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Planning to go to Krakow in about a month, anyone got any tips?
How much should I budget a day to live comfortably on top of accommodation (I'll be staying in 10 euro hostels)
Any weird shit I should keep an eye out for?
Any specific tourist traps I should make sure to avoid?

Since this is pretty specific I'll make this a Poland general
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Krakow is a really nice city, have fun! Eat Pirogi, dring beer, visit the old jewish part of the city.

And stop being afraid of everything. Poland is not Russia in 1991.
I stayed in hotel wentzel. Perfect location. One of my favorite European cities.
I'm not afraid I just don't want to waste time doing something not worth it


I wish, going for a cheap one here

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What are places to meet other travelers if I'm not staying in a hostel?
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Bars, public transport, the touristy spots
>meet other travelers
Why would you want to? I'd be trying to get away from them. Not out of some Real Travelling™ schtick, it's just that 95% of them are assholes. Much like the "real" world.
>public transport
I think I missed out on a good opportunity on my last big trip.

I was in Portugal in August and while I was on the train from Lisbon to Sintra, these two girls were sitting near me and glanced over at me here and there like they wanted to make small talk. They were speaking some romance language which sounded like Spanish but not quite (possibly Catalan). Would dropping a casual "excuse me, what language are you speaking?" have been a good conversation starter?

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Had a spur of the moment thought of visiting Hanoi in June (yes, I know it's hot). What's fun over there? I think I'll mostly want to check out museums, street food, cheap massages/spas (not the happy ending sort) cheap beer, and maybe take day trips out of town on a rented motorbike. Are there non-extortionate shooting ranges around?
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>street food
my buddy who backpacked in SEA got a pretty bad food poisoning and got a little busy shitting brown water and wanting to die 24/7 to enjoy hanoi. i've never even been there so it's possible he was retarded and bought from a shady seller but beware
I've been to vietnam but not Hanoi. I've heard, however, that it has no nightlife because of it being the head of govt. at least in comparison to HCMC.

Sapa is nearby tho so that's cool. Tbh senpai the most fun I had in 'nam was in Mui Ne, which I highly recommend obviously.
I once had an iced coffee from a street vendor in HCMC and thought this was going to happen, but I guess I dodged a bullet there.
Thanks I'll check those out. Not hugely into nightlife, quiet bars are more my speed. I might also pop out to Ha Long.

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Britfag here

This year I want to take a road trip around art of the USA. My provisional route is in the pic.

1) Flights to Providence RI or Hartford CT are the same price. I don't know whether it is worth skipping Providence to save a few miles of driving and gain a day to spend elsewhere?

2) Any other suggestions on the route? I know that Scranton is an odd place to visit but The Office is my favourite show of all time so I can't go to PA and not visit! I did a road trip through the deep south last year and loved it despite people on 4chan criticising it; I prefer to see the 'real' USA than just go to all the tourist traps.

3) Rental cars from NY are twice the cost of CT or RI. I want to spend a few days in NYC, what should I do with the car? I was thinking about some cheap parking in Philadelpia then getting the train to NY. Or is it cheaper overall to pay for parking in NYC and skip the train?

4) I'm hoping to spend July 4th in the USA. Is there anywhere on the route that will be the best? I spent it in Anchorage last year and loved it.

Much appreciated
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Yes, you can definitely do better.
I think that might be pointless because it's just like going to Seattle as a Frasier fan and finding out it was filmed on a studio in Los Angeles...and it's not an interesting city on its own, either.
I wouldn't bother getting a car in NYC at all. In all honesty, you don't really need a car for any of the cities you'll be visiting besides smaller places such as Scranton if you end up going there.

The Northeast is very well connected by trains and buses.
The best spots would be Washington DC, New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia.
Although I don't personally care much for Philadelphia desu.

Overall I would say your driving route could be improved but I'm not sure if you have been to the USA before.

If you have never been here before, I would definitely recommend these cities:
>Boston, MA
>Portland, ME (day trip from Boston)
I would also reconsider Baltimore, but it really depends on what you enjoy. Overall it's a shitty, ghetto city, but it has some good history.

Also consider national parks as you plan your journey.
You might like Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.
File: usa route.png (571KB, 1448x832px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
usa route.png
571KB, 1448x832px

Thanks for the reply!

OK, I'm happy to start at Hartford then
Yeah its filmed elsewhere and Scranton was chosen as the setting because of its overall 'nothingness'. Still, I figure it gives me a good mix of small-town USA and big cities.
I enjoy the freedom of having a car. A 14 day rental from Hartford is $380. Exactly twice that in NYC. I've found parking for 3 nights is about $60 just outside Manhattan which must be less than a train. My only concern is with the actual drive into the city. Then again, I found Atlanta to be fine to drive through but heard terrible things.
At this rate it looks like I'd be in NYC for July 4th.

Portland and Boston are on my list but not sure if I can fit them into the one trip without it all being too rushed. I'll look into it!

I'd probably just spend 1 night in Baltimore, then. It's somewhere semi-famous between DC and Philly.

I did a big trip around the South East last year, pic related
Flying into Hartford is quite civilized. It's a suburban commuter kind of airport with a small terminal is highly inexpensive parking too. There are trains from New Haven into Grand Central all day everyday ~2hrs, so you might leave your car in CT downtown somewhere.

I can't even recall episodes of The Office where Scranton was featured. I can recall the outside of the office building, that's about it. I think the point of the show is that it could be anywhere kind of no name like that. There's some cuteness in New Hope PA, on your way into NJ.

There's some great coastal driving north of New York up from New Haven. I did a trip this past Autumn and enjoyed the lobster roll and other great food at Red 36 in Mystic CT (mystic has a pizzeria featured in a Julia Roberts early movie), and a comprehensive maritime museum with charters on some pretty cool historic boats in their collection.
New Haven has some great museums with unique collections as part of the university and some religious ones too. The original first made pizza in the US is there, Frank Pepe's.
And, the first hamburger...in the world.

Well, the National Mall is a pretty fun fireworks, concert, and cannon salute. Plenty to do and room for everyone. Anything coastal in a city should have a great fireworks show visible over the water, and maybe you'd prefer getting out on a boat. Boston, NYC, Philly are all highly ranked and many viewpoints.

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UK thread

I'm going to be visiting the UK for at minimum 2 weeks. I have a healthy budget and want to see as much as I can.

What time of year to visit? Is October good?

Where to go? I'm interested in seeing the rural towns and country side as well. What big cities and small towns are must dos?

Getting around? Rent a car or train or some other option?

As an American, any culture tips or things I should do to prepare?

Stories always welcome
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If you want rural England, your best choices are the south West or Norfolk/Suffolk imo

For this tho you do need to a rent a car, English public transport is shit

You're American, so you're about 2 levels too loud. We don't appreciate comments about how we're 'quaint' or how you think having a queen is hilarious. We don't tip in pubs, only in restaurants.
You don't need a car. If you have a healthy budget use the train. Villages that aren't on the tourist map are shit. Have a look at the BBC series "This Town" and you'll see. For small, picturesque cities visit Bath and Oxford.
Sorry the series is called "This Country"

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Are travel agents worth it?
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No, it's the year 2017
is it even worth visiting? I heard it's a two hour trek from chiang mai to the middle of bumfuck nowhere. all the locals i spoke to said it's a tourist trap
For group or large family travel or travel to put of the way places with little tourist infrastructure, when booking with the travel agent also includes tours, like Gate 1 Travel

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I've been gifted a campervan for 4 days in May and am thinking of going from LA up Hwy 395 to Lake Tahoe before turning towards SF. I've been to SF many times, but I've never really stayed in the wilderness before, and I've never even touched eastern CA.

Anyone have experience with this region? I've heard June Lake near Mammoth is a nice retreat. I don't ski, so those events are off the table.
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Mono Lake is pretty cool.
how /out/ are you? there's phenomenal climbing, hiking, and backpacking through there. though with this year's snow the backcountry is still going to be pretty fucking white in may.
>Driving from LA to Tahoe to SF and to one more place in Eastern CA then back to LA within four days.


Where is Old Zealand?
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The netherlands


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5'6 Manlet here.
I've been doing research as to the countries with the shortest people.

It seems that both east-asia and Mexico have the shortest average male height and I was just wondering:
Is it easier emmigrating to Mexico or east-asia?
I know very basic spanish, and love latina ladies, but I imagine Mexico to be a terrible place to live.
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Why do you want to emigrate to a third world shithole?
When will you learn?
I just want to say that I understand you OP. Even though I'm like 5'9, I still will never look as good as a man with a proper height and it really fucking sucks

It seems a contingent of /trv/ bemoans when developing countries develop, and their infrastructure and quality of life improves. Would prefer these places to be perpetually poor?

>Green=Developing by IMF
>Bright Green=Developing out of the scope of the IMF
>Blue=Newly industrialized
>red=Graduated to developed
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It sucks because it makes the girls more expensive.
I don't want to see China progress beyond a third world shithole. Imagine if one day China would be the most powerful economy in the world - we're all fucked.
> developing by IMF

is just doublespeak for "opening their economy to milking by international "investors""

in just a generation your country's domestic food and industrial capacities will collapse so you can produce monocultures of bananas, palm oil, or minerals for foreign corporations that pay you a pittance for the right

you'll end up poorer than ever, and with reduced buying power since you'll have to import basics to survive

end up fat, poor, and diabetic thanks to "progress"

Sup /trv/, do any of you guys travel for the snow? Favourite destinations? I've only really done Australia and Japan, and Canada when I was little. Keen to see what others recommend.
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Also interested, hopefully someone can drop some knowledge here. How hard is it to do a working holiday type deal in either Japan or Canada ?
Easy in Canada... Everyone who works at ski hills are locals or foreigners. But I think it's a lottery system and some countries get more visas than others. Blue mountain if you're in ontario, Tremblant if you're in Quebec, and pretty much anywhere in Alberta or bc will be decent (obviously whistler for the true wild experience)
>red mountain BC Canada
>Breckenridge CO + the others, Vail, beaver creek, Keystone
>Silver Mountain, Idaho
>Bannoe, Russia
>Abzakovo, Russia

Then all the normal places around me.....

I really liked all for different reasons, Colorado was very high, huge rail parks. Russia, not as developed as Usa, but fun for newbies. Favorite is Silver Mountain though, i guess its just all around what i prefer

I want to try south america next

Sex tourism posts need to be banned, it ruins the board and the countries you visit. Honestly fuck any of you who do this shit, especially if you go to SEA.
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Who are you to judge

Nobody cares about your insignificant, worthless opinion, thanks!
Who do I need to be to judge? the allure of money and big city destroys any chance these girls have of harmonious family, and destroys local culture by breaking down family. Western faggots derailing every thread on this board makes no good discussion here, too.

fuck off retard

>parents going to bangkok for a week
>i'm going with them
>i have another week of vacation
>don't know if i want to spend it in thailand or go to another county (Japan looks nice)

i hear of people spending weeks in thailand, but i don't care too much for culture (like seeing temples), and don't care too much about beaches, or partying
i'm not that interested in hiking (though Phraya nakhon cave and erawan falls do look cool)
what else is there to do?

i do like trying new foods, so a week in thailand should be enough for that i would think. and i like japanese food (ramen and sushi)

what does /trv/ recommend i do in thailand? or japan for that matter? is 1 week enough for both?
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1 week wouldn't be enough for even one of these countries, but I recomend going into a club in Japan even if you don't like parties. The people there are very attracted towards foreigners (mostly whites) and drinks/entry is often cheaper for foreigners as well
Just bang hookers and eat spicy food in Thailand for 2 weeks. You won't regret it.

You can get Japanese food in Thailand too. They like it there.
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what are things i "must do" in thailand?

one itinerary i was thinking of:
bangkok - 4 days
erawan falls 1 day (leave at night to kanchanaburi and visit the falls in the morning)
phraya nakhon cave 1 day (leave during the night before to hua hin, and see the cave in the morning)
phuket or koh phi phi 3 days (including whatever travel time needed)
koh samui/koh pha ngan 3 days (last day at the half moon party), and hop on a plane the evening after the half moon party is done back to home

not into parties, but these moon parties seem popular (pic related)

how concerned should i be of monkeys and dogs with rabies, especially when doing the short hikes i'm planning?

not in to banging hookers tbqh

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So I'm gonna fly into Vegas next month and rent a car. I'll be in the area for 8 full days.

I'm planning to stay in the city for only the first day (just to see the sights, the strip), but then I want to venture out and see what the west has to offer. I'm from NYC and have never been in that type of environment, so I'm looking forward to exploring.

What I want to do is to make a loop an visit the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Zion Nat'l Park, Arches Nat'l Park+Monument Valley area (if too much of a detour or generally not worth it, I'll skip it), Death Valley, and possibly head west to LA.

What is the fastest route getting from one of those locations to the next via a loop (starting in Vegas, ending in Vegas)? How realistic will it be to accomplish seeing all of it in 8 full days?

Also, will finding gas be a problem? I'm going to rent a 2017 Mustang Ecoboost convertible (gets about 30mpg highway). I'm afraid of running out of gas in the middle of nowhere on those poorly-traveled interstates. Should I switch and get something with better gas mileage?

Any and all other input regarding this trip is greatly appreciated.
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Its possible to "do" most of those things, but what it should come down to, is how much time you want to spend at each location.

How long are yu going to spend in vegas? Do you plan to drive in, do a quick site see of each park, then drive out? Do you want to do any day/half day hikes through any of the parks?

The roads are generally slow, with limited overtaking options, so don't expect too much differences between what google tells you
I will probably spend only the first day in Vegas, then drive out on the morning of the second day

As far as hikes, I will definitely NOT be doing any day hikes. The plan is to drop in to each park, do a 2-3 hour hike with a nice view, take pictures, then continue.

What do you mean by "slow"?

I literally just did this, weekend in Vegas then Zion --> Bryce --> Arches --> Canyonlands --> Flagstaff (via Monument Valley) --> Vegas. Rented a Dodge Challenger, just stop for gas whenever, no worries. I've been to Grand Canyon, I think its overrated and find Zion much much better.Angel's Landing hike in Zion definitely a bucket list to-do.

File: 2017-04-21-16-39-26.jpg (985KB, 1600x1532px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are your experiences of getting lost somewhere while traveling?

Pic related is me slav squatting in the woods near sofia (bulgaria). It was beatiful
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Another pic
I got lost in Finland for 10 hours without any money.
Walked the whole time.
Was pretty cool though.
It was nice seeing some of the local lower socio-economic people. Where I'm from they're called bogans and, as it turns out, they act the same.
Also I saw three Finnish girls with the phattest, thicc, pawg butts ever.
Finnish girls are so fucking ugly. I don't think I can think of a country with uglier girls. Big, chunky faces and ugly skin

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