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How's it going /trv/? I'm going to get married this year and I was thinking about hitting the South and the Caribbean for the wedding/honeymoon. I'm from the west coast and I'm intrigued with Tampa. I work in the cigar industry, so I'm very allured with the area which is known as "the cigar capital of the US" Are there any locals or southerners on this board that could attest to Tampa being a good place to get married? I wanted to spend maybe a week or so there, then a week or 2 more in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. I have connections through the industry there, so I have that more or less covered. But I'd like to know a little more about what to do in Tampa and if that's a good place to start a tour of the south. I am also a Bucs fan so I'd hope to hit a game out there.
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I'm a Tampa native and got married here.

The most well-known tourist attractions in the Tampa Bay Area (Tampa + St. Pete + Clearwater) are the beaches on gulf side, which routinely get ranked as the best in the continental US. Fort Desoto Beach is the most interesting one. As far as the cigar industry is concerned, all of that is concentrated in Ybor City, Tampa's historic district, which put Tampa on the map when it was created in the 1880s. I'm not a big cigar smoker, but there are tons of cigar bars there and ones that hand roll their own. They also have a replica historic streetcar system shuttling people from that area to Channelside, another Tampa tourist area nearby. Ybor is also known for creating a handful of popular street foods like the Cuban sandwich and deviled crab (it's like a Spanish-style crab cake). Great places to get those in Ybor are Carmine's and the Columbia. The latter has Spanish dancers in the evening, but whatever time of day you visit that one, get the 1905 salad with your meal. There is also Busch Gardens Tampa in the area, which is a theme park/zoo hybrid with African animals flanked by large multi-million dollar roller coasters. It actually has the largest assortment of roller coasters in Florida. There is also the Dali Museum (melting clocks painting guy) in St. Pete, which has the the largest private collection of his work. Elsewhere in the Tampa Bay Area is Tarpon Springs, which is the center of the natural sponge harvesting industry. It has a lot of Greek restaurants due to all the Greek sponge divers that settled there and there are lots of boat tours available. My favorite one is the St. Nicholas tour, as it's the original boat tour and they do a demo of sponge diving in the very old-timey diving suit (pic related). While you are in the South, you need to get barbecue at some point. Go to 4 Rivers Smokehouse and get the Burnt Ends (you will not be sorry).

I can provide additional info if requested.
Thank you for the good information boss. The sponge diving demo sounds pretty cool actually. Are there any casinos in the area? Or is that something I should save for the Dominican leg of the vacation? My wife to be loves art exhibits, shes never seen anything by Dali in person either. Would you say Tampa is the right area of Florida to spend most of our time? We're not into heavy parties or nightlife, which I know Miami is known for. I was thinking about basing in Tampa and doing daytrips to the other more well known parts. Are there any historic hotels in Tampa that you would recommend? I'm going to save your food recommendations, there is no notion of southern BBQ on the west coast really. Once again I appreciate your thoughtful response
Go to Charleston. Your wife will love it. Go on the carriage ride, hit the beach, walk around downtown. There's actually a cigar rolling shop downtown as well (and of course a bunch of tobacconists and excellent rooftop bars).

It could be:

>A building.
>A view.
>Some city streets.
>A historical site.

Etc. What was it lads?
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Chinese prices after landing from Japan.
Hard to pick just one thing, to be honest.

The view from Volcan Cerro Negro in Nicaragua was pretty top-notch, as were the rainforests in Colombia. Hiking in the Himalayan foothills in Jammu & Kashmir was incredible as well.

I guess the most "holy shit, I can't believe I'm seeing this" was the Gezi Park protest in Istanbul in 2013. All that happened on my first-ever trip overseas. I'm sure I won't ever forget it unless I get hit by a semi-truck, go into a coma, and wake up with amnesia.
I always catch myself going "wow" inside large structures with high/dome ceilings. Be it churches, monuments or even an administration building. Im just in awe of the architectural achievement and how incredible it looks.

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China general thread

Ask your traveling in china questions, TEFL questions and whatev else that is china related

Going to Chengdu to start a ten month TEFL contract this October, anybody chengdu bound wanting a new mate lemme know

Anyone who's been to Chengdu also share your experience for me please, never left Europe so i know as much as the internet can tell me
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FYI, there's a big government meeting at the moment and they fuck with the internet during those times so regular China posters will have more trouble responding than usual.
FWIW: Chengdu has pandas (pay extra to 'volunteer' to wash the cubs, it's the only way you will ever touch a panda irl)

I've spent a few days there, it's a flatland so cycling is pretty cool there, buy a cheap bike when you arrive (and bring a really good lock from home). It has ring roads that are quite close in so you can circle the CBD really, really quickly. I loved how easy it was to get around the city on a bike.

I haven't done any clubbing there but the foreigners I know that have lived there say that the nightlife is really good, bettter than elsewhere in China. Less expensive and pretentious than Shanghai but still kind of international. I know at least one guy who moved back there *explicitly* for the girls.

It's pretty warm too and there's jungle/rainforest not far outside the city.

It has a little Tibetan community which is interesting but once you've eaten Tibetan food once, you won't want it again. Their butter tea is ok though.

Chengdu has these skewer shops where you buy a bunch of skewers with everything from vegetables to dumplings and then they stir-fry everything in chilli and serve it with rice, I loved chilli stir-fried dumplings, never got them anywhere else.

It also has the usual Sichuan dishes and especially hotpot, they argue about whether Chengdu or Chongqing has the best hotpot.
Ah ok thank you, not looking forward to having to mess around with a VPN every day just to use the internet

What a great response, printscreened for future reference

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>i'm not scared of plane crash
Probably are actually. This is a lack of control going on, and you have to just whelp, I have no control here, and it's in the pilots hands, not mine. Be right with God and the world and always know any day can be your last day, and then...let go.

I suppose you could understand more about the dynamics of airplanes and the procedures going on during landing from the cockpit? Recognize the change in pressure, wing flap noises, etc. Do some microsoft simulator?

If it's truly not anxiety... Do some roller coasters/themeparks, maybe feel some G Forces in a safer setting, get in line over and over. Start to enjoy it! Or take a sailing class, or waterskiing...turn your world upsidedown a bit. No one challenged your ears and equilibrium when you were a growing child, maybe.
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>Do some roller coasters/themepark
now that you mention,i DO have problem with these kind of things.i tried roller coasters as a kid and throw up afterwards.
You might actually want to get your inner ear checked at the doctor. Could be something wrong with your perception of gravity.
Pick a seat somewhat close to the wing of the plane, because thats likely close to the center of gravity.

Think of an aircraft like a see-saw.

Another tip is to eat a light meal, something like fruit or a salad before hand. There is also a technique aerobatic pilots use, take 3 rapid breaths, contract your stomach muscles, and repeat.

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>want to travel there in 2018, already planning
>supposedly they have a new Visa program
>can stay up to 5 days according to one website

Is this true? It says this is the case after February of this year for US citizens but I wonder if it will still be like this April 2018
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If you fly into the main airport in Minsk you don't need a visa for 5 days.
I don't expect that to change. The only reason they changed this was to open up to Europe and send it as a subliminal political message to Russia.

Tourists don't really go to Belarus, because it's boring as fuck.
It's not really worth going there unless you've already been all over Europe.

Ukraine would be a much better alternative.
most likely it will be like this in 2018, too. there is really no reason for them to close it. but nobody can look into the future.

belarus is interesting, depends what you look for though. minsk is a cool city, interesting urban planning. there's vitebsk, brest... depends on one's interests. i found 3 days in minsk to be a nice little holiday.
The reason I want to see Belarus, honestly, is Freedom Day. I plan on stopping by the Baltic states quickly, they all have 100 year anniversaries of when they initially declared independence next year. Belarus was independent for a year in 1918, declared March 25, but was quickly taken over by Russia - similar to the Baltics iirc. The current leadership in the country isn't too friendly to this, though; Because they Nazis used Belorussian symbols from 1918 to stir up national pride, the pro-Russian leadership sees it and paints it as a Nazi holiday.

But it's 100 years of independence, it was huge this year for 99, next year will be amazing

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Which one /trv/? (This includes Islands of Adventure)
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Depends on what you're looking for. I mean generally speaking Disney resort hotels are very good and most contain very good restaurants and bars in them. Epcot in particular and it's World Showcase has some great food and drink options. Also if you like the sappy and very inclusive themeing, then I think you'll like Disney World.

I think Universal has some really good thrill rides and some that are just bleh. Depending on crowds I can see spending a day at each park, but there are a lot of rides you can pass on and still enjoy the park.

Even as a cynical adult, I'd probably spend more time at Disney World. Just avoid going during the summer, most people in the park seemed like they were in a good mood when the sun wasn't blowing us out.
As an adult, with no experience in either place, I'd have to say Disney is your bucket list item. If you are trying to plan your trip, there's very little reason you can't do a day in each. When you compare adult themed activities, it depends on you, whether you want the harry potter experience which they spread across two parks and thus, two tickets, or whether you want to do the adult fun and food at EPCOT and still see some traditional rides and historical familiar things at magic kingdom in the various lands.

Like this guy said, >>1234233
do not go when it's stinking hot, or an actual school holiday. These parks are at capacity all day every day, and having to deal with humid heat, lines with more people in them for longer, and you run a bit less than zippy all day. Also, you'll buy more drinks so you don't die.
Been to both many times. Customer service and overall experience at universal pale in comparison to Disney. Disney has something for everyone, and even going back there 10+ times in 20 years, I still find something new to do each time.

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Hey guys, just returned from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka... If anyone has questions I will do my best to answer.... Will occasionally bump with pics
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What's your favorite short eat?
I really enjoyed those little deep fried fish croquettes....but most of the food was delicious.
I wish I had caught on to the deviled chicken earlier...
I just got back 3 weeks ago as well. Where all did you go.

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My friend and I are heading to Bucharest in a couple of months for vacation. Any suggestions of what to see/do?
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>Any suggestions of what to see/do?
Get a guide book and find a better city. :^)
I actually love bucharest. Not a nigger in sight.
OP, check out the Romanian Athenaeum, the interior is wondrous, and make sure to check out the Stavropoleos Church and soviet era architecture.
If you see a teenager breathing in and out of bag, keep away from them. Fucking glue sniffers.
Thanks for the advice!

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so i was planning a trip on June 30th with some of my online friends, we were gonna have a big meetup for the Anime Expo con that's in Los Angeles.

sadly, my visa got denyed. Apparently, the reason is because i don't have a steady, full-time job (i work irregularly for my family that owns 2 businesses) furthermore, i'm not in college atm and i'm 20 years old in less than 2 weeks

i'm a Croatian for the record, is there some loophole i can find to get a tourist visa approved? preferably within 20 days or so? if it takes longer than that, the plane ticket price will RAPE me

before anyone asks... i legit did not expect to get a fucking tourist visa turned down, shocked me more than anyone
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Check consulate website.
Most likely you can't.
just go to japan, you don't need a visa for real anime-land.

no, but seriously, us visa rules make zero sense, so i cannot say anything useful. like once they denied visa for my cousin, but her dad (my uncle) got the visa during the same application... (summer trip during college, etc.) they did not end up changing anything, yet both got it the next year.

point is to prove you really need to go back home. get married and a baby, and leave your wife and kid at home? lol buy a house. only post nice things on fb and gmail. getting to the us is a humiliating mess, even with esta...
Let's hope you get your visa waiver soon, with EU putting pressure on the US.

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I'm traveling from Germany to Lake Garda this summer with my family. My parents plan on flying out of Venice (most likely) shortly after but I plan on spending a an extra week or so down there. I want to go to Trieste and the Slovenian coast, my girlfriend wants to go to Rome (feasible by flying from Trieste to Rome or perhaps a train journey and flying back from Rome?)

Anyways, where should I go and what should I see?

I'm also looking at stopping in Bolzano or Trento on the way down to Garda.
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Don't bother with the slovenian coast, it's packed full of tourists.
If you have the time, rather go south to Istra, there's plenty of more secluded (or at least not bursting at the seams) beaches there.
Even Savudrija, which is very near the border is nice.

But do visit Piran on a day trip, it's nice.
Don't bother with Rome, trashy overrated city with a few interesting things, try Assisi, it has more of a Italy feel

Tell your girlfriend to go fuck herself and that Rome is shit
Shouldn't I at least go once in my life?

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Dubs decides place where I travel b4 I end myself
>has to be in Europe
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your home

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I will be going to Ljubljana soon. Is it worth paying to see the castle or not?
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You can enter the castle for free, only part of it is "payable" (the tower, musem of bullshit :). You can get a good view of Ljubljana froma the hill around the castle...for a good view go to NEBOTI─îNIK for a cup of coffe.
Not really worth paying anything desu, there are much better castles and views.
Well, it looks like shit, so probably not

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going to krakow for a week in june, got any recommendations of what to do? also any good pubs/clubs you can recommend?
also thinking of taking a train to warsaw to stay for a couple days, is this worth it?
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I thought Poznan was nice until I had my back tyres slashed, and a parking ticket - while parked 100% legally.

Poles are fucking savages, don't let appearances decieve.
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Going in July too, so bumping
Don't go to Warsaw, it's not that pretty and there is barely anything to see there. You should visit Wroclaw instead.

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What are some lively cities in Europe with a beach (preferably) that aren't infested by Brits, Swedes and Aussies?

Nothing against those 3 nations however anytime I've encountered them they have been a complete mess.

I'm 25 and still like to party and enjoy what's left of my 20s. But I'm far from the 18 year old that most of us were.

Also side question, what are some relaxing beach destinations in Europe?
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Odessa, Dubrovnik. You'd probably hate the russians more but hey, the women are hotter.
I've been to Dubrovnik. Might check out odessa.

Any Greek islands you'd recommend that aren't filled with Brits swedes or Aussies? Everyone I've been to has been. It ruins it for me.

I like partying some nights but sometimes I like waking up early going for a walk at 6 am and an early swim without seeing passed out Brits face first on the white asphalt.
Try Southwestern France / Northern Spain. The Aquitaine / Pays Basque coast is superb with world-class surfing, the Pyrenees are beautiful, and there are great places to spend some time, like hitting the Fete in Bayonne, or munching through the phenomenal food in San Sebastian. Most of the tourists seemed to be from elsewhere in France, and during the 5 months I spent there I only bumped in to one other Brit, so your infestation chance from us is low.

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Spending a couple days in Berlin in a bit - what do?
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You could tell us a little bit of things like where you are from, age and gender, and what sort of things you like.
>where you are from

>age and gender
19, Female

>what sort of things you like
Parties, white men
post feet

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