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NEO GEO fags, show me your NEO GEOs!

Also NEO GEO thread
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can you write up a complete noob guide with pictures and link on how to set up that supergun? im being 100% serious. i gave up after i couldn't figure out how to connect the ntsc encoder and scaler shit to the board.
Just got this
And this
And I plugged it into a SONY PVM

Also going to need scart cable, ATX power supply, and NEO GEO AES control pad of some kind
Also I heard that if you don't want to go the PVM route and rather connect it to a consumer TV set, an ACTIVE (keyword, active) Scart to RCA/S-Video converter has worked for people

Would love a handheld emulation device....would love for it to run Windows as most of my emulators/roms are loaded on a flash drive and are the windows versions...ive seen this thing play the Windwaker fucking flawlessly....should i pull the trigger? Any reason i should not?
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do it.

also, what is it?
The GPD Win u silly banana!
It's a mini laptop with a controller built in, runs windows 10 out of the box even has a usb3.0 port
Also..plus side is having Steam on a handheld

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For the first three games I should go with the GBC ports, right?
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Go with the Super Famicom remakes.

What's up with the "Thunder Slimer" fight? The lag literally causes my dash to not come out sometimes even though I repeatedly press it. Also, because of the lag when you're wall jumping you actually end up shooting your charged shot offscreen because the game can't handle quick inputs that well.
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X1 has a ton of technical issues including slowdown and missed inputs during boss fights with a lot of slowdowns.
I've never had a problem with not dashing in that fight. I can dash jump of the walls and shoot him in the face without it ever eating my inputs. Also, why are you using the X-buster? You should be using Storm Tornado.
>You should be using Storm Tornado

That's why you're not experiencing that problem because you're killing him too quickly.

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How did Atari get away with this? That's pretty fucking blatant, right there.
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Because image and music copyrights weren't nearly as big of an issue in that era.
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Same way Kojima gets away with stealing literally everything he's made.
Before videogames became the huge mainstream thing it was today, people didn't pay attention to them. Devs could steal art, plots, whatever, no one would get sued since the copyright owners had no idea the game even existed. It wasn't until they became popular among normies that people started pointing this stuff out. A good example is Earthbound.

Back when it released, it was mostly ignored even by gamers. The obvious music theft wasn't even touched on. Then once it became the huge "HIDDEN SNES RPG GEM!!!" suddenly everyone can't wait to point out "DID YOU KNOW?".

patrician test : do you love this game?
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I wouldn't say I love it, but the GameBoy Castlevanias are all pretty solid games that too often seem to get ignored even among the so-called "Classicvania" fans.
Nope. Jumping is awkward, movement in general is painfully slow.
More like hipster contrarian test.

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1999 violent video game controversy thread.

Doom was obviously blamed the hardest for Columbine, but were any other shooters from the area controversial for the same reason?

Also, are there any good school shooting mods out there for retro games?

What kinds of other media were simultaneously blamed for the shooting, if one were to compile a Columbine gaming soundtrack? I know some music was blamed that they listened to (Rammstein and KMFDM) and some that they didn't (Marilyn Manson and ICP).
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Also, link here to the WAD in the OP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vj4xjtbq2ua5zco/ColumbineDOOM2.pk3
they blamed ff7 too fyi.
Further evidence that Playstation fans really are the biggest retards walking the earth.

>"im interested in piss"
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>implying you wouldn't sample maria's holy water

Y'all have some really awful auditory processing disorder going on.

This game is so perfectly /comfy/.
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Why hey there! This here is Texas Pete! I hear you been using my sauce. You like sauce? Guess where I'm from.
are you from /ck/ ?
Playing through famicom DQ1 made me feel like I was an 80s japanese child.

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I actually like water levels sometimes.
waterslide levels
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Water levels.

I'm comparing to using the built-in nes emulator on the everdrive gba and it seems like the same experience...
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It's emulation.
wow that's such garbage, can't believe nintendo sold them for 20-30 dollars when they came out, and people are still paying that much or more
some of them have a few "extra features" but most of them are straight up roms with nothing else. And yeah nintendo has always been pretty fucking greedy, but blame the people who buy this stuff.

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Just finished the first one. What am I in for?
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A really comfy game
H.R. Giger was a hero of mine, I wish he was still around, I had always wanted to meet him
A game that's long as shit for all the wrong reasons and just not enjoyable. Get ready to exhaust hours figuring out who to talk to and what dialogue choice you need to make in order to have something happen so you can get some dumb item to do shit and/or have other dialogue options to exhaust on dumb characters.

Pretty much a shame considering the story is interesting, but thanks to shitty execution, bad production values, bad voice acting and just crappiness, it ends up being rather shit and with the ending poorly executed (Thinking about it, the ending would have worked, but of course thanks to shitty execution, it just feels like an insult for spending hours on a pretty bad adventure game), not to mention just about any game around the mid-90s did pretty similar stories with a much better execution (Phantasmagoria 2 being a good example as it is essentially psych horror with the "My friends and acquaintances are suddenly murdered, people think it's me, was it really me? I don't remember, but can I trust myself?" story). Darkseed 2 really is a game that should have been done well or just not done at all honestly, and obviously it got done, and it wasn't done well, so it's existence isn't really justified out of laughably bad scenes.

I guess some of the normal world parts are alright looking though, but really, you might as well just look at screenshots or watch the damn game on youtube, it would do you a favor.

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>no save feature
this ruins the game
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>i'm underage: the post
Fuck off to /v/ with your shitty b8. Game takes like 2 hours to beat.
>accuses other people for being underage because they don't have time to sit around and play a game for 5 hours
are you NEET anon?

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Post games you played when you were 6 or younger.
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Pac man, keystone kapers on the atari 2600.
Odyssey, Pong, a few others you wouldn't call video games.
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Jill of the Jungle.
Hugo's House of Horror.

I played them with my mom. She was a computer geek.

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Whats you opinion on collecting?
Meaningless? Or a good investment for the future?
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I just want to know what the Guinness world record is for
>collecting games that you genuinely enjoy and play as often as you can


>collecting games just to have a collection of games, actually owns sealed copies


Vidya is to be enjoyed and if you're collecting it just to brag on the internet or some shit then that's just lame. As for starting one unless you already have plenty of games it's not worth it due to inflated pricing and youtube faggots so you'd be better off emulating or getting flash carts.
Gathering 50 virgins without blowing up himself.

Biggest nintendo collection.

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