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There is so much information available, how do you know if you're following sound advice?

Sometimes even on this board I feel as if people are purposely misleading others to keep them down.
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After divulging in enough information, you'll see that there isn't one path and that it doesn't really matter anyways since you can unlearn and relearn things.
/ic/ is the blind leading the blind. I'm sure a lot of people are well meaning, but you need to understand the values of anonymity that this website was built on don't play too nice with art reputation and credentials matter a whole lot for teaching, doubly so when it comes to art, and you get none of that here.
I always say /ic/ is WetCanvas with insults

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>These pics were made by 2 different people
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ya it's not art anymore. it's the Pornography Product™
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The worst thing is the mimic also gets like hundreds of notes a post. I've been seeing loads of mimics pop up recently and it's seriously irritating to see.
Probably used the same tutorial

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hello ic will you please give me suggestions on the birthday card i made my cousin
how to draw better and stuff
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Yeah, rename your cousin.
Fuck kinda name is "Armend"?
cut a hole in the crotch and stick your dick through it when you give it

Terrible art thread.
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A new form of furry degeneracy appears

Before I knew of loomis, 4chan, KJG, I was your typical blissfully ignorant DA tier artist who made shitty comics and shitty illustrations. Granted, as shitty as these were both art wise and story wise, I had a lot of fun doing it.

Upon learning the fundamentals and realizing how much I needed to learn to get good, I began a journey of self improvement. It was definitely fun intially, going through bridgeman and hampton books and learning about perspective. But after 3 years, I've just had it. While I have improved tremendously, so have my standards. Creating a single comic page has become so painstakingly excruciating because of all the things I need to correct from perfect backgrounds to perfect anatomy to perfect drapery. Back when I was ignorant, I just made comics without worrying about that fundamental crap and I had a lot of fun doing it.

>Well, why don't you just make a comic without worrying about that?

Because I can't. Anytime I try to do a comic with simple art in web comic I end up tearing it to shreds because it doesn't meet my standards. What's more is that I'm a hobbyist so it feels pointless to have to go through all of this.
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post work
>studying is hard
>art sucks
Stop making these threads. Bitching about your personal problems doesn't belong here.
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>inb4 your work sucks


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are you people rdy to die starving?
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whatever it takes man
You can't die from starvation here
Me in the left. No seriously, you can't fail if you don't try.

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Hey ic which loomis books should I get? Any others I need?
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Fun with a Pencil can be skipped but all of them are good. Although I personally find FDFAIW to be a bit bloated and technical at times. As just a general figure drawing book I prefer Hamm.
What order to read them in?
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whad did he mean by this

what are pros and cons of being an artist? From what I've seen so far it's

>can draw shining knights or whatever

>gives no money, being homeless without the support of parents

I guess it's alright for a hobby.
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>most interesting thing to do in this universe beside science
>boundless creative freedom unlike the latter
>both the process and the meaning is "fun"
>ultimate form of communication - artists shape society more than anyone else (although Google niggers are changing this for the worse with deep learning advertising AI and things)

>pays poorly if you're terrible
>fags shitpost on your board now and then
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Why did I read that in littlefinger's voice

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I am getting pissed at my friends who do commissions for like $20 for a couple hour's of work. That's less than minimum wage.

I keep my mouth shut and don't tell them to raise their prices anymore (because nothing I say can cure their low self esteem) but I tell them "consider this. For the 4 hours you worked on drawing people's shitty OCs and lewds, you could've made more at a normal job, got to draw something you actually want to draw, or you could've grinded your fundies so you can get closer to charging a living wage for your time."

If you suck and your art isn't worth a living wage, then you shouldn't be doing commissions. You should focus on getting better, especially if you're still in school, young, and still have parents or a man backing you up. You'll save time and energy this way.

Another thing I tell people is "If someone really liked your work and wanted your art, they'll give you a fair price for it. Do you really want to draw for some miser who's only selected you because of your cheap price?"

If someone is cheap with how much they pay artists, what else do you think they're gonna try to be cheap with? Because the next thing you know, they're going to try to squeeze you dry ("I paid for this!"), get salty and nitpick over the smallest shit. We're the artists, we provide the service. So why do we put up with this shit?

When you take commissions, you're not just drawing. You're also dealing with the bullshit that can happen between the provider and the customer (especially with a cheap fuck of a customer), dealing with the middleman who have their own draconian rules and fees (like paypal), and juggling between your work and the rest of your life (try handling 25 cheap commissions you're doing because you have no self respect!)

Am I wrong? Why am I wrong?
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So how do you even get started if your prices will be 100$+ right off the bat? Just shake your portfolio and hope someone likes it enough to come by and request work? Bug people for work because you're good?
If your art is good enough to be $100+ right off the bat, people will come to you with job offers (paid work, not that "free internship" bullshit that adds nothing to your resume) instead of you having to go out and search.

> Just shake your portfolio and hope someone likes it enough to come by and request work?

This is what happens. Your job is to draw and get better, and POST YOUR WORK ONLINE.
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Joke's on you, I've been wanting to purposely charge dirt cheap prices to spite elitists just like you, I wouldn't mind doing commissions for ramen noodles if it destroys competition.

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This place for drawing/painting only, or is sculpture allowed?
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Sculpted with clay, then molded and cast with 2part resin. Matt black paint, with dry-brushed bronze paint.
What animal is this?
Deer. I'll be adding the horns soon.

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Previous >>3111135 on the 11th page edition

Post your current drawing here and provide helpful criticism and advice to others!

Please make sure your posted image is clear, DOWNSIZED TO AROUND 1000 PIXELS WIDE, ROTATED TO THE CORRECT ORIENTATION, and that any unused space is cropped.

If you want critique on a drawing from the previous thread, you can delete it there and repost it.

>dA /ic/ group :

>/ic/ Resources/Reference/Downloads/Links:

>General resources :
http://sites.google.com/site/4chanic/ http://sites.google.com/site/artandwhatnot/

>fellowBro's books :

>Figure Drawing Tool:

>Photoshop Brushes
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Thanks anon, that was close
Does the artist of the pic have a blog?
can someone post the reference photo of the op pic?

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trying to improve my technique. First time drawing fur. Could use some critique to improve.
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too uniform, fur commonly comes in tufts.

I'm looking for the video lectures and courses of Steve Huston, mainly the new masters academy stuff and his figure drawing course. Any torrent or link?
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>Makes a thread with the same font as DRAW THREAD and a few letters off
>I'll be confused about if this is the draw thread everytime I see this thread in the catalog
Thanks OP
here you go op http://www.newmastersacademy.org/browse-by-instructor/?instructor=steveh
kek, what a kind anon

I remember being linked FZD this morning, and I think I'm doomed.
If you weren't drawing consistently since you were young (obviously taking into consideration the fundamental concepts you need to learn), it's pretty much fucking over for you, right?

I mean, there's no goddamn way you'll transition into an art career, freelance or corporate, or even just producing professional-level art if you've started late (junior/senior year college, or currently working).

Given a 50 hour work week, accounting for exercise and commute, this increases to 60 hours consumed. Factor in meals and basic errands, and we're up to about 70. Factor in sleep, morning ritual (shower/hygiene) and we're looking at about 125 hours. Taking into account the fact that you have 168 hours in a whole week (and accounting for random things that come up), you'd have approximately 40 hours a week. Assuming you're consistently drawing during every single bit of your spare time, that amounts to, slightly more than about 5-6 hours a day to practice, if you can even mentally sustain that (absolutely no breaks, side recreation or social interaction).

But you then get maniacs at FZD who work sun up to sun down, running on 4.5 hours to no sleep at all. And that's the fucking caliber you need to be at if you want to work professionally?

It's over. You're already playing catch-up, and you're competing with people who are already using their work day to actually do art. I don't see any way to catch up. It's hopeless. What the fuck. This can't be true, right?
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Jesus Christ, people will just look for any excuse to give up, won't they?
>Another you can't get good because X thread
Fuck off you whiny bitch. Furthermore, the source you're citing has most of his students go from meh to employable within a year, with the average age being late 20s.
It's alright, you came to the right place where everyone else feels the same way, but keeps trying despite that.

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Okay, before we get started I know this might be helped by /tg/ but I would like help on the actual look and feel of these guys on paper.

I need help with direction for the orcs in my setting. My orcs have been a fan favorite of my players and fellow DM's who I write with and love the interactions they often get from them. They have many different tribes and faucets to their culture. High land orcs who are proud plains fairing people who act as centralized leaders and the sharpest witted amongst the race, down to slave-keeping and cruel bog dwellers. Despite their distinctive cultures and personality I keep ending up with getting these standard orcs feeling bland and all around unimpressive feeling when I design their characters on paper.

So my question is what could I do different with their looks. Pic is my oc art, shit lighting but whatever its a rough sketch. What do you guys look for designing new races. An elf for comparison. Any advice here would be nice.

Oh and general fantasy pics for inspiration welcome.
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first of all is shit, you clearly dont know how to draw a simple human face, after you can do that that you can start deforming it
Riiiigggghhhhttttt, because the example was using human proportions. Good one anon.
just use the warhammer orks, they're the bestest

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