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What do I need to know before playing this for the first time?
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Press and hold B to run.
It's boring
Press jump to jump.

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Do you prefer final fantasy or dragon quest?
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my favorites in order:

I love dragon quest for its focus in the story and not in being inovative. the series is super conservative and I like that. I want my dragon quests to have a job system, to be turn based and to hate metal slimes. And a hard last boss.
I love final fantasy because it's always trying to reinvent itself. Sometimes it blows up in their faces but they try. I hate online games, I hate FFXIII. I loved FFXV, it was super gay and made me happy (i'm not gay but I have nothing against that).
Anyways, why not both? that and suikoden and tales.
Final Fantasy. I haven't find a DQ game that I could fall in love with.
Dragon Quest

Its not fair that the NES became more popular than the based Master System and its superior hardware, especially when the only reason it happened was because of Nintendo's near illegal practices of forcing people to stick to their platform.

In a just world the Master System would've had all the fame and Nintendo would've been sued out of their pockets.
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yes, the master system had better hardware.
nintendo got better games, and it was not because of their terrible business practices.
everytime people make a top 10 NES games they go for mario 3, zelda, metroid, punch out. the NES was a success because nintendo make very good games and they had good konami and capcom support.
also, the master system was the mark III, in a few years sega had released 3 systems, none of them sucessful. If I had a company I would not support sega.
The Master System was really popular in the early-mid 90s, especially with the cheapo revised model.
Capcom licenced Forgotten Worlds and Ghouls n Ghosts to the Master System.

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Lets start with this one
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who the fuck knows. it's not a very good game
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This thread has potential, fucker
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Mars Matrix will be worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS someday.

What's your favorite retro horror game?
Hardmode: Nothing on Playstation or Dreamcast
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Ghost n' Ghouls

even has some scary moments
>mirror rick
>worm jumping out of corpse
>chandelier falling
>Biggieman literally just popping into the screen
Sweet Home

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So he eventually decides to have sex with his step mom, only because he does not remember her from his past. Oedipus complex much?
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If he does not remember her, and just thinks she is an attractive woman, then it's kind of an Oedipus complex less..?
did he fuck rinoa or not.
he was said to be her boyfriend and was more alpha than squall, so I like to think he did.

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How much have you spent on retro gaming this month?
I just realized that I have a problem an will be taking a break
from buying for a while, since the middle of August I have
spent 680 USD in games, consoles and cables.

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good. take a break. I spend literally nothing on retro games because I'm just an emulationfag and poor. either way, ask yourself if you're only doing this to fill a gaping hole in your life with something entirely different. maybe you should actually make progress to address your real issues in life. I'm just saying because that's what it sounds like to me.
I dont have anything else going on, and Im in between jobs at the moment. It started with some
cables, then some gameboy games, then I suddenly lost track and ended up buying a whole load of

It might have been me trying to stuff an empty hole, but theres not much that can be done about it.
Small steps. Thanks for your concern anon. I'll do fine :)
I completed my ps1/2 rpg collection last year. Took 8 years and I'm glad I got most of the more expensive titles dirt cheap from some lucky ebay/flea market finds. Overall probably spent a total of 2k or so on everything. Worth the investment and I'm set for a decades.

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Why does no one here ever talk about this game? Is it because it's impossible to get to work on modern computers?
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We had a thread about it last week.

I really wish wizards would dedicate some resources into remaking this game. It's STILL to this day the best electronic version of MTG to play.
It runs just fine on my w10 machine, and like >>4250848 said there was a thread about it just a few days ago

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Anyone know about this "game"? Can anyone provide a basic gestalt?
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It doesn't exist.
>youtuber makes a video
>suddenly there is a thread
I mean Ahoy is a great one with incredible production value but come on.
I know, it's just got me really curious

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Anyone try to run pic related through WINE?
Graphically and gameplay-wise it works perfectly, but the voice acting and sound effects are super choppy.
Is there any way to fix this or is this just a wine thing? I'm using the latest version by the way.
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Why has nobody bothered to make a Linux port yet? It already has the bulk of the work done (opengl video).
The original deus ex seems to only be popular on 4chan for some reason.
I've never really seen it being discussed anywhere else despite winning GOTY.
Anyway, does this issue happen with you too?
It happens on both my arch desktop and my mac
Use an older version of wine. I never had this issue under wine.

>only popular on 4chan


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