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How long do you normally arrive before a domestic flight?

I know 90 minutes is recommended, but what if I don't have any checked luggage?

I feel pretty stupid for asking this question, because I fly fairly often. However, I'm used to immediately setting off for an international destination rather than connecting in the United States.

On Monday, I have to take an airport connection bus. It leaves at 4:30am and arrives to the airport at 6:05am. My flight is at 7:30am. Do you think that's enough time for a domestic connection? The alternative is leaving at 2:30am and arriving at 4:30am, followed by a flight and six hour connection.

What do? Bus company says it has a 98% on-time rate, and I've used them lots before without problems.
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That's plenty of time because you'll skip rush hour traffic at that time of morning. If you can check-in online at home and print out your ticket or use an electronic ticket on your phone then you'll absolutely breeze through.
>How long do you normally arrive before a domestic flight?
I like to arrive at least an hour before. If security is quick, I don't mind killing time in an airport. Your 6:05 arrival for a 7:30 flight seems just fine to me, particularly, as noted above, if you're already checked in and don't have baggage to check.

My wife likes to cut things closer than I do--She prefers to arrive at the airport no more than an hour ahead of time. She's often even closer than that. And she's never missed a flight.
Keep in mind that the doors to the plane close earlier ten the departure time, of course.

And me, I like a little cushion in case traffic, security lines, a flat tire, and all that...

So I booked a flight through Expedia for NYC to Denver using Spirit Airlines. It was displayed as a layover in Dallas but now on Spirit it's shown at 2 separate flights. Now I have to pay to check my bag twice ($80 total) and pick it up during a 40 minute layover and get it checked for my second flight? Did I just get played by Expedia? Is this a common occurrence or anyone have experience with this?
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>So I booked a flight through Expedia for NYC to Denver using Spirit Airlines.
>it's shit

No shit
never flown with them before
I don't know if I would call it common, but it does happen.

There's a reason why lightweight packing/minimalist traveling is becoming more popular. So you don't have to deal with this kind of shit.

im gonna go to vegas in a few months. what things should i do/avoid?
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everything outside vegas
The strip
honestly ive done plenty outside of the strip because everyone gives that advise. do you have any specifics? what about stuff to do in any of the big casinos?
It really depends on what you like. I like the Dolphins and Tigers at The Mirage, there is a gun range called Battle Las Vegas or something that has some amazing packages. They have every weapon imaginable, so they have packages based on call of duty games and shit, you you can fire a variety of stuff (check the web site) I loved the Mob Museum in downtown. There was a band who did live karaoke at the hard rock, that was fun, but it was a few years ago. The HOFBRAU Haus is a fun thing, if you can get down with the Germans. Red Rocks is beautiful.

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I'm going to be going to l.a and I need to know if I should go to Universal or Disneyland
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>tfw i have enough good boy points to go to both
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Lucky what chores did you do to get that many
Showering and emptying my piss bottles once a week and wearing pants when I leave my room.

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hi everyone,

i am going to prague next week, can anyone recommend me some hostels? i have a few in mind from research already, but id like one that has more of a social atmosphere (ie people meeting up with randoms at the hostel and going out/doing stuff/etc.) which isnt easily detectable from the website

also general prague and surrounding area thread
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Hostel one home was pretty awesome last summer. Not the cheapest but there was free dinner every night.
ya i was looking at that one


is my short list, which one do you guys think looks most fun and social?
Hostel ananas is cheap, really clean and right in the centre of town

I've been out here for years, and I've noticed a real decline in what was once one of the joys of travel
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A combination of upmarket backpackers, marked reliance on overpriced meals, drinks and services has seen many places loose their goodwill

Many lack free water, open kitchens, and very few can be relied on to give honest advice because of commissions

It's time we paid more for rooms and reclaimed our travelling experience
Just becoming corporatized and samey, thanks to globalization.

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Hey all. I will be traveling to Cuba (from USA) soon with 3 other guy friends. Anyone have any good ideas/suggestions for places to stay in Havana? In the past I have used hostelworld app to look up backpacker hostels when traveling, but I do not see much for this so far in Cuba. Has anyone here stayed with a guest family and have anything to share about it?

Also, general tips for USA folk traveling to Cuba, since I know this is a relatively new option for us.
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Why would you go to Cuba? What a terrible idea
Cuba is shit my friend
Wikitravel is a pretty good resource for finding places to stay. that's what i used when traveling Iran and none of the booking sites had accommodation options. Sometimes it's out of date so if there isn't a link to an external website and just an email address confirm prices before making a booking.

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tfw been 1 month since coming home from your 7 month backpack trip.

What are your feelings after a long trip? Do you feel rejuvenated, depressed? Did travelling change you at all?

I didn't go to "find myself" or runaway from anything. I had a legit job for 4 years after uni, worked hard, and got a bit burnt out and wanted to do something interesting.

I have a job interview next week for a pretty good position, and I don't even care. All I can think about is, yeah sure, if i get, i'm going to fuck off after 12-18 months and go travel again.
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Keen to here the answers to this.

Currently considering ending a 3 year relationship to do this.
After my travels of typically a month at a time, I get about a week of feeling superb; relaxed, calm and happy to be home. This tends to fade quickly and a mild depression sets in. This is when I usually start planning my next excursion, or have a mooch through wherever EasyJet / Ryanair are flying to for ridiculously cheap from my local airport (Iceland is looking interesting at the moment...). Even a long weekend somewhere can be enough to keep my mood up for a bit.
Long term I just want to get my mortgage paid off (got another 6 years), sell the house and go and run a dodgy bar in a shipping container somewhere in central Asia.
>ending a 3 year relationship
I don't think it's worth it mang. I love traveling but after a few months away I want to come back home and start achieving some goals. Meeting new people all the time is great but eventually I get burnt out after it starts to feel a bit pointless having no continuity in any of your relationships.

Coming back from a long trip is always a shock to the system because normal life is so different to life as a tourist. I find the best way is to focus on the positives by getting out there and seeing friends/family and enjoying all the little things you missed while you were away. That helps to make you appreciative rather than resentful of the place you live. Most people don't really care about your travel, if you want to talk about it find that one friend who has traveled and is interested, or just call your mum. It's also important to hit the ground running and start working towards the goals your time away should have hopefully clarified. Also try to avoid sinking back into hold habits that will have hopefully been broken by your time away.

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Is kayaking the Volga river a good idea, or am i going to end up on a dashcam video being run over by a coal barge?
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There's so much of it I don't think traffic is your problem. Bad weather and where to camp at night without being raped and robbed is another thing.
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I guess a log boom could be an issue, but they're not particularly quick moving...

>Bad weather and where to camp at night without being raped and robbed is another thing.

You forgot the bears, wolves and several googolplex of mosquitos.

I'd go for it, OP.

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I'm trying to decide whether to move to:

San Francisco
New York City

Same job, roughly the same total income ($250-300k as a high-level software engineer). I'm a single early 30's guy.

Which would you choose?
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That's a tough decision.

I'd be happy in any of those cities at the end of the day but I'd probably be more inclined to do NYC.
I suppose you could always relocate.

That's what I'm thinking right now- move to NYC to enjoy the dating/social scene and then relocate to Seattle for the outdoors and the lower cost of living when I end up engaged and really want to settle down.

I love the Seattle lifestyle and lived there for many years but socially and dating-wise it's beyond awful.

You don't want to be in range of Kim's nukes when you've just gotten your dream job.

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sup /trv/ never posted here before

going to be visiting LA for about a week this August

anyone who lives there or has experience in the area recommend any dive bars, hole in the wall type places? these are the places I am most comfortable in and would like to experience whatever small piece I can in my short stay

I never really trust blogs, newspapers lists for these types of things because they all ultimately end up seeming kinda bourgie and suburban. the city I live in has some great dives, character infested places, but they never seem to make the lists
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nobodayyy? no long time los angelans here?

dive bar bump
You're best bet in LA would not be to go to dive bars and stick to chains. Going to dive bars in LA can get you in a good about of trouble

Philippe's Hot Dip sandwiches. 1001 Alameda St, Los Angeles, CA

Not a bar, but good, classic roast beef dips. I wish I still lived there so I could eat one whenever I wanted.

Hey guys,

Did any of you use a guidebook when walking El Camino? If so, would you recommend it?

General pro-tips are also recommended - I start walking on April 17th and I'm pretty pumped. Doing Camino Frances + probably finisterre & maybe to portugal if I have any gas left in me. Walking it in Vibrams and not listening to music, so it should be a bit of a challenge.

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Forgot to say that when I looked it up, it looked like Brierly guides were a good bet. But then I narrowed the search down to the past year and it seems like the opinion's changed drastically/everyone says they're just word-heavy.

I just want to know when to call it so I can find a place to crash/not get screwed by trying to walk too much in one day.

Also, let's say that I hypothetically meet a qt3.1416...what are options like for finding a room? Or is it all pretty much albergues/dorms outside of the major cities?
Don't be sorry -- I was going to make one as well.

If you haven't seen this woman's videos, you should check them out:

I have nothing to add but I'll lurk here, and good luck on your trip.
just take a train there. It's not that great

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Where are you going next?
Why did you choose that particular country/region?
How are you preparing?
What are you most looking forward to seeing?
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>In July, a 2 week trip to Barcelona, Berlin, and Prague, but Berlin and Prague are not a certainty
>It will be my first solo trip, and a Europe seems like a good place to do that. Plus, I have been to Barcelona before and love the city. I am thinking of Berlin because of the nightlife, and partying is one of the reasons for the trip. Prague seems to be on everyone's list, so I'm seeing it because I hear it's a great city.
>I haven't started preparing yet, and I'm not sure how to begin.
>I am really looking forward to seeing La Sagrada Familia.
If anyone has tips for me, I would love to hear them.
I'm going to China
I'm learning the language and this was a very inexpensive school sponsored trip
Besides filling out paperwork and attending class, I've been researching what china is like a little bit
I'm not sure yet

Anyone been to Beijing or Shanghai?
Leaving tonight from Australia to go to Switzerland, then to see a friend in Serbia and ultimately ending up in the UK on a 2 year working visa

quite nervous tbqh

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Greetings /trv/,

I'm thinking in a travel to Andes and I saw there are some good low fare companies in both Peru and Colombia (in this country, which also goes abroad) and I planned a monthly trip doing this:
5+1 days in Peru
4 days in Cuzco/Machu Pichu
4 days in Medellin
5+1 days in Bogota
4 days in Cali
4 days in Cartagena
4 days in Barranquilla
Question 1: do you think it is a good lenght - particulary to Cuzco?
Question 2: does anybody know whether those low fare companies in that region are any good?
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>I'm going to travel to Andes
>Barranquilla and Cartagena

I mean, I get that Cartagena is the classic tourist trap but why are you calling it an Andes trip if those cities aren't even part of the Andes.
>4 days in Cuzco/Machu Pichu
Make it 6. There are itineraries for a million tour companies that show you exactly what to do - Sacred valley, then machu pichu, then cusco, over 6 days.

>4 days in Medellin
>5+1 days in Bogota
Skip Bogota and just spend that time in Medellin.

>4 days in Cali
Spend longer here.

>4 days in Cartagena
2 nights is more than enough. Check Tinder, the regular local girls don't care about foreigners but the hookers on Tinder are the best in Colombia.

>4 days in Barranquilla
There is absolutely zero reason to spend that time in Barranquilla. If you're after the girls, realize that you won't get anywhere unless you spend at least a week or two there. I'd say spend it in Minca (behind Santa Marta) instead.
Certainly agree with this in terms of way too much time in Bogota and Barranquilla. I think Bogota is worth it for 2/3 days though.

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What's the deal with the 2x2 photo that I have to have when I apply for a new passport? Can I pay them to take one at the post office or can I easily make one at home? I don't have a color printer or anything.
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Go to any walmart/CVS/Walgreens and they will do it for you for $20. It's shitty but much better than getting delayed because you tried to take the photo with your phone.
I was reading about doing it at cvs. I wouldn't mind running by today and doing it. Will having hat hair or anything impact my photo? I know the govt is pretty crazy about their passport specifications
The pic can be absolute shit, as long as it is identifiable as you, you are good to go.

My wife's pic is so over-exposed I expected them to have rejected it, but they accepted it and nobody worries about it when she travels.

ID pics are proverbially bad.

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