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1) Hand
2) Using your other hand, push your pinky up to where your first pointer finger crease is.
3) Curl your other three fingers around the pinky as you simultaneously remove the pushing hand.
4) Enjoy a full range of thumb mobility !

Helps me preserve my wrists and what not; obviously stop if you are in searing pain/ something doesn't feel quite right.

In b4 Trolling obviously that is my hand in the picture and I can say my pinkies are fine.
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>he doesn't draw from the shoulder

Is this supposed to hurt? Wish I had a Low Quality Bait image.

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images (4).jpg
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Hey so I have a question. I was over at Ctrl Paint and the videos on gesture drawing and major masses. Very helpful but there is something I am not grasping right now. Why is it helpful to think of the pelvis as this kind of slanted box? Having trouble parsing it as a refrence point. The head and torso or ribcage look basically as they do, but thats not how the pelvis actually looks? Anyone care to help me out? How can I see it intuitively as a box?
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Everyone has some degree of pelvic tilt.
Well the tilt I understand but why the box shape. Hip bone isnt shaped like a box?
File: Untitled.png (1MB, 1270x1417px)Image search: [Google]
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>Why is it helpful to think of the pelvis as this kind of slanted box

the idea is taht everything can be broken down into geometric hspaes as that hsi sthe easiest way to visualize anythign (a pelvis is a box, tanks are boxes with a cylinder atop them with a thin cylinder within that cylinder, etc). yes the hip bone is not a box but to visualize it as such is to help construction and help visuiazlize the tilt, which is important in the higher levels of anatomy trainign.

which is to say: everythign is arbitrary.,

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I know I am but who else. Not brian
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I actually really like this. You should do pencil work more often.
>I actually really like this
Don't feed the trolls
I am god

Why do people make art from their own volition? Surely it pisses them off trying to get good at it so why do it?
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There are 2 kinds of people.

Those don't like painting, but like having painted. They like possessing stuff. If they were rich they would quit being artists and commission people instead.

And those who like to paint. They don't care much about the art itself, but rather use it as a tool to communicate with people and socialize. Improving is not about being good at it, but about relation to people.

This is absolute and there are no inbetweens.
OP didn't ask about painting U RETARD LOLOL
Art is not exclusive to painting LOL
Just replace painting with doing art, my friend.

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How the fuck can you learn without proper mentorship? How do you guys know what to learn and how to move on? I've heard that going to an art school is not necessary but at the same time being on my own makes me confused as to what I am supposed to do in order to get proficiency at drawing.

I've been drawing a lot but I can't see any meaningful progress, so for me being self taught seems like something that isn't really real, at least not in the literal sense.
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>I can't do it, therefore no-one can!

Yesssssss good goy, spend tens of thousands of Shekels pay no attention to your environment you cannot learn from observation you NEED instruction from an institution! It's the only way!
Typical, this is the only response I ever get when I ask about that stuff.

>how can you learn on your own?
>like, just do stuff man lol

So why is school bad again? Tell me without resorting to retarded responses

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How much would you buy my painting for?
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I wouldn't take it even if you gave me money to take it.
I'd take the money and then burn the "painting"
File: 1441934450667.jpg (12KB, 250x250px)Image search: [Google]
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>when your painting is worth less than the materials it was made from, let alone the time invested.

File: jewellery_list1.jpg (632KB, 1400x4626px)Image search: [Google]
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Hi guys,
Additional mockups are here http://merehead.com/projects/pure-jewellery/
What are you thinking about it? Any recommendations? It is the work for jewelry e-commerce website
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It looks very professional to me.

Maybe the big red bar should be silver/gold?
Interesting option. Yeah, i think it'll be logical if make it kinda silver, but the reason i've used red is to pay user attention and make something bright.
thanks for the review
Interesting option. Yeah, i think it'll be logical if make it kinda silver, but the reason i've used red is to pay user attention and make something bright.
thanks for the review

File: Peyote.jpg (357KB, 900x633px)Image search: [Google]
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ITT; Drug-Inspired Artwork
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kill yourself you stupid asshole
Wrong board dude

File: 5435590_p0.jpg (1MB, 2160x1440px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 2160x1440px
wew, 30 min break to refresh and stretch.
What's on your mind right now /ic/?
are you comfy with your current progression?
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I was a few days ago, now im really not.

File: 830912423483.png (1MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1920x1080px
>improving a little bit at coloring
>change programs, lose previous brush
>can't color at all
>realize it was the brush settings that were doing all the work
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Post brush.
Post work please

File: 1447379277397.png (462KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you think is the easiest for making it?

animation ?

Or something else maybe?

it looks like a pointless thread but sharing our thoughts on this might be gud.
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>make one picture of a booby lady

>make dozens of pictures of a booby lady

>make ten thousand pictures of a booby lady

How is this even a question
render is different for each
illustration easily because it's the least work out of all the three.

manga will absolutely kill you because you have to juggle all the jobs with the tightest of deadlines.

animation is the same way except it's got a ton of barriers to the point where you pretty much have to know the director directly to likely get in.

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Do u like my painting so far any suggestions it's a corn poppy field
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I don't know, but when you take a photo of a picture don't have it an an angle.

Let 4chan discuss
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kindly fuck off
Yes hes pretty good
Hey I just saw that guy too. I looked through his instagram and it's weird. He seems good, but something's off. Like what's off? I have no clue except that he's good and something wrong.

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48KB, 413x700px
Are there any good tutorials/books on the comparative method of measurement? I don't want to go with sight-size because it's too limiting.
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this Proportional Divider thing cost 12 to 50 fucking bux, what the fuck. You can literally made one from to sticks from coffee shop for example.
File: 657731634173515.png (356KB, 507x453px)Image search: [Google]
356KB, 507x453px
>Artists' materials are very dangerous and can cause injury or death!

File: Screenshot_20170911-202743~01.png (51KB, 716x213px)Image search: [Google]
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Which android app is the best one for drawing ?
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I use medibang right now its has pretty much everything i want for drawing app and it free 100%
Same here. Is pretty good. I used Sketchbook before, but in my tablet have limitations with the size of the canvas, and MediBang accept a bigger file size. The desktop application is also very good
Right now I use Autodesk on my Tablet, but the layer limits are horrid.

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