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I can choose to either go to Malaysia, Indonesia or Papa New Guniea.

Which one should I choose, and what should I do there? Would love some cool suggestions. Thank you.
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You got some pretty shitty choices OP
don't listen to them
where are you travelling from OP? Australia or NZ? Malaysia, Indonesia and PNG are relatively cheap travelling from AUS or NZ so that why I'm asking.


Anyone traveled with Amtrak before? Thinking about going on a trip this fall or next spring with my girlfriend. The Southwest Chief, California Zephyr, Empire Builder, and City of New Orleans all interest me. We will probably do one way in a roomette (maybe a bedroom) and fly back after spending a few days in the destination city.

Any tips, tricks, stories, things to avoid regarding Amtrak? Anyone every done these routes?

Much appreciated.
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I've done a few long Amtrak trips, definitely go with the roomette. It's comfy as fuck. Otherwise it's too much like long-distance bust travel. If you treat the train trip as part of your holiday and don't worry if the train runs late, which is often does, you'll have a good time. When I did the Empire Builder about 5 years back they had fun little things for the Roomette master race like wine tasting. I don't know if that still happens.
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Yeah we'd definitely treat it like part of the holiday. And from what I've read, dining car meals are included for people who've booked rooms.
That's right. Quality wasn't great, from what I recall, but better than an airline.

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I know some people do meetups here but do /trv/ ever organize travelling together? It doesn't matter how big or small the group is. I'm a late bloomer and 30 years old. I just want to get away for awhile. (it doesn't even matter where as long as it's not my country (Australia)). Naturally I was pretty sheltered growing up and I think it would provide lots of comfort and sense of security if I'm not alone.

tldr: do /trv/ ever organise trips?
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Trv is too hardcore for groups. We travel solo and only to dangerous countries
I'd be interested. World is a big place and unlike the rest of 4chan, we are spread geographically more even rather than mostly america and maybe a few other countries. Sometimes people meet 1 on 1 on /trv/ though, I'm hoping to do that with a /trv/ person in the UK thread.
The point of travelling is so you feel unsafe and uncomfortable though

Hey /trv/, I'm planning on making this roadtrip from Portugal to Shenzhen. Can I drive in Europe and Asia on my South Dakota plates?
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No you're not.
so is that a no on the plates?
what he's trying to say is that you're a baiting LARPer

Any recommended "michelin star" restaurants in paris?
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>any recommended recommended restaurants?
>what about recommended recommended recommended?
If only there were a list of Michelin star restaurants. Ideally in book form..
Do you have a good budget? Try Arpege.

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How is turkey for travel atm? Flight + hotel packages for alanya are really cheap now, is it just a tourist hellhole?
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Perfectly safe, stay away from the South-East and you have nothing to worry about.
Alanya is nice but very touristy.
If you're not a journalist and not someone Erdogan doesn't like (Gülen movement) you should be fine.
I like Turkey but assume everybody is trying to scam you because they are. Every merchant will short change you, inflate prices or "accidentally" change the price from Liras to Euros while Mehmet distracts you hoping you don't notice as you pay with a card. Later when you try and dispute the charge they'll keep sending fake paperwork to the credit card company. Every restaurant you go to there will be extra drinks and shit added to the bill. If you say "I didn't order these" a corrupt cop on the bar/club/hotel payroll magically appears who insists you pay. Then there's all the scammers who try and get you to go for a drink to "a great place I know" which is a classic scam done all over the world but in Turkey the police are part of the scam http://www.turkeytravelplanner.com/details/Safety/SingleMaleScams.html

Finally when you leave the country you will be scammed again when the police claim the knockoff trinkets in your bag are "historic artifacts" and try and charge you with smuggling, saying you need to pay them 1000 Euro fine or go to jail. If you buy anything there ship it home yourself with the receipt included don't go through the airport with it. This is a common scam as agents can label anything they want 'artifacts' http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-turkish-prison-chicago-vacation-met-20150306-story.html

Turkey's a great place but would be better if Erdogan stopped all the scamming by corrupt cops and merchants after he becomes dictator for life

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Hiya all,

I'm finishing uni next year and plan to take 6 months off to travel around starting mid February and have decided that I will start off in Asia somewhere (before moving off too USA/Europe for their summer).

Basically, I feel like i'm getting old (even though I'm not really as ill be 23, call it a quarter life crisis) so I want to do a big backpacking backpacking trip before I start working where i can hangout with other young backpackers, find some chill places, do some exploring, drink beer, do (soft) drugs & party every second night. Not interested at all in prostitutes, so don't take that into account.

I have two major options in Asia, I can either start in Thailand in February, work my way up then go through Laos then end up in China (with a NK side trip) for a month before flying back down and going to India. Alternatively I can start in India, do India & Nepal (& some Pakistan maybe) for 2 months then head over to SEA and do Thailand & Laos (with a little bit of China).

Basically the question is, where would be better to start off. I know the further into the year it gets, the less backpackers there are, So ideally i'd want to do the country that gets quieter first. I've backpacked in Eastern Europe during the winter and know how shit it is trying to find people to hang with in the off peak.

>going to asia in feb
>should i go to india or SEA first
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If you go to SEA you are missing out if you don't at least take a weekend in Vietnam and Cambodia. I recommend both over laos anyhow.
india is amazing and will be more of a culture shock compared to south east asia. south east asia will have more people to hang out with and party, you can party in india but it's more men oriented.

Have already been to all of SEA aside from Burma.

Cambodia I've been to twice, and although its nice and has a great backpacker vibe, i feel like I've seen everything there and I'm in no hurry to go back.

Vietnam was great and I could possibly go back there again, I would like to see more of the north if possible as I wasn't the biggest fan of the south, the issue is if I want to go to Laos its very hard to find a route that goes through both without needing multiple entry visas or going back on itself.

Have also been to Laos but have only seen Vientiane and Vang Vieng so I want to see the rest of it.

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I'm going to Denver tomorrow and won't be to far from Coors stadium. Besides the standard shit online sending me to tour attractions what are the good spots? Any decent bars with good ladies or any bad ass dispensaries I Wil be there all weekend please anything to keep my busy and checking things out would be appreciated.
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I suggest staying at the the hostel near there. It has a cute name I cant remember but there is a bar filled with travelers and fun stuff happens out of there. If there is a good group (and there usually is) you might even make lifelong friends.
around coors stadium there's lots of garbage gentrified dime-a-dozen-find-in-any-major-US-city bars there. visit el chapultepec. There's a pretty cool rooftop bar on the same road (you'll be able to see it) but it would suck going there alone, imo.

if you want to buy weed, i'd suggest taking a bus and heading east on colfax. weed gets cheaper the further you go, they all sell the same quality shit. yeah, it's "sketchy" for denver but denver's one of the safer cities i've been too.

and for ladies, good luck, women there are afraid of their own shadows

i'd check out the capitol building, and the park nearby, there's some interesting architecture around there

denver's a pretty boring city and it's head is up its ass
Thanks I would like to check out the rooftop bar i love nice scenery. I also thought that I might get hosed by buying from a dispensary coogle recommended. Do you know of any other festivals going on there now?

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Hi guys,

I really want to check out Borneo, but the problem I'm facing is that it is incredibly difficult to get there. Me and the gf have 3 weeks to go there in September and our plan is the following:

Day 1: Fly to Bangkok from Yurop (direct flight)
Day 2: Bangkok
Day 3: Bangkok
Day 4: Fly from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur
Day 5: Kuala Lumpur
Day 6: Kuala Lumpur
Day 7: Fly from KL to Brunei
Day 8: Brunei
Day 9: Bus from Brunei to Sabah/Kota Kinabula (8h bus)
Day 10: Saba/Kota Kinabula
Day 11: Saba/Kota Kinabula
Day 12: Saba/Kota Kinabula
Day 13: Saba/Kota Kinabula
Day 14: Saba/Kota Kinabula
Day 15: Fly from Kota Kinabula to Singapore
Day 16: Singapore
Day 17: Singapore
Day 18: Fly from Singapore to Bangkok
Day 19: Fly from Bangkok to Yurop

Not sure if the schedule would be too heavy and if there's some shitty places. I'm kind of thinking of leaving Brunei out, as I have no idea what there is to do there except the mosque and checking it off the bucket list.

Also, if anyone has some advice on what to do in Borneo, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm freaking out due to the huge amount of info and mixed opinions on it (palm plantations). We aren't Real Travelers™, but are somewhat more adventurous than others. We prefer hotels over hostels.
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I took a boat trip down the Kinabatangan River and wasn't that impressed. Wildlife is easy to see but that's just because it's a thin strip of forest between the shoreline and the palm oil plantations. You also come across piles of rubbish floating down the river.

If you want to visit a more pristine place in Sabah go to Danum Valley. It's pretty expensive but not too bad if you stay at the field centre. The rainforest is some of the most intact left in Borneo.

You could also climb Mount Kinabalu. Stay with Jungle Jack. He's a cool guy and can organise it reasonably cheaply.
> Danum Valley

Looks pretty cool. How do you actually get there? I always think of Borneo as being jungle without any access to the mainland, but this seems a wrong assumption. Are there frequent busrides to this valley etc?

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Qatar. Am going there on business, will have one free day. Guys I am doing business with are setting up the usual dune-bashing, camel-riding thing because there is a law in gulf states that you have to do those.

On the free day, though, what's the one thing I ought to be sure not to miss? Do they have a good traditional souk? A museum of any sort? I really know very little about it, other than having been there once before, also on business, with no free day beyond doing the obligatory dune-bashing and camel-riding. Pic related, that one in the middle was my camel. He's probably been eaten by now, or something, and besides I don't remember his name, so I won't be looking him up...
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Are you saying that it's mandatory by law to go and ride a camel as a visitor?
Expat who's spent the past year in Qatar here:
The best Souk to check out is Souk Waqif, which conveniently happens to be within walking distance of the Museum of Islamic Art. Aside from those two attractions and your desert activities, there isn't a whole lot else. There's a water park outside Doha near the Air Base, and there's more fucking malls than I care to count.

Mall of Qatar is brand fucking new, but it's way out of the way, just past Education City. There's the Villagio, which is fairly nice, but clearly a rip-off of the Bellagio, minus the casino lol. You might also want to check out Aspire Park, which is close to the Villagio. There's a kick-ass burger place called "Burgeri." Fantastic cheeseburgers.

There's also City Centre, but that place is kind of a dump. I only go there because it's within walking distance of my apartment, and it's got a grocery store.
As far as the night life goes, there's a few places to choose from. You've got the Irish Harp, Glow Bar, Trader Vick's, the Intercontinental, Champions, the Pearl, Sherezad, and Crystal.

Beware though, getting drunk in Qatar is fucking expensive, and some of the clubs I listed require you to bring a girl, or your ass isn't getting in. You might be better off seeing if any of your business associates have a QDC card. That card allows them to purchase personal booze at the only fucking liquor store in the country.

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How difficult would it be to purchase and operate a bed and breakfast in Europe? Say Italy, or France. The prices are generally pretty low, and I assume you could do pretty well if you have a good marketing strategy.
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It's not too crazy - I have friends who have done the same in France. Be sure to get the co-operation of the local Maire's office, winning them over will be crucial to your plans as any changes you want to make will need their approval. If they're on board, you'll have a smooth ride. A personal trek to the Hotel de Ville to introduce yourself and outline your plans will be a good start, as will an expansive and expensive lunch to "discuss the finer details"...
Contact a local realtor about it, they can give you guidance on what, if any, hoops need to be jumped through
depends on the country where you come from.. European passport, yes possible.. are you from outside the EU forget it paperwise, unless you have a multi million dollar account.

It's a big hassle in general in Italy..

Need a building permission ? Takes 3 to 5 years.. Need a B&B licence.. takes 5 years easily...

that's why those things are for sale so cheap.. nobody can do anything with them really.

Also the cost for heating of those places are insane as they are badly isolated and very big.

And you need to money to the local mafia also.

Any travel tips about airplanes?

I want to buy ticket cheap.
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When United ended their buddy pass program for international flights, that made the flights almost free, I wasn't upset because I could justify never having to fly United again.
error fares, fly from hubs, buy in advance, budget airlines, skyscanner, skiplagged

People talk about quitting and traveling on this board all the time. But how many do it? Share your stories. I just saw this one on FB. Her in the pic:

I DID IT! This past Friday, I quit my (dreadful) corporate HR job.
Saturday, I moved out of my apartment.
Sunday, I (over)packed my backpack
Monday, I hopped on a flight to Mexico with a one-way ticket
I am currently on the beach drinking a Pina Colada and celebrating such a big life change! Totally crying all over my tacos right now.

I plan to backpack throughout Central America and make my way to South America - sharing those experiences(via photo, video, and writing) along the way.

I spent 2 years MISERABLE in a job that I started just out of college. I was grateful to be making money but I dreaded showing up to work everyday and doing the same exact thing over & over again...just like a robot. I was so miserable and my dissatisfaction spilt into other areas of my life as well. Along the way, I continued to travel as I could and blog after work. That was the ONLY thing I looked forward to - traveling and encouraging others to do the same. So, I saved up for the inevitable.

I was so conflicted about whether I should leave such a "good" and "normal" lifestyle behind for something so unconventional. "Maybe I'm just not grateful enough?", I thought. Then my right mind would kick in and tell me that there had to be another way. All of my friends felt the same way after graduating and joining the "real world" with our "big girl" jobs.

Nope. I couldn't do it. And I honestly feel like travel helped me take the leap. Travel has constantly pushed me outside of my comfort zone, reminded me that everything will be okay in the end, and shown me that the world truly is our oyster.
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It is SUCH a privilege to be able to dream. Many people are merely trying to survive...that's all they can do. However, I know that I have a huge amount of privilege as a first world, college educated woman. I know that I am doing a disservice to myself and the world if I don't take advantage of that privilege. I am doing a disservice to those that only wish they had the ability to follow their dreams.

So here I am. I don't know what life will be like in the next year or the next 5 months but I'm happy knowing that I'm taking steps towards the directions of my dreams.

PS - this picture was just taken in Tulum. A place I previously visited with an ex. A place that I didn't know I'd be able to handle solo(emotionally). But here I am, dammit. And I'm so proud of myself.

Follow that dream! & for those asking...you can follow along at www.heyciara.com & www.instagram.com/hey_ciara


Also, I know a question I may get is "how am I affording this". Well...

Although I hated my job, I got paid pretty well..something I don't take for granted. The good pay combined with my dissatisfaction got me here. I saved up for the past 2 years, knowing I'd eventually make this move. I had a roommate(cut living costs in half), didn't get a new car after college so I wouldn't have a car note, no cable, took trips but still kept a budget, stopped shopping, limited eating out, etc. I am VERY grateful to be able to do something like this.
Use the internet better and you'll find the answer to your questions. It's possible without the "I quit my job" meme

Holly molly, is this true?!
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no it's been proven false

flight prices constantly change, they will drop again then rise closer to the date

Hey guys.
I fucked up and booked the wrong flight with Qatar Airways. So instead of a 2,5 hours, I'll be staying at Doha for 16 hours. And overngiht...
Charges for cancellation or rebooking are too high, to make such a thing.
Any ideas what to do in this case? Rebooking without the additonal fees probably isn't an option, cause it's my fault... So what to do there for 16 hours?
Also this is a budget trip so considere this... :)
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Sleep on the floor of the airport, sponge wifi to sit on the internet, find food scraps to avoid any extra expenditure.
Doha restaurants and hotels are comparatively expensive, so you'd have to stay in one of the free resting rooms, if you want to get some sleep - they are quite noisy though, because phones are ringing, babies crying, people talking... so bring some ear plugs).

For food I guess the usual fast food subjects would be your choice if you wanna stay on a budget
Basically: >>1239449

Dress accordingly for such a long layover/flight. Baggy and comfy clothes that will keep you warm, ear plugs, get travel-type snacks high in fat and proteins.

Bring entertainment- well charged device+movies and/or offline stuff like books.

Don't miss an opportunity to socialize if there's people to talk to.

More here:

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