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I can't recommend Macau too much as a tourist destination.

It has a uniquely sleepy and nostalgic feel while still being convenient to get around and having all the amenities a traveller could want.

It has exactly that faded, charming appearance that you've seen in old Hollywood movies set in places like Old Casablanca, Goa and Cairo.

Food options are wonderful, you have great Cantonese food served in authentic, old-fashioned mom 'n' pop restaurants alongside Portuguese and not to mention generic Western offerings for the less adventurous.

The casinos are there if you're into that, but they haven't changed the atmosphere of the vast majority of the city at all.

Locals are mostly friendly, occasionally curt and businesslike in the Chinese fashion but are almost never hostile or unpleasant. You will be disappointed to find that sadly little Portuguese is spoken apart from in specific places, but with English you can just about get by.

Hong Kong is of course also a terrific place, but in my opinion Macau's more leisurely pace and the nostalgic feel it offers makes it by far one of the if not the single best tourist destination in the Far East.

I literally want to give it 11/10, it's that great. I want to shill for these people for free.

What's your excuse for not having visited yet?

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How does Las Vegas: China Edition have a sleepy nostalgic feel to it?
Because the casinos are quite far off the main drag. You can walk around the centre of town for an hour or more without seeing anything remotely casino-related
>Hong Kong is of course also a terrific place, but in my opinion Macau's more leisurely pace and the nostalgic feel it offers makes it by far one of the if not the single best tourist destination in the Far East.

You forgot "for a day trip".

I'm with you on most of your post, but you have seen all of Macau's POI in a day, walking.
Let say 2 days if you want to hit some museums, or if you go during the Grand Prix. It's nice but it's basically a small city surrounded by water.

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I'm planning to go from South Germany by bus to crash the couch of a language exchange partner in Bordeaux for a week by the end of March and I might visit other cities on the way there.

Since I'm pretty tight on budget I'll take the bus and I'll depend on my local partner when I'm there. I have no experience with bus travel apart from taking a Greyhound from Montreal to Vermont once.
I'm interested in general experiences of people with flixbus, long-distance bus travel in Europe in general and those that have bought the InterFlix-Voucher once (5 cities for 99€). To me it seems that the Voucher seems cheaper than buying the single tickets, however I'm a bit unsure about the advertized conditions. It states on the website:

>In order for you to get the most out of your Europe - Trip and discover as many cities as possible, a return trip on the same route is not possible.

Does this mean I have to take a detour of one city on my way back in order to avoid the same route, even if it's less than the 5 cities?
I'm a right in assuming that transfers are not counted as using up 'a city'?
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Took a flixbus from Vienna to Munich and with the exception of me and my friend, every single seat was taken by a disgusting, poor looking eastern european.
You won't enjoy the smell
They're pretty much never on time. The buses themselves are ok.

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I'm in central London and looking for some nice Chinese-style tofu.

Anyone know the best places to go to find that?
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Monitoring this thread, cause I'm going in two weeks, and I cannot last long without some good mapo tofu.
There is an actual China-town in Soho. No idea where to go there though. All of them have menues outside, and I guess most have Tofu.

Watch out for Wong Kei, regarded as the "rudest restaurant in London"
Chilli Cool in russell square is amazing. Awful service but great great szechuan food and not in chinatown (which is awful)

Anybody here living/travelled around Scotland? I've met a girl that lives near the borders (wish it was the highlands) and I'm thinking of moving up there for a bit. I live down in Devon, which I'm itching to get out of.
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spend a bit of time in edinburgh/glasgow for work, both great cities. As an Englishman you can have trouble getting into clubs/bars in Glasgow especially if you are in a group of more than two, they tend to worry that the locals won't like your accent (don't worry you will have no trouble, locals are friendly and the girls always do themselves up and look nice)

Go to the Western Highlands with her. Specifically Lochaber region.
Lived in Inverness. Miserable cunt of a place, zero art scene, food is atrocious, no-one has any imagination. On the plus side, the surrounds are stunning.

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Hi trv/, please advice us.
After several months of hard work, my gf and I are going to travel for 2 weeks during April. We will go to London, but while there we´d like to go somewhere special or "exotic", for 3-4 days, taking only one flight from there.
We are from Chile, so as a general rule, "exotic" should be something north or East of London/England.
Our main options are:
1- Iceland. Only question: is it worth going so far away and spending so much money if during April there is no aurora borealis and most of the "ice" activities are not available??

2- Saint Petersburg: I have been in Moscow and loved it. I´ve heard this is a more enchanting city. Any thoughts?

3- Oslo? Helsinki?, anything nature-related to see near these cities?

4- Or just stick to the London area and go to some towns, castles and parks?

We are interested in sight-seeing, history and easy outdoor activities.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.
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Dude Budapest, cheap as fuck, incredible, absolutely beautiful, incredibly safe, lots of things to see and do, and somewhat less mainstream
not the same but I flew to Budapest for like $25 from Dublin
Edinburgh, maybe.

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Anyone feels like hooking up to travel together in London and other Uk areas?

I'm a 24 year old male from Hong Kong, currently staying up in some shitty hotel in Ilford. It's my first time travel and I'm quite an anti-social autist so I mostly just spending the time shitposting on 4chan in the room.
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Are you up for Chilli Cool in London on the 20th?
Or you're leaving soon?

Also /trv/ brace yourselves, I want to organize a quick Sichuan or cider meetup that week, so will post this a lot.
I'm staying here for a long time, so yeah
So add me on skype if you m are up to hanging out with someone and deal with my retardation

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I'm doing my first solo travel and my first Eurotrip as well so I'm kind being a pussy, afraid not having internet for helping me out during the trip. What's the best data roaming plan across UE? My first stop will be in London , where's the best place to buy it? Thanks for your attention
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Google fi
I'm interested in this too. Don't really need calls/text, just looking for affordable data
Hey OP, just got stationed in Europe in the U.K. for the USAF. As soon as we got on base we were told we should get a provider called 3, because it works pretty much anywhere in the U.K. (compared to other popular ones that only work in the cities which is crazy) and it gets GPS in the rest of Europe because we're encouraged to travel. I got the unlimited plan because I don't trust public wifi.

Anyone here been to cyprus?
Going there in two weeks.
As a new zealander how easy will it be to travel to turkish side as well?
Also whats there to do. I just stsrted looking at it and itnfucking looks amazing
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>tfw someone mentions your country
As a Cypriot or an EU citizen you only need an ID to cross.
For Non-EU people I heard you only need a passport.

In what cities will you be?
Which Cypriot? Turkish or Non-Turkish? Or perhaps are you British Oversea Territory Cypriot?

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Hi /trv/, I really want to go to Europe, but can't afford the flight cost.

Is there a way the airline would fly me for free in exchange for working during the flight? I could be a flight attendant, load the plane or help the pilot crew.

Anyone done something similar?
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Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 2/8.
You could try hitching a cargo ship.
Where do you live? Airfair is pretty cheap in our time so look at Skyscanner and the like. From my city there are flights for about $200-$300 to different cities in the US.

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Has anyone here ever biked cross-country?

Post some stories here about it, the longer the journey the better!
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Cycled South-North of Finland while doing the Helsinki-Nordkapp route. Does that count? 1800km in 10 days, but sometimes I say 9 sometimes because got sick in the middle of it. Garlics healed me.
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I'm a poorfag and travel pretty much exclusively by bicycle. Been to Ireland, the UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Sweden and Finland by bicycle so far, over the course of four cross-country bike trips.

Pic related was my longest trip so far, 3600 kilometers within 24 days, distances covered by boat not included.

It's one of the most RealTraveler™ ways to travel imo. Gives you a great sense of accomplishment.
Maybe if you find a real job you woundt be poor and can afford a flight but you choose to ride a fucking bike all across yurop

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Hey /trv/

American /pol/ack here. I am travelling solo to Stockholm this Spring for five days.

Any advice on places to visit?

How safe is Stockholm?

Anything I should be aware of in regards to cultural norms?

I'd like to visit Copenhagen in the same trip. Would that be feasible and is it a pain to cross borders between Sweden and Denmark?

Really any advice would be awesome. Thank you in advance.
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To pre-empt the /pol swine, I'll be the first

Stockholm is safe as fuck
It is snowing right now. Prolly won't be much better until April/May.
Cultural norms: Take off your shoes if you visit people's homes (like in Thailand). Don't be overly confrontational in disagreeing with people. Shake hands a lot.
Most night-clubs are shit.
The hipster density is very high.
Everybody speaks English.

There is absolutely no pain to cross the border between Denmark and Sweden. No real customs checks. You get on the train in Malmö. Get off it in Copenhagen. Feels like any suburban commute.
Remember your not in America anymore. Try to be less loud American but your /pol/ do ain't going to happen.

Standard things apply. Be respectful. You are just a visitor and should not have an opinion or meddle of an another countries political affairs. Do whatever you want outside but inside don't expect people to like you when you try to be a know it all when people live with the reality everyday.
Thank you for your insight. First time visiting Europe and this makes me feel a lot better about travelling there.

I'd like to learn and experience Stockholm and Copenhagen to their fullest. Are there particular places I should visit?

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First time traveler here. Im planning a trip to the Netherlands in the next few weeks and am having some difficulty with the measurement requirements for luggage. Most of the sets I have found online are noticeably bigger, dont have exact measurements listed, or are basically a guessing game due to the size of wheels not being factored into the listed measurements. I was wondering how much of a meme the requirements actually are. Do airports frequently measure the bags? If they are .5 over the limit is this usually an issue? Because that seems to be happening a lot when i calculate the measurements of bags i find. I need a carry on and a check in bag. Preferably a set and preferably under $300. Any advice or links to bags are appreciated.
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For handheld bags, some airlines have a little box that your bag should fit.
If you check-in online, you should be able to get away with a bigger/heavier than the limit bag.
No clue about checked bags because it's been ages since I last checked a bag.
Thanks for replying. Not sure what you mean by checking in online. Is that a thing? Im new to travelling in general so im just now getting accustomed to how this all works.
Online check-in is exactly that, you do the check-in process on the airline's website.
By doing this, you avoid lines in the airport and can arrive a bit later than the usual 3 hours for international flight.
Great if you're traveling only with a carry-on bag because you can skip the desk altogether, where they do the measuring of the baggage and all that. Doesn't mean it's a free pass to board with an oversized bag because they can and will ask you to measure/weigh your carry-on bag if they deem it's too big (and if it turns out to be above the limit, you'll have to check the bag too).
If you have to check a bag, you can probably still do the check-in online, but you'll have to take the line anyway to do the actual dispatching.
For checked bags, I'd guess they're more lenient in terms of size, not so much for weigh.

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So I had read up on interview prep and knew what I was getting into walking in but I was still a little bit surprised when I walked into to the interview room and started the interview process.
I interviewed for 30 minutes and I think I did quite well, kept a smile on my face, was pretty Genki during my mock lesson but throughout the interview, I had one interviewer who was quite rude (probably part of the interview persona) interrupted me, criticized me, even laughed at one of my serious answers when I said I valued my mother and family more than anything else (ice cold!)
I suspect this was to try and throw me off my game which didn't work, I think I responded back to her questions quite well but I was wondering in general...
Do candidates with a weak application tend to get tougher interviews to see if they're stronger in person or vice versa?
Did any JET's in general get grilled pretty fiercely during their interview process?
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They can smell the weeb on you. You're not getting into Japan to teach english anon.

But I don't even like anime.
They could tell that you weren't weeb enough then.

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I'm 24 and before last month had only ever worked as a barman. I've done a fair bit of travelling in the past, with my most rewarding trips lasting about 3 months, and I'd love to do even more. Now, I've somehow stumbled into what seems to be a very good job. It's well-paid, interesting, they're funding lots of qualifications, and there's clear progression to an even better job after 3 years.

On one hand I'm enjoying the work, but on the other hand I'm worried that I'm now too chained down. I hate the fact that I can only have 25 days off per year (as a barman I could pretty much come and go whenever I wanted). I'm worried that my youth is over, and that I'll never be able to enjoy those trips where I'm just young and free and can go wherever I like for however long I like (within budget, obviously).

Do I just need to grow up? Anons who work full time, is your holiday allowance enough to have a rewarding travel life?
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I'm 24 and I have had a job at an auto shop, a few manufacturing jobs, sales at best buy, and now a full time job at the reservations department at a car rental company. The car rental company is the only job I've ever had that gives vacation days.

I'm allotted 7 paid days off per year and ten unpaid days off. I will be travelling to Italy for three weeks with my girlfriend. While my dad watches our daughter. I think 25 is better than average so you're lucky in that way. It's time to grow up to be sure, but that doesn't mean you can't travel anon.

And you can still definitely travel how you like, just make sure to get back to work on time and it shouldn't be a problem.
If your holidays only allow a short break, you'll just be stuck worrying about work instead of actually enjoying your vacation; it's better to just spend that time working.
> barman
Lol, a fucking barista, what a worthless position
> too chained down now
It's because you're too stupid even to figure out the type of job where you can have several months off per year. Pss, anon. Project based jobs. Anything else fucks up your schedule

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Anyone been to Wrocław before? I'm taking a weekend trip there in a couple months and am looking for neat hotspots. I'm staying very close to the city centre.
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I'm Polish but not from Wroclaw. I've been there few times though. My favourite places there are the Aquarium zoo (called Afrykanarium) in the city zoo, Japanese garden and just the centre of the city - not just the main square, but the islands with its histrical and modern buildings, pubs and coffe places. It's always a good idea to climb one of Wroclaw's gotic towers and visit the water museum (small but extremly interesting).If you more into "drink and travel" - Irish pub on Plac Solny 5 ( I know, Irish, not Polish but awesome irish), Czupito shot pub on Ruska 8 st. (artistic shot for 5pln each). Wroclaw has a lot of cool local breweries too. Hope you have fun. And next time you go to Poland, visit Krakow and I would be able to tell you more of cool stuff you can do or see.
Another Pollock here.
I lived in Wroclaw for few months like 2 years ago.

Good place for parties, especially for weekend and during the spring/early summer, where there are still students around.
Islands close to the downtown are a great place to meet people during before-party, as everyone are drinking there before hitting clubs (or just staying there for the whole night).

Depends on what kind of music you like, you'll find good places, but places around the central plaza (up to 5 minutes walking distance) are the best ones.

I can't really tell you about typical tourist places as I'm not really interested in them, probably the other guy got it right.
Yeah, I'm from Wrocław. What are you looking for specifically? Historical sights? Nightlife? What do you like?
Generally the old city is very compact and almost everything is right in the center. The only sight that's farther away is the Centennial Hall (which is basically a big concrete dome and probably one of the more disappointing UNESCO sites, not really worth going inside) and the nearby zoo (actually pretty nice, bit of modern stuff, bit of old buildings, quite large). Don't miss Ostrów Tumski, the cathedral island.

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