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>(random Italian gibberish)
>sorry, don't speak Italian
>"aah, Americano?"
>nah, Australian
>"same contaminated English"
Should I have decked the cunt for AUS/USA pride?
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wait holy shit spooky ghost
Shoulda glassed the wog cunt

Should have smacked him across the face with a crocodile

Been to the US for a couple of times now, but I cant seem to decide where to go on my next trip. I've already visited NY, LA, DC, ORL, SF and SEA - admittedly I like seeing all the touristy, historical shit or otherwise wondrous natural sights.

Any recommendations of places worth visiting in the US?
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>otherwise wondrous natural sights
Hit up some of the National Parks out west. It's surprising that you haven't done it yet.
This, the Western public lands are stunning.

For my money, the best way to see a lot of the US us the classic (almost cliche) road trip. After all, we pretty much built our country around the car.
Louisiana - NOLA, BR
Mississippi - Natchez
Tennessee - Memphis, Nashville

A good road trip is starting in New Orleans and making you way to Nashville, taking the Natchez Trace, It's especially beautiful during the fall

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I want to go to Mongolia and become competent in the native nomadic lifestyle & horsemanship.

I'm a cowboy. I can ride & rope. But I want them to teach me THEIR way.

I want to find a family to live with that's willing to take me on and I would pay them for letting me stay with them.
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I think I'd make multiple trips to Mongolia to really get a wide breadth of the learning I'm seeking. Ideally, I think I'd like to go eight weeks a year. Someday.
What do I all need to know & checklist before I seriously make the plans?
As far as I can tell, learn to live on meat and dairy, learn to ride without a saddle, and pick up some Russian or (preferably) Mongolian. The rest you'll learn there I suppose.

Have an unexpected two week vacation coming up. Where can I travel to thats fun and costs less than $700 from BC, Canada to travel to.
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Go to skyscanner and search for the cheapest flights from your nearest airport
now that i've said it, you have to go.
sorry but that's how it works here.
have fun.

I am going in May to Dominican Republic, specifically in Santo Domingo, I was wondering, what activities do you recommend while I am there? restaurants? places to see and/or visit? What not to do?
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That pic is in Puerto Plata though.

What's your nationality? your age? can you speak spanish? are you going to be here alone? how much time/money are you planning to spend? where exactly will you be staying?

>what activities do you recommend while I am there?
Visit the colonial zone(the oldest city in the new world), the Columbus Lighthouse, Los tres ojos cave, there are many malls that are worth visiting like Agora, Sambil, 360 gallery, Blue Mall, Acropolis etc both in the malls and in the colonial zone there are lots of fast food restaurants and also exclusive restaurants, if you want to see more, watch this list.


That would be the basic tour for the Santo Domingo experience, if you want to go to the beach the closest one(Boca Chica) is a bit far from the city, for the nightlife experience you could try Guacara Taina, Mamma Club, Praia, Jet Set, Wao, Euphoria, etc it all depends on your taste, but in any case the best would be for you to go with someone that at least knows how to speak spanish, i can also set you up with some girls if you are going alone.

Miguel Bose is also having a concert in may 4 maybe you would like to go.

>What not to do?
Stay away from the slums, i would suggest you not to dress like an obvious tourist, try to blend with the locals, use pesos instead of dollars or whatever is your currency, avoid obscure places, avoid motoconchos(mototaxi) and be aware of people running on that kind of motos, take the normal precautions you would take visiting a third world country.

As a native Dominican, the Colonial Zone is a must, the night life there is great.

There's not much tourism to do in the Capital city, i'd recommend you to visit other places in the island like Punta Cana (2 hr bus drive) or Jarabacoa/Constanza area (1 and a half bus drive) or even Samana.
I came here to also ask something along this:

I'm going to be going to Punta Cana in June. I'm white, straight, 28 year old male that is in good shape and attractive (and frisky). My cousin and his girlfriend are staying at a resort (Princess), I've been thinking about staying nearby at the Vik. Places to avoid, things to do, must not miss things?

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How/where do i find a cheap apartment in Spain to stay for a few months?
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*in Madrid or Barcelona
Just a word of advice, people in Barcelona despise those who rent apartments. I saw graffiti sprayed on apartment buildings telling tourists to go away.
Is it because housemilkers prefer to rent apartments to tourists instead of students?

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I'm going to Washington DC this week. I know the Mall has dozens of buildings and art museums and galleries that are free, but my time is limited. Anyone who's been there tell me what the top places to see on the Mall are?

Air and Space Museum for sure I'd imagine
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>Air and Space

Absolutely, Natural History is also very good. But really, it sort of depends on what your interests are.

It is worth getting inside the Capitol Building jut to walk through the rotunda if nothing else.

If you get the chance, I really like seeing the various memorials at night, the atmosphere is nice.
Thanks for the reccomendations. I do have tour tickets for the Capitol so that will be nice.

Air and Space is on my list, I'll add Natural History to my list, and I will be walking around both nights I'm there, as long as it's not too cold - I'll only be on foot
The only people who dislike the Air and Space Museum have no souls

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Hey guys

I am looking to travel Europe as cheaply as possible. I am 19 and will start my training to become a military officer in september. Looking to travel between late June-(early)september.

Tips on what places to visit solo or with a friend and how to get there/generally travelling low-cost or free?
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hitchhiking+dumpster diving+a tent and you spend 0$. There are enough wikis on those things for me not to waste my breath here.
In case you don't want to touch dumpsters, just learn how to buy cheap.
bicycle is obviously the cheapest, if you have the time.
nah. it slower and more energy-consuming than hitchhiking, so you lose more on food.
Also, you may need to pay for the repairs

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Hello, I was a bit unsure exactly which board this thread would belong on so I posted on several that I feel fit to hopefully acquire good answers, I have the goal of leaving the U.S. and moving to Japan and after some research into the idea:


A more 'direct' source:

I have summarized what educational process I believe to be sufficient in gaining the work Visa and ultimately permanent citizenship in a small amount of time.

Community College with Pell Grant:

>Associate Arts
>International Study Certificate

Total of 2 years or less depending on how hard I push myself, now from what I gather I will need from a University (Required for Visa see first link) would be:

>Bachelor of Arts in Communication
>Specialization in Japanese
>Possible specialization in English? (For the certification.)

This would also consume two more years of my life, now my question to you anons specifically those who have went a similar route through the communication degrees and are living in Japan, will this suffice?
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First, no one in Japan is going to care that you earned an Associates on a Pell Grant, so consider leaving that out of the CV.

A Bachelor's from a regionally-accredited college (no University of Phoenix jewry), at minimum, is required to teach in Japan. The easiest route to take would be to go teach, familiarize yourself with the culture, learn the language through immersion (the best way to do it, imo) and apply to various companies while still there.

Everything is also about networking, so don't forget to consider that.
The Associates was recommended for the University, specifically what should I pursue in order to get a five year visa to teach and become a resident? I must know everything..

Ideally, you'll just want a degree. Like I said, the minimum is a Bachelor's. A lot of places will hire you without experience teaching English as a second language (TESOL) or a certificate of TESOL qualification, but those places are typically low-paying and just make you the token white guy (not bad if you're just looking to be bored). You can find places to get the TESOL certificate inexpensively, but some schools offer job placement assistance, so shop around.

Residency, on the other hand, takes time. Are you talking about renouncing your American citizenship for Japanese citizenship or just making Japan your long-term home?

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Planning on travelling through southeast Asia this June, but not sure what route to take. Can anyone draw me up a good route?

>starting point: Hong Kong (will take flight in major city in SE asia)
>would like to stop off In Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur
>not interested in Burma or Indonesia
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I've been thinking about the same kind of trip, except need to add Laos and Cambodia.
Biggest difficulty seems most flights go through Bangkok and border crossings via road are very unreliable.
>Biggest difficulty seems most flights go through Bangkok and border crossings via road are very unreliable.
The Thai-Cambodian border crossing via Aranyaprathet/Poipet can be pretty bad--people get scammed or ripped off a lot, and Poipet itself is still one of the worst towns in Southeast Asia--but crossing via water to Ko Kong from Ko Chang or elsewhere in Trat Province, Thailand is mellower. And overland crossings into and from Laos are easy as pie. You can even get a direct train from Bangkok to Vientiane (although I'd do a train as far as Nong Khai, on the Thai side of the Mekhong, spend a day or two there, then go over the bridge via tuk-tuk/bus/tuk-tuk, because I like Nong Khai and the rest of NE Thailand). You can also cross via Ubon Ratchathani, in the Southern part of NE Thailand, to get directly to greater Champassak, in southern Laos, very easily. There are a couple of crossings in Northern Thailand, too, most prominently Chiang Kong, Chiang Rai-Huay Xai, Laos, but I'd advocate the Northeastern route because it's interesting and a little less beaten track.
How long are you there for and what do you enjoy doing, that dictates a lot.

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Any tips on picking a ski field for the South Island of New Zealand? Will be traveling around the island so can pick any, just not sure if there are any opinions out there on which might be the best? Or maybe which one(s) to avoid might be a better question.
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Born and raised in the south island. Go to queenstown. Accommodation can be pricey though
cheers m8, yeah looking to spend a few days on the snow then just traveling around so hopefully won't be too exxy for those few days
This is literally what everyone in New Zealand tells everyone who visits there;
>Go to Queenstown
Are you fucking kidding me?
I went there. First of all, if you're not flying, it's really annoying to get there with the windy roads and all. And when finally there, it's fucking disgusting tourist trap full of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, wealthy, camera carrying, guidebook reading assholes. Sure it's pretty but so is basically everywhere in NZ.
Sure the nightlife is good, but so it is in Dunedin and Wellington.
Actually it's better in Dunedin, because there you actually meet locals, and prices are normal and you can find a nice kiwi student girl willing to try out some eurodick.

Don't go to Queenstown unless you speak Mandarin and have pockets full of money to do stuff you can do everywhere in NZ cheaper.

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Sup /trv/,
so me and a group of friends (20yo) have 11 days to spend in Lithuania and Poland.
How would you allocate 11 days to these cities?


Throw me your favourite spots for food, sights, hiking/mountaineering trips/ideas, amusement parks, casinos.. anything worthwhile really.

>inb4 Auschwitz camp
That goes without saying

Any1 wanna meet up? we're cool
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Is Kaunas worth seeing or staying at?
Krakowian here

Warsaw isn't worth it (well, unless you're much interested in WWII museums and stuff), change it for Lublin. Auschwitz isn't this good, pretty boring in fact and one-sided so to say. Hair or personal things may impose some efect on you, the rest is meh.
Vilnius is fantastic, spend most of your time there.

Also, where are you from?
Was in Krakow last summer

Great looking old town. Only downside is that in the evenings, it is taken over by British lads on stag parties along with groups of Polish lads getting drunk. So if you're single, then you lads will have to get out of the tourist meme areas if you want to meet girls.

That was my experience, anyway.

>also we didn't bother going to Auschwitz
>just do a bike tour around the city and you'll hear enough about Schindler, Jews and whatnot.

I've never travelled before in my life, but I fucking need to go somewhere, or I'm going to have a full-blown mental breakdown.
1)Where should I go, and why?
2)What should I do when I get there?
(I'm starting off in Scotland, and have £3,500 to my name, but am not willing to spend more than £700 of it)
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>1)Where should I go, and why?
Where do you think you would like to go?
>2)What should I do when I get there?
What things are you interested in?
You need to go to Thailand. It's the best thing for you in your situation.
You can do anything there but I suggest you go to beach and islands and do some snorkelling and in the evening go to a bar. Maybe find yourself a good girl. Not a whore but a good girl and get that girlfriend experience Thailand is famous for. Might cost you more than 700 but you need to do this for the sake of your sanity.
Take a weekend in Portugal.

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Hey /trv/ I'm an American wanting to go to England tomorrow. I know it's basically impossible, but I want to try my luck anyway. I tried looking on Google for flights but the cheapest I could find is 1000. Is there anywhere I can find a cheap flight, preferably under 500? 300 or less would be great. Thanks!
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That definitely won't be possible. Just FYI if you book a little in advance, NYC to Newcastle Upon Tyne usually does cheap flights.
How about telling your departure point? If you are in New York City then it's very easy, there are a lot of flights from 300 to 400 USD even tomorrow, including direct flights. If you are in Alaska, on the other hand, it will be much more expensive, closer to $1000.
I'm leaving from the commonwealth.

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I'm in the Phils, and want to purchase some dick pills aka viagra.

How much are they, are they cheaper here than other countries? And are they OTC at all the pharmacies?
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Now that I've had a taste of Thailand, I want to visit Philippines for 3+ months. I don't want to be travelling around. I'll visit the major cities then rent a small house (or a studio) in the city I choose (davao, manila or cebu).

How expensive would the country be for someone like me? I don't drink alcohol, don't do drugs, don't pay for sex. I like to eat out (not expensive yet good meals) and stay in a clean place with good location tho.

I just want to slow down the time, swim in pussy, socialize, make new friends, relax and enjoy myself for a few months.
wtf I'm doing same
ticket arrives on April 27th in Manila.
I've asked dozens of people and I'm also in this forum http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/92/travel/ which has some guys living there

Manila : $800~1200

Cebu and Davao are cheaper
I'm actually thinking of spending a month in this city called Baguio, it's HDI is way bigger than Manila and the city is cheap as fuck. Though the weather is rainy and it must be a little boring compared to the bigger cities

( T = tie )

Name of Province HDI Comparable Country (2015 data)
1 Benguet 0.883 Finland
2 Metro Manila (region) 0.837 Saudi Arabia
3 Batanes 0.820 Latvia

benguet is the province where Baguio is at
Yes you can buy meds at the Pharm. You will also have guys trying to sell you stuff on the street. I didn't buy any from them, I hear sometimes it is fake but have no actual experience with that.

I did get some antibiotics with out a script, and they didn't even ask me a question. So, it seemed kind of loose on meds.

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