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What is there to do in Northern Italy besides Venice and Florence?

I will be in Slovenia during summer and I would like to spend some time in Italy, but I'm afraid of the cost...I would like to keep it to around $60 or 70/day if possible.

Is that possible in Venice/Florence and other places around there if we mostly stick to walking around aimlessly, stay away from fancy restaurants, and sometimes go into museums?
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Are you the average tourist who thinks about every countries in the same way? Italy is not Japan, where you have Tokyo and Kyoto to see and then you're done. Trieste, Milan, Turin, Verona, Mantova, Padova, Bergamo, Bologna, Ferrara, Ravenna, Genova are all wonderful cities to visit and to hang out. Check them out on Google Images if you have any doubts.

>I would like to keep it to around $60 or 70/day if possible
If you're going to stay in hostels and B&Bs is perfectly affordable. The cheapest ones cost about 30 euros a night, just beware the availability because in summer time they're usually crowded, so book your rooms in advance. As regards food, you can easily spend 15 euros per person in pizzerias and 20-30 euros in restaurants if you don't eat like a pig. Bars always have sandwiches and stuff anyway.

Venice is the only "fly in the ointment", because it has mainly higher prices, especially for sleep (it's small, so obviously hotel rooms are limited).
>Japan, where you have Tokyo and Kyoto to see and then you're done

I think you are pretty clueless m8.
What other cities should one visit in Japan?

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HI /trv/, I'm a US citizen studying computer science, and I wanna know more about PR. I'm considering spending some of the fall semester (up to three months) hanging out there to practice my Spanish as I take online courses for university.
Would I get bored WWOOFing it for the whole time? Would I have enough time in the day to do coursework?
Considering Mayagwez (pic related).
Besides WWOOF, do I have a chance of securing a temporary job without fluency in Spanish? I'm okay with living in sublet rooms or bedsits and taking a net monetary loss over the course of the visit.
Thanks homies.
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You gon' get mugged
>HI /trv/, I'm a US citizen studying computer science, and I wanna know more about PR.

It exists because tourism and drugs, that's why it's not a state.

>I'm considering spending some of the fall semester (up to three months) hanging out there to practice my Spanish as I take online courses for university.

You probably shouldn't go to places that don't speak English, even more so anything besides English is pretty useless in compsci.

> do I have a chance of securing a temporary job without fluency in Spanish?
There is literally no job market for CompSci in PR, you'd be better just living in Tuscon, New Mexico, or very southern California
Don't go to Mayaquez, stay on the east coast, preferably San Juan. There is plenty to do out there and also a good base to travel the rest of the island. Even though Mayaguez has a lot of students, probably you'll feel a bit isolated from the rest of the island.
There are places to learn Spanish and lots of people speak basic English. I would suggest at least learning some basic Spanish and staying away from bad neighborhoods like La Perla (even though very iconic and beautifully located) in San Juan. Don't hang around caserios (housing projects) and just use common sense. I used to live, work and study there for a while and had a good time.

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Hello /trv/, I'm going to bali this summer, anyone of you went there ? Anything I should absolutely do, eat... ?
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>Anything I should absolutely do

If you see any Australians, just pretend you don't speak English, turn 360 degrees and walk away.
Someone on /trv said it's easy to fuck local girls in Bali as a white male. I'd try that.
after miles of Australians? No thanks

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So I'm going to be in the US for about a month and a half and want to see a lot of cities but on a budget. This is my first time travelling in another country solo, so I'm a little bit daunted, but very excited. I'm 25, M from the UK. I'm definitely visiting:

San Francisco
Las Vegas (I already have most of this part planned as I'm going to be playing poker most of the time, but would like to see the Grand Canyon and experience some of the nightlife)
New York City (and staying with a friend upstate in Rochester)

I'm thinking about Toronto and Montreal too. How easy is it to go between the US and Canada?

Any recommendations on things to see?
Cheap places to stay?
What's the best way to travel between places?
Anywhere else you'd add to my list?
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Is that a big fava bean? yummy!
Have a look on http://www.citypass.com

They sell ticket bundles for the biggest attractions in all of the major cities, including Toronto at a 40-50% discount.
>not going see the big easy
>going see chicago
Why? Chicago fucking sucks

Trust me, hit New Orleans, it's unlike any city you've ever been too guarenteed, you can also try some real food for once instead of your British shit

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I'm going to be heading over to UK/Europe for the first time with no concrete plan of action. I want to travel light, but it seems like there are a LOT of essentials that I won't have room for. Pic related is what I'll be using. Will you help me out and let me know what I don't really need? I will likely be trekking often. Here is my current packing list:

>1 pr Jeans
>1 pr non-denim Pants
>1 pr Shorts
>2 long-sleeved shirts
>2 tank tops
>2 regular t-shirts
>1 summer dress
>1 'smart'/dressy top
>7 prs Undies
>2 Bras
>3-7 prs Socks?
>1 waterproof jacket
>1 cardigan
>1 pr Hiking boots
>1 pr nice flats
>digital camera
>smart phone
(Questionable) Toiletries:
>tea tree oil
Misc. Tools:
>Anti-attack/wolf personal security alarm >110DB
>Wysi Wipes
>duct tape
>Head lamp

*I do work from my laptop

What do you think? Too much? I'm worried it all won't fit :S
Unrelated: where in England should I hit up before heading east?
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Seems legit, however some things that stick out
>7 shirts/tops
is probably more than you need, I'd say 4-5 is better.
>3-7 pairs of socks
I think go for about 5-6, you can usually get 2 days out of socks if you air them out when you're not wearing them.
>Hiking boots
Have a think about whether these are really necessary. Boots are good if you're going in really rough vegetation but otherwise a decent pair of walking shoes or trail runners is better - they're lighter, cooler, cheaper, more comfortable and don't look so out of place in an urban setting. If you've already made a purchase just stick with what you got but yeah, I've backpacked all over and can't think of many times where I would have wanted full-on boots instead of walking shoes.

Only way to know for sure if it will fit is to try and put it in the bag. Another thing with that bag is it doesn't look like it has a hip belt. Hip belts aren't that important in day bags but if you're carrying any significant weight for any significant amount of time they make a huge difference. Human shoulders/upper back muscles have far less endurance than the hips and legs, and this difference is especially pronounced in females.
Thanks for the advice!
Couldn't imagine why you would need tape and a head lamp if you aren't going to be away from civilization for more than a day.

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Gonna be flying to Amsterdam in a few hours, and staying there for two nights. I'll be visiting some museums, as well as taking a tour to Voldendam and the windmills and shit, but aside from that I don't really know where to go or what to do.

What am I missing from my itinerary?
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Weed. Hookers.

tfw those are my city's unique selling points
Just a tip, never post that on /k/
That's where I got it though

What are the best hotels in Vegas /trv/?
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For a faggot like you I suggest the black gay brothel by the LV dump.
The best hotels are the ones off the strip. I forget the name, but the New Orleans-themed one is supposed to be an acceptable one. You gambling odds also increase as you get further away from the strip. You're still going to lose most of the time, but not as often.
The camelot is pretty cheap and also near the strip. Thats where i get my room.

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Lisbon to Bilbao.png
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I will be visiting Portugal/Spain in July with the route Lisbon > Madrid > Valencia > Barcelona > San Sebastian > Bilbao over 16 days. Anyone who has visited any of these places have any suggestions for quality things to do? Any hidden gems, perhaps?
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Tell us what you're interested in. What counts as a "hidden gem" to someone interested in history and culture will be different to a "hidden gem" for someone interested in weed and psytrance.

If you're interested in history and culture, then a hidden gem in Portugal is Tomar, about 90 minutes by bus from Lisbon; the site of an old crusader castle. Sintra is very much on the tourist map but it's worth a day trip from Lisbon and Toledo is worth a day trip from Madrid.
If you're in San Sebastian, just pig out on the food - I don't recall having eaten so well anywhere at any time.
I'm very much into historical and cultural sites so will take a look at that, thanks

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How old were you when you started traveling
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Going for the first time next month. Going for 3 months, I'm 20
First solo trip was a month after my 20th birthday.
Although I'd done a few domestic trips before that but I don't think they count for too much
Travel in general, six or seven I think? My parents liked traveling and every year we'd take a tent and just drive around some European country for a few weeks.
First self-organized trip without family was at 18, went for a week to Istanbul with a bunch of friends. First solo travel was a month in Japan at 24.

I'm going to visit Riyadh, KSA soon. Is there any cool and historically relevent places for a guy whose clearly not muslim to see in or near Riyadh?
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you can google "what to do in riyadh"
Is it for work? Nearly impossible to get in as a tourist.
i've heard there's a gore show on the chop-chop square on fridays

I have a cross country trip in the USA. Should I take a train or plane? Which is actually safer?
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Look OP, there are a handful of "scenic trains" routes in small specifically scenic sections of the US railway system with great vistas (and not warehouses that usually surround tracks that people don't want to live next to and so didn't), and otherwise, trains are stupidly inferior to planes. Only the good routes have nice seats, nice clientele, business commuters, vacationing wealthy retirees, etc.

Just get on a nonstop flight and be done with it. It will be cheaper, and yes, safer.

If you want an old timey train experience, tell us where you're willing to stop, and train it from there, and someone can suggest a portion of the colorado river, like SLC to Denver on the Silver Zephyr or maybe something sensible like the overnight with dinner/wine/movie and giant seats on the Auto Train from Orlando to DC
I highly recommend taking Greyhound buses, it's the only way to get an authentic American experience.
24x cosmic radiation is anything but safe

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I'm thinking about spending a few months in Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and possible in Curitiba and Floripa in Brazil. Can anyone offer any non-bs opinions on the safety of these places? I understand bad things can happen anywhere (I've lived in NYC my whole life), but I kind of wouldn't want to get stabbed or shot on vacation.
While looking on the internet, I'd get varying opinions from things like "you'll get stabbed in broad daylight in Buenos Aires" to "you have nothing to fear, you can walk around at night without a problem". Does anyone have real advice/experiences? Is it okay to assume that, for the most part, I'd be able to stay away from violent crime/mugging if I try to blend in clothing wise, know which neighborhoods to stay away from, and learn a bit of the local language (Spanish dialect) I should be fine? Or is it better to skip S.A for now?
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I live y Buenos Aires. Is like every where, you need to know where to go and where not. Buenos Aires city is big, but if you think in de near cities (AMBA) are 13 millon people. You will go to some tourist places and stay a few days, you will be fine. Night is relatively secure. Come on spring or summer. Avoid look like a tourist, too obvious.
They're not first world countries so you should exercise caution. Don't flash your mobile or cash.

Stay at the best neighborhoods. Dress for the place/occasion you're going. Don't wander at night except in affluent neighborhoods and if the locals do the same.

General streetwise, anon.

t. brazilianthat had been in every single city in your list
Thanks for the help :) I'll probably be going in January or so. Would you say its comparable to any European city in terms of safety? Also, Since Argentina is pretty diverse, being tall, blond hair and blue eyed wouldn't be a dead tourist giveaway?
Thanks :)

Warsaw sucks, don't come here. Krakow was alright, but also overrated and small (not much to do unless you're religious desu).

But Berlin and Prague are really cool
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Go to Lublin
Warsaw is not overrated, all Polish says that it isn't worth to know, which is not that true. Have you been in museum of Warsaw Uprising at least?
But stay only one day. It's a meh city.
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Did you just hang out at the market square or were you just to lazy to do some actual sightseeing?


i already booked a flight so i kinda will go anyway but how safe is traveling to the philippines atm?
just read about hostages being taken by militant groups (communists and also islamists), apparently mostly in the south of the country.

anyone recently been there or knowing more about the issue? thanks :)
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No, very dangerous. Don't leave the airport or you'll get kidnapped.
This is not true. You can take the armored shuttle from the airport to the adjacent Maximum Security Budgetel in relative safety.
If you're white, especially with blonde hair and blue eyes, you're a target to pickpockets but that's pretty much it. Some parts of the south you'd want to avoid due to the MILF, but you won't have to deal with that stress in most large cities. Just thieves and scammers. Lots of other places to see if you want to avoid the south in general (but don't miss out on Siargao!).
Most people have great English compared to the rest of SEA, so you'll be fine.
Source: I grew up there and spent 20+ years in the PH.

What's your itinerary like?

pic related
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i've been to all three, and china>>>korea=japan

inb4 butthurt weeaboos
Tbqh I like Korea better than japan. I can see the appeal of Japan if you are into Anime, but Japan is like paying 2-3x as much for just as much shit to do.

t. English teacher who has lived in both and keeps renewing my contract in Korea because it is a better place to live.

China is decent but everyone in the cities is fat and rude. Still huge and full of so many different cultures. Always worth a visit.
Actual non retarded version is

Japan > Korea > China >
if we are using other countries still

Japan > Singapore > Taipei > Korea > China

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