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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1205567
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Less than two months until I'm back in Tokyo, think I'm gonna hit chidorigafuchi, Shinjuku Gyoen and Ueno park for Hanami again this year. Anyone have any other worthwhile recommendations for Sakura? Aside from that I don't really know what to do with my time, I've seen all the normal touristy things in tokyo at least once. Maybe some museums or something
7 days Tokyo, 3 Kyoto, 2 Osaka and last 2 back in Tokyo, First time traveling there. Is this a decent basic itinerary?
depending what are your priorities, I'd shave one day off from kyoto and use it for osaka, and do a day trip to nara from there.

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Let's discuss jobs that will allow you to travel or live as an expat, other than TEFL. Here are some starters:

>logistics / supply chain management
>humanitarian aid work
>embassy / foreign service
>flight attendant

What do you think /trv/? Any personal experience?
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I have lived in HK on and off for 4 years while I was sent abroad from my EU based company to supervise manufacturing in our chinese partner factories and to manage our biggest customers accounts.
It was great, appartment was paid for (really the main expense for an expat in HK), and I had a good salary even by western standard.

It is the best of both worlds really, I just regret I spent everything and didn't think to save some, I burnt tens of thousands that would have helped me later in life. But it was a great experience nonetheless
Get a job in NDT, my last job (Sperry Rail Service) was 100% travel.
>I burnt tens of thousands that would have helped me later in life. But it was a great experience nonetheless

I did the same thing working in the Gulf. Still wouldn't change the experience for the world

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It supposedly has good beaches, and cheap prostitutes.
But is there anything else in this country?
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Don't mind me, I'm just testing some things
So the maximum file size allowed on /trv/ is 8 MB, nice...

Anyway, individual pics incoming. These are some nice places OP, if this thread wasn't bait, someone might find them interesting.

Looking for some basic, seriously helpful advice. Used to travel a lot back in the 70s and 80s, but honestly have only flown once post-9/11, and someone else made the arrangements for me as a gift. These days, there are obviously tons of online sites to book your own flights, etc. My questions are: (A) is there any one site, or a list of sites, that are dependable/honest/safe, and (B) what kind of things do I need to look out for/focus on? Nothing fancy, just looking to book a round-trip flight within the US (Grand Rapids, MI to Charleston, SC in April). So basically, just looking for noob-type tutorial/advice/info/input.
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Why are you on this site grandpa? Use google flights
Yeah, thanks, about what if expect if I'd posted this on /b/, was hoping maybe /trv/ would be a cut above your level of idiocy. My bad.
Travelocity and priceline.com are good sites. Very straight foward. Just input basic info and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

Which "card" or "system" do you recommend for a person who flies on average once per 2 months but usually with completly random/dfiferent airlines?
I usually choose the cheapest option (as long as it's not Malaysia Airlines or Ukrainian one) but I travel around the world and often buy tickets for my family (who is internet illiterate), therefore some universal system would be great.

I did some reserach, but most cards are linked to the specific airline. Any recommendations? Tips?

>tfw I could already fly to the moon and back if I collected miles
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Those are loyalty programs as they reward exactly that, your loyalty to a Alliance.

There're only 2 programs that are actually worth it
>Star Alliance, probably the best and largest loyalty programs
Once you get the status you get massive benefits, if you fly economy 6x interconti you might get enough miles for a free continental flight but no status upgrade
>One World, also very good
Easy to get your status up even with your 6 economy flights, the rewards are not that great but still a nice bonus.
Get both and collect the rewards as you can but the usual "cheapest ticket" will get you next to no miles/kms so it's probably not worth it.

For both you can't earn bonus points by booking for family members beside getting their associated credit card where you get some bonus points per $ spent.

So your best option is a credit card with something like 3% cash back and no foreign ATM fees as you won't make it into the status levels where your get the comfy multipliers working for you.
Just get a bunch of credit cards for sign up bonuses. Easiest is AA. Made about 500k miles from sign up bonuses. Can use them on JAL for Asia. Star alliance is probably the best but getting united miles is much harder. Plus the united hub is in Newark and I'm not going there for flights when I'm next to JFK.
OP, personally I wouldn't tie yourself down to a single alliance/airline. Remember, miles have different values for each airline. It will cost me 150k United miles at minimum to fly from USA to Japan round trip for example, ANA (also Star Alliance) will only cost me 75-85k. But, to actually give you advice on which cards to get, I need to know the following:

>Which airport do you/your family typically fly from
>What parts of the world do you/your family typically fly to
>How many credit cards have you opened in the past 24 months
>What is your approximate credit score (creditkarma score is fine)

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Hey, I'm planning a trip to one of these countries around the baltic sea. I'm with two more friends and we're looking for a place/places where it's nice to go out and party, but also enjoy the scenery.

Does anyone have some tips of places/towns where there are some nice clubs/bars where we can start our search. Pro's/con's for a country/city
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The trip will be made this summer. Somewhere in July.

one of the Baltic Republics. They're not as expensive as the Scandinavian countries, a large portion of the population speaks English and they have decent nightlife.
Riga and Tallinn both have good nightlife. Riga in particular is fairly cheap and very fun... it has some quirky/underground places to drink. Tartu has a very big student population and apparently a pretty big drinking culture.

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I'm watching a CNN documentary about this, and wow it looks amazing. I know the price must be crazy, but I can't find any info on tickets to Paro.

Anyone been? Tips, advice?
I've found some tours I can afford but other than that the flights look crazy.
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I read a story about one man who went there for free because he got an invite from a local.

Maybe you can befriend a Bhutanese penpal who would be willing to invite you.
Actually I befriended a Bhutanese girl on InterPals and later on facebook, but I haven't talked to her in ages. I should, she's actually pretty /pol/, talks about David Icke and the NWO.

But if I ask her for an invitation I'm afraid I'll sound like a freeloader so probs nah. That article hets referenced on these threads every now and then, wasn't the guy penpals with someone in the Royal family though?
Easiest way is to fly in from Bangkok but if you can swing some cheap flights to India flying from Calcutta is the cheapest. Flights are on a state owned carrier that has set prices so it doesn't matter when you book.

So next year on Jan 21 2018 I'm going somewhere that begins with an 'I'. I've narrowed it down
to a choice between two countries: Iceland and Israel.

I'm 27, have visited Thailand, China, Jamaica and Mexico already.
I'm working with a max budget of $2,000 for 10 days. I like beautiful nature, interesting history/culture,
good food. qts are always a plus but I don't like to party and I'm not attractive so I don't
have any expectations in that regard.

I can't decide which I should visit so any suggestions or info /trv/ can give would be appreciated; anyone
ever been to these places?

What were they like?
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didn't specify being jewish so iceland

average person will be nicer, not that all israelis are jerks, but the more religious don't always like secular people, and the men tend to act macho

getting in and out of border control is a lot easier

good chance for some northern lights
>but the more religious don't always like secular people, and the men tend to act macho

I picked up on this, it comes across even on 4chan if you check out /int/
Israel is a shithole with no nature and surprisingly little culture, every site that's not biblical, i.e. most of them, are poorly maintained if at all. The levant is surprisingly cold in winter, but not the good kind of cold, it'll be shitty and rainy. Jerusalem might see snow, but again, not the good kind, it's the slushy kind with ice underneath.

Iceland has shockingly beautiful nature and a cold and refreshing climate with chances of seeing northern lights. No random checkpoints or soldiers pointing their guns at you just for shits. Getting around is more difficult than in summer, but with that budget you'll have no problems.

tl;dr Iceland is the obvious choice.

But if I might ask, why that specific date and why does it have to be a country starting with I?

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I will be going to France for 7 days at the end of February. I'll be in Paris for most of the time but would like to spend a couple days in Normandy.

What is the best way to travel around Normandy. My understanding is that there is a train from Paris to Caen. I was thinking about staying in a place like Bayeux and traveling to all the WWII sights and museums from there. Is renting a car plausible?

I don't speak French by the way.
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Yes I'd totally advise to rent a car, outside of the fast trains that link major cities (TGV), regional lines are slow, with untrustable schedules, and end up pretty expensive if you don't have a pass.
You can check the prices and even book trains through voyages-sncf.com, but I think it's going to be even cheaper to rent and drop your car in Paris.
That way you can drive all along the coastline, Caen memorial, colleville cemetery, Omaha beach and stuff.
Mont St Michel is cool but retardedly expensive. If it's on your way, definitely check Honfleur, it's a lovely little town.
Thanks for the tip. Have you ever heard of anyone (if these even exist) hiring a driver for the day to bring them around to the sites?
No problem bro.
Well I have not. But I wouldn't be surprised if you could find someone willing to do so on forums, or on carpooling sites such as blablacar. You'd need to make sure you don't sound too weird in your ad, but ask for someone willing to take you around.

You can also look into organized tours maybe




We did drive along the D day beaches and coleville 3 years ago, and although we are planning a trip to Normandy this april (we are living in Reunion) we will hit different parts of the region this time. Wish you made that post 3 years ago, I'd have been happy to drive you around (plus we didn't have a baby back then, back seat was free lol)

Hello guys,

I'm going to work in Bulgaria from February and I started looking for informations on the city. I get support from the company to find an accomodation, however I can't really find stuff online on where (not) to live.
Around what places would fellow expats/ locals advise to get housing?
Few things about myself: I'm gonna earn 1900 BGN gross, was thinking of a ~350 monthly budget for housing. I'll be working next to the European Trade Center and wanted to get a place that has a bus line to there.
I'm 22, and being around transportation is rather important, wouldn't mind being close to a park, or nightlife area.

I am aware all these conditions can hardly be fulfilled, they're here to give more informations on my profile if you have any neighbourhood in mind.

PS: any advice on Sofia and life in Bulgaria in generalis appreciated!
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Hello friend, Sofia local here.

Check out the attached map, and here's how to interpret it:

Dark orange: traditionally expensive
Light orange: becoming 'prestigious'
Dark blue: no longer 'prestigious'
Light blue: showing potential

Red star: your work location
Green circle: recommended area (also happens where I live)

It's extremely close to the 2 main arteries of traffic Tzarigradsko Shose and the Sofia Tube.
City center is within walking distance and it's not terribly expensive, 350 rent alone is possible, however you'd have to settle for some mediocre place.

Park is close by.
Nightlife.... eh, not really.

Let me know if you need further help.
Hey man, thanks for the reply, it's pretty detailed.

My main issue is that I'm unable to read it as I don't understand Cyrillic alphabet, so names don't speak to me, even tho I can figure out where it is located.

Regarding my budget, I could go to 400, I'm not looking for anything big anyway 30-40sqm is my goal).
Is there anything such as negotiating prices or anything when renting ?
Should take you no longer than 10 hours to learn and pronounce shit.

>400 for 40sqm
Completely plausible in a good region like Geo Milev.

>Is there anything such as negotiating prices or anything when renting?
Yes, you could.

The easy way to rent would be online and almost certainly-- through an agency.
You could go in person and review some locations and when you decide on a place you can start negotiating the price but I don't think they'd go lower than -50lv depending on circumstances (for example if there are some detriments to the place like being too close to traffic, etc).

Another way is to rent directly from landlord, this skip the agency's fee, however it's difficult to find for a non-local. Certainly not impossible but you have to dedicate some time and effort.

Alternatively I see some Facebook groups for rent/roommates search, again without agency.

Did a short search with your criteria:

I would go for these.

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Ha valamelyikőtök magyar anon kint él New Yorkban és hajlandó lenne segíteni egy 18 évesnek valahogy kijutni oda vagy tanácsokat adnia, akkor meghálálnám

A cél kint dolgozni, de előtte kipróbálnék 1-2 hetet a városban körűl nézni.
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speak english köcsög
Erről beugrott az a huszonvalahány éves srác, aki mellettem ült egy gépen. Tőlem kérdezte mindig, hogy mit mondtak be épp angolul, nem tudom, hogy életében beszélt-e már külföldivel (az biztos, hogy repülőn nem utazott korábban). Azt mondta, hogy New Yorkba költözik, a reptéren fogják majd várni, stb.
Nagyon remélem, hogy nem valami rabszolgamunkát kapott, de... Nem hiszem, hogy bármi értelme van kimenni, ha ahhoz lusta vagy, hogy otthon 4chan szinten megtanulj angolul, csak rettegésben fogod tölteni az egész időt, hogy úristen, valaki hozzámszól, nemértem, stb. Kihasználnak, aztán eldobnak, mint egy rongyot, ha nem tudsz angolul. Ha csak a magyar megy, akkor a legjobban Magyarországon boldogulsz.
Magyarország fos, de az az előnye megvan, hogy ingyen tudsz szerezni diplomát. Valami (bármi) BSc-t szerezz, közben feküdj rá a nyelvekre nagyon. Utána könnyebb mozogni New York irányába is, meg bármerre.
A legegyszerűbb New Yorkba kijutnod, ha beiratkozol valamilyen egyetemre ott. Ha utána úgy tanulsz, mint a kisangyal, akkor szerzel hamar szuper öszöndíjakat, és nem megy rá több lakásnyi pénzed. De az egyetemhez is kell egy kis angol!
Van több ismerősöm is, aki kiment New Yorkba szerencsét próbálni angoltudás nélkül, vissza is takarodtak Magyarországra hamar, ezúton is gratulálok nekik. Akik jól tudtak angolul, mielőtt kimentek, mind nagyon jól elvannak.

Kicsit béna a magyar felsőoktatás, de (szinte) ingyen van, használd ki. Nem fogsz kapni egyéb segítséget otthonról, szóval ezt a picit fogadd el az államtól. Kiindulásnak tökéletes. Ha van bármilyen BSc vagy BA a tarsolyodban, akkor utána ingyen tudsz tanulni csomó helyen (angolul!), pl. Svédország, Dánia, ilyesmi, addigra meg eljutsz olyan szintre, hogy önerőből is bármikor át tudod tenni a székhelyedet NY-ba, tudsz menni oda nyaralni/telelni előtte...

tl;dr tanulj még egy kicsit!!
Még annyi, hogy tudom, hogy nagyon-nagyon fos Magyarország, de ... kitartás!
És ne hagyd, hogy az ilyen öreg faszok, mint én, elvegyék a kedved az álmodozástól.

...de azért tanulj, tényleg.

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Is it hard to get USA tourist visa? How to get it?
11 posts and 2 images submitted.

Yes, I am aware of it, but I need real responses from someone who had experience with visas in the past if I can.
you didn't even bother to provide your citizenship so you can just fuck right off back to google

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I wish to travel Europe on foot / by train, but have only 1350 €, what is the best place to go, and possibly stay?
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from where?
Check out getting around by night train, eurail or other. That way you're getting around by night not wasting daytime and you have a bed to sleep on. I took the night train from prague to budapest, about 8.5/9 hours and that was $70 USD, and included breakfast upon arrival at 9am. Also if you've not been to Budapest I highly recommend it for a few days or a week

Im tired of living in my hometown of junkies and rednecks. I have money a truck and clothes. I want to find a place with people that arent so tied up to electronics and media. Im done with politics social media and crap like that. But im the only one here that thinks that way. Where should i go?
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The Yukon.
What's wrong OP do you have a problem with girls constantly using Tinder, posting profiles that say "I'm a country girl, I love tats and beer" then posting pics of themselves wearing camo to a buck they shot.

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Hello /trv/,

I want to go to this festival at Japan. It takes place at Kobe and Tokyo. It will be a spontaneous trip. I will stay around 15 days. Is 15 days too much for Tokyo? Is it worth traveling to Kobe from Tokyo? (520 kilometers) Are there cool places in between to visit?

All thoughts are appreciated. Thanks
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free bump for punk rock
SLC Punk is great. One of the biggest youth-defining films for me.

Bump for punk
Yeah, 15 days is a lot just for Tokyo. I'm sure you could find stuff to do, especially if you're willing to blow some money, but the major sights will last you a bit over a week.
I really liked Kobe as a town. There's not that much to see in the city itself, but I enjoyed the atmosphere. Kobe is within easy reach of other Kansai region cities. Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Himeji are all easily within reach and definitely worth a visit. So yeah, I'd say it'd be worth it if you split the stay into pre-25th Kobe and post-26th Tokyo. If you just want to do a day trip, don't bother.
You might want to take a look at Kansai Thru Pass depending on where you'd like to go and how much you plan on using the public transit - chances are it'll pay back for itself, especially if you go to farther away places like Koyasan. If you want to save on moving between Kobe and Tokyo, Willerexpress buses will be cheaper than the train. Be warned though, while they're comfortable, they're also slow as shit - you'd have to go overnight.

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