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New Years Resolution: Peru

I want to go early March, spend about 16 days there. I know that's not a lot but I'm hoping I can see a lot and experience a lot.

I have my eyes on a pretty cheap round trip flight to Lima. Now, I definitely want to go to Machu Picchu and all that. I've been researching and found really different responses.

What is the best way to see Machu Picchu? Go with a tour group? Inca Trails? I heard from some people that even though they're relatively fit, they found the Inca Trails extremely difficult, especially with the altitude change. Should I go with a tour guide?

Also, I've interrailed before but how the FUCK do you get around Peru? I read about those buses but god damn those are long hours and where do you even catch one?

If anyone's been to Peru and has any particular recommendations about how I should go about this, it'd be much appreciated. I have to be back in Lima for my flight home.
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Too late to get a permit for the inca trail for march. Look into the "jungle trek" or "salkantay".

For buses try PeruHop, that will make things easier for you and give you an itinerary.
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Shit, I just wrote a longass message, but the internet in Peru sucks so much it somehow got deleted.

Anyway, I try typing it once again, probably shorter though.

I’m currently in Arequipa, Southern Peru.
Was in Machu Picchu, quite disappointing desu, but I didn’t take the Inca Trail, as I hate hiking. Cusco (the “big” city-hub to Inca Valley) on the other hand is awesome, lots of things to do, nice local vibe mixed with tourists. I rented a motorcycle for a day, visited all small villages and ancient sites in the Inca Valley for about 90 soles. I recommend doing that (or renting a taxi driver for a day, good if you travel with others) instead of tourist trips, as it’s cheaper and more fun.
I didn’t have a altitude sickness, but I took a bus from Lima to Cusco (24h), so maybe I slowly got adjusted. You can chew cocoa to get used to it.
Buses are the cheapest option to travel around, they are also quite comfy. You can select different standards, which help on the long (up to 24h) trips around. As you have 16 days, maybe you don’t want to waste 2 in a bus.

As mentioned I recommend Eastern Peru – Cusco, Puno, maybe Arequipa (nice sightseeing). Consider Bolivia for few days, it’s pretty close if you’re already in Cusco and offers some great (and cheap) sight-seeing. I haven’t been to North of Peru so I cannot give any advice about it. Amazon in North East is pretty good, you might consider it, but I can imagine that logistics of getting there might be quite problematic.

Don’t know about your budget, but I recommend domestic flights.

If you have more questions ,ask.

Pic from the Inca Valley from my motrocycle trip on some rural areas (30 minutes before a huge rain)
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/trv/ I need your help.

Could you share what your favourite (extra) large suitcase/rolling bag/other large bag is?

I'm trying to force myself to live out of a bigger bag, as I move quite a lot.

I was looking at picrelated, but it maybe a bit too big.

I do like that it's fabric, so probably harder for it to be destroyed as check in baggage...

Anyway, please share your large faves, it can be as cheap or expensive as you like.
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plk crush bag.jpg
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Crush bag from PLK New Zealand. Sturdy as fuck, holds a ton of stuff -- Drawback: not good for things you don't want crushed.
This actually looks like something right up my alley, couldn't find it in EU shops just yet... Going to keep looking.
last bump

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I'm looking for options for countries to visit this upcoming summer and one of the most intriguing options to me is Taiwan. I don't know really much about the country yet, but the scenery seems great, the food seems delicious and the people of Taiwan seem extremely friendly. To me it is probably the most interesting option for a vacation this summer. The only thing is that I need to convince someone to go with me, but if I know enough that probably won't be a problem. People who have been to Taiwan willing to share their experiences? Everything is welcome, especially stuff about food.
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>I need to convince someone to go with me

No you don't. Take good pictures before you go and hang out with locals that you meet on Tinder.

Or if you're too much of an autist/prude for that just go on couchsurfing.
Perhaps he doesn't refer to some crushing necessity, but maybe he just would enjoy some company. Some folks do.
This, I want to hang out with locals, but having a good friend with you on a trip who you know well and you can share your favorite jokes with is always good and fun.

going on a trip to indonesia with Some study colleges, and one professor (Subject Architecture)

We want to visit some old temples, Villages, the modern cities Jakarta and Yogjakarta. General questions:

Recommendations about, temples, authentic old villages other sites to visit (doesnt have to be architecture related, authentic local culture nature etc. is also something we want to experience)

Traveling medium, is the Infrastructure good, can we drive by ourselves or do we have to hire a driver for a tour (we did that in mongolia two years before) or do we even have to use domestic flights?

Do you maybe have some ressources where i can find information about indonesia, maybe even with some architectural focus?
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roads are shit pretty much everywhere. But the local flights are super cheap and there are lots of them. I was planning to bus/ boat it but ended up mostly flying, which is both faster and cheaper. You miss out on the scenery somewhat though. (But then, those volcano views from the plane are not too shabby either)
any other suggestions ?
Borobudur is a must if you like temples. Also, Bali has a lot of cultural stuff if you ignore the crowds.

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I'm coming over to Hong Kong for 10 days. What is the girl situation?
I'm white, and have cash to spend. 7/10, 43 YO and chatty. Wouldn't mind bedicking a pro, but would rather just find a cool native to tag along with me etc…
Any tips?
(asking for a friend)
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Craigslist HK mainly, if you want to have a (slight) chance to pick up a non professional.
I met and fucked an expat that way
Don't the local girls fuck foreigners though?
Locals may or may not foreigners easily, try Tinder. But hookers are everywhere and easily available, so just consider that option. Websites like 141. Or just go to any bar in Wan Chai and you will see plenty of freelancers. I'm sure most of them wouldn't mind being hired for a longer period than just a night.

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yo waddup guys I'm going to be in bankok for like a night next week, what to do?
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The world's your oyster.
Go to 7-11. Buy a bottle of hong thong and coke. Wander around redlight district. Take in a ping pong show (make sure you ask if they have bird and/or turtle, or your not getting the full show.) Take in a "kinky sexy show." Go shopping for sex toys and tazers at sukumvhit open air market. pick up a cheap hooker and make her do weird shit you would never ask a normal girl to do. Wake up with horrible hangover and feelings of crushing shame.

There can only be one Bangkok

i never understand why ppl go to those silly shows.

When I have a stopover in bkk, I usually go to a blowjob bar first. Then dinner. Then a soapy massage.

Las Vegas

Just a small rant. Just got back from a week there and I've never been so disappointed. It's been a pretty big dream of mine to visit for most of my life. I was completely influenced and bamboozled by television and film portraying it as elegant, with beautiful people, fast cars, high rollers, a colorful paradise.

Couldn't be more wrong. It's full of the ugliest, fattest, old, poorly dressed Americans. And nobody looks like they're having any fun, anywhere you go you see ugly natives and disappointed tourists. Everyone in every casino looked genuinely depressed as fuck.

Had a couple nice dinners at least. After a couple days we left to visit the Grand Canyon which was amazing and definitely the high point of the trip. When we were done with that I was dreading even having to go back. Gave myself a budget of $15,000 to blow for the week. After I spent half of it, I was done and decided to just put it away to save for a trip to Monte Carlo in the future instead. Passed through once from Italy to France, and at least there it was full of beautiful people.

If you go to Vegas thinking it's going to be anything like in Ocean's 11, you're going to get a massive reality check. 1/10.

Grand Canyon 10/10 though. Shit was cash.
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What were you expecting? Whatever "class" is to you, it's not something vegas advertises itself as having. If you were to plan an itinerary well you'd be able to eat stay and visit some refined places, but if you were just walking around looking for something fun to do you'll only find the trashiest of trash.

What were you expecting? Symphonies and the opera?
who budgets 15k for a week in vegas? wtf
I concur. Now you know. Monaco and Macau double also serve as marina and tax havens. Vegas is Disneyland for adults and the Mafia was so good at milking bumpkins they sold their equity off to public corporations. Seriously, who the fuck wants to spend more than ~48 hours at a theme park?

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Ended up in Slovenia by mistake. Missed my flight and needed to leave China ASAP.

I'd like to say Slovenia is a hidden gem, but I don't even know enough about it to know if people realize how beautiful it is. Never seen a more beautiful country in my life. And what's more practically everyone in the whole damn place speaks English. And everything is dirt cheap.

Why has nobody told me about Slovenia before?

Pic related is from some random town that doesn't appear on any of the tourist brochures and whatnot found in the capital. Half the buildings were boarded up. Had the best ice cream in my life in a cafe where half the town seemed to be with their children.
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Taken in the capital. Small as shit with some of the best food I've ever had in Europe. Had the greatest chocolate muffin in my life in another cafe (fucking everywhere).

Mind you, Slovenia has to have the worst museums and art galleries I have ever seen. I mean, the national museums were a disgrace. Downright paltry.
What's up with this Slovenia meme there past few weeks on /trv/, why are you all coming here?

It's getting so fucking touristy, Bled is completely ruined and the center of Ljubljana has gone from a comfy student place 3 years ago to tourist central, the old town has been completely gentrified/touristified.

RREEEEEE and so on
I mean I love Slovenians (really, I only know awesome people from there), but wouldn't ever recommend Slovenia as a tourist destination. Literally every neighboring country is more interesting than Slovenia. Italy? No need to even mention, Italy is Italy. Austria for the Alps, musea, cafés, Hungary for nightlife and thermal water, Croatia for the coastline and all...
If anything, I'd go back to Slovenia one more for the awesome people, but it's quite boring.

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Hey /trv/!

I am planning on doing a longer bike trip.
I want to cycle from Germany to China, specifically Hong Kong.
Currently I am debating on what route to take and wanted to get your advice on this.
The only city I really want to see on the way is Moscow.
Also I will start this in June/July this year so keep that in mind. I don't want to freeze my ass off in North Russia when it is December/January.
I will bring my laptop to work on the way. I have currently a budget of 3000€ but will try to work as much as possible when I am on the way (currently building a few sources of income)

What route would you take?
Any nice spots to visit?
Any advice on any country I will pass through?
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Here is my initial route.
Is this viable? Would you change it?
What equipment are you planning to take?
Russia and China will be your most troublesome countries. From Vyborg to Vladikavkaz there's about 2,600-2,800 km depending on route. I don't know how fit you are, but I've heard 100 km/day is a very good estimate for a fit cyclist. The standard Russian tourist visa is 30 days. There will definitely be cities on the way which you are keen on staying more than one afternoon, so obviously you see the problem here. You need to find a way to obtain a 90 day business visa, or exit and enter the country again with a new visa somewhere along the route. The border with Georgia is open south of Vladikavkaz, but not elsewhere. If you enter into Abkhazia or South Ossetia from Russia, Georgia will consider it illegal entry into the country.

There is a ferry between Baku and Aktau as far as I know, but I think basically from there until mid-Myanmar you'll be in very desolate places with long distances between populated places. This means harder access to food, water and spare parts, also you do not want to be stuck/injured there. Also depending on how fast you get there, it may be in the middle of winter, which means a lot of mountain roads in Central Asia and Western China will be closed. Getting Chinese visas is also difficult, though not impossible, and travel in Tibet means you have to take part in an organized tour. There's also the distance aspect involved here, the shortest route I could find on Google Maps from Kashgar to the Myanmar border, without entering Tibet, was almost 5500 km. I don't know how long Chinese visas lasts, but you probably need two months or more.

If I were you, I'd look into going south of Afghanistan instead, going from Azerbaijan to Iran, Pakistan and India. I know it's vastly different from your original route, but it will be a whole lot easier to plan and manage (though I know Pakistan isn't technically safe). You avoid starving and/or freezing to death in a remote mountain pass in Kyrgyzstan, and you avoid the entire Chinese problem

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I'm looking at teaching jobs abroad in Asia for the next year as I'll be graduating in June. I've already been denied by the JET Programme, and have applied to a few private positions in Japan. I'm also looking at Taiwan. I've applied to Teaching Nomad, but they're reviews are all so suspiciously and overwhelmingly positive. I'm also on planning to apply for EPIK (South Korea) once they open up applications. Does anyone have any experience or advice for pursuing this kind of job? General teaching English abroad thread also.
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have you already done your esl certification? if so, which one did you do?
No, I haven't, just getting a BA
you need some type of esl certification now to do EPIK so you should look into that. that's what im trying to work on.

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Considering a trip to Bali. Is it worth it and any recommendations what to do there?
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Went years ago. First time overseas and ended up doing all the tourist rackets. Some were good others were a total scam. Legitimately enjoyed the fire dance at uluwatu temple. Monkey forest was kinda cool but monkeys are dicks.

Avoid nusa dua and turtle island. Kuta is fun for a visit to watch all the fuckwit bogans and buy knick knacks, would not stay there though.

Elephant ride was kinda weird. Probably wouldn't recommend unless you are really into elephants.

Ubud was fucking beautiful. Running barefoot through rice fields hopping creeks and navigating little jungle paths.

I'm going again in a couple weeks. Staying a little outside of ubud. No plans just gonna wing it. Feel like I have a better idea about how it operates and what to avoid.

Will let you know how it goes.
Went to Indonesia past summer. Visited Lombok for a small two weeks and Bali for two weeks as well.

About Bali:

The south is the most turistic part. Kuta is mostly western looking, not too much to do, it's fun to visit the multiple malls, explore the side streets a bit and eat a lot. Food is really varied, from western type meals to warungs where people are surprised that you're gonna eat there as a westerner (ate goat leg soup somewhere for instance and that was delicious)

Jimbaran is really worth a visit, but only if you like seafood. Avoid the northern part, taxi drivers will drive you there if you're not specific enough, restaurants there are extremely expensive, it's a tourist trap, I dined at the middle part, really good prizes there for really good food. Nice people around there.

A little bit up north is Denpasar, the administrative centre. If you're interested in history and culture it's worth a visit. Unfortunately I couldn't explore much there, but we visited a giant supermarket with all types of food. Also visited the Balinese museum there. Really not turistic at all. People will be surprised to see you there.

Ubud is also a bit in the centre. Beautiful city, lots of art and culture, hidden rice fields in side streets. Lots to see and do, especially Monkey Forest is recommended. Really turistic though, bunches of Chinese people. Lots of space for adventure and things.


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/trv/, have you ever had your own "Before Sunrise" while traveling?

Tell us your stories of falling in love abroad.
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the fact that no one has replied yet is depressing
Yeah I should have realized what website I'm on.

If one person shares their story I will reply with my own.
I'm in love WTH a broad, that count?

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Thinking about traveling alone to a country like Italy or the UK this summer but I don't have any friends/girlfriend that would come with me. I know about hostels but how do you actually travel somewhere alone and actually end up having a good time?
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I recently discovered some free travel videos on amazon prime called Peregrine Dame. I was impressed she stayed at the dive hostels in her alone travel. Watch a video anon? Not every city is fun alone, but big cities can actually be great alone...all that indulgent me time in the museums lingering at what you want, when you want, ya know?
You meet people. If you're going the hostel or cheap hotel route, you'll encounter the international brotherhood (and sisterhood) of young travelers, all as lonely as you and eager to chat, go sightseeing or go bar-hopping in groups.
If you cannot be social in your home country, you wont be abroad. It's not that hard to meet people but if you are boring person (and chances are you are - we are on 4chan) the experience will be mellow regardless.

I know it sounds bleak, but it's the truth. That doesn't mean you shouldn't travel - you can still have okay time abroad. Food will taste great, museums/galleries are interesting and hookers are the same regardless of how social you are.
You can also get drunk with loners like yourself and have good intellectual talk (if you are into it) - however don't expect that to be very fulfilling (you can have basically the same thing over the internets).

Perhaps good idea would be to make solo itinerary spiked with hostel stays and relaxation days.

>pic related, basic requirement for hostel nights

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Thinking about leaving behind the domestic life to become a Trucker and travel the world on my off time. Anyone have experience with this? Tips? Good companies to start at? Was looking at C.R. England. I dont know Trucking just seems like a super chill traveling job and I dont mind driving distances at all.
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there's a trucker general on /o/
thanks didnt know.

Don't do CR England

Will write more when I am home in an hour

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I want to catch a bus from Cape Town to Lilongwe and then get to Lake Malawi.

How do you guys keep cash safe when travelling to places that probably don't have ATMs?
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wiseau brand underwear has a built in pouch for convenience. It's also super comfortable.
I'm talking enough cash to last 3 weeks though. Or should I go to a bank, create an account and then go back to bigger cities to draw?
Western Union

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