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So does anyone have tips on how to get comp'd hotels and the like while in Vegas?

I know you gotta get a players club card in all the casinos and gamble... but I don't know teh h4x.

Any vegas pros care to share?
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how to get comp'd stuff? spend so much on gambling that the comp'd shit are irrelevant to the casino cause you drop so much cash anyway
i heard they will comp out 30% of expected losses by tracking how much is spent over how long... that sounds like a hassle are there any god mode cheats
>i heard they will comp out 30% of expected losses by tracking how much is spent over how long

That sounds about right. But since you have to lose 3.3x as much as you get, it's not a hack.

You give them 10$, they figure they can afford to give you $3 back. You run away.
You've only given them $7.

Well done.

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>Have a free stopover for anywhere in Europe
Where should I go?

Better yet, where would YOU go, and why?
Right now I'm thinking about Dublin, London, Paris, and Rome (basic bitch cities?), but I'd really like to hear /trv/'s ideas and suggestions.
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Sorry, to be more clear, it's a free stopover due to airline rewards.
I'm planning to spend a week or so wherever I go, though it doesn't have to be all in one city....I just have to fly in and out of the same place.
where is your destination? how long are you planning on staying?
I'm intending to flying to Kyiv, Ukraine and then go to Western Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and maybe the Balkans.

I can go anywhere in Europe because United offers are free stopover within the same region.

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What is your experience with these? Are they worth it? Anyone find issues with pack space/weight if they have back packed with them? Thinking about buying one but not sure if I should even bother.
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They don't do me much good because I sleep on my belly not my back so expect the pillow to cover my face not my neck.

The material inside makes a big difference, they all look the same from the outside but on the inside they have different types of pellets and some are a lot more comfortable than others.

Also get one with a loop of fabric or a tag that you can hook onto your backpack with a carabiner or clip..... one less thing you have to yank out of your carry-on on flight because before you sit down just unclip the pillow and put it in your chair before still in your luggage overhead.
I've bought like 10 of these in my lifetime because I always forget to pack it for the next time. But they are nice for long flights. Airlines should provide these over their shit pillows.
No issues with getting them stolen off your pack in another country?

Whenever I've gone into bars in a foreign country no one ever talks to me so I just sit there drinking awkwardly.

How do you find bars where people will talk to foreigners?

Girl btw if that makes a difference, but not an attractive one (overweight and ugly) so I don't get sexual attention (which isn't what I want anyway, I'm looking to make friends when I'm travelling)
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How do you normally drink at bars, do that in their language
Stay at hostels or go on tours.

>I don't get sexual attention (which isn't what I want anyway,

That is the only reason men talk to women in bars, and women don't talk to other women, outside their group, in bars.
Have you tried approaching people yourself? Or in what way won't they talk to you? Language issue could be one thing. Sometimes maybe they don't feel like bothering if there's no way of talking to eachother

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What places in Europe are the most fun to visit if you're young and poor?
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eastern Europe
London and Lisbon.

Trust the Ls.
What should one do there? Is the nightlife good?

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I am visiting cambodia for 3 weeks.

During these 3 weeks I want to own a "slave".
Just for once I want to experience being the boss.

Would 100$ suffice to get someone there to follow me around etc (I would not give this amount all at once, the guy will probably run away if I do)? Or would they most likely claim the opportunity and stab me in the back (lead me somewhere to get mugged or in other economical trouble)? Considering they are quite poor I think my budget for this is reasonable.

Obviously I would not tell him to do something illegal. Things like carrying my luggage, finding spots for doing fun stuff etc are on the table tough. Or just for the amusement of bossing someone around.

I might even get two of them.
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I dunno but I was recently in the Dominican Republic and everyone would do whatever I wanted for a dollar shit was great.
are you an arab or an indian?
Interesting idea. Having a sex slave for a week would be interdasting but I feel like it's a good way to get robbed.

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Are you from paris.jpg
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I'm going to stay with some friends who live in palaiseau. What should I do this time ?, I have already visited France twice over 10 years ago, this is my first visit as an adult with friends. I would like to see some less known tourist attractions.
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Have you been to Fontainebleau yet?
don't forget to interfere with the traffic at the champs elysees for an unoriginal picture
Is it good ?

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has anyone climbed mt kilimanjaro? i have no experience with this sort of thing, but am planning a trip to zanzibar for the summer. i was wondering how difficult you found the climb. it looks relatively flat/easy, but i really no nothing. is it feasible for someone who is in mediocre shape? im somewhat of a heavy smoker, but i could still easily run 5 km in under 20 min
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I know there's a lot of overlap, but this genuinely sounds more like an /out/ thing.
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I got really into preparing to hike Kili but it really isn't worth it. You end up paying thousands for a few days of luxury hiking and regretting it. If you are a poor college age male like 95% of /trv/ I would not recommend doing it. I'm not looking at hiking Pico De Orizaba instead since it's 1/4th the cost and a greater adventure.

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Would taking a year off and traveling instead of heading straight to college after high school effect my chances of getting into college?
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No, not really.

Even in the United States, taking a gap year isn't entirely unusual.

Some universities even offer deferred admissions for precisely the same reason.

If you had a good GPA in high school and did well enough on the SAT or ACT to get into the college of your choice, then I imagine not much would change after traveling for a year. Plenty of people wind up taking a wee break, whether it's to work, relax, or evaluate their priorities and life course.
Why don't you ask the college?
OP here, thanks, I did some research and you were right

Has anyone considered touring the old Empire or Commonwealth before?

How about the modern British Overseas Territories? Anyone been to the Falklands or Bermuda?
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I've been to Bermuda. It's was the most expensive place ever.
South Georgia Island is pretty, in a cold austere way. Lots of penguins and seals. Cruise ships stop by occasionally. The few inhabitants (scientists, museum staff) work for the UK government.
Knew a guy in the army who went to the Falklands

Said it was a massive shithole and we should turn it over to the argies so they can be as miserable as he was

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I'm considering renting a car when I visit the UK but I have a lot of questions.

How difficult will it be for me to adjust to foreign driving laws such as driving on the other side of the car and road?

Will I be able to sleep in my car outside of Major cities, like at rest areas or truck stops or mega stores?

Are there any other things to consider when driving in a foreign country?

Does /trv/ recommend renting a car in a place like the UK, or would train and other transit be a better time?
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I'm a Canadian used to driving on the right side of the road

I rented a car in Ireland for 10 days. Driving around for the first couple of hours were stressful as hell. It almost felt like I was relearning how to drive in a foreign country while trying to get to my first destination. I was lucky that I was driving out of Cork airport so it was a smallish city with little traffic or large confusing highways. I got 100% used to driving on the other side of the road, round-abouts, and other obstacles after about 3 days. So my suggestion for that would be rent a car from a small city or rural area to ease yourself into it. I couldn't imagine starting in a large city.

When in the UK I noticed the country back roads are winding and narrow (especially in hilly/mountainous areas). This means there are plenty of blind corners that you can't see around and there is very little wiggle room for you and oncoming traffic. Just take it slow and pull over to let people pass when need be. Again, I got more confident as time went on.

I wrote this assuming you were Canadian/American so if you're European (or something else - I don't know) you might be used to narrow winding back roads already.
Great advice, I'll be sure to take it, much appreciated!
Be aware that gas costs about as much as single malt Scotch in the UK. I prefer to ride Megabus and spend the money on the Scotch.

I found driving on the wrong side initially even more terrifying than I'd imagined, but I became used to it much quicker than I expected. Now I can switch back and forth without even thinking about it.

Where in the UK are you going? In rural areas of England and Wales, either stealth camp in the bushes or ask at a local pub where you might sleep without being bothered.
In Scotland you're allowed to sleep anywhere.
I definitely wouldn't recommend trying to sleep at the sorts of places you mention; you'll run afoul of boy racers.

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How do I into frequent flyer miles? I hear that U.S. based airlines mileage programs are crap. If that's the case, then how do I pick which one to use? On United I have the option to add my Singapore account number so I can accrue miles on my Singapore account rather than United. Is this worth doing?

FWIW, my travel plans are mostly international to Asia. Don't really care about domestic travel.

Also I currently have 34000 SPG, 34000 Hilton, 65000 Chase Rewards, 13000 Amex, and about 6k in Delta, AA, and United if that matters.
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I also have this question I have tons of frequent flyer miles with both Southwest and Delta but I don't understand how I cumulated them if I don't actually own a card from one of those companies, would getting said card allow me to utilize the miles that I have somehow obtained and if I did, how would that work? How do I know what I can get for them?
Fuck you, you rich fuck give me some money so I don't have to keep taking easyjet everywhere.
I-I'm not rich. Those are barely enough to pay for a few nights in a hotel, much less a round trip international flight.

My chinese friend's been a student in Germany for half a year, she went a day over her visa (April 1st) before leaving again. Apparently, the police made a report on her and let her go. I heard you'd get an X or so if you failed the visa or something? As all I seen on her passport were typical german stamps (see pic related). Does it go into any record of hers then or...?
Also, she heard that you'd get visa problems as she had overdrawn it for a day. Such as not being able to access the EU with any visa for ten years (per Chinese government). Tho I doubt that is true and I am sure that it is issue to get back either way?

Thank you in advance for your answers
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did she sign any documents? Usually you get filed with a criminal charge, overstaying the residency act I think its called. If she did she might get a letter in the mail from a prosecutor and she might get a fine. Not too sure about the future visas, but I guess it would be sent to her in the mail
If she has any chance of leaving the Chinese government out of this, she should leave the Chinese government out of this.
Germans have bigger issues than her overstaying her visa by a single day.
You can ask the border police in a causal manner, no details mentioned (do not mention the dates or names). Like asking for a friend over the phone, etc. They might just tell you to fuck off, or they might give you some good hints on what to expect when she asks for a visa next time.
If you cannot get any useful info out, and she omes back as a tourist next time, maybe pick another country than Germany for entering Schengen, so ask a Danish Schengen visa or Italian one.
If you marry her you can get a visa

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Flying into Madrid for ~8 days at the end of May and having trouble deciding where to travel outside of the city. First time in Europe and I'd like to see as much as possible, but it sounds like with my limited time I'll need to choose between heading toward Barcelona or flitting around Southern Spain (Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Ronda, etc.). Anyone have experience with either/both that'd be willing to share experiences?
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Barcelona is cleaner, wealthier, more developed, more interesting and less filled with undesirable locals.
Well, barcelona is nice and have a great modernism art but southerm is more medieval, old and have a lovely air
That guy saying southerm is filled with undesirable local is an idiot
I think there isnt one better than the other, if you prefer art more modernism with those type of buildings like the cathedral go, its really nice
If you prefer a more medieval anviance and it has more art or architecture relationated with the time of American discovery
Both are awsome, and there are stupid people in the two zones
Good luch and have fun
And if you dont mind any of the choises i would head to southerm, there are more cities and more monuments than Barcelona, you can benefit more at southerm cuz there are more monuments and also as a great history

/fighting while travelling/

do any of you guys like to get into fights while you travel, any good stories, I'd get into fights in hostels from time to time and have everyone come out to watch, it's good to measure up people of each country.
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World star hip hop made me racist.
True story.
I was having some doubts already about my liberal ideals but one afternoon seeing black people at their worst completely changed my world view forever.
I wish I could go back in time and never see the truth.
Actually I am black and I love to travel and socialise.
I don't like to fight at all, because I don't really want to end up with any travel restrictions.

Even fighting in my own country can ban me from traveling.

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