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/vr/ I fucking love old RPGs where you simply pick a team of random guys only represented by their job classes and then simply go on a fucking adventure where the emphasis is on exploring the game's world in non-linearish manner instead of the focus being on 2deep4u storylines, endless cutscenes or unbearably bad romance subplots.

I have already played and enjoyed the following:
100 World Story
AD&D Pool of Radiance
Chaos World
Dragon Quest III
Final Fantasy 1, 3 and 5
Sugoro Quest
Swords and Serpents
Ultima III
Ultima IV
Wizardry 1, 2, 3, 5

I'm sure I'm forgetting some games but you should get the idea of what kind of games I'm looking for with these. While I like dungeon crawlers that are based on this concept what I'd really like to find is a new, "normal RPG" that is like Final Fantasy 1 or Dragon Quest 3.

One more thing: I have mostly played these (and other games) on NES, SNES and PC all my live but I have also been looking for Sega's offerings lately and have found many games I have missed on before. Do any RPGs on Sega's side play like the aforementioned games?
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Shadowrun for the Genesis seems to be the closest to what you're looking for. It's non linear, exploration focused, most of its content is optional in some firm, and you do gather a team of people based mostly on their classes, although they do have backstories if you ask them about it. Definitely worth a go.
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SaGa 1 and 2

The Romancing SaGa and Frontier games have no character creation or classes (Frontier has races), but they also fit the "simply go on a fucking adventure where the emphasis is on exploring the game's world in non-linearish manner instead of the focus being on 2deep4u storylines, endless cutscenes or unbearably bad romance subplots." part.
If you want more Wizardry the Wizardry Gaiden series may be for you.

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There's not nearly enough interest in game development for retro consoles on /vr/. So, let's develop a game!

The original Game Boy seems like a good place to start, with extensive community tooling, libraries, and documentation available. I believe that most people here are also pretty familiar with the handheld and its capabilities, so that should help with the design stage and keeping expectations realistic.

For anyone who wants to follow the programming side of development, the game will be programmed in z80 assembly - not that you have much choice there. Any additional tooling, if needed, will likely be written in C. RGBDS will be used for assembling/linking the source files.

For the game assets side, there's a lot to choose from so we'll decide on the details later in the thread (assuming there's interest). Once we settle on a design specification, I'll create a new thread with links to the project repository and info on GB development and contributing to the project.

For now, I'd just like to get /vr/'s input on the game design. Think of it as an idea guy thread. We need a theme (preferably something /vr/ related), a genre, and the basic game mechanics. It can be difficult to make sweeping changes after development has started, so it's important to have a good design document before you even start.

Sorry, no MMORPGs.
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I'm confident that you have absolutely no knowledge of game design or programming, and you must be new here if you think you're going to be able to organize anything here, let alone an entire game
That's fine if you want to FUD. I have about 3 years of experience developing for embedded devices, which is more or less what retro game development boils down to. I wrote a couple of simple programs for the GB before making this thread to get a feel for the hardware and it was pretty straight forward to do fundamental operations like enabling the LCD, initializing DMA transfers, working with the OAM, and handling user input.

I'll admit I'm not a z80 wizard, but it's a really basic architecture and assembly language so it's not really a problem.

As far as organizing things go, I'm not really expecting much in terms of code contributions. I was just hoping to get some /vr/ users on-board to make it more interesting, at least for the ideas and maybe some content. Can't really call it a /vr/ game if I just do everything myself, then it'd just be my game that I'm shilling on /vr/ or something.

This isn't exactly the first project like this on /vr/, either. At the very least, I remember a SNES project a couple years ago. Not sure what happened to it, though.
Just Demake SMT 3 Nocturne. Or do a port of cave story/ Undertale for the GBC, i mainly want to hear gameboy renditions of their tunes, and see them in the gbc color palette.

Are the Breath Of Fire games on par with the best of the JRPG's on PSX? Or are they generally considered a solid tier below?
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that game is super boring
3 maybe kinda, probably at the bottom of the best tier list. 4 and 2 are definitely tier below, 4 maybe on the "decent" tier instead of "great"
Never played 1.
It's a better looking BoF2, that's it. It's not on the level of God tier JRPG's on PSX like Xenogears or Chrono Cross for sure.

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In my honest opinion, Bubsy I and II were surprisingly okay games, people who bitched about them being bad either sucked at more challenging games or never played them. The only big flaw Bubsy had were the enemy designs. The common "OMG it has fall damage!!" complaint is dumb as you're supposed to make Bubsy simply start gliding to avoid fall damage. Am I just a masochist with bad taste or does anyone else have similar views on other games that are mostly considered bad?
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I tried to like them, since I genuinely like Bubsy as a character, but

>has Sonic's high speed, but there's no health system or spinning attack to protect you from enemies, so you have to awkwardly inch your way through the entire game
>jump height is way too high
>you have to keep the d-pad held down to control Bubsy's momentum, because the game will restore his original movement speed if you let go
>sprawling levels that aren't worth exploring unless you're going for a high score run
>graphics and sound don't justify the massive cartridge size
Years ago, I used to find the lack of health and constant one hit K.O.'s to be annoying, but later on I've realized that a lot of games had that trait. It just makes it more challenging and I don't mind it anymore. Don't see how the jump height is problematic, as you could just instead use glide to jump less high. I do agree with the rest of what you've said though. But despite that, I think the hate towards Bubsy isn't justifiable, as I've seen many worse games that even people as patient as me couldn't handle.
1 was average, 2 was a step down
both weren't as bad as people say

I played this game a lot back then, even if I never advanced that much (the only thing I remember was the minecart segment).
How were the other Dizzy games?
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More of the same. Owned almost all of them. Spellbound Dizzy was the best one.
>How were the other Dizzy games?
Rage inducingly infuriating. Supposedly "kidz" games, but were about as kid friendly as a night in a Turkish jail. Treasure Island Dizzy especially is a brutal slog where you have ONE life to complete an incredibly tough game, and has a mechanic where you must hold a snorkel item at all times while underwater or you drown. Oh yes, and you regularly have to pick up and juggle your inventory while underwater, making it extremely you will drop the snorkel and therefore fuck up and fail the entire game!
Some of the later ones are a lot more fun (starting from Magicland Dizzy), especially once they started giving you a health bar instead of instantly killing you (the game has retarded jumping physics and mastering how the momentum makes you move in odd ways or die instantly is something it often loves to make you do).
Bonus points also for literally being made by a pair of teenagers and therefore being packed with spelling and grammar mistakes.

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IBM PC > your shitty meme computers
IBM PC was a shit at its time. So was the XT, AT and even PS/2 line.
The PC Compadibles didn't get good before the early/mid 90's.
/vr/ is too young and too American to feel nostalgic about any of these and Amiga was clearly better so there's not a whole lot to discuss

Which is the best and why?
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Not "retro" but Armored Core 3 or Silent Line are my personal favorites.
Silent Line is my all-time favorite, Master of Arena is the best retro AC.
First generation you should start with 1 and just then play the "sequels" since you can import your savedata into them. The sequels are basically expansions packs to the original. Out of the PS2 games which is where the bulk of the series is, 3 and Nexus are good starting points.

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Name a dungeon in any game better than LA's Eagle Tower. JK you can't
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Not really. You can sequence break it and iirc it's even possible to screw yourself. Not very well thought of.

Any dungeon in Ages is better.

Zelda dungeons are generally not that great. Other games of the same genre like Alundra did everything better.
>X is the best of all Y
>no arguments

Baiting shitthreads like this pull the quality of the board down a fair bit.

Everybody would be wise to ignore this kind of shitposting.
>it's even possible to screw yourself
Is this really true? I've read it a few times but I could never find for certain.

I really like the Spirit Temple on OOT, but Eagle's Tower is really great too.
I don't think I dislike any dungeon on LA though, they're all pretty fun.

Anybody tried this? Supposedly you can make a USB boot drive and play DOS games natively on a modern system, so e.g. you can have crazy high fps in Blood or other demanding DOS games that suck ass in DOSBox.


>FreeDOS is a complete, free, DOS-compatible operating system that you can use to play classic DOS games, run legacy business software, or develop embedded systems. Any program that works on MS-DOS should also run on FreeDOS.
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First, FreeDOS is not fully compatible with DOS games, even on fully compatible hardware.
Second, your modern system is not fully compatible with those old games, even if you would run MS-DOS.

You can also make a USB boot drive with MS-DOS, that's nothing special.
Just play BloodCM if you want good fps and high res.
It's not accurate.

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Can we have a Horror thread?

I just Beat pic related yesterday. Played it for the very first time after reading the novel. The game seriously is a sequel to the book, and I can't even imagine playing it without reading the book first. It's SO faithful to the source, even for a time where the book didn't have a western release at the games launch.

Playing through PE2 now.
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Also, this page gave me a whyboner
Can you tell me the name of the book? I feel like this might be a fun project to take up because I never played the originals even though I'm 27.
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The great thing about the original is that the second time you play through you unlock a new area and potentially a new ending. Lots of fun.
My old roommate and I played the second together but we never beat it. lol he's kind of a moron, and since we agreed to take turns deciding what to upgrade / do in certain parts, by the time we got to the end our stats were too pitiful to beat the final boss. Unfortunately I lost all of my old games or I would play it this weekend.

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