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Hello gd,
I am a freelance webdesigner but I don't know anything about SEO. Some of my clients are asking about it, so i'd like to learn.
Do any of you have some .pdf guide or anything (recent, as it seems that google changes the rules quite often) to get better?
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SEO is achieved by having a site with
1 Good original content that helps people
2 Many links to the site from other sites which are reputable, as in, actual relationships with those sites

SEO done improperly will murder your ratings. SEO has been dead for a while now; it is now just good site content and having solid relationships with partner sites.

Someone will come along and tell you they can SEO your site; they are selling snake oil. This wasn't always the case but it is now.

Good point here. SEO was a rule set that could be used to get articles and sites to rank organically. Outside of content going viral for some reason, now, focusing efforts on content that your audience would want to share will increase your searchablity.

As a web designer, you should focus on site structure, UX/UI, site performance, and perfecting your CTA's. Content such as; social media and blog posts should be used as a funnel to your site.

If you want sources let me know, but big names like MOZ give you just enough info to get started, then want you to subscribe or use their tools.

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Is there anything like 'Webm For Retards' but for gifs? I've found some programs that work like an overlay and capture the gif that way but they have a tendency to crash or break shit/bloat the files.

I've seen some really amazing HQ gifs that use under 3mB but I can't seem to achieve anywhere close to some of the better ones with the website converters/screen to gif/gifcam.

Tried getting GAP to work in gimp as well, loads videos but crashes when I try to edit. Had high hopes for that one.
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haven't heard of any but photoshop has an option for setting up the desired gif size beforehand.
just skip till the end they explain alot about gifs there

The file sizes can run up there but its manageable

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Industrial design thread?
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File: DSC09872.0.jpg (1B, 486x500px)
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Don't you just love the aggressive, blunt and almost incoherent design of modern gayming hardware? It fits the target audience so well.

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The company is about informatic solutions, thanks
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Try centering the words a little more, maybe have a thicker line for the oval, and have an interesting font.

>informatic solutions
>not using a screen based typeface

Anon why
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Just a quick idea. How about some symbols around the word blast?

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I do, it's really great, and a good introduction to CSS/HTML concepts as well.

I'm using a free account but don't know if upgrading is worth it, it's more expensive than Squarespace and there is still the custom domain cost, I feel like abandoning it completely and just making my own website from scratch with the concepts I learned from it.
Why are people afraid of coding?
How is this usable in real world?
It's pretty good, I'm a noob so I can build a lot faster with webflow. The HTML/CSS export is surprisingly good too. It seems pointless to spend so much time on simple shit when you can just export to do the more complicated stuff.

has anybody managed to pick up this font? im a tight arse and don't want to shell out the $33

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there's a thread for requests buddy.

that being said i'm also looking for this font pack, ha!

i just spotted that, sorry. i'll post on there too
let me know if you find this, some of those fonts are beautiful

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Hello /gd/ a request here. Im starting a modernistic, fashion, hoodlum, techno, streetwear, aesthetics label/brand for facebook pages, video songs and similar stuff. I was thinking where someone can help me out. Would love if you give advice or make something out. The name would be Dunavci District. Ill give you a few examples of what I have in my head.

Pic related example
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File: 2017-02-10 09.47.57.png (2MB, 1278x1926px)Image search: [Google]
2017-02-10 09.47.57.png
2MB, 1278x1926px
File: received_1423688604322161.jpg (69KB, 491x742px)Image search: [Google]
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i just started making music, but i dont have a logo, can someone make it?i dont have any money so i cant pay for it, i just need a simple logo, my name is SVICIDE, i can do a grime edit in exchange, thanks
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If you put as much effort into your music as into this request you sure must sound like shit.
Just go to googlefont and pick a font you freeloader. It's what a "simple logo" is anyway.
Until you're playing shows a logo is unnecessary. Dork.
fucking /wsr/, /r/

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please :3
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not finished btw

That's sick, however, you could of easily uploaded it here. Are you retarded?

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Looking to theme my channel with inspirations from the 90s. Looking for imgs of classic designs, like the famous cup illustration, trends & classics during the 90s you can think of like pogs & pokemon & shows on nickelodeon like Double Dare, Guts, etc.
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4chan don't let me down you've been so good to me with this shit

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Saw this while browsing. Can anyone tell me how they made this look so good? Specifically the texture and how they got the faces to naturally blend into the painting?
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Color correcting, adjusting levels, adding noise and putting a texture on top (grabbing a picture of a canvas and changing the blending mode).
Why don't you tell us how something that looks so bad is somehow good to you.
>disregard annoying host
You get texture on one side and colors on the other. You can then apply canvas texture to image of your liking.

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DR 002.jpg
262KB, 850x600px
anyone know how to make these light reflections at the top, bottom and throughout the poster?
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maybe gradient/gradient meshes?
a brush, little opacity
This. There isn't a filter for everything. Use your brushes people.

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Identities /gd/ finds atrocious
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All of them.
wtf i hate identities now
wtf i hate identities now

where do you guys get your free images from?

pic not related
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I usually get my crap from goog
Here are some sites:

Foter, DeathToTheStock, Pixabay.
>Foter for vintage and century old illustrations and such since it pulls alot from Archive.org PDFs
>DTTS for unique "themed" stock photo packs
>Pixabay for pretty stuff, vectors for reference and other things not listed
Flickr is good too but Foter is linked to Flickr so
this is okay with only work with low res stuff or need something incredibly specific.

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yo tumblr thread bitches.

post rate and hate

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Why would anyone care about your tumblr that isn't even your OC? Swear to god we'll be seeing "share your pinterest"-threads soon
that would be really helpful too.

inspo, keeping up to date with design trends etc.

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