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>Irish-American quasi-heritage fag with ancestry in Cork and Kerry
>7 - 10 days in Ireland during summer
>Flying into Dublin
>Want to also see Belfast
>Interested in conflict/history, politics, culture, etc.
>Not a drinker but might like to go to pubs
What do?

Is this a good idea? It seems like it would be best to leave Kerry for the future:
>Dublin - 3 days
>Cork - 2 days
>Belfast - 2 days

Does that seem decent?
Can /trv/ recommend me stuff in those cities?
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>Dublin has gone to shit full of leftists and foreigners
>Belfast is a shithole
>Don't know about Cork

Go visit Derry
Go to the southwest.


Dublin is worth it as far as historical interest, but you'll be missing the natural beauty of Ireland.
>Irish-American quasi-heritage fag with ancestry in Cork and Kerry

You should literally mention that to everyone, they love when Americans talk about their Irish background.

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I've only smoked weed a few times and it never really did anything for me

Where in Amsterdam is a good coffee shop for a beginner weed smoker who doesn't know what they're doing?

I'm going to be there next sunday/monday
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Amnesia - Herengracht 133I, 1015 BG Amsterdam
Forgot to say. Ask the cashier how to use the vaporizer and tell him you want to use it. Best experience you'll have
I hope you're not trolling me

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Since Anon asked, I'll post a story or two.
Feel free to tell yours as well!
Also, while we're already here, why not gather some companions for the ongoing trips?

Original post:
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I don't have any really wild stories. Biggest achievement to date is hitching to Mauritania, but everyone seems to be doing that these days, and the trip was pretty boring.
Other trips of note:
>hitched from Scotland to Luxembourg in 48 hours
>got in nasty car accident while hitching Milford Highway in NZ
>hitchhiked fishing boats around the Persian Gulf

>Best trips, furthest travelled, nearest misses etc?

That's funny, because I had one trip consisting of those three points.

>a good friend of mine makes some friends gaming online
>they are from Britain, they invite him to Amsterdam, as they are going there anyway
>we are polish btw
>he tells me to go along and a girl overhears us and wants to join, cause drugs and party
>ok, let it be.
>she has no experience in hitchiking
>he has very little, but he can very well take care of himself and able to cope with any shit coming for him
>we go
>we only have one map
>everything is going smooth until the last bigger city before the border
>after 3 hours a car stops and tells us they can only take one
>decide they'll be better off without me, throw friends the map and get in the car
>they ought to drop me before the fork, they forget and get me to the border instead
>I wanted to be on the way to Berlin
>I'm now on the way to Dresden
>It's about 11PM, night. stand in the darkness thinking what to do
>voice from the darkness want's something
>"where are you going?"

>five minutes later I'm in a car going almost to Karlsruhe
Not what I really wanted, but still not bad for a night trip, This is when the guy tells me the best story I have ever heard (sorry for a longer backstory, it's important):

Can we get a couchsurfing thread? I had this really bad experience hosting for the first time and I need to vent.

>had this asian american female couchsurfer over
>said she needed a place for the weekend
>wants me to pick her up at the train station
>is well over 30 even though her profile said 26
>has like 4 huge and heavy bags with her that she couldn't possibly carried all the time herself
>asks me to carry that shit
>we arrive at my place and I ask her if she wants to go out with some friends grab a drink
>reluctantly says yes
>barely talks. doesn't drink. Any time i try to initiate a conversation she annoyedly replies with short answers
>this continues throughout the whole weekend. short awkward conversations
>ask her if she wants to see any sights. she just wants to stay in. watches cat videos on youtube all day
>doesn't go out. doesn't buy food. I guess I am supposed to feed her.
>complains about the food i cook because it has little bit of cheese in it and she claims to be lactose intolerant even though she took like 4 yogurts from the fridge without asking
>i just avoid her at this point and stay at my roommates room. can't wait for her to leave. don't want to leave the house and leave her alone with my stuff
>finally the last day. discloses to me that she will be back in two weeks to get the rest of her stuff because she can't carry all her luggage with her.
>she leaves only to call me 5 hours later to tell me that she "missed her flight" and need to stay another night
>refuse her even though she begs me and says she got no money because her money got stolen also
>feel like a piece of shit the whole day

I just wanted to host people to get reviews. But now I have serious doubts about the whole thing. I just felt used and wanted her to leave as soon as she arrived. Is couchsurfing always this horrible? Or am I just too socially inept?
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Didn't she have any reviews on her own?

I honestly don't like Couchsurfing very much. Unless I'm traveling in a developed country, the time it takes to find a decent host is enough to offset the cost of paying for a dorm room in a hostel.

When I was in Iceland back in 2014, I spent nearly two weeks petitioning people in Edinburgh and Glasgow to stay for a night. My profile was filled out and had a number of positive reviews, but the best I got was a "Maybe" from a man who bailed at the last minute.

Wondering what I was doing wrong, I checked the references for the folks who were active users. Almost without exception, the men who frequently hosted guests only took in single women or groups of women, while female hosts did exactly the same. If you're a single guy trying to find accommodation in the developed world, good fucking luck.

I did host a Nepalese couple when I was living in New Delhi. They were both friendly and bought me some food because I fell ill shortly after I arrived. No hassle and left me a positive reference.

CouchSufing is basically sex-surfing, IME.
I think you need more than one experience to make your mind on the matter. She was shitty but maybe the next one might be a delight to have stay over. By the sound of it you were a good host, and it may just take the right kind of person to appreciate that. Give it another go
So you are saying that it is easier to get a host in a third world country?
Could a single guy get a host without many reviews there?
I think that makes sense since the culture there tends to be more hospitable.

>Didn't she have any reviews on her own?

She had like one review but I figured it would be fair since I don't have any reviews myself.


I think that whole experience just made me realize that I don't have the energy to host and trust complete strangers in my apartment for more then a day. especially if they are completely passive and i feel the need to cater to them like I run hotel or something

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Hey, well-traveled gentlemen.

I am, for better and for worse, trying to create a two-week vacation with my significant other. I know now that I am the trope poster. Anyway. So far, the plan is basically this:

Rome for one week, then somewhere "nearby" for another week. The candidates for the "nearby" portion are Dubrovnik, Croatia; Sardinia, Italy/Corsica, France; or Innsbruck or Hallstatt, Austria. I want somewhere a little out of the beaten path for that second week. We're also American so we neglected to realize that airfare tickets between countries can sometimes be ludicrously cheap. Does /trv/ have any ideas for places to vacation "near" Rome? We've both only been to Europe for a week or in each of our pasts.

I'll dump a few pictures of some destinations that seem to be within about $200 USD from Rome.
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Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
Bergen, Norway
Dubrovnik, Croatia

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How effective would it be travel from one state to another via bus?
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It depends

t. knower
CA to OH
That would suck shit

I'm in need of a new suitcase and would like a sturdy suitcase that won't fail me within 5 years time. My dad's been using an old Rimowa Silver Integral for the past 25 years and it's still going strong. So I'm wondering, is Rimowa a meme or are they worth the price?
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/diy/ here. Can I make my own suitcase or do they tear it apart in customs for looking suspicious?

I've seen people using cardboard boxes as suitcases and such.
If you don't mind spending, then go with the Rimowa. Skip the bullshit ones with the zippers. Otherwise, my Samsonites have been sturdy too but for far less money.

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I have 24 hours in Gothenburg coming up. What should I do?
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take tram 11 to the archipelago and have a picnic on some random island with a cute swedish girl.
Universeum is nice. Nordstan is a haven for thieves and thugs in the evening. If you like art then you can check out the art museum near poseidon.
One of the best places to eat is teos Italian kitchen.
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Andra Långgatan

Yakida, Pustervik, Neff

"Kungsportsavenyn" area is pricey, but Cafe Taktik is cheap and has boardgames too

Generally. Its a nice, but small town. Relatively dead city core, except for Nordstan. Great shopping. You wont find better partying anywhere else in Sweden, but most fun is usually exclusive to illegal underground clubs. MDMA etc is common.

If its a nice day, consider taking a walk in Slottskogen. The only place in Sweden where public drinking is allowed... (Sweden sucks)

Archipelago is nice, but the sea is windy.

Is it ethical to visit North Korea?
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following this
Same as ethical than visiting USA
yes, perfectly.
you going or not won't change a single thing in the world or in north korea.

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I plan to move to Japan for a while sometime but how would I be treated as a bald male? I'm in my 20's still, so will I be treated as a criminal and not be able to talk to girls or make friends?
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You will be treated the same way you are treated anywhere. You will be as able to make friends as easily or not as you do now.

Why do people think moving to another country will change shit like this. If you are a rampaging sperg loner in your home country you will be rampaging sperg loner in Japan.
Because I've heard that baldness is more accepted in the U.S. than Asia
No one fucking cares.

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Hi, /trv/.

This thread is a mix of /trv/ and /m/. I'm a huge festie-chaser, which of course, means traveling as well.

Just back from Florida for Miami Music Week. Going to Electric Forest in Michigan in June and rural Washington State for Above & Beyond Group Therapy in at the Gorge Ampitheater in September. From what I heard, it's a pretty amazing place. Going by rental car for the scenic route, and to bring party favors, then flying back.

Any plans, stories, etc. for the rest of 2017?
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Finishing my exams in june and heading to a (semi) local festival the same day.
After that hitting a festival in Sweden and then Wacken in journey. Plan to spend most of the time between them travelling europe
Nice. Where do you live?
Im thinking of going to EDC Tokyo at the end of April. If I decide to go itll be the first time Ive been to a music festival alone- do you find it hard to meet people and find a crew for the day (if you go alone)? I wonder how common it is for other people to travel solo festivals too and are in the same position.

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What can you do to defend yourself from creatures while camping?


Long gone are days of taking your children out for camping and not have to worry about anything.
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00 12 gage

weapons are banned in the country you are camping in
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I got you, senpai.

This is what I did when I was in Central America and SEA to defend against rouge jaguars and tigers. I nevery had to actually use them but it was nice to have.

What you do is buy a can of hairspray or can flammable aerosol product and a lighter. And that's about it. Improvised flamethrower.

Practice with it first and be careful out there.

Been and raised in NY. I'm currently working minimum wage which is $11 an hour. My mother wants to move to North Carolina and she wants me to go with her.

Is there anyone that's gone there? Did you come from a metropolitan area and moved to a place like North Carolina? What was the biggest difference?

My plan was to get a job full-time and save money. Plus, there are plans for minimum wage to increase to $15 by 2018.
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Meant to put born and raised, not been.
NC is very popular with people from the North East. The city data forums, I haven't been there in years, though, is a good source of info
I'm from the Northeast originally, and have spent a lot of time in NYC, and I lived in NC for a few years. It's actually a pretty varied state, so where you live makes a big difference as far as changes to expect.

The Triangle region (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, sort of in the center of the state) is full of students, academics, and highly-educated professional types, including growing tech and biotech sectors. Lots of relocated Yankees, so it'll feel a bit less alien than a more rural area. Very good food, music, bar, and art scenes--between the three towns/cities I mentioned, there's enough going on to cobble together a metropolitan-style experience even without a real major city. But the area is sprawling--lots of suburban developments of McMansions-- and there is no public transit worth mentioning (bus systems exist but are not great or well-integrated), so you'll need to drive a lot. That may be the single biggest difference, along with the fact that locals will indeed speak with Southern accents and may seem uncomfortably polite. I lived in and really enjoyed Durham. Very cheap housing.

Asheville, out West, has lots of artists and retirees (also some students), in a physically attractive small city in a nice mountain setting. It will seem very small, but there will be stuff going on.

Charlotte is largely fancy-suburban and finance industry heavy--lots of banks and insurance companies. Just a little like a southern version of the Connecticut suburbs of NYC.

And then there's the coast, which Is beachy and seasonally busy.

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What is cheapest part of California to live in?
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out of places you'd actually want to live in i mean cause there is cheaper but riverside is still close to la and oc
Thanks. And the cheapest place near SF?

Why hostels just can't into bathroom shelves?
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>expensive ass hotel
>shower doesn't have a door
why the fuck

Sliding doors you fucking imbecile.

Also, hostel not hotel.

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