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Hey /trv/,

I have 6 days in July to go to either Jordan, Egypt, Cyprus or Greece.

Do you guys have any recommendations on which one I should go to?

Money is a big factor here.

Any help would be awesome.

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Greece probably still has toilet paper.
Greece isn't a total desert shithole and costs are pretty low. Egypt would be good but only for the pyramids. Cost in cyprus is the same as greece and they have pretty beaches.
Can you go to Malta instead?

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Hello Hello

In a few months i will have about 6 to 8 K to travel for. South america looks very very nice and interesting. I do not speak Spanish or Portuguese though.

What im looking for is
- Nightlife and party
-Coke and hookers
-Women to fuck
-Locals to befriend
-Cliff jumping and beaches
-Physical activities

Im thinking about either going Peru and Colombia or just go to Brazil. Argentina seems very nice too but also a little bit more expensive.

I would really like to hear your experiences from south america and where you'd recommend me to go etc anything you are willing to contribute is of interest.
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I hope some guy down there beats the living shit out of you. You sound like a huge tool

Peru is fantastic for

>Physical activities

It's the only South American country I've visited, so I can't speak too intelligently on Colombia or Brazil, but generally you're not getting a great scene for your first 5 criteria in Peru.
>>1228846 here

Actually missed that you also wrote "locals to befriend," Peruvians were some of the friendliest locals I've met in about 30 countries worldwide, but I do speak some Spanish so that may have contributed to that.

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I will be working in Manteo for the whole summer. Has anyone been in this town? I imagine there is no nightlife or young people there.

But what about the rest of Outer Banks? What towns are more interesting and worth visiting? I'm really interested to learn how to surf or wakeboard, if you know any spots where to do that it would be great.

Give your general opinion on Outer Banks.
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Hey OP, I lived in Georgia but spent some time up there a couple times, plus I was a history buff. Some interesting stuff for you:

>Roanoke Island
This is the site of the first English settlement in the New World. It was doing okay, so ships returned to England leaving most of the people, planning to return with supplies shortly. When they got back, every single person in the colony had vanished, and they only found one clue: The word CROATOAN carved into a tree
>Gullah Geechee
VICE News recently made a short documentary about this, I really recommend you look into it. The Gullah are a culture descended from the African slaves who worked the plantations on these islands. After the Civil War, many of their masters were killed, or they continued to work as farmers for little pay. Now there's a culture where in some places they actually live communally out of trailers and farm. They mixed with the local Natives and freed slaves, and became the Gullah Geechee Nation. It's mostly south of NC but stretches up the coast, too

There should also be some stuff to find on AtlasObscura. Enter where you'll be staying in the search bar, it'll show you cool, off-beat things to do, by their distance from you. Pretty sure there'd be great fossils around there.
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kite surfing.jpg
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>I imagine there is no nightlife or young people there.

Don't be ignant.

The area is a tourism magnet. And Eastern NCers have sex and reproduce just like everybody else, do I imagine there are even a few local young people there, plus of course the droves of them working in the tourism industry.

Start here:
and here

The sailboarding/kite-surfing/hang-gliding crowd at Kitty Hawk Kites is a fun group if those activities interest you. Badly-timed kite surfing pic related.

Lucky you, you are also close to the Sanitary Restaurant, a really nice southern-fried seafood establishment with the worst restaurant name of all time, since nobody ever named their restaurant the Unsanitary Restaurant.

What kind of work are you doing?
I've been thinking about doing something like this to save money for tuition during the summers. How do you find work there ahead of time, and what sort of industry are you working in?

I just got accepted to a college program that will allow me to study in my choice of Bath, England or Thessaloniki, Greece. Both seem like great offers, but I've never been to either place. What do?
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Greece could be nice place to be after all
Tricky, because they're so different.

>probably one of the nicer cities in the UK
>the UK as a whole is a bit shit though, be advised
>nice nature relatively close by

>Dat Greek weather
>I know a girl from there, the only thing really worth seeing is their tower near the seaside
>Probably easier to get around and see a lot more diverse things more easily
Where are you from? If English is not your mother tongue, then definitely go with Bath. During half a year/year in UK you will really improve your knowledge of English which will definitely come in handy.

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I'm going to Japan for a long term stay for studies.
What am I supposed to pack with me ?
This is my first time ever traveling abroad and I'm so stressed.
Any advice tips anything would be really appreciated
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->I'm going to Japan in July. (20 Yrs old) 3weeks
->by myself (might meet a friend there though).
->all locations i want to check out are already pinned in google maps
->still figuring out how the JR Pass works and what is best for me since im only staying 1 week in tokyo and 2 weeks in Kyoto.
->and i dont know how the "Mobile Internet Box" works and how much it costs.
->places to live and tickets are already paid for.

Help me desu
If you will be spending any time at all visiting in homes of Japanese folks, schools, etc. pack a pair of slippers that fit. They'll have "guest slippers" at any home you visit, but they will be sized for teensy little Japanese feet and your foot will hang off the back and be uncomfortable as shit.
>what to pack
Condoms, the ones over there break really easily. Probably so they can raise their birth rates.

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I want to go to NYC.

But I'm scared. I literally know no one there, if anything bad happens to me there will be no one to take care, since I know no one there. I also have no idea what to expect when it comes to crime rate.

Any steps I should take to be less afraid?
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Oh good fucking lord.

Not exactly what I was expecting when I picked "NYC.jpg" file from the list. Guess that's what I get for not formatting my HDD for 10 years.
Normie get out

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Aware me, is this area of Europe actually worth visiting or is it boring? I definitely do think Iceland has a lot going for it in terms of it's beautiful nature, but what about the other countries?

What would the highlights be of a trip to this area?
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Literally a meme. It's exactly what /pol/ says it is

Only been to Helsinki, pretty cool place, but not that much to do. You can get a ferry to St. Petersburg tho

Haven't been

Amazing, I love it. Such a nice peaceful country with great people. Copenhagen is great. If you go anywhere in Scandinavia go here.
I agree with what you said but Copenhagen, whilst pleasant was boring and i would hate to live there.
What to do in Copenhagen for a week?

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>have no problems making friends or getting laid while traveling
>have no friends at all at home and have not even gotten laid once in my own country

what did they mean by this?
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You are not happy with yourself.
When you are away from home, nothing reminds you of how you are as a person. The chains that are the reminders of who you really are are therefore nonexistent and you are free to leave that behind, be different, open and social.
You are holding yourself back at home. You have to work hard on yourself in order to become the person that you are abroad.
Wrong. People abroad are always more open, horny and social. They're on holiday, it's normal.
People at home already have friends they can meet. It's really not difficult to figure out Tbh.

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Hello, /trv/

I'm a 24 year old single male and I'll be going on vacation to New York City for about a week next month.

I'm getting an airbnb in the University Heights section, on West 183rd street, is this a good area?

I have a general idea of what I want to do (go to meseums, parks, eat, experience nightlife, etc.), but I would like some recommendations as well as miscellaneous pointers.

Any restaurants or bars in particular that you really like? This is a bit of a long shit, but it would be awesome if I could get laid. I'm not counting on it, of course.
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It's an OK neighborhood. The big minus is that it's next to George Washington Bridge that connects NYC and New Jersey. Lots of people from NJ cross the bridge to come to this neighborhood to buy illegal drugs. Consequently, there's more drug-related violence than average. On the plus side, it's easy to take the subway to some more interesting parts of the city, and you'll probably only spend time there sleeping.
According to google maps, you're wrong about it being next to the George Washington Bridge. My airbnb is in The Bronx, not Manhattan.

lol. dont stay in the bronx. actually dont bother with the bronx at all unless you plan on going to the zoo there.

literally anywhere but the bronx.

I'm coming back from a long RTW trip, and I have to decide where I'm going to live now, but all of my choices seem to suck horribly.

I'm a software engineer at a pretty high level (I was at one of Google/Microsoft/Facebook/etc and am being recruited by all of those now) so I'm limited to the big tech cities if I want to make reasonable money. I can live in other cities but it would mean accepting 1/3-1/2 the pay.

So basically, I'm limited to: San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, and possibly Austin.

Right now the dating scene is probably the most important thing to me, and that's awful in all of the rest so I'm leaning towards NYC, despite the problems there.

Am I missing something? Where would you go in terms of tech cities in the US?
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>So basically, I'm limited to: San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, and possibly Austin.
And Boulder and Denver and LA and Portland and Chicago just to name a few.

Also, median pay is just that, median. Absolutely possible to find high pay in any city, it's just harder, you're not "limited".

>San Francisco
meme tier at this point

probably the actual best option on your list. can feel remote still

overpriced but big enough that you can find what you want

massively overhyped. 3rd or 4th best city in Texas

i would recommend you check out Columbus. pay offers you get in Columbus will feel like extreme lowballs but you can live for nothing in Ohio. you'll just have to do the math about what offers you get and what your personal cost of living would be.
>Absolutely possible to find high pay in any city

LA and Chicago could be possible, the others wouldn't though, at least based on what I see on GlassDoor. I'd need to be a director or senior manager to get something comparable.

>probably the actual best option on your list. can feel remote still

I lived there for years. It looks great on paper but is fairly awful in reality. You almost never see the sun 8 months out of the year, the women are awful looking but still heavily pursued because of the gender ratio, and the culture makes it pretty hard to make real friends. But the outdoors is incredible around there and it's pretty laid-back.

>massively overhyped. 3rd or 4th best city in Texas

Why do you say this? I know other cities in Texas and love the people there, but don't know much about Austin. From the little time I've been there I'd be a little worried that it's too much of a city built around the college, though - I'm early 30s so I can't really work in that scene any longer.

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I got around 25k Euros saved up and was thinking on going traveling around the world. The problem is that I have no idea where this kind of money could take me.

Also, where would you go?
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I'll echo this thread..
Just turned 29..
Got almsot 50k saved up..

Wondering if I should legit take a fucking year off to travel..
I'm thinking
6 months in central America..
maybe months in South East Asia..

I'll probably never have a chance again

How cheap Is living in South East Asia?
I traveled 13 months around South America, spent probably 25k in total.

Don't believe the meme that traveling is cheap, the best experiences cost money.
I could probably do central America for pretty damn cheap dude..
Maybe 400 a month

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What the fuck is the deal with transport workers such as Taxi drivers and Tuk Tuk cunts. Literally everywhere in the world a disproportionate amount of these people will try and fucking scam you. If you don't think this happens in your own country just ask any visibly foreign (e.g Chinese) female visitor.

I fucking love Uber.
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It's the easiest way to scam tourists who are unfamiliar with a given city
You're right, taxi drivers are often scumbags the world over, even in developed countries.

It's not usually a very competitive market, either it's a highly regulated oligopoly, or a bunch of independent operators who are largely in cahoots with each other to keep prices up. Therefore collusion = higher prices, less willingness to bargain.
Also >>1227894, tourists often don't know what a reasonable price is and won't be able to tell if they're going the wrong way, plus they're often stressed or under time pressure.
In places where barrier to entry is low that means low earnings, thus they could get a several days worth of earnings out of just one scam.
Late at night they're often the only option so they know they can jack up the price because people have to get home (and are often drunk so don't care).
Taxis are expensive here anyway, so you use the public transportation instead

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GF and I are planning a winter vacation.

Where is the best place in the world to celebrate christmas/new years?

Pic related
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New York City? Has a lot of Christmas traditions. I'd avoid New Years, at least in the crowds. As I understand you have to wear a diaper.
OP here I am actually from NYC and we wear diapers all the time. It is just more efficient.
Why don't you try Germany? Wife has been wanting to go to some huge Christmas town or market there. The way I understand it, Christmas started in Germany, aside from that whole messiah thing.

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Has anybody ever gotten a free seat upgrade on a plane journey? How'd you get it?
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Yes, traveling from Colombia back to Europe. I arrived at the airport and they said they weren't sure they could put me on the flight because I didn't print my boarding pass and check in online, so I flew the first two legs with a different company. So after two legs I didn't have any boarding pass at all and the transfer person just told me I would get my boarding pass when we board the plane. I was waiting with a group of Peruvian girls at the airport and didn't do anything. Then finally the plane got called and everybody had their boarding passes so I went to the desk and said I didn't have one. Guy started saying that now my seat is gone and I should have come sooner. Told him that I had no idea and that I paid for a seat next to the window and that I won't accept any downgrade and if he downgrades me he should refund me on the spot. Dude smiled at me and told me not to get angry and listen to what he says, he has something better. Gave me an upgrade to first class and it was heaven.

I felt like piece of shit for getting mad at him, but what would you do after almost 16 hours of waiting in airports? So that's my story of how I got a free seat upgrade.
Yeah, I was about to miss my flight after transfer.
I checked in literally last minute, had to run real fast to actually make it to the other plane... I was like 'wtf, not the seat I selected' when I looked at the boarding pass at the gate, but then I looked again, and it was a really low number, so I thought, that ain't that bad. Turned out the system put me in business class, cause there was no other seat available anymore. Champagne, edible food, metal cutlery, it was nice.
got one when i gave up my seat on an overbooked flight. was domestic though so not that good but still better than not having it i guess.

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Hey, long story short, i'm going to Madrid, Spain next weekend and would like you guys n gals to suggest me places to go and must-go monuments/tourist points. Also, if there's stuff I should know about places to avoid, It'd be very much appreciated

In order to get more accurate info: Im 20, staying for 4~5 days, studying engineering, going with a college group around 7 people, looking for monuments/museums/nice landscapes/nice and productive routes/stuff that madrid is known for (preferably good stuff).

Thanks in advance
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Have you checked out wikitravel? Usually has some good basic info...

Madrid was meh to me.

Here's a few tips:
Theres a few really cool hostels in the city. I remember Kats hostel being great.

There's some monuments and parks in the city that are neat. I think there was one with fountains and lions that was neat.

The bars don't start going until like midnight, and go all the way till 4am, and even to daybreak at times. So don't be surprised if you are out at 10pm and nothing is happening.

The paella in Spain is so fucking good.

Oh also. Spainard men can be a little arrogant, just take it as fun and don't get offended. Spainard women are VERY flirty even though 90% of the time it does not actually mean they want to fuck. It's a weird game they play. Just have fun with them and don't "try" to get laid. And things might just work out for you.
The biggest 3-4 museums are all good and have free/discount days/hours. I think I got into the one that has all of the Jesus art (Prado?) or free. The one with the modern art is very good - the civil war era stuff is pretty heavy.

I feel like the navy museum would be pretty cool but I was in Spain during August and all of the government attractions were closed. If you're into history then something guided might be a good idea since the consolidation of Spain into a single country was pretty complex and the Franco stuff is important but could be entirely lost on a backpacker.

The plazas are nice places to hang out even if crawling with non-Spaniards. The walled-in market thing is pretty cool but the food is expensive but might be good to try some finger foods.

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