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So, I have decided to redraw my practice sketch in flash and the results did it better. So if you have seen the drawing, do you had any thoughts on this redraw.
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Imma wait.

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any new ways to look at this image ?

-Red little house
-One mona lisa floating on top of another in perspective
- a top down view in which the two could be seen as "staning in line"
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What kind of retarded postmodernism is this
somebody's homework, looks like.

2 green Mona Lisas if you're colorblind

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>trading art progress with a younger artist (19, I'm 31) on discord for the past year
>he's doing college so he's not full on grind, we probably draw the same amount of hours
>his improvement is leaps and bounds ahead
>we started out roughly the same but now my drawings look flat and wonky next to his
"Neuroplasticity is a meme" is a meme
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>my one anecdotal example proves you were wrong all along!

Seriously though, you just discovered that the world isn't a level playing field for everyone. People are not equal and life is not fair. So what are you going to do about it? Bitch and complain or work your ass off to improve? Someone said something once that really stuck with me (paraphrasing): Years are going to pass by regardless if you draw or not, so you might aswell keep drawing. If you fast forward five years would you be at a better place if you kept drawing or just quit altogether?

How big do you set your canvas for maximal print quality? Suppose you want poster sized prints, or bigger.
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Use Clip studio paints anti-aliasing scale upres and remember to put in 300 dpi. CMYK mode.
Then paint over parts in smaller canvases and patch it all together at the end. Or get a badass computer and paint in 20000x15000.
10,000px at 300pdi

The best upscale algorithm I have found is in a free app called "A Sharper Scaling". It produces way better results than Photoshop's own IMO.

Hey, does anyone know a way to rip/download videos from nma? The method of getting the vimeo links directly and putting them into a vimeo video ripper no longer works, is there any way to download the videos besides recording them with a video capture program?
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Try paying for it, you cheap slag. If you're not willing to pay for it you don't have what it takes to be an artist.
Communists BTFO
Did you even read the OP and just assumed he was asking for rips and not trying to rip the videos himself?

As for OP, what I do is just use video capture and let it record on a spare computer while I do work on another computer. It makes it super easy as these stupid web devs make it autoplay so I don't have to do extra work.

I need a thumbnail photo for my new song The Gift of Death. My musician name is B.O.T.I.D
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do u have to be professional to git gud? if not i would consider hobbyist
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Draw a couple of hours every week and see if you enjoy it. If you do, amp it up. If you're content with X hours per day/week then keep it at that.

You don't need to be a pro to enjoy drawing as a form of self expression, personal growth, and mental exercise. You don't have to be a pro to improve. You don't have to be a pro to create fulfilling artworks.

If you want your art to matter you need to go pro though. Unless you massively luck out, or are equipped with a heavy dose of super charged spark.

When sending an art director or client multiple thumbnails to choose from, do you give your opinion and/or preference? or is it considered rude?

current art director usually has multiple ideas for an image and wants me to sketch them out, but usually ends up choosing the one i like the least. yes I try to make all the thumbnails i send something I'd like to paint
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There's a reason you're not the director, you're just there to provide the work. Whether or not you like it is irrelevant. If you're on good terms though, you could give your opinion, but it's clear that you're not.
>There's a reason you're not the director, you're just there to provide the work. Whether or not you like it is irrelevant. If you're on good terms though, you could give your opinion, but it's clear that you're not.

lol we're on very good terms~ but i want to be polite still and was curious if there's a general consensus on this topic.
I feel like that could be a matter of your personality. If you have a good personality and your art is good then you could slip it in like casual conversation with your client. But I dont know you as a real person so I couldnt tell if you have that or not. I suppose charisma would be the word for it.

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Witch one of you fuckboys did this , you know I can kill all of your asses right !?
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>oyyy vey we gotta get that goy! nobody criticizes anyone's work ever! quick, call upon your personal army!
kindly kill yourself fag. no personal armies here.
one sentence for you kid , ROSS is BOSS
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>started freelancing
>start to get enough work to (barely) sustain myself
>used to be really "gung ho" about working, excited everyday to get towards my goal of being an illustrator
>now I'm here
>start being a lazy POS
>do nothing but watch TWD on Netflix like a basic bitch for the past two weeks
>losing all self discipline
>question if I even like drawing I'd just fuck around instead of doing it


Please call me names like you used to so I'll be motivated again
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Post your work
I feel you OP. It sucks when you start drawing for a living and the magic slowly fades, partly because now its something you have to do and partly because drawing other people's ideas constantly can be very draining.

Moreover, complaining about this to anyone (unless they're also a working artist) won't get you much sympathy because you're doing what you love for a job and they just assume its easy and fun all the time.
Why do you think drawing isn't enjoyable to you anymore?

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Last Thread:>>3110228

Post your current erotic drawings and paintings here and provide helpful criticism and advice to others!

Please make sure your posted image is clear, DOWNSIZED TO AROUND 1000 PIXELS WIDE, ROTATED TO THE CORRECT ORIENTATION, and that any unused space is cropped.

Reminder that if you do not want to see degeneracy*, please hide it by pressing the minus button or by right-clicking the thumbnail on the catalog and selecting "hide this thread."

Questions about references for drawing porn will be answered.
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i need some help with this one.
ignore the smug face, i just draw it to have idea of where to put the nose, eyes, etc.
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EPSON033 resize.jpg
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Lol I was the one who posted the comment that Shadman replied to. I've spammed him with moar Loomis and moar fundamentals countless of times. He didn't listen, but I noticed that after I insulted him for being unable to capture a person's likeness on one of his posts, he started taking "real art" more seriously and began making more portraits of actual people.

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Pls use the catalag
Wow somebody making an entirely new thread for their art who ISN'T shit. That's new.

Post it in the draw thread next time. Also blog?
>shitty gesture in drawings
>tumblr tier African princess OC
This is shit.

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i just bought a tablet and started drawing shit and it look bad compared to the shit i draw on paper any pointers?
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you are going to have to relearn how to draw.
File: cyberg pippermayo.png (116KB, 3840x2160px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
cyberg pippermayo.png
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that sounds hard
its even harder in your case considering you are still learning to get gud. so no you have to relearn how to draw on a tablet and get gut at the same time.

should have gotten a cintiq.

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What IS chiken scratching? And how does one stop doing it?
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Read the sticky
Chicken scratching is making too many unnecessary lines. You start and stop too often.

Stop doing it by making drawings without ever letting your pencil stop touching the paper. Congratulations. You now have control over when you start/stop your lines. Now please don't make specific threads like this.

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Thoughts on the Gremblo art gallery?
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pebbles, you're the least artistically talented member of sleepycast, I don't give a shit about your "totally gonna happen" show, and will you stop forcing this fucking meme everywhere you jew

sage for your troubles
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le neo yokio face.jpg
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I don't know what's going on here but I got my /ic/ nia's back every time y'heard me? Fuck off OP!

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