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if this thing came out back during the heyday people would have threw their wallets to buy one. But now? What even is the point? For people who have one, is it just the novelty?
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Well, for one it lets you play genny games with the superior SNES controller.
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>superior SNES controller
Anon pls...
there is no point when your dad is electronics

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Was it good?
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Yeah, it was pretty fun. The Sky stage always felt unnecessarily difficult to me, though.

The soundtrack was fantastic as well, in my opinion.
Shoudln't have been called Aerofighters, it's got nothing to do with Sonic Wings in Japan.
I love that intro for some reason

Driver was a good game.
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I liked it. Tutorial at the time was hyped up to be some kind of insanely hard thing but it's not that bad. Game is kind of short though.
never got past the tutorial as a kid.
I remember not being able to do one of the last maneuvers so I never got to play the story.
There was a free driving mode where you could ride around the city I think so I did get to see some of the game.

I remember it looking a lot better on my Geforce 2 GTS though.

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Does Final Fantasy IIj for the NES have any bugged spells like the first one did? Any other tips or stuff I should know before I get into it?
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I think wall, safe and aura don't work as intended
I noticed that attacking with a character decreases their INT, so what do I do with my mage when I don't want him to use her spells? Is there a "skip turn" option?
nope, but the int loss isn't that relevant
white magic lowers your power and raises your soul
also, specialize, just because everyone can do anything doesn't mean they should
avoid heavy armor and equip shields
maybe you can try equipping your black mage with heavy armor and try to run, it'll most likely fail but you won't waste mp
a lot of equipment has int and soul penalties though

Japanese arcades

Are better lit
Have better games
Have more games
Machines have bigger screens
are cleaner
have little or no children
have no drug dealing or crime
give you a fucking seat instead of making you stand for over an hour to beat Metal Slug
allow gambling and other activities
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The later arcades maybe. Most the 80s cabinets are the same in America and Japan. Also most the SEGA cabs are the same in America and Japan.

Nice phonepost though, kiddo.
The grass on the other side of the fence

It's greener

Nah actually there's just less interest in arcade culture in the US, it's more of a feature (arcade bars) than a theme (arcades with bars). We had a Sega Gameworks that went under then other people reopened it as a "KDB" for Kitchen Dining Bar apparently but anyway it closed down earlier this year and I see some of the cabs being sold on craigslist. Sad, kinda.

At least we have Cedar Point's main arcade it's pretty awesome and I doubt it'll ever close since the park is so successful as a whole and there's no rides or anything that could fit in that space.
>Are better lit
yeah they better to play lit

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Have you ever finished a (retro) game?
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Yeah, I try to make a point of finishing games before I get new ones. Finally got the good ending in Sonic 2 recently!
Nah, man.
Retro games are way too hard.
I usually watch a let's play on YouTube while holding the controller and pretend I'm playing myself.
I can always pretend I'm a champ with all of my pals because they've never even played a game, let alone complete it. I got my sealed copy of earthbound on the shelf, so I got all the hypster cred I need.
I've only finished a couple of games. I have a crippling fear of endings. For example, when I was 14, I played all the way to the very end of FFVIII and saved right before the final boss and never came back.

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So, what are your thoughts?
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About what, Atari vs. Amiga?
I think it sounds like a bit much and I'm sure with 16 (32?) other players I'd feel self-conscious for not knowing the game as well as I could - but on the other hand it could be a good /vr/ hangout.

Also, despite it existing for the entire duration of /vr/ plus some, I was unaware of the co-op romhack somehow until I read about it in an article on this. I may play it today with son.
I think it's amazing. Kaze did a fucking great job.

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What are some /vr/ JRPGs with a heavy or stronger than usual focus on characters? I've been playing RPGs with silent protagonists and create-a-party systems so I could use a change of pace, and I don't mind a weak plot if the characters are engaging.
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Rance games I guess.
If you liked Grandia's characters you might also like Skies of Arcadia's.
Final Fantasy from IV upwards if you're 14 at heart

Would you say this game had good gameplay?
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controversial opinion: best 2d Zelda.
No, I would say it did not, like all Zelda games.

That's its only flaw. Well, that and the forced item trading sidequest bullshit and the inventory system becoming too cluttered near the end (good luck switching items on the fly if you happen to select the ocarina at any point). But other than that, yeah, very good gameplay. The Oracle games were better in that regard, though.

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And then RE was ruined forever
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yep, this is what happens when marketing gets the lead.
always drop companies like that like a hot potato. This is serious hurtful (to the loyal fan) fuckupery that should be punished
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>there are faggots on this board right now that actually think CV was not only good, but the best in the series

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