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>What made you take up drawing?
>At what age did you start drawing?
>For how long have you been drawing?
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fuck you
but half a year i dropped it and learned to enjoy process
>1.5 years
I've been drawing all my life but until now didn't care enough to research and improve

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how do I learn to do paintovers like some of the top earning patreon artists?

seems like the key to maximizing output is to minimize the amount of tedious unnecessary fundie work. just look for a cool pose/reference and focus on the colors. any tutorials or tips?
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Post examples and I'll tell you.
If you even need a tutorial on how to do a fucking paintover, you really are beyond hope.
>he thinks there isn't a specific skill and aesthetic sense that paintover requires
if it was so easy why isn't everyone illya?

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I'm starting to have a large number of people asking to buy my art and i'm pretty much new to this whole thing.
Are there any websites that will print and deliver copies of my work?what's the easiest way?

pic unrelated
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desperate bumping
>Are there any websites that will print and deliver copies of my work?
could you name a few that I can trust?

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So are there any good art study/learning communities left?
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tousahkah's anus
/ic/ :^)

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how do i love making art again? how do i convince myself to continue even if all i make is trash?
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By making art.

Know that if you don't continue, it'll always be trash because that's how you left it.
draw stuff thatll make you giggle or laugh?

After a few hours of studying I doodle shitty, but cute, stuff
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I've followed Kyle's advice and have begun drawing with my Dick. It took me places I've never thought I would go and its turned me into a cute sissy trap loving dick girl lusting feminine penis worshiping degenerate.

T-thanks Kyle.

I'm on my college paper and I've been tasked with making a huge portrait of Trump for the cover. Now I know Shepard Fairey got in a lot of shit for painting over an AP photo of Obama. I really don't have time to sketch up something from scratch so what's the protocol for using someone else's photo as a painting base?
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no one gives a fuck, trace away. /ic/ has daily threads complaining about professionals tracing or doing paintovers, and to this day the accused still do it, and still get paid to do it.

no one gives a fuck anymore, if it looks nice who cares.
Really did he get in a lot of shit? Its clearly fair use but was that before it was more established in court? I didn't care about those kinds of things at the time.

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>26 yr old essentially a shut in for the past four years since dropped out of college.
>hadnt drawn in class in 8 years despite it being my greatest passion
>picked up paint and pencil for the first time since i was 18 and can draw nearly as good as a sophomore year college art student. Paint getting better. Been painting four like six or more hours a day for two weeks. Part fun part desperate attempt to get good..
What even happened
>should i go to art school i really need some kind of training. Or should i just read instructional books to perfect my form
>what are thebenefits of having an associates art degree
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>should i go to art school
You should go to an atelier. Go on the arc website and you can see if there are any near you
>26 yr old essentially a shut in for the past four years since dropped out of college.

Go back and finish your degree and get a job. Also do what >>3138564 said and get to an atelier, after you have some income.

Been getting back into art lately, used to do painting, and sketches, but lost interest, 10 years later I found a new medium, any tips for a beginner? This is my latest piece.
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bump of interest
Another bumper, interested because; buying a cnc laser soon...
This might be more of a >>>/out/ or >>>/diy/ thing though.
Das the good shit, man.
Can you show me a picture of all your tools?

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I call it:

The Equilibrium of Hope and Defeat.
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if you'd take a bit more effort and know art theory it could've been actually good.
What's the deal with it?

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so has anyone found a free photoshop for mac yet or are we poorfags still using G.I.M.P. and stuff??
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It's the same as Windows? Download Photoshop from adobe, install as a trial, replace amtlib.framework with a cracked version, edit your hosts file to block activation servers.
No. No one has found a free version of Photoshop for Mac yet.
m8 just get clip studio paint. Its normally like 50 bucks. They often have big sales too. Very good program.

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How many layers do you use?
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Usually 0. I began with traditional painting, so I usually treat digital like traditional as well unless using a layer makes my job a lot easier or faster.
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one to three tops, unless im also using different blending mode layers for glow effects, gradient maps etc

usually just one for the background, mid ground and foreground.
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one for foreground, one for background

any more than that for the initial hour or two and it usually means you're bogging yourself down on details instead of focusing on the bigger picture/major forms

layers can come later

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I am 28 and I started drawing 2 weeks ago. I have a sketch pad and a tablet. I have been learning now to draw heads using techniques from Andrew Loomis. I also have been emulating Jim Lee.

What is the best way to build an understanding of human anatomy? Should I just focus on drawing heads right now until I master that? Or should I be trying to draw the entire body and refining it with every piece I do?

Art work attached for reference. Sorry it's shit.
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you have no business on a tablet at this point, it'll only hinder

stick to pencil and paper for now, read the sticky and keys to drawing, and make sure your observational skills are always the best they can be and keep working on it (by doing still lives and such)

if you can't correctly analyze and reproduce something as simple as a vase and fruit, how can you do that with the human form? if you do studies of body parts with incorrect measurements that means you're internalizing the "wrong" thing and then you end up like those shitty kids on dA who have been drawing for years with nothing substantial to show. you're only two weeks in so good luck and embrace the grind!
First pledge your life into art. Then go watch sycra vids and promo. Then do the exercises

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there's was a thread a while ago here that the topic was about selling stuff in various site, like yetee, society6 etc, and there was a very helpful anon that informed us all, continued that topic
how can this be possible, this guy sells all type of stuff in various sites by copying other artists and nothing happens




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Looking at what type of art he's copying, I can see why. People just don't care.
some are literally the splash art of LoL

Literally just put some shit filters and sells it... The real morons are people who bought it. It looks like shit.

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/ic/ is shit. it is filled with people who can't draw, are only concerned with shitting on other artists, or idiots who read a few anatomy books and consider themselves experts. where else can i go to get actual good critique on my work?
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Post your work

If you want actual critique (whatever that means to you) you pay up $$$ to an expert. Otherwise you deal with your /ic/ family as elsewhere won't give you anything but asspats.
What's wrong with /ic/s critique? Take everything with a grain of salt and that's it.

Also, post your work.

Hey /Ic/!
Anyone have the tattoo smart tutorials and brush sets?
Artbooks and Tutorials appreciated too!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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