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kinda NSFW

im going to be visiting japan(tokyo) for a while but i have crippling anxiety, so much so that i dont leave my city ever, i used to have a valium habit and that helped with leaving my city etc.

SO, the doctors know i was a junkie basically so i reckon he'll give me enough for the plane but what about the weeks that im there. and to be fair, im gonna need A LOT...

So is there any kinda ares i can go to get stuff like that? in my city, there's certain houses you can just knock on doors so i just need to find something like that. I need a link yoooooooo'
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If you can get a doctor to write you a script for as much as you will need for your trip, you can with some extensive paperwork get a certificate enabling you to import psychotropic drugs for personal treatment. You need it in hand before you leave. Arrive at the airport with benzodiazepines and no certificate and you will immediately be deported.

Ask the Japanese consulate nearest you.

Regarding scoring on the street, perhaps it could be done, but it's a dumb idea. Japan has some of the strictest drug laws on the planet, and they're actually consistently enforced by cops who are mostly not dirty. Get caught with psychoactives w/o a script and you're definitely going to jail.

El Camino del Santiago

Anyone done it? Where did you begin? What were your reasons for it? Did you get anything out of it? Are non religious people welcome? How much should I expect to spend and how long will it take if I set out from Paris?
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I started walking from andorra, it took me about 6-7 weeks, but i really took my time.
I did it for religious reasons, but wach to their own, the landscape and people on the way are worth it on their own.

If you are not religious you might not enjoy it as much

Santiago de Compostella has a reasonably impressive church and a couple of quaint medieval streets but beyond that it's a pretty average & relatively unattractive city. The countryside to the NW, between Fisterra & A Coruna is interesting, some rustic farmlands as well as the treacherous coast & views from some decent sized hills, albeit with wind farms everywhere.
I did visit the church and it's one of the most impressive churches I've seen

I didn't do the walk because I was staying 2 hours away lol

Hi /trv/,

I'm looking for advice on where to go. I'm a 27 year old single guy who hasn't been out of the country (US) since 2007. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, but I'm thinking of going somewhere right after Thanksgiving when I'll be in California (San Francisco area).

So, can anyone recommend any places in Europe that would be great to go for a single traveler around the end of November/beginning of December?
Some considerations:
-I'm more interested in cities than the countryside
-More interested in cultural sightseeing than nature/hiking
-Don't care about partying/raving but wouldn't want to go somewhere totally dead
-Probably looking at staying in a hostel because of cheapness and also the possibility of meeting people
-More interested in Northern/Central Europe than the Mediterranean, but open to things

P.S. I could also do late January, if there's anywhere that would for some reason be way better at that time.
P.P.S. I hear a lot about going to Norway, and less about going to Sweden. Is Norway better to visit than Sweden? Lol. I have Swedish heritage so to me that's the more compelling of the two.

Thanks in advance :)
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>-More interested in Northern/Central Europe than the Mediterranean, but open to things
Your want list seems to vibe a lot more with Southern Europe than Northern Europe imo

Why? And where in particular are you referring to? For some reason, Italy, Spain, and Greece sound kinda meh to me.
Not samefag, but in the winter there is literally nothing going on in Northern cities. Like you could visit museums, do Christmas shopping, but that's about it? The Northern cities are quite dead, people just chill at home (or on the Maldives, Maldives meaning any sunny island) and wait for the darkness to pass.
While in eg. Rome or Istanbul... It may be rainy, but there is still a bit more life there.

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Had a question about traveling in the Sahara.

I'm a uni student, third year who has never ridden a motorcycle in my life. I've been entertaining the idea of getting my license here in the UK and then flying down to probably Algiers or possibly Morocco if theres an entrance to the Trans Saharan Highway there, and attempting to cross it on a cheap moto that I buy upon arrival.

I understand there are many risks just due to the nature of the Sahara, especially as I would be traveling in May most likely, but was wondering if it would be possible to mitigate most or all of them. (e.g. sandstorms, bike breaking down, not being able to carry enough petrol and running out etc).

Afterwards I would plan to bike down to Johannesburg and then catch a flight back to London, but this is the first hurdle for me and something I really don't have enough knowledge to answer.

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Inb4 people start shitposting about how dangerous this is, because spouting half-assed /pol/-tier knowledge about the world makes them feel important

Sounds like a good time. It would be fucking awesome to ride between Algiers and Tamenrasset, then down to Niger. Bureaucracy will be a bigger obstacle than the desert itself, and relying on a cheap motorbike is more likely to kill you than terrorists. You'll probably need a certified guide in order to be allowed into southern Algeria.
I can tell you there's no way in hell you'd be able to get to the central Sahara straight from Morocco. The border with Algeria has been closed for years, and you won't be getting into the Polisario-controlled region of the Western Sahara without a journalist or NGO pass.
If Algeria doesn't turn out to be an option, you could ride from Morocco down into Mauritania, then go into southern Mali, across Burkina, and into Niger. The Mauritania/Mali border would be the only area where you should watch your back, and navigating the police presence would certainly be a feat.

You should make a thread on Thorntree to get up-to-date advice from non-4channers. Also check out the website Horizons Unlimited.
Sounds like a good time to me too...I can only offer you my insight as a motorbike rider for 19 years...
I have been to Morocco for 7 days 2 years ago and I can only chip in with my experience for this place alone. I have no idea about borders/customs/visa things I am sorry.
My only concern for your trip is your lack of experience in motorbike riding...
Riding a cheap motorbike for more than 3-4 hours straight can be more tiring than you think... And keep in mind there is a WORLD of difference between doing 300 miles without stop on a UK highway (its something you can do the first day you will get your licence and be safe yet exausted) and doing 100 miles on a Morrocan highway...
Fatigueness (Tiredness???) will build up REALLY quickly.... After 3 days of driving on shitty roads, you will see the miles you cover drop extremely... Your body and mind just refuse. I recommend being VERY FIT before you start.
To wrap this up , I would say start with smaller trips before you engage in such a long trip...
Enough of my dad talk..
As far as Morocco, the roads are shitty for sure but the plains are easy to drive... Just a straight road without stopping. They are narrow so even in the "highways" when 2 cars meet in opposite direction ussually one (the smaller) or both need to get one set of wheels off the road to fit.
Sounds crazy but it is like that. At least wherever I drove in Morocco...
With a motorbike it does not affect you much, just letting you know what I saw (that is why we come to these board).
Ride on boy!
Algeria has closed all its borders except those with Tunisia. So you can't legally cross the Transsahara highway from/into Algeria.

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Is it ill-advised to use websites like orbitz for flight booking? Orbitz in particular, really. Google flights listed a really desirable flight for me but no way to directly book it. The carrier website doesn't have it as an option and I can only find it on 3rd party websites.

Review sites are full of garbage 1 star reviews but I don't know if it's one of those things where people only go there to complain.
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Just about every flight booking website will have bad reviews. People generally tend to be more vocal about poor service than average to good service. There's also the many times where the customer actually misunderstood something that was 100% their own fault, but still wrote a scathing review for their booker.

I once booked a flight through a site that I didn't research properly. It was after they charged my credit card that I learned that they had a really low score of 1.5/5; quite possibly the lowest review I've ever seen. But hey, no problems whatsoever. And guess what? I forgot to put up a good review for them.
This guy>>1287606 is right, as far as that goes.

You can book through such sites and, if there are no issues, it all works great.


If there is a problem, you will often find that you cannot del directly with the airline, because you did not book directly with them, but you have to go through the booking site's customer service, which may or may not be shitty.

After one instance of a foul-upwitha ticket booked through one of these sites, and the huge pain in the ass it was to get them to sort it out, never again.

Frankly, the prices I see when I comparison shop a ticket bought directly from the airline's website are usually about the same now, anyway.

I'm a 25 yr old burger who has spent my entire life living in and around Boston. I want to quit my tech job and get a master's in Europe. Specifically, Bavaria, Switzerland, or Austria. Is this reasonable or am i just a disillusioned doofus who thinks the grass is greener? I am sick of America and want a break. Is Vienna better than Boston? People say Boston is great but i feel like it is shit.
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Boston is overrated shit. I got bored of the city in about 2 months. The little coastal towns north and south of the city are nice.

You should travel to these places and see what you think before just getting your head wrapped up in an idea and deciding to move. Many times the grass does seem greener. I empathize with wanting to leave America but when you are jobless at 30 you might regret it. I feel like moving to a remote corner of the US where you feel a bit more insulated from the daily happenings might be a better compromise.
>am I just a disillusioned doofus who thinks the grass is greener?
>Is Vienna better than Boston?
Yup. It's also pretty sterile and living long-term in any place without speaking the language is going to feel very isolating.

I understand your plight, though. Start learning German now (none of that two-bit Duolingo shit either, take real classes and put in serious effort). Travel to Germany and Austria (if you're set on Vienna; that's the premise I'm working on here) to see whether you actually like the vibe there. Europe is different from the US. If you do, start saving up for tuition because 9/10 you won't be getting any sweet subsidies. Then, hey, go for it.
OP here. I have family in Germany, and my father waa born there. I studied German for two years in college and learning the language was part of the reason for the choice

What are some fun things to do in Detroit?
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Leave it and never come back
urban exploring in Detroit is overrated, try it in some cities in NJ. Camden, Trenton, Newark

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hey /trv/, I have no work or class from 11/18-11/29 and a budget of about 3,000 USD. I'm not sure where I should go. I recently came back from Svalbard and a European trip and I'm going to Tanzania in December. Anyone know a good destination that would work for such a short trip? Maybe Morrocco or Israel? I'm not sure. help a brother out
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Morocco > Israel
Any day
was also considering moscow to see my favorite russian musician

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Does anyone know how to beat fungal foot infections?
I'm changing my socks and using bifonazone cream daily but I only have two pairs of shoes and I just can't beat it
my feet smell so bad they are stinking out the dorm and it's hugely embarrassing

also does anyone know care for after sunburn?
in asia I used aloe vera from the fresh plant and it worked well, some people say bi-carb works well too to reduce acid caused by the burn.

also how bad is malaria if you are a fit person?
I hear everything from it's a two month flu, to it will leave you as a vegetable.
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>my feet smell so bad they are stinking out the dorm and it's hugely embarrassing
Stop being cheapskate and see a doctor.
Ask hostel staff for the nearest clinic.

for foot fungus i swear by miconazole cream , though i have never experienced smelly fungus.
Sounds more like some bacterial thing.
maybe just once thoroughly desinfect your shoes with a dettol soak or a overnight 70% alcohol soak and see if that helps ( and throw away your old socks and buy new ones) ?

sunburn care? i just use regular after sun, but regardless your skin needs time to heal and nothing will hasten this.

malaria, bit luck of the draw , but it can leave you fucked up if not treated ( organs failing etc)
Usually sever feverattacts etc, not just your regular flu
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Best cure for smelly feet i ever found was antiseptic feet talc powder. unfortunately not available in all countries


I have 3 to 4 nights during the early September in Thailand and I would love to sleep in the jungle. I have found out that hammock camping in this time is not allowed, due to flooding.

Do you know where is a great place to camp in Thailand's jungles - something like in the attached picture?
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I know just the place for you OP

in thailand there is a town caled "Pai", it's west of chiang mai.
famous for hippies and it's party scene

...but about an hour FURTHER west is a place called "Sopong" which has some great nature, a famous cave (the only thing most touists day trip to see)
use the "cave lodge" as a base, it's fantastic and owned by some real /trv/ heroes

>camping forbiden
yea like the police are going to trudge all the way out into the jungle looking for someone with a hammock.
I bought a waterproof camping hammock in chaing mai and a tarpaulin cover for like 500baht (could have done better)
I only set it up in laos, but me and my machete were fine.

but be advised the jungle presents a range of dangers (disseases, leaches, poisonous plants and bugs, rabid dogs, flooding, falling trees etc), and I would strongly caution against doing it solo; and outright tell you to forget it if you arn't used to camping because you will have a miserable time.
also the rainy season isn't a fuck-around, everything floods, roads and whole areas are totally cut off; this is probably why camping is banned because the thais won't send a helicopter after you and your insurance will be void

you might also consider the areas around chiang rai, particularly mae salong (?) it's an old kutomang base in the far north the chinese tourists like

pic is me in a rice field
Picture looks good. I'll sure check out these areas you mentioned.

While browsing the Web today I found Khao Sok N.P. which looked interesting.

I definitely need a guide who would show me around a jungle, never been in one before off the beaten path. And the ones I've been to were with a group or in Hawaii.
Who gives a fuck what's allowed?

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This is less a thread about traveling than it is about moving. I want to move to Edinburgh, maybe early October. It's a very impromptu decision and the reason's immaterial, but I'm the type of guy who has always worked and am worried about going through any period where I'm not working.

I basically just want a fuck around job that's enough to pay the bills, and that I can leave behind when I get home (which is not currently the case, so asking what I do now won't really help). Washing dishes, working in a hotel, retail, whatever. I've done that all in the past and don't mind doing it again.

I've poked around a bit but can't seem to find anywhere good to look for a job there for sometime in the future (aside from Indeed, but of course that's local). Does anyone know any god job sites for what I'm looking for? If they don't exist I wouldn't mind knowing that too. I have U.K. citizenship so work visas etc. are immaterial concerns.

Thanks lads.
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I've always used Reed, but that's the same thing as Indeed really.
If you don't mind waiting tables or washing dishes, I'd say you should hit the pavement and enquire in as many bars/restaurants/pubs etc. as you can. Good luck, anon.
Thanks for telling me about Reed, I hadn't heard of it. I imagine I could find a job the way you describe, and you're probably right, and I've done it in the past before he, I just have that eternal poor kid paranoia about not working. But you're probably right and it'll be no problem.
try /int/

A hypothetical scenario for /trv/:

>you operate an online business that makes $100 USD per day (after tax)
>you require reliable high-speed internet

Where in the world do you go?
Detail your budget breakdown. >accommodations
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My moms basement

zero lol, do you even hotel mama?
zero, lol I get complimentary tendies for my good boy points
I invest my money into waifu pillows, limited edition dragon dildos, a online TEFL diploma mill degree (I can into wapanese high school techu) cosplay props, steam sales and meme coins suggested by /biz/
usually mom gives me some pocket money to pick up a ladyboy from craigslist per month so that's cool but jerking off is free...

living the dream la
Nice dude at least you got/are getting a degree in something, better than most fuckers out there.
i'm pretty much in OPs hypothetical situation but closer to a budget of $300/ day after taxes

I am currently a US college student planning on going away to a state University soon in Illinois, but the Antarctic has always fascinated me

I plan on studying geology and environmental sciences, but I here in order to actually get to Antarctica you have to be hired to go there. Im wondering first how would one get a job as a field scientist or intern? I personally don't give a shit about snow or cold, I love it I'm from Chicago and was in the boy-scouts. It pains me whenever I see people complain about stuff especially the cold. I personally think it would actually be fun to dive those cold waters in a dry suit, or go out on long expeditions. I think penguins are also pretty cool, not really scared of sea lions or the ocean.

TLDR, How can I get a job in Antarctica without getting beat out by all the MIT students and scientest crew
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Just try as a worker. They need electricians, plumber etc. Did you ever see "Encounter at the end of the world"?

one of the best threads on this board had anons who had worked there, it's not on 4plebs anymore thoughr
if you dont want to be a worker stay on the course of going to school but you're going to have to get even further than undergrad. Masters AT LEAST. Geology is good but drop the environmental sciences.

it's not what you think and trust me you're not gonna find much research regarding forest restoration or watershed management down there. MAYBE biodiversity but still not a good bet.

stick with the geology but honestly go for physics and look at solid state stuff. just google around for publications regarding neutrinos and all that shit.

Is it true that being an in shape 6'1" decent looking white guy will make me more attractive to asian women overseas?

If so, which are the best countries to date in and find an azn qt wife?
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>make me more attractive
than what....?
Can't find them in your own country? No problem with travelling overseas to get girls but why do you want to do this?
Im attracted to asian women more in general.

I'm thinking of going on a bike from Hamburg to Ljubljana.
Hamburg > Berlin > Prague > Vienna >Ljubljana would be the route but also make stops on the way and live in nature.
How hard is it to cross borders? I've a European ID.
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>How hard is it to cross borders? I've a European ID.

Are you serious?
All of these countries are part of the Schengen area. There are no border controls in place.
You could spend 40 years doing this and not need a visa or see any borders.

It will be like you never left your ciuntry

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