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Just bought a large cintiq to start to learn to draw with, but a friend insists that I should've started with traditional.

Why do people get so obviously salty that you aren't doing things their way? I feel like he's just jealous he has a shitty tiny wacom bamboo. Obviously you'll learn better with better tools.
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This is a bait thread made to teach anons about priorities.
I have a cintiq too. Heres the catch.

I quit drawing 3 years ago and this expensive 24 inch cintiq i have? I mostly use it to watch porn and my animes.

I've been meaning to get back drawing soon.... not today oh no. Not today. Im not ready.
what a waste
give it to me, i actually draw

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Some nice art related podcasts or somesuch?

Drawing in silence is a meme, but sometimes the music is so good I lose focus.
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Podcasts are more distracting than music
I guess it can be. But it can be like studio chatter.
>drawing in silence
Is it really a meme?

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What is the best photoshop version right now
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No idea, I use CC2014 only because the more recent versions are slow and laggy as fuck on my computer.

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>try drawing
>some part of my brain goes dull
>stop drawing
>dont feel bad or anything
>just forget i even started drawing
>resume normal activity like 4chan or youtube

Should I get a cat scan or something
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look into brain force supplements
I'm starting to believe all the wojak threads are made by the same asshole procrastinating and shitting up the board with his retarded blogposts

Fuck off already.
or it speaks to a side of us all

if it angers you, then it struck a nerve in you too

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>200 gigs of paintings, illustrations, anatomy references, art books, videos, references, etc.
>don't even draw
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96.6% of it is useless garbage. A pirated tutorial never helped me. It has been always the critique. If anything delete the entire folder but keep the old dying man if you have his videos.
Share it all with us who do draw
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do you want anything special?
pic related is general art image folder. 19k pics

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I need your help /ic/. I am a late enroll for my drawing class and we had homework to do already and it is due tomorrow. Here's the assignment:

>Place an object on a window sill in your room. (i.e. a houseplant, shoes, an animal skull, bread–be creative). Do a contour line drawing of the object, the window and whatever you see through the window (consider the background,middle-ground,and foreground).

What the hell is a contour line drawing? I'd really appreciate it if you could explain it to me or direct me to a youtube video that explains it. My professor is not responding to my email so inb4 that.
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Just draw lines, no shading etc. Like the drawings in the first chapters Keys to drawing, you can download that to look through from the artbook thread, if you haven't read it already.
this nigga was not paying even an ounce of attention during class

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Here's a little piece of concept that I made for fun. Any thoughts on this little birdie?
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Glad to see you're trying to improve yourself, Proko. Keep at it.
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fat canary is fat

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Any hope for the head? Proportions off
Also the whole drawing took me like four hours to finish is that way too long im a beginner
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There's a lot of hope, there always is. Try to think in terms of planes and values. Where is the light coming from, is there a chiaroscuro effect? That would certainly help you!

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Don't ever stop drawing. I haven't drawn in 3 years, lost a lot of my skills and caught a lot of baggage. I look back at my old art and wonder what happen to that artist, and when I show people my old art, a lot of people can't recognize that it's me and ask if I really drew like that years ago, they ask me "wow what happen to you?". It hurts. I wasn't even as bad as I thought I was.

Don't make the same mistakes I made. Keep drawing. And don't hang out with shitty people who pull you down.
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Keppok pls...stay

I don't usually say it but post art, both old and new. It's very likely you didn't lose much of your skill and that you're thinking of current you as a failure only because you stopped.

I say that because it happened to me many times in the past. I kept asking myself what happened, but after a short while of going back to drawing I realized old me wasn't that great and "regained" my skill.
Thanks for the blog update.

Ok wich figure is called takete and wich one is maluuma
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left is takete and right is maluuma
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Do it.jpg
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takete on the left, maluuma on the right

t. shape linguist
What is this excessive? Huh?...

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