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What do you normally do if you get too frustrated while drawing?

What should /beg/s do?
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>What do you normally do if you get too frustrated while drawing?
I suffer and thinking of suicide.
Take a breath, stand up and pace around. Take a shower or lay down for a little.
I find that masturbating helps sometimes.

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It is too expensive, I can take studentloans but I'd rather not pay it if I can learn on my own. I heard people taught themselves and became successful on their own. Is it worth?
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Try learning on your own first and see if you can do it.
>spending a ton of money just to learn how to do pretty drawings

LOLMAO just educate yourself with ebooks famalam
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Hey /ic/, i need some feedback on my portfolio.

Im a graphic designer but somehow got a job in china as a concept artist on a animation movie. Now I'm back from china and i really want to work again as a concept artist.

So thats why I want to make my portfolio (finally) strong, but I would love to get some feedback and see what my strength and my weaknesses are and what I have to work on.

Just for the information I would like to work as an environment artist.

Here is my work:
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How do I get as good as you?
youre a huge Zedig fan i can see. Talented tho! would love to see where your art evolves to
Are you aware that this phrase is licensed for trolling uses only?

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wake the fuck up loser

4chan, the place where people who were assholes could go and be honest is now the place where you must be always honest in your assholery, in your ability to tease out what little self esteem one might be stereotyped to have and fucking smash it to pieces.

But still don't get it do you ?

>1882 : The Death of God (Nietzsche)
>1917 : The Death of Art (Duchamp )
>2017 : The Death of Inspiration (Extinction of the Muse)

You had one job. Help collectively rebuild raw inspiration with what little mystery the internet had left. You forget to build The Electric Muse.

The artist I thought you were, was one like me, one likeminded, not hiveminded.

Iinstead of being little busy bees, populating the e-world with a hint of fresh OC here and there, you put your energy in the wrong places and then wonder "dowow why doff furry art mak so much monies ?"

It's hopeless really. Tangential. Pattern based.
If you must ask a stupid question like "can I still make it at 25?" Then you really deserve your fate. I'm not your mom. I'm not some spineless naive queer who is going to say "sure!"
No. You are not. You are not an artist. You never were. You never will be. You either grew up and into one and did your studies on time and eventually went to artschool.
If you logged onto the internet and read how easy it is to be an artist and just if you proko here and there, nope.

/ic/ is a website that collects artists who were made outside of it; /ic/ cannot make you an artist, because admit it, this is just your flavor of the month hobby and you are wasting everyones time and polluting the cultural gene pool with your may mays.

When everything is art, and everyone is an artist; then what we are doing is not art. Lay your pencil down, man.

Not making art right now is now the most creative, inspiring thing you can do. Don't succumb to their levels, the second you hear talent is a myth, run.
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When talent is a myth, the garbageman would rather draw, and go on the internet and tell us how mediocre we are.
All instead of picking up the garbage. Thus, society suffers.

You end up with an artist having to do the garbagemans job and a garbageman shitting out loomis figures. Two mediocre lives.

Basically here is your problem, not talented starting at 25 year old white male (yes i am aware there some women on here, but hush hush dear the men are talking)

Art is not fun. You cannot force yourself to like it. The talent gets you through the hard parts, because all of it is hard. You do art because you are good at it and don't know how to do anything else. Anybody can be a garbageman, but should everyone sign up for the position tomorrow?

If anyone can be an ________, then the position is for the dude who is good at jack shit and has no talent.

Just please, let me assure you, despite what replies you may read, remember, I am trying to help you.

Any other job in the world has a quadrillion times more perks, societal praise, a paycheck, honor in it.
This is why artists start young, and are born not made.
We DECIDE at a young age, to choose the job that has zero perks. Artist. Even though you might consider being told you are talented a perk, it is meaningless to a true artist.

Frankly, sir, You don't get to fuck around and smoke weed at mcdonalds then come here and tell me we are the same, that we have the same potential. You chose to be an artist because you read some article on the internet.

But whatever, go ahead and prove me wrong.
Throw out whatever counterexamples and images you want at me. I will simply smirk knowing that my post kept your little fingers busy long enough to type out some response instead of launching into your next god awful abonimation you harken to title "a work of art".
Bru I'm a pro, I understand why most people here won't make it it's because they lack discipline. I drew 8 hrs a day for 2.5 years to be pro. It's up to them to change their lives. You cannot save them from it. The key to art is Dunn Dunn Dunn going to the gym regularly! Teaches you self confidence and that discipline to make it thru the tough times
i don't understand your post, can you say what you mean by all that ??

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it's happened. my porn tumblr marked as adult.

since this will block my tumblr from being viewable by not logged in users, i'm thinking of transitioning to some other platform as my main hub for my porn art identity.

but which ? hentai foundry is too clumsy gallery-wise. is it time to register a domain?
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I don't have a tumblr account and I don't think I've ever encountered a warning telling me to log in.

I'm literally googling random porn tumblrs and I can view all of them.

Could you link a blocked one? Doesn't have to be yours if you don't want.

are you sure you're not logged into some tumblr? because when i open my tumblr with an incognito chrome tab, i get the screen saying 'this tumblr may cointain sensitive material'. and by clicking 'safe search is on' right below that i get the login prompt asking for email and password.

but you certainly will be able to find plenty of adult tumblrs that haven't been flagged yet. i can't think of one other than mine that i know to be flagged sadly.
I think you are making too big a deal out of this.
Peple that are interested in porn will make tumblr accounts. You'll still keep getting followers. All the people that follow you didn't make an account because of your art, but they already had one.

I really don't understand all the drama behind tumblr going sfw.

Also, never put all your eggs into just one bakset.
I post my stuff on tumblr, twitter and hentai foundry, plus a friend and just started a collaboration porn site for our comics and art. Imo that's the best way to operate.

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>What made you take up drawing?
>At what age did you start drawing?
>For how long have you been drawing?
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fuck you
but half a year i dropped it and learned to enjoy process
>1.5 years
I've been drawing all my life but until now didn't care enough to research and improve

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sadfrog 2.jpg
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how do I learn to do paintovers like some of the top earning patreon artists?

seems like the key to maximizing output is to minimize the amount of tedious unnecessary fundie work. just look for a cool pose/reference and focus on the colors. any tutorials or tips?
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Post examples and I'll tell you.
If you even need a tutorial on how to do a fucking paintover, you really are beyond hope.
>he thinks there isn't a specific skill and aesthetic sense that paintover requires
if it was so easy why isn't everyone illya?

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I'm starting to have a large number of people asking to buy my art and i'm pretty much new to this whole thing.
Are there any websites that will print and deliver copies of my work?what's the easiest way?

pic unrelated
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desperate bumping
>Are there any websites that will print and deliver copies of my work?
could you name a few that I can trust?

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So are there any good art study/learning communities left?
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tousahkah's anus
/ic/ :^)

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how do i love making art again? how do i convince myself to continue even if all i make is trash?
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By making art.

Know that if you don't continue, it'll always be trash because that's how you left it.
draw stuff thatll make you giggle or laugh?

After a few hours of studying I doodle shitty, but cute, stuff
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I've followed Kyle's advice and have begun drawing with my Dick. It took me places I've never thought I would go and its turned me into a cute sissy trap loving dick girl lusting feminine penis worshiping degenerate.

T-thanks Kyle.

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