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So, I'll be traveling to Europe in two months, I'll spend 5 days on Netherlands and the other 15 I still don't know (probably Austria, Germany and Spain)

I want to ask specifically about museums: how many hours are necessary in a good one, such as Prado and Rijksmuseum? I've been studying the collections for some time, so I want to spend the whole day there if possible.
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Its better to visit them several times.
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That's a pretty subjective question. It's up to you. Some museums deserve more time than others. I blew through the Lourve in about 5 hours. I know that is not enough time but in all honesty I just don't care about it all that much, but I couldn't not go.

It depends on how important the art is to you and how much time you want to dedicate to staring at it, which is all you'll be doing.
For the two museums you mentioned, I'd say most people would stay around 3 hours each, but you could spend weeks at museums this large. I personally spent a whole day at the Rijksmuseum earlier this year.
There is such thing as museum fatigue which can be caused by just becoming disinterested, emotionally and physically (theres a lot walking in big museums) overwhelmed, and just visiting too many museums in a short period of time. I find a lot of people spend most their time seeing the first part of a museum and then rushing through the rest so they can leave quicker. So watch out for that.
I suggest you look at the different audio tours you can do at the museums you want to visit. Most of them have a highlights tour which would be good if you only wanted to stay for a few hours.

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New Japan General

As always, feel free to ask about:
>Traveling to Japan
>Living in Japan
>Teaching in Japan
>Joining the Yakuza
>Getting your weeb fantasies crushed

*Info on prostitution*

*Note about the JR Pass*
Many people ask about whether or not the JR Rail Pass is worth it. It depends on your itinerary.

Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥

Please check the /trv/ sticky before asking questions. It's filled with links to great resources, many of them specific to Japan travel.

Please refer to the old thread while it's still up: >>1238188
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For anons who have nice places to hike at home, did you find it worth it hike in Japan? Just looking at the different mountains in central Japan and especially the kurobe Alpine route, it seems like hiking there would be amazing. But at the want time, with limited time and budget I feel like I should spend more time in the cities and doing other things. What are your thoughts?
I went hiking several times in Japan and they've all been great. If you find yourself in Kobe, definitely hike Mt. Rokko. Pic related.

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I'm planning to live in Russia for a year next year and plan to teach English. Does any anon have advice or suggestions. IE cities to stay in and what chances I have.
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You should probably stay in whatever city the job you get is in.
> cities to stay
Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Any other city if you want to live on 100-500$/month in a postcommie shithole full of retarded foreigner-hating vatniks.
Well, you should get the job first. Russia isn't SEA; you won't just fall into a job teaching English.

That being said, Moscow or Saint Petersburg are your most realistic bets, though if you land a job in the former you'll be dealing with Moscow prices. I don't think you'd want to live on $400/month in some Siberian shithole.

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Not sure if anyone remembers the post I made here a year and a half ago about going to the canary islands to find a boat that will take me to south america.

So I did actually find a boat, only, it was much much bigger than I expected. Hanging out at the gran canaria marina almost everyday, you hear all kinds of stuff and one guy told me about the repositioning cruises that leave europe for the summer season in south america. This happens every november. So when october passed by and I still couldnt find passage, I decided fuck it, imma take the cruise option instead.

While less adventurous, it turned out to be an amazing experience and came out much cheaper and faster than volunteering on a yacht - something around 400 euros for 11 days at sea, if i remember correctly. no regrets, and met cool people on board (digital nomads, hippies, freaks, latino jugglers trying to get home, etc.)

I know its an incredibly late update but i wanted to share information for any of those who wants to undertake the same journey. you might get luckier with the yachts in those islands as i have absolutely zero experience sailing. however, this is not stopping me from looking for another boat all over again, this time from easter island.

im currently in chile and will be flying out next month to easter island. from what i understand, right now is the season for sailing the south pacific because of the easterly winds and it is just before storm season. the plan is the same - hang out at the marina of hanga roa (i read theres none though?? didnt really understand when i searched and read about how its difficult to park boats there).

does anyone here know more information about what its like in hanga roa, how easy it might be to talk to sailors, and if there would be a lot of them hanging out there on the month of May? Im a bit nervous as the island is super remote so i might have to shell out a couple thousand dollars just to fly onwards to tahiti if i dont find a boat.

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1. What are repositioning cruises?
2. What kind of ship did you travel on?
3. Where did you end up after 11 days?
Not OP, but repositioning cruises are when companies move their ships to a different port at the start or end of the season. They sell discounted one-way tickets do they don't lose money on the fuel costs.

yep, like the guy above me said.

about the ship, i remember it was around 270 meters, had like a 2000+ passenger capacity but i think there were only around 800 passengers during our crossing.

its like any typical cruise, with the massive pools, the jacuzzis, the gym, the clubs. there was even a paddle tennis cage, a ping pong table, and a climbing wall. first cruise of my life so i was properly impressed. i also had my own cabin and the drinks and food were unlimited. my days were spent gorging on food, going to the gym, and hanging out with this dude who taught capoeira lol. there was so much free time and obviously no interrnet, so a lot of random people taught random stuff during lulls in the the ship's "program". also, some french dudes brought a fuckton of acid on board and shared it with a lot of peeps. that was a crazy night. almost every night was, really.

we ended up in salvador de bahia after 9 days but i got off further south at santos, 2 days after.

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'sup /trv/

Post your itineraries

Also, what do you think about my itinerary here? Should I cut out Budapest? Thoughts?
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What did you construct this on? And what is your expected trip time?

Thinking of following a similar route but starting in Prague and stopping in Rome
Look up "rome2rio" it's an itinerary planner that gives you approximate costs for transport between cities and all the options/routes.

Have you been to Prague?
also, 35 days

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Does this sound interesting to anons on /trv/? It sounds great to me since I am an /out/ist aswell


Does anyone have experiences with this or similar volunteering opportunities?
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don't bother with such places. they do not exists as legit businesses. they are covers for tar budget laundering and laying low for shit martini stirrers. even if you get a job and you get out alive for the time being you will be taken advantage off
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What is a way you would suggest I can get across the atlantic for cheap then? I wouldn't mind working to pay for my ride across and I am tall and strong.
Save up a couple hundred bucks and buy a plane ticket. Fly out of Boston, it's cheapest.

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Im going to Berlin for a week, what should i do there? I will smoke weed, learn some history/culture and maybe go to a concert. what are some cool things to do there like museums and so on? I would like to see a local punk band or something like that, and just any weird "alternative" shit there is to do there. Any tips?

Also does anyone know about a cheap hotel with good location?
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The most fun thing to do in Berlin is to take a train out of Berlin to a non shitty German city

Seriously you are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this, why not just go to Cologne if you want to have a shitty experience

Hell Prague isn't even that far away and it's 100x better than Berlin, even has little to no muslims
Check the catalog, doesn't need a separate thread just for your post

Going here in a couple of weeks for around 9 or 10 days. Not exactly a holiday (I know /trv/ often shits on Melbourne for being a boring holiday), just staying there for a while as there is a concert me and my girlfriend are attending.

We have both never been to Melbourne so any cool shit to check out? Seems like a city where there's nothing obvious standing out the way there would be for Sydney, but that may be my ignorance.

For the record I am from Australia, so no need to tell me about how i should go to Sydney instead as I'll be going there to catch a plane too.

Also share your Melbourne travel stories if you have any!
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Melbourne is in Australia? Huh well there you go.

I thought it was in NZ
It's always been good to me when I've gone there for PAX from Sydney with dozens of people I know from various communities.

It's a nice city, but it's just like any other Aussie city, just with a good vibe. The free CBD tram gimmick is really nice too for when I am lazy.
>it's just like any other Aussie city
This. Unless you live in bumfuck woop-woop it's going to be a bigger version of wherever it is you live now. There's more options for high and low culture though, especially in the city centre and inner suburbs. There's a really big concentration of international students in the CBD too, so lots of Asian restaurants and shops.

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what is up my dudes, i'm going to the USA for 3 months this summer to teach kids how to skateboard at a summer camp in ny... afterwards I plan on travelling the country to catch my flight back from san francisco.... any tips, pointers or recommendations for my journey/time there? i'm planning to hit up philly, new orleans, the grand canyon and l.a on my way to s.f... any other cities i should hit up? i was debating atlanta, miami, and vegas but i ain't sure about those
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Recommendations? Getting shot by niggers for one and a cheap burial afterwards.
How are you planning on getting around?

Airfare is expensive as fuck in the US and our trains are bad, slow and expensive. As for cities to go to it depends on what you are into. I personally hate traveling to cities in my home country unless it's to NYC, Philly, New Orleans, Vegas, SF or Chicago. I'm not even that big into /out/ shit but I much prefer to go to national parks in here than the cities.

I feel like once you've seen one American city you've seen 99% of them(besides the ones I named)
Been to the US a couple of times. So from the top of my head:
-They give you more food than which you're normally used to unless you're a fatty
-American TV is horrible and repeat the same promos every 5 mins
-You'll be encouraged to eat junk food; try to keep a balanced diet
-San Francisco is full of hobos and hippies
-Atlanta is a shithole where you get shot
-New York isn't all that great as they make it out to be (granted I was only there for 3 days)
-There is plenty of crazy in the US. Avoid interaction with said crazy.
-Sunscreen. Especially during the summer months.
-Get the designated city transport card/ticket for the duration of your stay.
-You will waste money on things you'll never use. Budget accordingly.
-Look at places outside of the main city to explore.
-Avoid tourist traps.
-Getting your laundry washed is expensive compared to doing it yourself.
-American hygiene isn't that great. Carry sanitizer.
-Be polite and compliant with authority no matter what.
-Walk as much as you can and dont forget to take it all in.

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What are things that ruin your mood while traveling?

For me the number one thing is that when I talk with someone in their native language and they immediately respond in English. I want to strangle them
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i bet you are french

i hate it when people always talk in their native languages, its really antisocial behaviour and makes it harder for other people to engage in conversation with you/you to get to know other people
>talking in the language you know, because you don't know english
I am not. Why should I talk to some tourist agency worker or hostel worker in English when I can communicate in his language perfectly fine?

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What are the best cities for solo travel?
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Frankfurt, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, all have great brothels.

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I am planning to travel to Bangkok this summer for two weeks with two friends. We are planning to stay in some cheap ass hostels, eat street food and try to go out each night. Someone from /trv/ that have gone there how much do you think we will spend including drugs whores, etc
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Keep your wallet at home when you go out, just take loose cash and your keys. Do this and you can eat drink and party well for $100 per day per person, disposable cash budget. If you're good with money, $70 should be more than enough.

Prices are similar to really po-dunk Midwestern US towns (or UK council estates), think $3-4 for a beer, $5 for a plate of food, a buck for a coke bottle etc. It's not true that you can live like a king for $20/day anymore but nothing is overly expensive.
I was in Bangkok last year and spent about $1,800 not including airfare for a 2 week trip.
Cheap hotels (~$20/night) and ate mostly street food, 7-11 food, or at inexpensive restaurants. The biggest expense was alcohol and girls.
How much drugs and how many whore are you going to go through ? You can get a working girl for as little as 1000 baht. I wouldn't touch any synthetic drugs over there, it's all mostly speed they cut with other shit to sell as coke etc. Weed is like 300baht a joint, shrooms are maybe 800 baht for 1/4 ounce

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Basically I'm a 19 old girl and I've been thinking about going to China alone this summer. I would be moving around China by train. How high are the chances of me getting raped and thrown Ingo human trafficking? Also any tips on how to get around safely and avoid being mugged?
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Lower chance of being raped and thrown into human trafficking than pretty well any Western country.

I recently spent a couple of months in China, but honestly these Youtubes will explain anything better than I ever will:
I am also a woman and I did this when I was twenty, but it was only in Beijing that I was by myself for about ten days. It's really safe, but have in mind that the subway closes pretty early on weekdays. Had to walk by myself for two hours, but it was no problem at all. I felt very safe. You might get stared by a bit, especially if you're western and blonde. I think the people in Beijing and Shanghai are more used to foreigners but if you go there during the summer there will be a lot of tourists from other parts of China. They're just curious but don't be surprised if some people asks to take a photo with you, many more could join in.

i'm a woman as well and it's safe, asians can't rape because of their tiny ding dongs

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White, Europe, Male. I'm preparing to go to Asia and some of South America next year, so am getting ready with all the vaccinations while I've got some time.

Are there any you'd recommend getting in general or you'd wish you'd have got? Already looking at Hep A, B and Yellow Fever.
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Don't come to a cartoon imageboard for medical advice.
Hep A
Yellow Fewer
Tetanus booster (if the last shot was about 10 years ago or you don't remember)
Worth it anyway but not especially needed:
Hep B
remember if you fuck around, always wear a condom !!!

If you plan to go way off the beaten part into really rural areas or plan to do some workaway what ever shit away from the centers:
Japanese encephalitis

>there're no MD's lurking and shitposting on 4chin
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Thank you. Condoms are lifesavers.

Fuck you.

Gonna go to Northern Greece for a while. Any info for interesting places to go out/eat etc.

I do not need any cultural, historical, politicla stuff.

I need beer, wine and fun.
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I was in Thessaloniki and ioannina last year for a couple of nights, where are you visiting?
I've been to Alexandroupoli, Xanthi, Kavala, Thasos and some other small villages in the region. For eating I'd recommend to look where the locals go. It might look worse than other taverns but it's gonna be tastier and probably cheaper.

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