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Been listening to the Space Harrier theme recently, and saw a comment saying that it's similar to an opening to a show called Blake's 7.


It's most likely a coincidence, but it made me think of any other retro themes that are similar to other songs you may have heard.

There's the obvious

But the less obvious.

What about you /vr/, what retro vidya do you find similar to other pieces of music?

It'd be nice if we kept Yuzo Koshiro to a minimum though.
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Never heard that Casiopea song before.

Zelda's Lullaby

Sonic Ice Cap Hard Times
>Never heard that Casiopea song before.

It's Step Daughter, was part of their album Jive Jive. Incidentally, SMS Sonic was composed by Koshiro

Incidentally, wasn't "The best is yet to come" stolen from somewhere else, I remember hearing a similar piece but can't find anything about it now.


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Just picked this up for like 6 bucks, holy shit it's a pretty fun game. It's got that corny Metal Gear feel. There isn't much variation except for the room layouts, but it's pretty fun to play in short sessions.

What are some other good games that people rarely talk about?
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Off Road Challenge. IMO one of the best racing games on the system. Another of the many Midway arcade games that got ported to N64.

World Driver Championship was a pretty cool Gran Turismo wannabe that really pushed the graphics of the system about as far as any game, even if gameplay was pretty much just above average. But it was still fun for sure.

Beetle Adventure Racing is basically San Francisco Rush with only Volkswagen Beetles. It's pretty cool.

Ridge Racer 64 doesn't seem to get talked about at all, since it's probably the worst Ridge Racer of the 90s, but it remains decent enough regardless.

F-1 World Grand Prix is to this day THE best F-1 sim ever made. It's insane to think that with all the technology we have no one has been able to surpass this in 20 years.

Destruction Derby 64 is better than the PS1 version despite it being seemingly not as well known.

The Ready 2 Rumble games are, for my money, THE best 2 non-Punch-Out!! boxing games ever.

Forsaken 64 is arguably the best Descent clone ever made.

Nightmare Creatures, while flawed, is still one of the few genuinely fun third-person action games on the system.

Shadow Man though is arguably THE best third-person action game on N64, and arguably one of the most underrated third-person 3-D action games ever made period.

Duke Nukem Zero Hero seems to be a fairly obscure spin-off of the series, and while it's not even the same genre (it's a third-person shooter), it's still really fun and has an awesome time travel theme with some really cool set pieces.

Quake II may not be an even remotely obscure game, but I'd argue that the N64 port IS. Most people don't even seem to realize that it's basically a total remake of the PC game with completely original stages. The split-screen multiplayer on this is honestly my favorite on the entire console.
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winback multiplayer is surprisingly varied.

the final pseudo-boss with the laser traps was too much of hassle to go through for me.
None of that is very good.
>F-1 World Grand Prix is to this day THE best F-1 sim ever made. It's insane to think that with all the technology we have no one has been able to surpass this in 20 years.
That game is really shit. One of the most annoying engine sounds you'll ever hear in what was suppose to a sim racing game.

>used/retro game shop
>shitton of SNES, NES, PS1, PS2 games
>ask if they have any N64 games
>its either shit like Madden 96 or Mario 64 for $60
>can never find lesser known titles
why is this?
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Was the use of greentext necessary anon? And why do you expect us to know your local situation.
It's just a reflection of what sold the best. Nintendo dominated with the NES and SNES, then Sony dominated after that.
It's not just the one shop, I can never find good 64 games that aren't Mario 64 or Mario Kart or bottom of the barrel trash at any shop or event vendor

Youngfag and big Souls series fan here.
Heard that Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was one of the big inspirations for the series, and I've recently started to love Metroidvania games. I'm about 20 minutes into Symphony of the Night, and it doesn't seem THAT special. A damn good game, but a masterpiece?
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You're 20 minutes in. Give it a while. Some of those bosses are neat as hell.
>20 minutes in

You need to play it for more than that to get a grasp of what SOTN is all about.
Couldn't even give it an hour before making a thread? What is this world coming to?

>point and click adventure
>can't be played with a light gun
It's shit
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That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.
and holy shit I want to do it now. I'm not sure if you're a genius or a retard.
arent light gun games technically point and click?

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Own any prototypes?
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If I did i would sell it.
holding on to a relic ain't gonna do shit for my life
No, but I do have a NFR copy of Stunt Race FX.
only hardware, no games

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What's your favorite Need For Speed game?
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Doom II: Earth is Hell
1 and 3
I only had 1 for the PC, and also Underground 2.
Series went to absolute shit after that.

1 still holds up though, just one of those great timeless classics.

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>it's fucking garbage, and it's supposed to be better than the N64 version

Whoa, some other "great" games to try for N64?
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>some other "great" games to try for N64?

Not really no.
I love you
You love me
We're a great big family
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
The N64 has no games, buy a PS2.
Could you be more of a piss baby? Just go play your faggot fps games on modern consoles

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What are the great games ONLY FOR Game Gear?

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Hell if I know, I'm an American so the Master System really wasn't a thing. For the longest time I thought the Genesis was the first SEGA console hence the name.
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>Hell if I know [retarded rambling]
Shut up then

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even nintendon't do it anymore.
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it is sad when you buy a game and the area where the manual normally would be just has a video game health and safety information notice

Shit deserves it own thread. We got thick extensive color manuals , two-sided maps and other great stuff. Most new games you get a placard with a web address on where to find the manual...haha
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TS (10).jpg
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>mfw I went to rent vidja, I would look for game manuals to put into the rental game box and then keep them

I still got a stack in nice condition somewhere. Just ps2 stuff tho.

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