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How are Western countires (Ukraine, Baltic countries, Bulgaria ect.) like compared to the US. Are they worth visiting, and maybe eventually moving to?
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>american education
On the plus side, things are a lot less expensive in those countries. On the negative side, well.......
>Ukraine and Bulgaria being Western Europe

What is Eastern Europe then ? Russia ?

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Going to take VIA in July, Vancouver to Quebec. Im a Canadian citizen who longs to see mountains, plains and Frenchies of my country. Itinerary do far: (keeping in mind the train runs throuh the center 3 times per week)

>Van to Jasper
>2 days in Jasper
>Jasper to *some central Canadian city there to break up the rail ride*
>2 days wherever there is
>onto to Toronto
>Hang out in Toronto for a few days
>Hit Niagara for a day
>Fly back

Ill be taking economy class on the VIA. Does anyone have suggestions or advice on the VIA or Eastern Canada, Im not the most seasoned traveller. Je parle un peu la Francais.
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Phone poster, ignore obvious typos
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>suggestions or advice on the VIA
What do you mean?

Maybe you made a mistake in the order but Montreal should be in between Ottawa and Quebec. If you can when travelling Ottawa-Montreal take the northern path, the one through Gatineau and the province of Quebec instead of travelling through Ontario, it's prettier in my opinion.

First of all don't expect much from Niagara, apart from the Falls and maybe walking down the main street you'll realize it's a really shitty town (its not a city). For Toronto I haven't visited much but downtown was pretty cool if you enjoy shopping.

For Ottawa I would recommend the By Market, which is an obvious classic. ''Oh So Good Desserts'', among others make amazing cakes which I would recommend to go eat too. Other than that, visit the Parliament, maybe not the inside, but the court where it is located is pretty beautiful, especially during June. One underrated thing I like to do is visit the embassies, which are all located in one neighborhood. The embassies of France, USA and surprisingly Kuwait are very impressive buildings. War Museum in Ottawa and Civilization Museum across the river in French-speaking Gatineau are my two favorites (with information in English, don't worry). The Alexandra bridge should be crossed by foot, with an amazing view of the Parliament Hill.

In Montreal, I'd recommend first of all to buy a metro pass, the network spans pretty much everywhere you need to go, and is very clean for a big city. A walk on top of the Mont-Royal is kinda mandatory, but keep in mind its a pretty small mountain. Mille de la Gauchetière is the tallest building in the city, but the view is better on Mont-Royal, however it's the main hub for trains I think, and has an interior ice ring, which can be fun to go too. For restaurants I'd say to avoid ''La Banquise'', there are lines going all the way down the street to get a table and, well, it's just poutine in the end. Same goes for Schwartz. I'll follow in another post
If you absolutely want Quebec poutine I'd say go with ''Chez Claudette'' for a shorter waiting time and an amazing poutine. If you're looking for nightclubs you have some choices, however I'm no expert. NCG, Café Campus, Rouge Bar, Foufs are usually what my friends go to. IMO unless you're a complete fan of rollercoasters skip La Ronde, but you might want to take a walk on the Île-Notre-Dame and Île-Sainte-Hélène.

Quebec City is my favorite among the three I described. Service in English might be harder but still possible. Of course visit the Vieux-Québec (avoid tourist shops), just sightsee. Le Cochon Dingue has amazing coffees and desserts. La Citadelle de Québec is the main military base and is a must IMO, especially if you can attend the guard change. Château Frontenac is also a classic.

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I'm about done with college and I want to travel to India or Nepal. I discussed this with one of my professors and he said I should join the peace corps. Is this a good idea? Or will I be too busy working to enjoy anything
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>Or will I be too busy working to enjoy anything
nah, you'll have plenty of time to yourself. you don't get paid much (read: anything besides a small stipend) but you don't really work too much either.
Its a fucking 2 year contract to live in a shitty country. Just save up and take a month long trip to see if you love the place that much.
The Peace Corps isn't a casual commitment.

With few exceptions, contracts last for two years. Before deploying to their site, volunteers have to go through an application, interview, and screening process. Applying in fall or winter could mean that you won't have a destination and flight set until some time in summer.

The two-year contract is preceded by three months of intensive classroom training, which teaches you the basics of the local language as well as cultural adaptation strategies. You'll have to live with a host family, who are compensated by the Peace Corps in exchange for providing you with food and shelter.

Two of my close friends are currently stationed in Eastern Europe and Southeast Africa, respectively. Both of them have had wonderful experiences so far but say they felt like they were clueless for their first several months.

Depending on your work ethic and project, you may or may not have free time to travel. One of my friends is a science and mathematics teacher in a Tanzanian high school, while the other manages a community center and recycling program in Moldova. They know they're not changing the world, but they're still very invested in what they're doing; I think each of my friends is considering an optional three-month extension.

I'm closer with the guy in Tanzania, who I'm going to visit in summer before his contract is up. His stipend is $250 per month; the community provided him with a two- or three-bedroom house. Some of the other volunteers got very modern facilities, although the standard of housing varies wildly from one country to the next. I think my friend in Moldova has to pay rent, although I'm not sure.

If you want to have fun and travel around a bit, then go to India or Nepal (or, better yet, both) for a few months.

You could do the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal in the summertime and then duck down into India as the monsoon washes over and the temperatures fall in winter. That way you'd get the best of South Asia.

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Hey anons,

If you want to travel to Europe and prices from your city are over 1300$ I can help you out.

I am independent travel agent and I got a batch of some nice deals to Europe.

Here is an example from Memphis. Shitty flights are available for 1300+ and I got a convenient 2 stop flight for 1100$.

The higher the price on the market the bigger discount I can get.

Works on KL/DL/AF and UA/LH/LX, sometimes on AA and BA.

Let me know if I can check something for you.

Business class and Premium Economy also available. Sometimes I can get 2k$ under market on business class, but then you need to book a hotel for at least 1 day and prove me a reference number.

Everything is legit, even before booking you can confirm it with the airline.

Let's help each other out.
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Direct flight on UA
Doesn't seem much better than what I can find via SkyScanner.
And for 14USD more, I get better flights than yours...

Give me some screenshots of a better example OP, I genuinely want to see where travel agents are actually useful.

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>long overnight international flight
>tfw plane is half full at departure
>tfw I steal an empty row all for myself and make a comfy pillow fort
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>plane is half full at departure

Hasn't happened to me in over a decade. Usually it goes like this:

>settle into nice perfect window seat (where you can actually see out the window without leaning forward)
>nobody in my row 10 minutes before doors close. could it be?
>last minute some african couple comes and sits in the two remaining seats
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>tfw you have enough points for an upgrade

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So would anyone in the states be interested in making a group to travel around in? making money as we go, doing as we please and all that. I've wanted to find a group like this for about 2 years but unfortunately i just cant find the right peop;e so i figured id ask here. also if you arent interested but have advice thats also appreciated,
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>wanting to become a gypsy
>making money as we go, doing as we please and all that
Sounds like shit, I'm out

Time to wash up and get a job you filthy hippie.
Have a job. Doesn't stop me from wanting this. What's wrong with wanting to see things that aside from what you've lived with?

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Does anyone have recommendations on luggage when backpacking? What types of backpacks/bags should I buy? Is traveling light and minimalism a good aim? What of:

One bag?

No bag?
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I've been traveling around the world for the last 17 months. I listened to all of the minimalist crap, but when the reality of packing what I needed came around, I ended up starting with a Osprey Farpoint 55 (15L day pack + 40L main pack IIRC).

Pretty soon after I started the trip, I got annoyed with the fact that I was spending so much time trying to cram everything into there, and was so limited on what else I could add to the pile when I needed it.

So I ended up upgrading to pic related: 20L day pack, 45L main pack. And for me that was the perfect size.

Most people that you see actually out there in the real world have pretty massive backpacks. 80L+ is really common. The fact is that it just doesn't matter too much, apart from the short walk from your transportation to the hostel/airbnb/whatever.

You keep a small, comfortable day pack to carry about during the day and store your valuables while in transit, and keep a bigger one to store your clothes and other random stuff.

What I'd suggest is making a minimal set of things that you absolutely need to bring for your particular trip (skipping the "nice to haves" when possible), then bringing home a few bags of different sizes from REI to consider. Pick the smallest one that you can pack it all into and still have a little bit of room left over, and then return the other bags.

The people talking about bringing along <35L total worth of stuff are sticking to a single climate, not bringing much clothes (i.e. smelling like shit or doing laundry constantly), and not bringing much nicer stuff for when they're outside of the backpacker bubble.

Autism: the travel style
where do you even buy this stuff? i'm thinking about doing a back-packing like trip, but i already live in the middle of nowhere and don't know where to shop

Which one? I am traveling to central Europe at the end of May/early June. Don't want one to make me too hot in mild weather. If it's over 60degrees i'll be wearing cargo shorts anyways hence no need for the vest, but still want to have in just in case.

I am leaning toward the Rothco Undercover Travel Vest. More reasonably priced.

I am thinking about an Outlet SCOTTeVEST Travel Vest too. It's only 80$.

Anybody have suggestions? I heard the SCOTTeVESTs are going down in quality while going up in price.

What say u, Anon?
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>cargo shorts
The fuck is a travel vest? don't forget to buy travel socks, travel underwear, travel diapers and a travel phone, your regular stuff won't work when you travel.
look here
how to get the correct brand for your water bottle
no worries, in central europe the temperatures never go up to 60. It's 30 in the summer sometimes, right now we don't reach 20 yet

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I know this is a shot in the dark, but how on earth can I move to Berlin? I'm an American 22-year old with a BS degree. I know some German and have a cousin in Berlin. HELP.
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Why the fuck aren't you thinking this out more? The best way to do this is to receive a job offer, so you can easily get a visa.

Or you should have studied there to see if you like it, I thought I would love to live in Prague, I've been tons of times, but that was as a tourist, the real city is a lot more rough.

And also why Berlin? It's a fucking shithole
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What kind of jobs will hire an American over a German or European citizen? How would I go about reaching out to them?

I stayed a month in Berlin over the winter-- yes, the winter, of all times of year-- and I still know I want to live there. German culture is rad, and I like the scene in Berlin. It helps that I have some family there, too. Sure, it's a shithole. But it beats living on the East Coast. Fight me.
>What kind of jobs will hire an American over a German or European citizen?

That's because you're a moron.

Look, improve your german and have marketable skills, that's it.

You need experience, just as you would in the USA.

I'm speaking as a Brazilian who moved to Munich.

Should be easier for you to move to Berlin as an American, specially if you have a cousin there.

What's your degree?
Engineering is big in Germany, having chemistry knowledge could help a lot depending on what area you're looking for.

IT scene is strong too.
Being a native English speaker will help you a lot.

If I were on your shoes, I'd try a Master's Degree in Germany before making the move, that could you build your CV and give you the chance to find an internship.

The Humboldt Universität zu Berlin is one of your options if you're ABSOLUTELY certain you want to live in Berlin...

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I'm thinking of trying to get a job in Singapore after uni. Has anyone lived there before? How is it?
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Tiny. Almost claustrophobic. But going to other places in Asia from SG is piss easy so it's okay. Also no drugs.
Great place to live, and a decent place to work. Hours will probably be tough, but such is the case for people who work real jobs in major international cities. Taxes are low, and there's a decent expat community.

If you work in the CBD, which is likely, you and the rest of the ang moh will head over to Clarke Quay or Boat Quay many times after work for some drinks.

If you get the opportunity to work there, I'd at least give it a shot for a year or two. If you end up not liking it, just head back home/elsewhere.
it's sweaty-balls hot year around, but buildings and public transit is well equipped to deal with the heat.

some credence must be given to the god-tier food scene, the restaurants and hawker centers alone makes me want to live there. In my opinion the chili crab alone is enough of a reason for me fly 15+ hours to get.

The government and culture has it's quirks, it grates a lot of people the wrong way (and for good reason). As a general rule to life never move to a city to live there if you've never visited it before.

Guys, i'm going to Porto for a week in a month with my gf.

Things to do.
Things to see.
Things to eat.

I'm ok with touristic things or more underground stuff.
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That town is known for its spiffy historic electric trolley system. That's all I know.
try the wine there
El Cheapo San Francisco

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Never been to NYC, but am going to go alone in June. How many days do I need to set aside to see the basics? My goals are pretty much to see some museums, the 9/11 memorial, and maybe take an uber to the Bronx to see my mom's childhood house.

What touristy things are worthwhile other than that? I know to see the views from 30 rock rather than the empire state building, avoid eating in times square, and to take the state island ferry back and forth rather than go to the statue of liberty. Appreciate other suggestions.
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I think the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island is in June. If it is while you are there, you could easily spend a half day watching a mix of families, hipsters, and burlesque queens marching in various costumes.
>to see the views from 30 rock
What's that? Explain pls for foreighner that wanna visit NYC too.

So, somehow I just persuaded my boss to give me 7 weeks off in one chunk next year, so I can fulfil my dream of travelling the Trans-Siberian Express train from Moscow to Vladivostock.

Have any of you Anons done the same journey? I need infos on any and all aspects of this, from cost to what to do and expect en-route
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IDK dude. Go drive and look at the North Korean boarder, take pics. You can probably lie to people and even say you've," Been to North Korea," if you want to have an interesting story to tell. For when you get in Vladivostock.

Maybe see if you can get into N. Korea, who knows.
i'd like to do the same once too. It can be great journey. Last year i saw a lot of threads about it here.
t. russian
I think it's a senceless wasting of time. I don't know why foreighners want to have a train trip by Trassiberian railway so much. It is slow and boring way to cross the country. The only part of the way that is actually worth to visit is Round-Baikal rwy (between Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude), but the best part of that raiway from Slyudyanka to the north now is almost defunct and has only 2 cars tourist train from Slyudyanka to Port Baikal. And something interestin is in Urals. The rest is the same as you can see taking 2 hours commuter train ride from Moscow to Tver, Kaluga or Ryazan. Same landscapes, same towns, same villages, same half-abandoned industrial zones, same railroad infrastructure and railroad exclusion zone. Russia has so many locations worth to visit but Trassiberian rwy isn't one of them as for me. I do not dissuade you from this matter, but still think, do you want this?
t. another russian

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I am going to Germany for acouple of months, Can I ride a bus and train with little knowledge of the German language? Any tips for surviving? ANYTHING would be helpful <3
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no sorry, they give you a grammar and reading test before boarding any public transport
Our buses and trains are full with niggers so yes you will have no problems
Where are you from and what will you do there?

So I've been accepted into a college in chicago and im planning to move for 2017-2018

I have a couple questions for all you that live in chicago

>where are the unsafe areas
Ive been told "all of southside" but thats pretty general. I've also google searched it and barley found any help.

>how much trouble will i get into for drugs
Like any other college student, im going to experiment a bit in studies, so are the police strict when catching someone under the influence, or holding

>what are some fun thing's to do and places to go to burn time
Chances are im going to have a shitload of excess free time so i need some things to keep me occupied, im from san francisco so i get that a couple things are "local exclusive" but if you could give me some general ideas that would be great

And lastly
>anything i should know before going

>inb4 chiraq
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None of this shit matters. Focus on being social and making friends during the orientation week at your school and everything else will fall into place.


Man your expectations are super high
>unsafe areas
Pic related is a map of shootings in the city.

The Chicago Tribune keeps a nice page on crimes in the city according to neighborhoods. Google around.

Generally I'm weary of going south of I-55 or west of Ashland Avenue after dark with the exception of a few neighborhoods. But I also know people who've been mugged in Lincoln Park.

>Things to do
Go see a sports game. I'm a Cubs fan so going to a game at Wrigley is a treat for me, but it's also stupid expensive. But White Sox tickets are going to be dirt cheap this year, you can easily grab tickets for less than $10 and burn an afternoon at the ballpark.

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