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kill yourself
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Why do Americans stamp their flag on to everything? Isn't there any laws for disrespecting the flag?
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not funny
STFU you subhuman,
I am greek

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Hello, could any Russian fellows on this board tell me how much it might cost to build a house in Russia's far eastern regions?
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You need to learn to wrestle a bear first
Price wouldn't be a problem it's just you probably won't able to purchase land in Russia as a foreigner
Doing some spying for the CIA, eh, OP?

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What is wrong with Wh*te Americans?
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he is just teaching her how to shoot niggers when she grows up
The root of the problem "wh*Tes".

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Why do Americans leave yellow stains on their white clothes? Do they sweat butter?
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What color is non-American sweat?
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It's a side effect of the stuff they put in antiperspirants in the US.

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How does someone break out of the ~$15/hr purgatory?

I'm tired of working wagiecuck jobs. I would like a job where I can have decent pay, (somewhat) interesting work and a path for progression. I have no degree, are there any certs I can get to become a wagie in the tech field? Is sales my only real option to make real money? Is lying about having a degree advisable?
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There are many jobs out there that pay more than $15/hr and don't require schooling. You just have to look for them. I live in bumfuck nowhere and I still know of several jobs I can get that pay really well.
Should I lie about a degree?

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What does /int/ know about the Crimean War?
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Sissy *nglos and frogs were so afraid of Russian might they joined forces with t*rkroaches.
Despicable really
it needed france, britain and turkey to temporary hold russia from bullying turkey

it also had the last major sail ships naval battle in history which russia won vs turkey, the battle of sinop
European imperialism. Guns and horses. Yawn.

Come back when you want to talk about a real war, like Justinian's reconquest of western Rome.

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Is it true that Italians are too poor to afford chicken pesto so they just have pesto and plain noodles? That's really sad.
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>Is it true that North Africans are poor
why is this even a question?
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People who live in glass houses...

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>S-Sorry anon, I don't date white guys... I'm only interested in having Arab babies with fellow Arab men, so I can unite the Arab nation... umm, nothing personal, I guess :/

How do you respond?
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I'm not wh*te.
I'm 1/256 arab
I'm one fourth Italian and therefore not white
But I'm a converted muslim.

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Are lower class people who buy cars and sell them for more money a thing in your country?

I'm not talking about dealers... just people who sell cars in their backyard.
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that sounds like a real bad business.

Never heard of people doing this.
People do it here.
yeah, especially since clash for clunkers fucked the used car market thanks obama

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>just got roofied at the café and woke up amidst being raped (multiple assailants)
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Were they masked?
Why are you telling us?
They deliberately showed me their faces and also gave me their contact details

I need immediate and assiduous medical treatment

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Which cunt has the memest doggo breed?
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What is that in the water?
A fish?
No a dog.
how do I find and buy a dog like that
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mfw family history is murky and i don't know what euro country i came from
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im from israel
kys your people did this
Take a DNA test mutt.

Why do Anglos hate him?
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He was Hitler
They don't like manlet Arabs.
didn't he help americans

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what do you think of people with down syndrome?

the girl of the pic has a chad normie bf
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they are fine as long as they dont breed
why do icelanders hunt down downies?
People with down syndrome are infertile you mong

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