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Do American colleges/universities care if you don't show up for attendance? I want to enroll in a cheap college just to holiday in the US for 3 years
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this is possibly the stupidest thing ive seen on trv.

They will put you on probation or suspend you pretty quick if you flunk your classes

Tourist visas are like 6 months just do that and don't bother with Uni
>this is possibly the stupidest thing ive seen on trv.
You must be new. Welcome!

It's not as dumb as it seems, because in some European countries this is how the university system works. Or at least it's how it did work, but not for foreigners, I don't think, who have additional legal requirements.

But you basically get (or got) a "right to study" once you've been accepted by a university that only expires once you graduate or die.

Just bought a new bike made sure it could support my weight but I have a problem didn't look into the the wheels .I'm 320lb/145kg and I can easily deliver over 900lb/408kg and that's just from my calves since I don't want to dish out the 1600 dollars required for two lightweight custom wheel can anyone reccomend any wheelset that would support my weight and power output?

Pic related bike is specialized diverge comp e5
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Sorry forgot wheel size 700x30c can fit 28c
Sorry got the wrong board don't often lurk these boards

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Hi, /trv/. Going to Gotham City on my next vacation, on Halloween. What should I expect? What are the top 5 things to do on the city? Which are the "dos" and "don'ts"?
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Sure it's better than the Asian meme-cities like Bangcocks, Cockyo and Hong Cock.
Don't use the Batman light unless there is a real emergency. He doesn't like his time wasted.
>believing urban myths

I'm not the other anon and I don't want to post in his thread because it looks already doomed, but I have to agree with him that Tokyo is pretty boring. Not ugly or "shitty", whatever this means, but boring. I've been here for two weeks and I'll fly back home at the beginning of September. I've already visited the main neighborhoods, the Imperial gardens, some parks and temples and I even took some trips outside the city. But how do I enjoy the life here? How do I meet people? What's the most thrilling experience I can have? I'm worried because I'm starting to get actually bored.
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Go to Shibuya and stop being a faggot
What, did you expect Naruto to be running around the city fighting giant monsters along side Goku riding in a Gundam? Roponggi and alchohol make for a night you won't forget
>How do I meet people?
Huh gee willickers I don't know.... MAYBE.... Just maybe.... Talk to people? Hang out with people? Go to some bars? Some clubs? One of the million local izakayas? Maybe you should have learned a little Japanese?

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What's the absolute cheapest place to travel to outside of Europe from the UK available, travel, accomodation, cost of living, everything.
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South India. Not even joking.
How much would it cost for like 2 weeks there and what is there to do?

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Fellow amerifags,

Which of the following cities would you choose to live in for a few years? Looking to spend my 20's working outside of the states.

London, Dublin, Sydney, Auckland

Leaning towards Auckland as I have a near zero chance of seeing anyone I know - want a fresh start
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>limiting yourself to the anglosphere

how adventurous you are, OP. /s

commonwealth countries are overrated as fuck, why not learn a language and live in europe or asia? Aus and nz are expensive and unless if you can get a company to transfer you over there you can only stay for like 3 months legally.
>thinking he can handle commonwealth bants

not happening lad. plenty of stories of americans coming to australia and getting wound up by our humour. I just studied overseas and you guys just bitch all day about social issues. lighten up.
Either Sydney or Auckland would be best

Never been in such a boring city in my entire life. Even Kuala Shitpur was better.

What am I supposed to do in this zany, childish, capitalistic cesspit?
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>What am I supposed to do in this zany, childish, capitalistic cesspit?
shitpost in the japan general and quit shitting up the entire board

I like entertaining threads like this but you haven't even put a tiny bit of effort in.

Fuck off motherfucker
What the fuck is your problem?
No matter what your interests are there is something to do in Tokyo. Is this some kind of 4chan meme for you people?

Who are you OP, what kinds of things do you like? A child that needs to be spoonfed like this probably shouldn't leave his house, let alone the country but I'll humor you.

Have you ever had a problem with language whils visiting another country?
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Yeah, Mongolia was tough.

My phone couldn't do the keyboard so I couldn't translate both ways and English was rare and I didn't speak Russian.
In Moscow, I was going to ask for a Matryoshka, but I said devushka, wich means little girl.
the guy said he didn't sell that. I laughed really nervous for a lot of uncomfortably time, but ended up buying the Russian doll.
In Spanish, when you have a cold you are "constipado".
While living in Scotland, my pal went to the pharmacy and told the lass at the counter that he was "constipated".
So instead of getting his cold medicine, he took home a strong laxative and shat himself for a whole day.

I am spending four days in Belgium with my wife. Any suggestions on how I should divide my time between the cities? And should I pick a single city and day trip out of that one city?

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Well Brussels is in the middle of the country so it is propably the easiest to stay there and go for day trips. I lived there for a while. I especially liked Ghent, which is just a neat little town with a lot of cool hip bars and stores. The typical city all tourists go to is Bruges, which is quite beautiful. Then you can also visit Oostende, which lies at the sea. I did all of those three in one day but that was crazy. Have fun!
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1. Have a boat trip in Bruges
2. Go to Ghent or Bruges for a diner. Food there could be really cheap and good. Just don't spend your money on dishes which are more expensive than 15€ per person.
3. Visit Antwerp for shopping (Meir), Grote Markt and the cathedral. You can buy a lpr of sweet things in Antwerp
4. When you are in Brussels you just should visit the Grote Markt/Grand Place, the Royal Palace/ Koudenberg and the European quarter if you're interested in politics.
5. Wallonia is well known for its castles and nature. You could just drive around there, but avoid Charleroi.

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Starting in the last week of September and continuing until the first week of December, I'm going to be road tripping through Ohio, hopping from hotel to hotel. In order to keep both my food costs and calorie intake reasonably low, I hope to eat out as little as possible while traveling.

I've got to pack pretty lightly - I won't have a lot of space for a stack of rice cookers / hotplates / electric kettles / whathaveyou (I've heard these are all great options for making a travel kitchen and will probably grab a hotplate, but need to be very space-efficient with my luggage).

I'll only be in one place for a week at a time. I'd prefer not to have to transport or toss any extra, unused ingredients when it comes time to go to the next hotel.

Leftovers would be cool, but I'm not certain I'll be able to store much. I'll be taking a small cooler along. I'm not sure how often I'll have microwave access or the time to use one.

I really don't want to arrive home with ten extra pounds on me! I like McDonald's and ramen about as much as the next guy, but I'd like to keep my waistline from expanding and minimize any and all risks of getting sick while on the road.

I assume I'll be eating mostly cereal, citrus, and sandwiches, but what other things can I make to keep energized, keep healthy, and keep from being bored with my menu?

I'd also love to hear your cool stories relating to road trips and food!
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Eggs, ramen, hotdogs, bread.
Just don't forget the condiments.
porridge as well.
Self-catering usually involves sandwiches.
Obviously, cooking is difficult so you mostly want vegetables and fruit that can be eaten raw and processed foods like ham, cheese etc.

Eggs can be boiled in a kettle and most hotel rooms have kettles, so that's a healthier protein to put in sandwiches than processed ham etc.

All of these can be bought in supermarkets cheaply so that's how you do it. Just bring some utensils for preparing sandwiches and salads. One good knife should do and a small cutting board, that should really be enough.

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I fly into Amsterdam at 10pm tomorrow and my connecting flight is 13 hours later at around 11:30am. I've never been to Amsterdam and I decided to use this chance to see it at night. I've already checked that there is non-stop train service between the airport and the center (every 15 min and around every hour after 1am until 5am).

Because I will be there in the middle of the night, I have a few questions:

>is Amsterdam safe at night?
>which places should I see/avoid if I will arrive in the center at about midnight and get back to the airport at 6am?
>any tips for having energy throughout the night? I'm planning on taking a strong caffeine pill. No drugs.
>anything else I should know about?

thanks guys
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I've always wondered in scenarios like this: what do you do with your bags?

Your suitcase gets transferred for the next flight so the only issue is your hand luggage; you can store it in a locker at the airport for 5 euros or something or you can just take it with you if it's not too heavy

Hey OP I did something similar in a layover last year

>>is Amsterdam safe at night?

The tourist parts are safe there will be tons of scammers and transients though and some of them will try to bully you into shit just stand your ground they will mostly try to go after drunk people anyways

Also pickpockets like any major city downtown at night is a problem

Cops are pretty close by and the main streets are fine

>>which places should I see/avoid if I will arrive in the center at about midnight and get back to the airport at 6am?

See the Red Light District and the Grand Stations around the downtown the night doesn't do them justice some are incredible

>>any tips for having energy throughout the night? I'm planning on taking a strong caffeine pill. No drugs.

Red Bull and water helps.. sleep on the plane over and chewing gum will wake you up

if you get tired there are tons of cafes that are open that just sell coffee sit down and watch people out the window

>>anything else I should know about?

Amsterdam like Vegas has a huge transient addicted population that makes money scamming

there are tons of "Sryian Refugees" ignore them real refugees won't charity mug you

Don't take any pictures of the girls in windows its a good way to get decked and lose your camera

for the love of God don't take your bag with you, check it at an airport locker and lock your passport as well... keep extra cash in your shoe or in an inner pocket

Have fun OP its a shitshow

Please, /trv/, red pill me on Slovenia.

I'm visiting for the first time next week for 6 days. What to know? What to do? I literally know nothing about the country, except that it's apperantly really beautiful.
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It's overly cool. Ljubljana is not that interesting.
What are the more interesting towns and places?
I won't have better answers than Google. Bled is really nice but crowded.

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So I see that my European passport allows me to stay in the USA for 3 months max. Im gonna be taking a year off soon and I was thinking of taking advantage of that.

Will customs give me any hassle if I dont have a solid return date? What assurances can I give them that Im only here for an extended visit, but I REALLY dont want to stay any longer than intended? Is it possible to book a flight ticket but without a set return date or something?
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just tell them they're racist if they won't let you in
If you don't buy the cheapest possible ticket, but like a 'flex return' or 'flexible' whatever ticket, you can change the date.
The amount of times you can change it and any random fees highly depend on the airline.
This is the time when you want to read the small letters before paying.

Btw US border inspectors used to just stamp 6 months for me no matter what dates I told them... I never ended up staying more than 1 month, though.
>Btw US border inspectors used to just stamp 6 months for me no matter what dates I told them
Really? Where do you check that on the stamp and what passport do you have?

Sup /trv/!!

>22 y/o Korean Canadian
>Only been back to Korea 3 times in the last 17 years
>Last time was 3 years ago when I was 19, couldn't do shit because I was too young and awkward
>Going next week real quick for a few weeks to see family, then have about a week of free time to fuck around
>Going to be meeting up with a friend in Seoul for 3-4 days

What's there to do? If I had a few more weeks I'd take it easy and check out cool shops and the local creative scene, but my main interest right now is nightlife and clubbing. What are the best clubs in Seoul, how are they different / what are the pros/cons?

What else? I wanna live it up since I rarely go back to Korea and likely won't for another while after this. I'm pretty autistic inside but a pretty social normie / hipster when I'm out and about, so I'm open to basically anything

shoot me some ideas anons!!!
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Gangnam is my country.

What's there to do there

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These are the statues in Korea. One is expressing ginseng as a human being, and one is representing King Crab, a local specialty. These statues are poorly evaluated in Korea. What do you think?
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I like em
I like the second one, King Crab
Top one looks like it was made out of paper mache. Second one is good.

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