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Going to Bangkok for 5 days and then Chiang Mai for 3 with my girlfriend.

We're from Canada and have never travelled anywhere outside the country

Anything we should know? Any recommendations for things not to miss? We're both 20
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Why would you travel from Canada to Thailand if you only have 8 days and never travelled before?
And why spend 5 days in Bangkok? Especially if you have a girlfriend...

No offence but 7 days in an all-inclusive Cuba resort would be more appropriate

going to Dublin, Ireland next semester for studies
anything I should know / do? advice?
cheap places I could stay for the semester?
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Don't expect that kind of weather (for more than 2 days) or that kind of clothing. Well, except on Saturday evening, for some reason. Beer's hilariously expensive.
Where will you be studying? Trinity?
The Luas is (are?) useful, regular, and sufficiently cheap. Definitely look at suburbs close to a line if your courses will be in the centre. They were working along St. Stephens Green last I was there, so that line might still be closed.
Yeah, the weather is similar at home (I'm originally from Brittany, France)
Nope, UCD apparently.
Sad story about beer :/
Will look at all that, thanks for the info!
All irish uni's have on campus accommodation just search "UCD on campus accommodation" there will be plenty of Erasmus students there i'd imagine.

Join the foreign students club they go on tours for cheap and you will meet people in the same situation as yourself

Travel around, Dublin is ok but Galway/Cork is better and more """Irish"""

Everything is expensive so have money

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If you had up to two weeks to take a roadtrip with your starting point in Savannah, GA, where would you go?
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North and/or West
Charleston, Asheville, camp in Smokey national park, skip DC, Pittsburgh, and then from there either go towards Vermont/Maine for more nature or go towards Ohio and Illinois for whatever the fuck is there (haven't been to Cincinnati or Chicago)
id drive straight south, do a lap of florida, first the atlantic side, then the gulf side. stop and swim with some manatees, go northwest thru the pan handle, see pensacola and mobile and end it in new orleans....texas has a shitty coastline so id stop in lousianna..

Leaf here

My mother was born in the states, still has her dual citizenship.

Can I become an American citizen through naturalization?

I have a criminal record a mile long, will this be a problem?
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>I have a criminal record a mile long, will this be a problem?
I hope so
Being born on US soil or being born to a US citizen both lead to citizenship. It doesn't sound like this is a question of "naturalization". In the second instance you may have to affirmatively claim it. If you parents never registered you then there may be some sort of expiration age...18 perhaps?
don't be a criminal

how fucking crazy is it that I'm on a beach right now using 4chan? 20th century rules
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make sure you drink a lot of warm water to sober
I do not drink or do drugs tho
Your inability to put your phone down and experience your surroundings makes me hate this century tbqh

hi /trv/, I've got a very chaotic few months ahead with travel so I wanted to ask now. Assuming everything goes as planned I'll have won a scholarship to spend 1 year in Ukraine doing research around Chernobyl. I'll prob be paid somewhere around $800 to $2000 a month and will live in Kyiv since it's so close to the station.

The caveat is that I cannot leave Ukraine for more than a total of two weeks for travel so I will be getting very familiar with the country.

What are some things I should know, do, and expect from the country? There is only so much Google tells me. I am able to read some Ukrainian and Russian but really have had no practice speaking or hearing it.
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I have no idea, but there are frequent Chernobyl threads here -- you might see if any got archived...
How did you get the scholarship, and what sort of program is it? Just curious, I'd love to spend some time in Ukraine.
I've looked through a few but didn't find too much info about the country itself. Lots of info on travel but little on staying. I'm mostly concerned about cultural attitudes with the Russian incursion going on and general corruption, etc. I've heard the cops can just come in and seize everything.

I applied for a Fulbright Research grant. The statistics for it are really in the favor of the applicant. Normally it's hard as shit to get but Ukraine usually has 7-15 awards a year and about just as many applicants. I'll be researching the effects of Chernobyl on the food supply there so I guess they thought it was a good enough reason to accept me.

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What is the cheapest and/or best way of getting currency when traveling to multiple countries?

I am going to Hong Kong at the beginning of March and then I'm going to Taiwan and then Japan and who knows where after that.

Should I order some cash for all 3 of these countries so that I have it on me when I get to each place? And then just use my debit card to withdraw what I need after I spend that?

I am from the UK and my bank is HSBC.
I had no problem using my card in Portugal for euros, I heard you can go to 7/11's or post offices for ATMs in Japan (not sure if I can do this on Ishigaki island where I plan to start).

As for Hong Kong and Taiwan I know nothing.

Any experience you guys could share would be much obliged.
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I mean with HSBC at least; it does seem straight forward withdrawing from ATMs abroad but I don't know how easy this is in random Asian countries. I will probably order to my local all 3 currencies (enough for a couple of weeks hostel accommodation for these 3 countries) and then use my bank card to withdraw decent amounts of money when I need it so the fees don't kill me too much.
Don't know about those countries. With credit its often a fee and % you lose. Debit just a fee. So I get out a couple €100 each time. (SEA tho, works different in every country tho)
Yeah I would like to think I'll be good to go in Hong Kong since I am with the "The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation" after all...

I'd like help forming an itinerary. I'll be going to a concert in Frankfurt from the US in three weeks, but I want to spend the two weeks preceding it in Europe. I realize it's not the ideal season, but I don't really care about the weather. I am interested in Art and hope that I can get recommendations based on that interest.

I was thinking to fly into a major city and then visit maybe two other cities before I go to Frankfurt, since I will fly out from there after the concert. I'm already planning on going to Bonn so please keep that in mind. I would like the route to be somewhat fluid so I don't have to lose time backtracking. My budget is tight, only a couple hundred dollars once I land. Any advice is welcome.
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If you're really into art London is worth a day or two. All the good museums are free to the public. Both tates, nat portrait gallery, British museum, v&a, and more.

I'm not familiar with South Germany, but a trip to non-Amsterdam Holland is worth it for the art as well. Amsterdam just needs a day trip.

What's your flexibility?
Oh and look into Flixbus for super cheap travel.
Thank you. I was considering flying into London then stopping somewhere on the way to Cologne. I'm not very flexible with time so I think it would be difficult to go from London to Holland then south unless I spend a day or two at most in each city.

Also, another question for anyone who can answer, I've read recently on another thread that TrustRoots is superior to Couchsurfing. Does anyone have any experience to validate that? Right now I only have an account with the latter and I was thinking to use it for accommodation.

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Denmarkian here, I have 5 vacation days I need to spend before May.

Now here's the thing, because of reasons I have a very sparse Budget. (250-350 EUR)

I have a couple of different ideas in mind, but I would love any input:

-Camping and Hiking in Sweden/Norway
>Got all the /out/ gear I need
>Sleeping is free


-Visit the Baltic Capitals
>Plenty of things to do during the day
>two way flight trip is 20 EUR
>Cute grills and nightclubs

>Might not make it on 250 EUR

-Visit Poland or Slovenia
>Cheaper than Baltics
>more couchsuring hits than Baltics

>Don't have a car
>Don't Speak Slav

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>Vacation days, implying emlpoyment

How the fuck are you this poor?

Also, show me a return flight ticket to a baltic capital from Copenhagen that costs 20 euros.
350 Euro, thats not a budget thats just your transport costs.
>Don't Speak Slav

Not really a con in case of Slovenia. Everybody speaks some English here.

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Didn't know whether or not to post this on /int/, but you guys seem way cooler and more likely to be experienced. I was wondering which country it would be possible to retire to with 100k USD$ ? No requirement s really. Somewhat first world would be nice and really my only deal breaker. Safety and access to the internet would also be great. Any ideas travellers?
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When do you plan on making that move?
Not even sure that I am, I just want to research it. I heard a stories when I was a kid of people taking 200,000$ USD and retiring to Thailand. It would be nice not having to work, wouldn't it? Learning about a new culture and generally being adventuresome.
OP here. I just know that within the next 5-10 years I will have between 100-200k USD. I figure if I learn the language now and the culture it'll make my retirement to that country much easier. I really hate being a wage slave.

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I want to visit the US, and experience freedom, but I have no preference to go anywhere in particular. What is a good American city to visit and do stuff as a loner?
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hat sort of stuff do you like to do? Where you coming from? (might as well give you a short flight.)
The US is too big to have one definitive city. Interesting places I can think of to go:
>New Orleans
>Washington DC
>New York
>San Francisco

But it really depends on what you want to do, how long you want to stay, whether you want to spend all your time in one place or hit multiple different cities, whether you want to stay urban or see some nature too, etc.

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I put a sticker on my luggage with my cell phone number on it.

Is this a bad idea?
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Anybody knowledgeable about New Orleans? My girlfriend loves it and I want to take her there to propose to her. Any recommended spots?

Pic unrelated, Im from /o/.
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I don't know anything about New Orleans but I do love a nice Twingo
I'm from there Mon Ami

Any suggestions for romantic spot? Or cool stuff in general?

Going to be in Seoul for a couple of months, what can I expect?
Do I need to know basic Korean to survive? Are the people friendly? What's there to do/see?
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You don't need Korean for survival, however it's good to at least learn hangul (spoiler: it's phonetic) and shopping level Korean to make your life easier.
What are your interests?

Also make a 'to eat' list.
What exactly is shopping level Korean? I tried to look up some basic phrases but other than the hellos and thank yous it seems difficult to even memorize.
I guess my interests are nightlife, shopping, hanging out with locals if possible (good website for meetups there?). Is it easy to get around with public transport?
And is there any way to avoid eating meat there, I realize it's big part of their culture.

Sorry for the question spam.

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Sup, /trv/
I'm going to embark on an epic journey from Saigon to Cairo and beyond. And the purpose of this thread is about the best route to choose. Mainly in India and its neighbours.
So what's your recommendations, /trv/? Any advice? Possible difficulties (except obvious - Syria and Middle East in general)?
I'm a white dude on a solo trip going on for 4 months already. The start is on the last days of this month. I estimate that the journey should take around 6-9 months (I'm in no hurry, hence there will be pauses in places I find pleasant).
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Looks nice, but how will you cross from Lebanon into Israel?

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