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ITT: places that you thought would be shit that turned out to be great

Pic related I thought Napoli would be dirty and gross but it turned out to be great and I ate pizza all day long and there were actual Italians there.

Also [spoiler]Las Vegas[/spoiler]
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glad to hear it, i have Naples high on my list next time I visit Italy...

I'll say Bogota, was expecting big ugly city, what I got was big ugly city that was loads of fun and great people..would do again
"actual Italians there"

lol, of course there were.
Naples is 96% Italian as opposed to Milan or Rome which have a bunch of economic immigrants

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Dear /trv/.

My, 25 year old male, and my bro, 26 year old male, need advice on a travel destination. It seems like just as it's difficult to find out which groceries to buy when you're hungry finding a travel destination when you have scheduled a week can be an uninspiring process.

Therefore i ask you guys for advice for a perfect destination. We have 6-7 days and all of europe (and near europe as well) possible. We are both experienced travellers who have travelled in third world countries.

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Portugal and Greece
Ah yeah. Thanks for the suggestions!
It's like you tried to pick the most shit countries in Europe

Go to western Ukrain, Czech republic, and that whole region if you want a more different part of europe, but my favorite part stretches from Burgundy all the way to Tirol

Anyone been to Xinjiang? Worth going to?
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>Going there at all.

Not me but my friend has visited Kashgar and urumqi and some other places in between, told me kashgar is very hectic in a good way and it's very different from the rest of china as it has more silk road vibes to it
I've been to 4 cities in China. Nothing out West though. I imagine it's a pretty neat place to visit, I would be careful though they have been causing some trouble up in Xinjiang and the local provinces with the whole "Islam' business lately.

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Has anyone ever been to Puebla? What were your experiences? Is it a safe city? What to do?
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Guadalajara is better, it has more skinny girls with giant butts.
If I wanted whores I'd go to your house and have a talk to your mom.
I think we need some firemen

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Hi /trv/ anyone ever been to Czech Republic or living here ?

I'd be interested about going to Prague for a few days, and then do some biking in countryside.

Would gr8tly apprecia8 some tips or so !

Ty m8s
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come on , I never failed you !!!
Nope, no one has ever been to the Czech Republic

Yes, I am living here.
What kind of tips are you asking for?

How much money do you need each year to become a digital nomad who doesn't work anymore and live reasonably comfortably in a safe tropical area?
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>digital nomad
>doesn't work
don't get what you mean by this m8, but just try to invest your job money into a business or some shiet that makes you money, and live the life
tropical life costs money, more money than say living frugally in oh a place like central. Island life is the opposite of low expenses, because the cost of gasoline is international like that, and it takes gasoline to move anything on and off an island. Due to restrictions, often they fish anymore in their own waters, and they don't want to pollute with agriculture, so they bring in the goods from elsewhere and ramp up the prices. Good luck for cheap water/gas/electricity too, and likely your home upkeep will cost you more, if it's in a safe way.

Ask yourself what you wish to make and what it takes for you to be happy each month in mad money, you know, dining out a bit, replacing your wardrobe, adequate concert and fun money, vacation funds, upgrades to vehicles as they are needed, medical insurance and costs, what you spend at the market. Have you ever taken care of yourself? A good "quit working" salary for myself would be 100k/year investment income. I'm not there yet. My sibling retired at 35, but then the stock market dove, as did housing. He had 5 houses rented for income. No go price out your lovely island dream, get online and find something for rent. See what you have left and if it fits your expenses like that.
Heavily depends on the country anywhere from 800-2500 USD a month.

Philippines would be a great option as it is one of the few island nations that is really cheap also they speak english 800-1200 a month would be pretty comfy for yah that's way more than the average wage in the archipelago.

Thailand is similar with less english better looking people and more expensive everything but only a bit maybe 100-500 more usd

>become a digital nomad
generally you'd be working???
>who doesn't work anymore
So passive income then?
This would be money from
rental property
online courses
Website templates
stock footage and photos
all for these will; make you money without any additional work
you could also run some kind pf blog and have links to your passive income stuff and have ads/affiliate links to help

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Hey, /trv/. I'm soon leaving for a weeklong vacation in Maine. I will be stopping by Portland, Augusta, and Bangor. What should I check out along the way or in each city? Thanks, friends.
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Bills Chowder House and Docks Seafood nigga.
Is Augusta worth even visiting, or should I travel Portland, then Brunswick, then Bangor?
Ignore Bangor
Go to Bar Harbor

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Hi Guys,

Looking to go on a 10 day Nordic Wild Card Adventure to surprise a Mate in Rovaniemi.
He thinks the girl he loves doesn't really give a shit about him so I'm taking her as a surprise too.

We will be going from London. But need to do this as cheaply as possible.

We don't mind how long it takes to get there. We are open minded to trains, planes and automobiles. Don't mind staying overnight in a different city etc.

tldr; cheapest way to get to Rovaniemi from London and don't care about stops/how long travel time takes.
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I'm going to ignore your motivations for this trip.
Look for busses, they are always cheaper
Personally I'd skip most of Norway, but if you're there traveling by air is the cheapest route cross-country. Norwegian air is based in Gardermoen (Oslo Airport)

Cars are expensive and petrol is ridiculously expensive. No idea about busses but trains can add up if you aren't careful.

DFDS Seaways had an overnight trip between Copenhagen and Oslo.
Biking in Denmark is reccomendable.

Also, if the weather is good it's really great in scandinavia. If it's bad it's almost as boring as England.

Sweden - kinda boring. Bornholm is the tourist magnet. Big cities are just big cities but the Norwegian fields are very special, and the wilderness found some places can be memorable for life. Denmark practically is the safest bet distance wise. Almost only 1 hour transport in any direction to a small town or supermarket. Norwar is the most deserted, but got field spat and is very old. Moraine land Denmark is practially flat as a pancake. Sweden got som hills but Norway got mountains. Finland in the summer is kinda an scandinavian jungle with mosquitoes, pines, birch trees and more lakes than you can count. Sweden is kinda neat too but the most fucked up society in Europe because of political correctness. Norwegians probably are the nicest people in the world, next to Islandics and the Finns down the line. Danish people are the most free spirited but degenerate, Finns are conservative along with the Norwegians and Swedes are radically and progressively, socialist marxists. Alcohol is very hard to get in Norway, Sweden and perhaps not Finland. Denmark, as said is very free spirited and kinda Americanized, so only half libtardly degenerate and crazy like that on the east side, and more like national socialists and conservativies on the west side.

Don't go to stockholm unless you want the pure turist nippon kasawa picture guided tours and don't go to Norway if you don't like rough weather.

There's the trains if you wanna go cheap.

Walk if you dare. There's really nothing to be afraid of there. But my best advice is get the hell out of the boring cities. Copenhagen got some nice museums, like the archeology one, the national art gallery and the glyptotek, with national and a good deal world artifacts.

Get out there. Find some turist guide stations found in every 40k+ city and explore.

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>Tijuana, Mexico is about 3 hours away from my house.
>Took a train then a trolly to the boarder.
>Traveled alone.
>Partied all night, banged a prostitute.
>Got ripped off by the cops.
>Got ripped off by the security guard at my motel.
>Everyone was trying to over charge me.
>Partied till 3, then went back across the boarder to catch the trolly to the train to an uber to my house.

Fuck man, I sure hope the rest of Mexico is not like that city, its a fucking shit hole. I don't know what i was thinking.

Ive lost a lot of faith in Mexicans.
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>Tijuana is the third most dangerous city in the entire country, way above the median
>Tijuana is a dirty city, full of drugs and degenerates, like OP
>No history, no architecture, no good nature, no good food, no nothing
>Famous for prostitutes of all things, prostitutes are legal in the entire country anyway, so there is literally 0 reason to be there

Why the fuck would you go to Tijuana in the first place?
>complains about it afterwards

Next time I'll visit St. Louis, Missouri, and then make a dumbass thread in multiple boards to fish for (You)s while talking shit about the entire US.
St. Louis is even more dangerous than Tijuana, just to set the record.

I deserve this.

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After travelling in Europe for several years by myself, I feel like it's time to explore countries outside of Europe. Since I'm Dutch, South Africa is a country I'm particularly drawn to.

I know that the crime is pretty bad in some areas, but shouldn't Cape Town and the West Cape in general be relatively safe during the day? Since I don't have my driver's license yet, would it be recommendable to use public transport, or would taking a taxi be a better idea?
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I am from the Western Cape and have lived in various areas throughout my life. I am currently looking into emigrating to Europe and one of my major reasons is because I do not feel safe here.

The public transport is definately not safe. Something you should also know is that what we generally call taxi's are actually just majorly over crowded mini vans but these should not be used by tourists. You can also opt for private taxi services and uber is pretty safe and affordable.
Th MyCiti buses in Cape Town are perfectly safe. Obviously no tourist should take shared taxis. 10 million tourists visit the country each year and most don't have a problem; the main thing to remember is that you travel from A to B, it's not a place to go out wandering (although you can do this in the Cape Town cbd if you want). Most violence occurs in townships, informal settlements, and rural areas you will have no reason to go to.

And obviously remember that real life isn't 4chan, so your boer feel memes and your Rhodesian feel memes won't be appropriate in polite company.
What about Stellenbosch? Also, are there any decent safari tours you can go on in the Western Cape? Or will I have to go to the Northern Cape or Eastern Cape for that?

Does anyone here have experience with accessing western websites like Gmail and Youtube from China? Currently, I have the SoftEther VPN software installed on my computer before traveling there, however, I have been reading some reports that the VPN can be detected and blocked
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You pretty much have to get there to figure out what people are using for vpn. It may change from day to day, and of course the country doesn't advertise which one will work.
>open remote desktop on pc
>rdp in
>all solved

I had a funny situation in china once.
I've been hitchhiking through the country and at one point I really had to check a couple of things on the internet, some polish email sites among them, as I'm from poland.
when I was visiting said site, the computer would just completely crash - got turned down. It happened thrice, each time after a minute of browsing or so.
On the fourth computer I managed to finally estabilish a connecton long enough to send my emails.

man, that situation was intense

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Anything I should change on my next trip to Italy? I'm about to book it right now.

I'll be going to school for the fall and spring but I'm going for a week and a half with my mom before it starts.

2 Nights in Milan, then 2 in Turin, afterwards go to bellagio for 1 day, then to bergamo for 1.

Verona for 1 day and opera the arena, venice afterwards for 2 days, then 3 days in florence to end it.

Wouldn't mind some suggestions.
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I wouldn't mind changing venice for rome as well, but I'm not sure if 2 days would be enough.
Skip Milan, nothing there.

I'm flying in there though, Milan is the cheapest city to fly into in the north region of italy. I'm interested in the cinema museum there and seeing the last supper.

Can I slim it down to a day minimum and then do 3 days in rome and 3 in florence?

If you could LIVE anywhere in Europe, where would you go?
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Rome. I wish I could live anywhere I want for real though :(
My life sucks too bad...
Probably Madrid
somewhere in Italy, maybe Catania..

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L.A. or New York? Which is better to A) live in and B) visit?
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1)visit: NYC. Hands down MUCH MUCH more tourist friendly, dont need a car, everything is close
2)live in:neither lol
The answer to that question depends entirely upon what your interests are how much money you have to spend in the time you plan to be there.

I would say that NYC > LA for everything with the exception of sex and surfing. I'm not into music, but if that's your scene LA might come out on top there too.
They are both cancerous shitty places that are highly overrated


>Moi, the typical Real Traveller(tm)

But seriously, LA is a real shithole and New York is somewhat interesting but highly overrated and fucked to any low budget tourist.

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How financially effective would it be to move to Venezuela for 3 months? I have heard that the black market price for a dollar is crazy. Does this mean you can feel rich while having the Benjamin in the pocket?
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How can you feel rich when there's nothing to spend money on.
there is a lot of imported foods and goods from Colombia, the problem is with the government approach to regulate the prices and allocation of those goods
And that will make you feel rich exactly how?

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