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Anyone know if Type365 is any good? Just found it today and it looks good, but I'm not sure why I haven't seen it before.

For reference >>>> http://type365.com/

Pic: one of their books
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seems like a get rich quick scheme for design
no way the r of typography and the pink line of the 7 totally create a tiny gap this guy dont know SHIT!

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apple pie.png
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Hello boyz.
Can somebody design simple graphic for me?
I need This kind of cartoon apple pie, but not in perspective, but from above. Without one peace, with crumbs. U know, like pacman, but apple cake.
I would really appreciate it.
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tfw no one replies your shitty request
read the sticky idiot
>I would really appreciate it.
And I would appreciate being paid for it.

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where can i find more backgrounds like this
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>take a high res nature photo
>zoom in onto one part to make it hard to make out what it is exactly
>change the hue
>massively increase the grain
>write some shit on it with a bold white font

There now you can make this garbage yourself.

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Im really concerned. Im using GIMP these days but im missing some important features (fucking mask on a layer group for example).... now I checked out CC and it cost too much..... the free versions on the web, im not sure wich one to take.... i trusted some ppl on kickass now idk where to go to not dl viruses and maleware...

help a bro out
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nice man... this was a very direct response....

mind to tell me where to go now that kickass is down? it seems like all other places are shit

ps: pic again not related just the last shit i did, some mouse icons for a game
you could give affinity photo a shot, a very cheap 1-time paid photoshop clone that was recently ported from mac to windows
they also have an illustrator clone, called "designer"

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What sort of resolution (ppi) should I be working at for A2 and up? I've stuck with 300ppi up to A3, but I suspect it's a bit overkill for larger formats.
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I am looking for the same answers.
I have to do a A1 poster for a music festival, but making it 300 dpi looks way too heavy for nothing
I ended up making it 150dpi, it was way too heavy with 300.
print should always be 300dpi, this isn't large enough to print at a lower resolution

File: gLOCK SAVANNA SCREENSHOT.jpg (140KB, 1552x852px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello everyone.

I designed this skin for the Glock 18 for a bit of fun. I would appreciate any feedback on my workshop page. Thanks :)

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Holy fuck that's horrible.
Literally DeviantArt tier.
Holy fuck, cannot unsee

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what does you think
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looks kool
Cuuute! I love it. But is it an illustration or a logo?

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333 header hitbox.png
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>What is this?
There's a tournament called the 4CC (Four Chan Cup, other variations of the name are spamfiltered so watch out), which has AI versions of each 4chan board compete in simulated football (soccer) matches. The teams themselves are representations of each individual board's culture. /gd/ is one of the teams competing in it.

/gd/ is one of the boards renown for having a small, but loyal following. We already have a few posters over at the /vg/ thread, however we always try to keep the actual board informed and involved, as well as alert any new people to the concept of the cup, cause it's just fun times and they might like it.

>I'm not interested / fuck off with this thread / this isn't /gd/ / etc
If you're not interested, that's perfectly fine. The cup itself isn't a real e-sports event and is just something done between friends that people can be a part of. Threads on /gd/ related to the cup will always be called "#333 thread" in that exact spelling fashion, so just add that to your spam filter and they'll never show up again.

>I'm interested
Links to the channel where the games are streamed live is in the OP image along with the dates for the games which you can find in the link below:

>Recent events
/gd/ promote top of their group and smash [s4s] in the Ro16, and move onto the final day hoping for that first star.
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kerning overload.jpg
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First match is in about 4 hours time, be sure not to miss it
File: kerning lens flare 2.png (37KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
kerning lens flare 2.png
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15 minutes!
Let's go

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No title 11.png
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No title 1.png
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No title 2.png
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No title 3.png
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Sup /gd/, so i've been reading about this thing called render farming which is new to me but would be of great great use since i use After Effects and i have two extra laptops which i don't use anymore but they have pretty decent processors

So, how do i render farm in after effects?
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why would you need renderfarm on ae? are you making a film or something? it's mostly used for photo realistic 3d renders/high res-animations

also ask >>>/3/
>i have two extra laptops
That's not how it works dude.
You need a shitload of cuda cores.
Render farms (at least the ones I know) render on multiple GPUs not CPUs

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Hey /gd/! I've been lurking for a while, and now I come forth with a question.

I have an interview on Monday with a local design company that was referred to me from a work friend. I have my bachelors in design but one thing we never really used or explored was wordpress. The company is looking to try and use it and WooCommerce so that they can easily add products up in a range of colors and sizes.

I was upfront and honest that I didn't know much about it, but they asked if I could read up about it and see if I could help them to figure it out.

Basically I'm asking: How exactly would I be able to help them to do this? I'm assuming there's plugins and stuff so what should I go and look for? Is there a quick guide to Wordpress and WooCommerce at all?
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The people at that job likes you but at the end up the day, they are wasting their money on an idiot who knows nothing about CMS. They might as well hire someone who is very knowledgeable on the subject.

For you personally. There is a thread on the subject for you to learn on. Here: >>299488

Nice quintuple

File: Senshi08.png (327KB, 500x440px)Image search: [Google]
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What do you call it when you have an isolated image in an image editing program?
Like, you isolate the image, deleting the background and just have that smooth graphic you can implant elsewhere?
What do you call it and where can I find some?
pic related should be an example
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google images type at the end 'png' or 'transparent'
what he said or also googling _____ vector also works

File: Sui For red glitch droth txt.jpg (2MB, 3000x1991px)Image search: [Google]
Sui For red glitch droth txt.jpg
2MB, 3000x1991px
Aesthetics you find pleasing in photographs:
I edited theese myself. I really enjoy glitchy art.
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File: Fight club VHS.png (2MB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
Fight club VHS.png
2MB, 1920x1080px
Critisism is appreciated
File: Rain.jpg (2MB, 2075x2860px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2075x2860px
This board is so dead
i just dont see any purpose for those, not something worth watching, and i actually like some good glitch art as well but the ones you posted seem a little too boring, literally just chromatic aberration and color correction. have you played around with data-bending yet?


File: t7mc2dc4fghy.gif (325KB, 1420x656px)Image search: [Google]
325KB, 1420x656px

Post results and design it
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Post results and design it
>paying to design

I didn't read much of the website, but am I getting that correct?

I'm struggling to figure out and explain how to do a thing in Illustrator. I feel like this should be really easy but I'm struggling /gd/

Basically what I'm trying to achieve is a shape that layers on top of text, but also reveals it in the shape in the inverted colour. Not sure if this makes any sense but pic related (my poor attempt).
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can't see the points maybe try with shape builder or post the ai file so we can take a look
File: test.png (12KB, 960x560px)Image search: [Google]
12KB, 960x560px
expand the text, copy+paste on top both shapes and use the pathfinder to slice it up and then you can recolor the shapes, am i understand it correctly in my picture?
Absolutely! This is what I'm after. But I'm not quite understanding your instructions. Can you break it down into steps?

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