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Arcade, SNES, or Genesis?
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Well considering it's not on Genesis, that system's automatically out.

SNES though has more levels. Its one of the few games were a console port is unquestionably better than the arcade original.
I think OP means Hyperstone Heist. Same same but different.
Hyperstone Heist is superior in every way. It's shorter tho.

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Why can't Nintendo emulate their own consoles correctly? Don't they have documentation?
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Stupid japs can't into programming.
Japs dont hold onto shit like that so i hear
A lot of game developers used to throw out old code when the games launched and years past because nobody realized that there would one day be people wanting to play their shit on a PS4 and computer etc, and actually pay 40.00 for it again.

what is the best way to handheld emulate Super Metroid? I tried my psp last night w/ snes9x. do I need a different emulator? I know snes is tough to emulate, but I want to get into Metroid and the prices for carts are too high for me.
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I meant to say I tried psp and it didn't work. just went through the cinematics in the beginning and then glitched out.
I recommend you kill yourself. That should do the job.
thanks for the tip faggot. I'll just buy the original cart then since it won't matter when I'm dead



best shotgun, most elegant shotgun twirls
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This game makes me feel ill when playing it. It's not so much the gore but all the screams of pain
Where do you even find this game? It's not on Steam or GOG.
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>best shotgun

ehhh I don't know about that

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How loud and noticeable is the electromagnetically-excited acoustic noise and vibration of your CRT supposed to be? My CRT emits this high-frequency coil whine that really gets on my nerves when i focus on it. Also when I move my head in a certain direction, it gets less noticeable. Should I just ignore it? I don't wanna give up on the benefits of crt gaming.
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Well, the horizontal scanning frequency of the electron gun is about 15khz, which is well within the range of normal human hearing. If it bothers you, I suggest turning up the volume or using headphones.
A house isn't a home without CRT ring. PVMemes have shielded cases that also muffle the flyback a bit though.
PAL/NTSC TV's whine is very noticeable at ~15kHz, PC CRTs have much higher line frequencies outside the audible range.

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Hey /vr/
I had a nostalgic moment a few days ago. I had some friends over the house, and my niece and one of our friend's kid were glued to their shitty tablets. I was able to convince one of them to play Mario kart on N64 with me. To my surprise, this 8 year old actually had a blast playing it. I was fucking mind-blown. Shortly after, three of the friends that were over go: "alright now it's our turn". We did like 6 races before everyone had to leave. After 5 years of playing nothing but online games, I realized how cool it was to not have people autistically bitching about a game being bad, and just enjoying it. Sorry for the long post, it was just cool to play the old fashioned way.
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People like to whine and bitch here but if you managed to get a bunch of people from here, regardless of age, and drop them all in a room with a N64, a bunch of good games, some pizza and beer, people would have a blast.
People online are usually the worst versions of themselves.
I don't doubt it. People just sperg by default because they're anonymous. I kind of wish that shit would end, but oh well. Good thing is most of the toxic players move on to newer games and the ones who don't have the need to be autistic stay behind and sort of form a good community
Man, I totally feel that. It's pretty rare for me these days, but every so often I gather up my friends and we just kick back and play vidya like that.
Even online, though, it can still feel like that if you're hanging out with the right folks. Hanging with those same people online is almost as cool.

Which version is better: PS1 NTSC-U, PS1 Pal, PS1 NTSC-J or Saturn?
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debatable. I didn't think any of the saturn extras were worth the slowdown and loading times
Hasn't somebody made a mod yet to add the saturn extras into ps1 veraion?
I'm partial to the Saturn version, but it is super janky. I find the new weapons and playable Maria to be worth the wildly inferior visuals. I also prefer the Saturn controller. The Xbox 360 version is probably the definitive one, though.

There are so, so many great western retro titles on the computer. So then why are post-Atari retro console titles (mostly) so shit?
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Dragon's Lair is a great game, fuck off.
This is one of the best NES titles. Which e-celeb has been shilling this game?
Game is absolute trash. Controls like shit, really sure, the only thing it has going for it is the graphics.

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So, what's your opinion on Everquest? I used to play it all the time in high school, though after WoW came out it made it a bit hard for me to go back.

I don't really see too many people talking about EQ nowadays, which I think it a little strange. I mean it was pretty much the biggest MMO for a long while, yet there's hardly anyone talking about the legacy the game left behind or anything. Heck, I was bored and went searching for some sort of "history of Everquest" video on youtube and was surprised at the severe lack of actual good EQ content. Plenty of people still talk about other old games, why is EQ pushed aside? Just harder to get footage for the game? General apathy?
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There isn't much talk about UO either. Younger people can easily get their hands on old games but nobody can go back in time and play an old MMO during its prime. EQ today is nothing like it was originally so you really had to be there in order to fully appreciate it.
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I play EQ on Project1999. It's the best EQ there is. They keep relaunching EQ on Sony's official servers, but it's a different company now called Daybreak and they keep re-releasing shit because they're incapable of making their own shit. Project 1999 is Kunak and Velious and that's it, it's classic EQ before they started dumbing it down for people. The reason it gets put aside is that it's bitch hard, it's the NES of MMO's. You have to behave like it matters, because it does and you'll cost yourself a lot of time if you fuck up. You should come try P99, relive your days before 9/11 and identity politics.

Here's a few pics of messing around with my guild, we're the #1 guild on P99 and we do all the hardest content in the game every time it becomes available due to mob timers.
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There's almost always 1,000 people playing, no boxing is allowed so it'd 1,000 individuals, not 200 with 5 boxed accounts. Less so in the mornings but every evening from 3 PM to 1 AM there's 1k people thriving. It's enormous and there's no instancing so 1k people on 1 huge map.

I love EQ with all of my heart because when my family began to fall apart at 14 or so, EQ was all I had. I spent a lot of time in Norrath and as a reality replacement, I have no regrets. I remember when the expansions came out and I remember what was happening in my life and where I retreated when things got too tough for me. The day my mom left me by myself for 4 years, day 1, I remember taking my monk to Luclin and crafting fish biscuits because they were the lightest food a monk could carry. I sat on a rock in the zone beside Luclin, fishing and making biscuits for 12 hours until I was maxed for my level. It sounds depressing, but having an insane family member abandon you is a lot better than them staying around.

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