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Does anyone has this ebook?
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yes, why?
nvm didn't see the "e"

What's better for a freelance business?
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depends of your name pajeet
if you're name is pajeet then use a pen name Wackford Squeers, Sir Mulberry Hawk, and Miss Snevellicci.

Is there anyway I could get this image printed as an 18 x 24 poster or would it look like crap?

It's not for sale anymore, but I really like this artwork.
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photoshop sharp + remove noise + waifu2x
I'll be honest. I do not have any skills in photoshop. Like how much work would this be, could I pay someone to do this?
Is it realistic to scale this image to 18 x 24 inches and have it not look like poop?
here's a private chat room we could talk over there. i'll leave it open for the next couple hours.


File: draw.png (1MB, 1295x974px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 1295x974px

I want to reproduce this type of illustration. Do they have a specific name? It is hand drawn or is it possible to apply a kind of filter to achieve this result.

I am open to any tutorial or any help!

thank you in advance
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difficult to say without the source, it kinda seems like vectors specially the dominoes maybe it's custom brushes on a drawing tablet and halftone patterns but not sure, maybe ask at /ic/ questions thread

See if this is any help
its a common effect in photoshop and illustrator. Forgot the name tho...

File: wee.jpg (4MB, 2550x3300px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this an okay way to advertise for more work around town/build more clients?

Should I change anything?
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File: wee.jpg (240KB, 765x990px)Image search: [Google]
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Woops, put a huge resolution up. Here's smaller
poster looks good, and that is an effective way to scoop up extra small time jobs here and there.

I'try being more descriptive about what they are getting for those prices. Your current descriptions leave too much room for interpretation, which could lead to unwarranted pricing/time disputes with customers.

are these full color or 1 color at that price?

I don't know where you are getting your shirts printed, but shirts are typically printed via silk screening. You might want to base your design prices for shirts by color... so maybe say "Designs for $20 per color"

Are these for just the design of the flyers or printing or both? explain that.
also limit your pricing to a specific size for each flyer. Obviously the larger the flyer, the more space for content, which means more work for you... you dont want them hold you to that pricing if you have to do 4x the work you were planning.

I'd also add your contact info above the tear away portion. that way if the tear aways are gone, people can still see your info.

good luck anon
Very game posting your name and contact info on this site my man.

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Hello. Can anyone share this e-book? Thx
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there's one at my bookstore
I can take a picture of each page, how much will you pay me?
100 ml of semen

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Can someone tell me what program this artist is using? Thanks.
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Looks like SAI
either sai or opencanvas
Paint Tool SAI

Im about to take undergo one of my final major graduation projects, but I am kind of stumped for ideas. It is a research based project where a shit tonne of research is collected about one specific topic area and then a specific question is asked and you have to design creatively around that topic.

For example if you wanted to do dyslexia, a question within that could be does text, font/typeface effect positively or negatively on dyslexia.

If anyone has any ideas or general shit they could contribute for a topic I could choose then fire away.
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Is it a university or college program? Think of something that will lend itself to imagery and designs that really explore your full skillet and ability. Do things that will challenge how and what it is that you 'make'. Try to do something that breaks borders of medium be it traditional/digital or art/craft or whatever the fuck

File: PentagonCorp-copia.jpg (14KB, 188x188px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello Gd/, i'm new at graphic design, i am not a graphic designer and never study any of it, just work my way trough photoshop, illustrator and some other programs, i tourn out to be good with it, my problem is i dont know a lot i can do, so my issue begin here... I live in Venezuela a country that suck only in a political/economic level, dollars are closed so i cant pay sites to teach more stuff, or buy anything outside, for that i start working on a freelancer site and want to gaing some money online, but i can see that there is a lot to do and i'm good at photo editting and making logos (kind off) so i'm looking for site's like this and where to find new tendencies, a community where we can learn and that have gallerys and inspiration... like i said, others like this one

Sorry for my bad english!
and thanks
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Inspiration can come from many places,


These 3 sites should help you find stuff you find interesting/attractive. Also, try using Instagram and finding creative minds you want to follow. There's many great accounts out there that focus on specific areas of graphic design (Logos, for instance)


File: Inkscape.jpg (351KB, 2560x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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So, I'm working on a simple graphic, the original came with a red background, some work later and I remove the red background, this is all inside a bitmap based editor, so now time to vectorise the image.
I import it to inkscape, then trace bitmap, the usual deal, and when I export it, it seems that remnants of the red background, which is completely gone fromt he original .png image, is back somehow.
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run a black and white filter over it
oh ofc, but it's wierd that it just sort of appears from nowhere
Firstly, if you complaining about the line being pixelated and not smooth your an idiot. The resolution cannot support that, and the only reason it looks smooth on the vector image is because vectors don't work with pixels (but when you export to png, they are forced to)

If your complaining about it being red, then I think you may have something like CYMK colors on. Try changing it to RGB or even better GRAYSCALE. It could jsut be that your line is also not exactly black, and is slighly more red/magenta than any other color.

File: gnah.png (34KB, 1458x867px)Image search: [Google]
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I need some recommendations regarding a home screen layout, pic related.
The four "buttons" point to the main functions of the program and should stay grouped (not necessarily vertically). The top list contains recently saved files and the bottom one displays details of the selected recent file.
I felt that I had to fill all the space, but now everything is just too big. Any ideas how to improve this?
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This is still relevant, so please feel free to suggest anything.
'nother bump.
Last bump

Hey /gd/. Show me your resumé.
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File: Goblins.pdf (1B, 486x500px)
1B, 486x500px
Been working on it for a while
What you guys think
File: 1378785277405.gif (559KB, 200x200px)Image search: [Google]
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I really really like this image

Can anyone identify this font?
Its lovely. Kinda Bauhaus with that flat S and shaved down J.

Thanks for any help yall.
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you're welcome.
probably custom, since this is from a typography student
Think I found it - its called "Platform Web"

File: Rohantransparent_zpseaefa1b9.png (876KB, 635x932px)Image search: [Google]
876KB, 635x932px
The question i'm going to ask is a litttle bit weird, i need to modify one of my photo (the photo's black & white) to look as similar as possible to Rohan Kishibe, so:
1)Green lips
2)add a shade of green to my hair
How can i do this ?
I have only Photoshop CC 2014 portable.
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duplicate layer, add contrast with levels (to isolate the shapes of the lips and hair), use color range selection on white, delete anything that's not hair or lips (select inverse + delete), hide the layer only leave the original visible, ctrl+click the original layer, duplicate selection (only the lips and hair), make a new adjustment layer of hue/saturation, move the slide around to green, make a few copies, play with the blending modes specially the ones that say color finally just lower the opacity and place one of the copies as 'multiply' with a feather selection so it looks more natural.
Thank you very much, i'll give it a try

A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style was a paper that broke deep machine learning into the field of graphic design.

Any thoughts or experiences on this? What about the materials you need to get started?
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i'm the one who posted the links on these threads also it's more >>>/ic/ related



forgot that existed
neural doodle~!
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my b

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