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So in a week I will be in Romania
I don't know why, I just booked flights.

what...what is there to do in Romania?
can...can I get across the sea to Georgia?
are roma going to be a problem?
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Check out this site I found OP! It's a hidden gem, REALLY good for finding answers to questions!

There are so munch information about three star hotels and walking tours, it's almost like we don't need a travel forum at all!
what parts of Romania are you going to travel?

Without turning this into a personal blog, I want to know how to get to France from the UK.
I have less than £40 to my name so I can't get a passport and apparently since the UK isn't apart of the Schengen zone I can't just waltz into France.
Any advice?
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>can't get a passport
You won't be able to enter France without a passport, under no circumstances.

Get a real job and then buy one.

You won't get a different answer.
>work at tesco for 3 weeks
>get passport
>Get a job
Easier said than done.
I can't work as a laborer since I need to pay for a CSCS card and all the other jobs within a 25 mile radius of me require either a degree I would need to go to uni for or want previous experience in their line of work.

I tried Tesco, they did a group interview and I got the rejection letter through the post.
I had tried multiple times before this and never got an invitation to an interview.
So Tesco takes the piss.

Any tips on moving to Berlin or Ukraine?
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Don't move to ukraine, what country do you live in, that moving to ukraine would be a step up? Moldova?
Ukraine would be a huge step up from any country in terms of beautiful women
are you a yank by any chance?

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I'm going to Brazil soon and I'll be staying in Rio for a few months. I plan on soaking up as much of the local culture as possible while I'm there. While I'm excited to explore the famous tourist spots (Ipanema, Big Jesus etc.) I also plan on exploring the more gritty parts of the city to get a comprehensive exposure of the place. I'm also a photographer so I'm interested in taking photos of all aspects of Rio life. To do this I'm going to do some Favela exploration. I don't have a guide but I have a phone with GPS so I'll just use that. I plan on exploring and documenting as much of the Favelas as possible. I know there's some bad Favelas but I have street smarts so I think I'll be ok.

Any tips for a keen explorer?
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Get a bullet proof vest and a local who actually knows their shit.
3 police officers were killed in the last 24 hours in Rio, totally 97 this year.
This shit is not for amateurs nor for stupid tourists that think they're fine because they had the god of tourists to cast invulnerability spell on them.
News about armed conflicts between the police and some members of the favelas is common and just this week a school van with two little kids was taken by criminals from a favela (thankfully they abandoned the vehicle and the kids were unharmed).
A few weeks ago, a pregnant woman was shot dead. The doctors were able to rescue the baby inside of her, but it was also wounded, dying a few days later.

They give no shit to kids, pregnant nor fetuses, there's no reason they'd give any shit to tourists.

So again, if you're serious about this, get a fucking local you can trust and that knows and have their shit together. This place is NOT for amateurs.
you are fucking retarded, do your research. Its a violent fucking city with a culture to reflect it. Good citizens will either try to sell you overpriced bullshit and the bad ones will mug you or worse. please do not go. regional lingo is hard to comprehend and varies by state. you are way better off going to a safer city. the fun you will have can't justify the odds of you lying dead on the street, another number added to the statistic. t. brazillian.
cont. do not use your fucking smartphone in the streets, specially in favelas.

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Currently contemplating to spend a month or so next year in Colombia, preferably on the Pacific Coast. I'll be alone. I have heard various things about Colombia, lately, the country seem to have become safer. This said, i'm quite ignorant about Colombia.

What do you think about Colombia?
Is this a beautiful place?
What would you advise me to do over there? What are the best places/cities?
Do they speak English?
Is 2000€ enough to live decently over there for a month?
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I heard people like to fuck donkeys on the northern coast
as long as you dont walk around with your phone in cities like cali and pay attention if you get into a taxi or a "taxi" you should be save.
It's a beautiful country, it's beautiful and you will need months to see everything, the different areas: cali / Bogota / Medellin / carribean coast are all different and unique.
>one month in the Pacific coast

doing what? its just jungle.

unless you are interested in learning to fish, about plants, etc.

>What are the best places/cities?

too many different regions/things, it depends on your interests.
>Do they speak English?
very few people, in Bogota more than other places.
>Is 2000€ enough to live decently over there for a month?


>Is Kathmandu worth visiting at the expense of not visiting Calcutta/Mumbai?

I am going to visit 3 indian cities, and two that I know for sure I want to visit are Varanasi and New Delhi, however I would like to visit some of the Himalayan areas and I am not sure if visiting Kathmandu would be worth sacrificing other Indian cities to visit.
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What are you looking for in a city? Kathmandu is a little bit cleaner and relatively less crowded than most larger Indian cities. Not sure how many temples or sites of interests are still standing as i went there before the earthquake. Culturally, Kathmandu is distinct from Indian cities in terms of their food and general pace/dynamics of life. Personally, I prefer Bhaktapur in terms of its cultural sites. Kathmandu is a large city and if you're looking to experience the "Himalayan nature", you'll need to really go out of Kathmandu and probably on a trek.

I will be living in Kathmandu from this October through May of 2018. I've not been there before so we'll see how it goes. If you decide to visit over that time frame I will hopefully learn enough about the area to give you some pointers or show you around. Drop me a line if interested, [email protected]
OP here. Sex mainly

Any Germans here?

I'll be working in Hamburg in about a few days,

>And well, I'd like to know what are the best banks that you guys make use of for your daily life in Germany.

>I'm going to spend there atleast 2 years working.

I have middle level of speaking the language.

What should a Spanish guy, take into account before going to/at arrival in Germany?

Anything of interest I should pay attention to?

>Give me your ideas and tips that you have for a foreigner that wish to live in Germany (In my case, I got hired by DHL)

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You can already speak some German and you got a job before moving. So I guess you are on a good way.
>what are the best banks that you guys make use of for your daily life in Germany.

>Anything of interest I should pay attention to?
Coming from Spain, you'll be disappointed by the German girls

>hired by DHL
Good luck, if you're going to be one of these poor delivery guys. From what they look like it's one of the hardest and most stressful jobs out there.

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anyone familiar?

guest stories,
host stories,
superstitions lets hear
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just had this fagg and his brother over,
there was like coffe and shit all over the bathroom
File: 20160304_183214.jpg (2MB, 2322x4128px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I found pic related in the bathroom of an Airbnb in Poland. Lots of anti-Russian signs and messages too. Turns out Polish butthurt is more than just a meme
That wasn't coffee bro

How does /trv/ like to kill time on long flights?
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Most planes have screens on the back of every seat now. Just watch a film or two and some episodes of a Comfy comedy.
Read a good book. or watch episodes of a good series, (or movie for that matter)

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>average length of vacation
>how do you manage time off to travel with your employer?

Self Employed
2 weeks
I am lucky enough to have a family member who can step in and fill my void while I am on vacation.
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Student and freelance writer
Two weeks or more - I'm on a six-month trip right now. Currently in Tanzania, India on Wednesday, might do Sri Lanka and Nepal, too. Back to Mexico in December and then home at the beginning of January.

Thankfully, I earn a decent bit of money from writing. I can work from anywhere in the world and think I'll still have my best contract through at least next year.

Had an office job for a year and a half. I earned well but got fucking sick of the routine and monotony very quickly.

Once I graduate, I'm probably going to do the Peace Corps. If, for whatever reason, that plans falls through, I think I'll teach English in Latin America in conjunction with my writing work and an online master's program. After that, PhD and maybe work with the government or an NGO so I can live a comfy live overseas.
Software Engineer

I do two vacations of 2 weeks yearly, and one week of visiting my home country.
(City trips during long weekends not included in the above.)
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>>Entertainment, I guess you'd call it. Work at festivals and fairs and events.
>>NA -- I book jobs as and when I can, if I want time off and can afford the time without work, I just don't book anything.
>>NA -- see above, plus a lot of the work I do involves travel. I try to hang a few days to a week onto the back end of a trip to a job someplace where I'd like to spend more time.

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Anything cool to see in this part of Russia?
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Child sex and drug trade.
Vladivostok is fucking incredible.
Why? What are the top 5 things to do there?

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Do you guys know any addresses to go to an Africa group tour ? I'd like to see Africa but i don't really want to go alone

I'm French btw, not really trying to go with French people though, any westerner is fine
Also i'm a single man 22yo i'd rather not be with only old people or something, do you guys have experiences about that ?

Also i'm working again on 8th of september so i'd like to leave soon
How expensive as well ? I'm ready to spend about 1500euros or so for the trip maximum
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Africa is kinda big. Anything more specific?
I'd like to see the jungle parts the most, like on those old movies with explorers where they are searching the source of the nile and shit, with the impressive nature and all that
Also i'd rather go to the real cities not the small "exotic" villages, see what the people are like, try out the food and so on
And preferably tours that let you free to roam around those cities a bit, not like the chinese in paris 24/7 visit the most shit possible

Savannahs and safaris with animals are ok if it's cheaper but not really what i'm looking for

Deserts are a no, and north africa is a no, i could go to algeria for 50€ and run around on a camel easily but i'm really not interested
Quick tip : there are very few African cities which you can visit like you would in Europe. Most of the time, they're urban sprawls, with very little noteworthy in there (especially in terms of history). You can visit the markets, the eventual landmarks, enjoy some of the restaurant and music venues aaaand, that's pretty much it.
African tourism is all about the people, the nature, not really the sites.

With that kind of money, I'd recommend Senegal, Benin or Togo. Togo has some jungle-like areas such as Kpalimé, which is pretty fun.

If you're into voluntourism, you can check out Double Sens, they have a tour in Benin within your budget.

Tours are expensive though, you could much more on your own, but to each his own, I guess.

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I'm booking plane tickets and found out I could select these for special assistance:

>Blind with guide dog
>Deaf with hearing dog
>Wheelchair - cannot ascend/descend stairs
>Wheelchair - can walk and ascend/descend stairs
>Wheelchair - immobile

As a non-disabeled person, are there any benefits in picking one of these? If I say I have a seeing eye dog will I get more leg room?
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Wow what a piece of shit
I'd only get a dog because they're cool, but don't actually do it because they are without a doubt in short supply and some person might actually need them.
It's for someone with their own dog. They go through different security etc.

Hey /trv/ , first time posting on this board.

Looking to travel to Los Angeles sometime soon and was wondering the best place to get somewhere to stay where i will be safe, also just any tips about going there and what to expect
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Went to Los Angeles last year for the first time. Here is my experience:
-Stay close to a metro station
-Check out the hotel's address on Google Maps. See what's around it and use street view to get an idea of the neighborhood.
-It takes ages to get anywhere, so figure out where you want to go and how to get there. (ie bus routes)
-It's still summer there now; it's hot and there are going to be millions of tourists.
-Theme parks are expensive. Figure out which ones you want to visit and if they're worth visiting at all.
-I stayed at a Travel Lodge. It was the best place I stayed at on that leg of my USA trip.
-Some areas are interesting while others are complete shit. You have to listen to the locals where the good stuff is.
-Lot of the touristy areas have millions of the same looking shops selling the same shit.
-Be prepared to walk a lot.

That's everything from the top of my head.
just play gta5
What hostels would you recommend for few nights in LA.
I'm looking for cheap and good location, nothing else, no pub crawl, no kids, no party or anything else childish.

I'm flying into LA from Europe and then proceeding to latin America, and I feel like LA is going to be such a drag.
Fucking millions of people and no useful way to get around, how there isn't already like 17 metro lines, numerous trams and buses? Hard to think everyone there is prepared to drive, I guess people there just stay put?
What a shithole when I come to think of it. Luckily I'm out of there quickly.

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Has anyone ever taken part in the WWOOF? Stories? Pros and Cons? Would you recommend it?
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Volunteered for a month in Austria doing this, would highly recommend. No really crazy stories, but I got a great experience - in exchange for putting in hard work every day I received ample time to travel, good food, free beer, lots of adventures and new friends.

Most of the work you'll do is rather menial; pulling weeds, collecting produce, convincing customers at the market that they need 2 pounds of radishes instead of 1, etc etc. Doing stuff like driving a tractor requires more training and it's more effective for them to put you to work immediately with what you can definitely handle.

The con is that if you aren't up to farm labor it can really kick your ass sometimes. I'm as much /fit/ as I am /trv/ and so I fared well but it can be hard especially if you go when it's hot outside (which is when most people WWOOF, during the warmer seasons, it seems).

Pic related, my backyard for a month while I was there. It's from my phone, apologies in advance if it turns sideways.
>good food
>free beer
>ample time to travel

Sounds like a win win win. When you had to sell stuff at the market, did you have to speak German or did you get by with English?
File: 20170603_153712.jpg (5MB, 3024x4032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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German is my second language, so I spoke that when they approached me. Some of the younger people who figured out I was American switched to English and insisted on sticking with English. You just gotta take each person as they come and kinda read them and see what they're comfortable with, I had to get used to switching between the two since there was also a lot of old people who didn't speak English but appreciated very much that I spoke their language. Attaching a pic from our vendor stall (not a very good one, but you get the idea, same as farmer's markets everywhere else), note the beer glass; drinking on the job was not only allowed but encouraged on market days.

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