change, would you sell yours that you know its been well taken care of for two decades ?...lets say for $70 and buy another for $50.

enough of this whining, fucking deal with with it, if it was some trash that nobody wants, it would be found in dumpsters and at garage sales for $10

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I live in europe and i want to play indiana jones on N64. I have the rom but no emulator makes it work. Is there a special setting or is it impossible?
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There is a special modified version of PJ64 coupled with a savestate with all the levels unlocked already to skip one selection screen that makes the game crash to play just this game.
I played one level with it and it worked.
Thanks. it's so complicated because it's one of the most protective n64 games ?
Where can i download it?

Was the Nintendo 64 a meme?
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your a meme
name one good N64 game that is not
Mario 64
Ocarina of Time/Majora's mask
Donkey Kong 64
Paper Mario
Mario Kart
Starfox 64
Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
Goemon's Great Adventure
Mischief Makers
Turok Trilogy
Rocket Robot on Wheels
Body Harvest
Space Station Sillicon Valley
World Driver Championship
Rakuga Kids
Doom 64
N64 Quake II
Chameleon Twist 1 & 2
Bomberman 64 & Second Attack
Forsaken 64
Duke Nukem Zero H0ur
Top Gear Rally
Wonder Project J2
Custom Robo
Animal Forest
Hybrid Heaven

to name a few

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Why don't we have a Gex remake yet?
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While the athmosphere of gex is crazy good, the gameplay was very clunky. Good but, remaking it would be hard
Do we really need a Gex remake? He's the 90's equivalent of Gearbox and updating him with memes would be a bad idea.
I want to fuck Gex

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HM64 or HM:FoMT

Which is superior?
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back to nature
Of realize by asking that sonyponies will come in here and start jerking it to Back to Nature right?
Oh no I was too late
64 is my favorite in the series.

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I just recently found out about Gloom and I desperately wish to play it, are there any reccomended emulators or tutorials on how to get it to run on a windows PC?
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This shit looks good, how user friendly is it?
Get WinUAE and some kickstart roms, then have a play around with the settings. It's not hard really, but you may struggle to find the kickstart roms - at least I did a few years back.

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