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Why not visit Utah?
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I'm trying to plan out a trip to view the eclipse this August 21st. I want it to be the most time and cost efficient method possible. I've worked out many factors: hotel cost for the amount of days I'd need to stay, cost of round-trip travel (flight or fuel for car), travel when I get there (uber, rental, my own car), etc.

I live on Long Island, NY and would be traveling to Nashville, TN which is about a 1000mi trip.

So far, I'm looking at either flying or driving.

(will continue with another picture next post)
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if I fly, the cheapest round-trip flight for the period I'd need to be there is $690 with a 2.75 hour layover in Chicago on the way there and 2 stops (Chicago and Pittsburgh) on the return trip/.

This is a flight leaving on Saturday the 19th and returning early morning on Tuesday.

I would need hotel accommodations for 3 nights on the 19th, 20th and 21st as well as day to day travel for the few days I'm there which would either be Uber or a rental.
now, if I drove I would need two days each way. No way I'm doing a non-stop 15hr drive.

The way I figure, I would probably make one stop on the way there and back. Somewhere right in the middle like Charlottesville, VA.

In this case, the only costs are: 2 small hotel stops during the trip (1 each way), 1 night of hotel before the day of (possibly two if I don't feel like leaving late at night) and the cost of fuel and upkeep for the trip.

I drive a 2014 Nissan Xterra which is quite a gas guzzler. I get 15mpg around town on a good day and 20mpg at most during highway trips.

Doing the math on a calculator, with an estimated 18mpg average and an estimated $/gal cost of $2.40/gal, it looks like about $125 for fuel EACH direction so lets double that to $250.

The other place I'd save money with driving is I won't need a rental car.

I would just need to pay for 3-4 nights of hotel stays.
Can anyone offer any suggestions? something I've overlooked?

>I know I also have to pay for food but I'm not going to go crazy here. Just what I need to get by. no restaurants.
>Hotels on driving trip would be the cheapest shithole motel's possible. I just need a bed.

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Please help clear something up for me regarding Ryanair. So I want to fly to Berlin and on the cheapest option I get one laptop bag + one 50cm wheelie bag / small shit whatever. So I add another 15kg bag for additional fee. That 15kg bag - what are its dimensions, does it go into the hold or the overhead rack, what?

Any tips regarding this shit airline would be welcome, their site made it as unclear as possible and I don't want to talk to their third world representative. I suppose I also need to pay up for priority boarding?
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Ryanair is not shit. What you pay for is what you get, and for the prices, they are very reasonable.

As a passenger, you get the following for free.

1x bag at 55 x 40 x 20cm. Max, 10kg.
1 x bag at 35 x 20 x 20cm.

You've paid for a bag which will go in the hold. Max 15kg. 81x 119 x 119 cm

For the price you paid, you get a seat on a flight that'll take you around Europe for (if you're buying at the right time) a stupidly good price. Nothing more, nothing less.

Ryanair like to play by the rules. Learn their rules and play by them. There is *minimal* room for compromise. Be polite. Don't fuck with them and you're good.

And be prepared for the bare min for the flight. Like I said, you get a seat. Eat before you fly, maybe a drink, and don't expect anything other than your seat.

Play by their rules, and you've got a bargain. Try anything else, and you're in trouble.

OH! And don't be an arsehole to the staff. They deal with a lot more shit than we'll probably ever have to so they know exactly how to handle a difficult customer. They've probably flown between three different countries that day before they have to deal with your bag being a few cm to big for the hold. They're tough. Ryanair staff are normally new to the game, and they're are in the perfect place to learn about the worst passengers can offer.

Anyhow. Have a great flight!
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And priority boarding is a waste of money. Anything other than the seat you paid for is a waste of money (excluding necessary baggage).

This man has run Ryanair for a long time. He's a travel god. Read these quotes below from him to get an idea of the airline you'll be flying with.

Why are you using a DSP detractor picture?

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US bans its citizens from visiting best Korea. How can this actuall be enforced? Has this ever been done before? I know during the whole Cuba ban it was just that US citizens could not fly from the US to there but they could still visit. How will this ban work?
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How does passport being invalidated while abroard actually work?
I'd also like to know this, it's not like they're revoking your citizenship.

Oh I went to NK and my US passport is not invalidated... Better just pay for another one haha
Fucking Big Brother.

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anybody knows some good techno or drum and bass in milano this weekend? Or generally anything that is not bougie style clubbing that the city is known for
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is not good city very stinkie
oh nnooooo its stinkie it aaaalmost like its a big city

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Which country has the nicest people?

And by that I don't mean OTT nice. Just nice enough that most people are naturally a little warm and friendly.

I'm from South Africa, and people often say we're nice... ?
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I've met the king of China and a working Yorkshire miner but I've never met a nice South African.
I've met a group of South Africans and they were lovely people. Told me that the good thing about the refugee crisis is that I will get to keep a cheap maid to clean my shit like they have it in SA lmao
Vietnamese, Japanese, Czechs are my top 3, have been to 21 countries so far.

It's all anecdotal per my individual experience, but the Vietnamese were the loveliest and most humble people I've met. Czechs and Japanese would come second. I am Australian for context.

I'm feeling like a trip to Italy. I've never been and I feel like flying to Rome and heading down the coast to Amalfi.

I might rent a car after a few days in Rome or just get a train to Naples and then explore towards Amalfi from there.

Where should I visit? What should I see?
In Rome I plan on visiting the E.U.R area but other than that I'd probably go see some of the normal tourist places, but would really like to see some of the less obvious things.

Then down the coast, I have no idea what I should do and see. I've no interest in Pompeii but what else would you lot recommend?

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Rome, Naples/Amalfi Coast, Florence, Reggio, Sicily, Milan
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you should check out Paestum below Naples
also, Bari and the Apulia region on the other side of the boot is cool as fuck
Giovinazzo, Polignano a Mare, Matera, Castellana Grotte are wondrous places
You can witness the mass immigration of Africans in Sicily. It's quite stunning how Europe is destroying itself.

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I'm a New Yorker thinking of moving to Jacksonville. Anything I need to know, places to visit, etc?
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Its a pretty mediocre city desu. It appears to be some sort of diamond in the rough from afar, but up close its just a generic, millenial and hippy pandering city.
Y tho? There's much better cities in Florida/Georgia if that's where you're looking to go. Jacksonville honestly doesn't have much going for it
I was thinking Jacksonville because it seems to be a chill southern city, it was voted one of the most conservative cities in the country, and the weather is perfect (minus the hurricanes, still better than blizzards though)

I want to walk from Busan to Seoul next year in Spring.
I've never done anything like this before.
Does anyone have some tips, ideas of what I should research. Climate, where to stay, etc.

And a training schedule?
I'm a 24 year old male, with average fitness.

Anyone done anything like this before that can help please?
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In Canada, there was this one-legged guy with cancer who ran from one end of the country to the other.

I think you'll have a much easier time than him.
If you really wanna travel like that, why not bike?
You'll get done faster
Korea is humid as fuck.
>walking across a country in the Spring
Kek sounds miserable, but if you do it please post here. Koreans will not take kindly to a smelly hobo wandering around, don't expect to get any rides.

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>Booked three hotels in Rome, Paris and Berlin that are really average and like 15-20 minutes from the city center on Booking.com.
>Discover Airbnb and use it to book nice apartments dead center of other European cities i'm travelling to for a lot less money.
>Booking.com is nonrefundable.

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Read the fine print. Plenty of booking.com bookings are refundable or cancellable. It tells you before you book.
For the most part booking.com is refundable up to day before, or you just wanna save like an extra 3 quid and get a better deal
Not just the money, its the quality of the room + location.

We booked a place in Berlin that is in some dumpy area 15 minutes from the center and AirBnb offers entire apartments for the same price that are super clean, cozy and modern.

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Help me /trv/. Youre my only hope.
Ill post three pictures. Ill need you to give me a country in which they were taken. Speculations are welcome.
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Number 2
File: IMG-20170719-WA0000.jpg (195KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Number 3
Olympic Peninsula, WA
Uhh, not sure on this one.
Somewhere on the east coast?

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If anyone is looking to visit Vietnam, I made some a bit of a visual guide for Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh
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How do you feel about the impending government mandated end of Vietnam's moto-culture?

Now it can bo longer compete with Thailand for SEA's tourism hot spot.
Well it would be hard to compete with Thailand since that will probably be the first 100% female country in the world.
not bad, i skimmed through it and it was a nice brief overview

what are both of you talking about?

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Has anybody here been to Kolkata or West Bengal in general? I have any opportunity to travel there for 9 days.

I have always found India interesting, and I always thought I would travel there one day, though it is not extremely high on my priority list.

Also, I have only traveled around the US and Western Europe and Morocco, though I have been wanting to branch out into Asia anyway. However, I hear India is a shitshow and Kolkata is pretty hectic.

Basically, post your opinions/experiences with Kolkata/West Bengal. Is it worth visiting?
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Kolkata is a shithole desu even by Indian standards. You can take a flight from there to Guwahati and check out the North East. If your travel date is around Durga Puja(biggest festival in the Eastern India) then it's worth staying in Kolkata.
I've been interested in Kolkata for its colonial heritage so here's a free bump OP.
20 years ago...

Was pretty cool. Hot as fuck. As in SEA hot and humid.

Fairlawn Hotel was interesting.

Yeah, the victorian remnants were interesting to see. The people were OK.

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Hi boys, I am planning trip to Amsterdam in early september for like a week or so. I am going with my uni friend and (probably) one more guy. I don't have a really loose budget, so I've come here for advice.
1. Hotel
Can you advice some cheap hotel for two (straight) guys? Conditions don't really matter since we are not going to spend a lot of time inside, my only wish for it not to be a hostel, but a private room with only 2 beds. I did some searching online and prices start at ~60 euro per night (for a room, so gonna divide it by two obviously), so if you are aware of something better, I'll be glad to consider it. Maybe you can advice some local sites to book a room and whatnot
2. Budget
The thing is, as I said, I am not going to have a lot of money for the trip, so any general advice on how to get less for more is really appreciated
3. Activities
I really dislike all that sightseeing, excursions and other general tourist stuff, but if there is something we absolutely must see, feel free to make your suggestions.
4. Weed experience
You waited it, you got it. Don't really care to seem typical tourist, but one of the reasons we come to Amsterdam is to get high like crazy. I might say I am an intermediate to upper intermediate smoker, my bro has slightly less experience, but he has been to Amsterdam before. By saying "intermediate" I mean I smoke regularly, at least couple times a week, buy weed for personal usage, roll blunts, etc
What should I try in Amsterdam? Are coffeeshop joints really that shitty? What about edibles?
I guess that's all, if there's something that I missed, agaim, waiting for your reply, anon
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If you don't have money, you don't go Amsterdam, simple as that.

60 is dirt cheap in Amsterdam, don't try to go lower. On the bright side, food is relatively cheap.
Believe it or not, booking.com is Dutch.
I live in holland and I can guarantee you that Amsterdam is pure cancer. Everyone and everything is fake and all show, a city of satan himself i would say

Would not recommend anything of that aids ridden city
Want to visit holland? Go to delft or den haag

So i have 6 nights in Bucharest starting tomorrow(actually really 5 because my plane leaves really early in the morning). I think this is a lot of time there so I wanted to know if there are some cool things to do there. I already did some research about what's possible there and i can only really fill up 3 days I guess. I like culture but not really into the hardcore partying scene

Pic related, Romanian flag on Rasnov fortress
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I also have already been in Sinaia and I'm now in Brasov so I don't want to go there again

My gf is from Bucharest so I've been many times. Some random things I can think of:

Do this tour:

It's cheap and it's great. The guy who did my tour, Marius, was super knowledgeable. I'm a bit of a modern history geek and I was the only one doing the tour that day so I fired a bunch of questions. Even if you're not into the subject, it's still a great way to learn to appreciate the city. He shows you old churches hidden behind ugly commieblocks and stuff like that. In fact, never miss the opportunity to walk into a church, they can often be surprisingly cool. They don't care about you wearing shorts.

I can also recommend the opera. It's dirt cheap to Western European standards and it's actually high quality. If you google the texts you can actually follow it quite well.

The nicest area is around Calea Victoriei. You should go into the Atheneum, I think the entrance is free. The national art museum is pretty good too.

You have to do the parliament building. It's kitch as hell but it's just a shocking experience to see this result of Ceaucescu's lunacy.

Cotroceni is a very nice area not too far from the centre. Not much to do there, but it's a nice place to relax. There's a teahouse called Infinitea that is splendid. From the outside it looks like a normal house, but just go in. We once went for a quick drink there and ended up spending half a day sipping tea listening to a live jazz band.

If I think of other stuff, I'll come back and post them.
Just thought of something:

This is an outdoor museum with building in the style of all the regions of Romania. I've never actually visited it, but from the outside it looks interesting. And if it disappoints, there's a very big and nice park next to it.

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