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why is this logo so appealing?
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cause we all have arms.
Oh yeah, that must be it
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There's just something about simple industrial logos in borders.

I have made two versions of this section on the site. Basically when you scroll down different services show with a corresponding scene and color (parallax background).

This is the version my friends prefer but I feel like it looks dated and claustrophobic.
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This is the version I prefer. I know It needs to be finished as some of the spacing isn't perfect but it feels more modern and professional to me.

What do you think /gd/?
That version is better but parallax is fucking nonesense
1st version looks too much like an alert message.

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Do you think that Graphic design and Illustrating can go hand and hand career wise? I feel I am a stronger illustrator but I feel like graphic design good be the thing that gets my foot in the door of the industry.
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Fucking obviously they're literally in the same lane
Naa depends what route u want to go down, illustrator for designs that revolve around smooth edges etc (tshirt design/characters) and gfx for everything else (infodesign)
my iq went down just reading this

yes OP, of course they can go hand in hand, you can use either to compliment either and be very successful for it. they are totally different skills tho, you will be learning concepts from scratch for /gd/

I'm an aspiring graphic designer, unfortunately there's no much opportunities in my country, I've been stuck with retracing logos and stupid flyers where you can't be creative and I'm sad about it..so I've been on the search for opportunities world wide. Can anyone help me with advices where should I look exactly for a junior graphic designer positions that accept international workers
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If that .jpg is yours, stop right there.
Not OP, but sorta a similar situation. Didnt want to create a new thread for it.

I got an animation/illustration background. Not much opportunity for me where I lived. Most studios went out of business. Got picked up by a Media company as their lead animator. Unfortunately despite the months, they never got work for me. Its just not in demand here. It was always graphic design and photography.

So I lied a little saying I could do some graphic design, expecting to do a simple logo or shapes.
I was wrong! I dont know as much as I thought I did! This is the only work I'm able to get though so Im trying to learn how to get better at graphic design quickly. I could use some advice.
Not OP, but what did they make you do for graphic design work?

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Leviathan american rework.png
3MB, 2048x1334px
Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes - American Politics Contemporary rework. Tell me what you think.
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Terrible font and a bit busy but fun to look at.
this isn't real
this is amazingly post-modern

Metahaven wish they could design that

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How to take screenshot like this?
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Use the Print functionality of your browser, select a large format paper size, then save as PDF, and then crop if necessary in some application and export as .jpeg
install some extension in your browser like Capture Webpage Screenshot Entirely. FireShot
>Not browsing on a 3840x17280 screen

Are you even trying

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Has anyone had a client that didn't pay, went missing, trash talked you etc? I want to hear stories.
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Just a while ago, I am quite a good member on the leakforuns. This one guy had to pay me $5 for some GIF I did. It was a very small work and dnall payment. I did the work, PMed him with a watermark. 3 months passed he hasn't replied yet. Sucker is cheap AF cant donate $5
Always get paid up front.
I had this british guy a few months back who used a fake name. He hired me to make a better version of the site that the previous designer couldn't do.

It was a fixed rate for a website. He kept asking for more and more details that weren't discussed originally. Everything from animated slides to blatant data entry. When I asked for money he said 'I paid you for the website. The website isn't done yet". After awhile he would become irate telling me I was terrible at everything.

He still owed me like $1500 by the way.

So I kept pressuring him to pay me. He would get angry and said he paid me already so I called my bank and they said his payment was rejected because he didn't spell my name right. Weeks ago. And they had been notified.

The guy would demand I have a skype with him at the drop of the had despite the fact that I had other clients and he didn't actually schedule ahead of time. He would call me, purposely, by the wrong name to make me feel inferior.

Ended up only getting 5 grand out of the guy for a website worth like 30k.

Im working on a illustration based on Jules Julien work (pic related)

the guy is a graphic designer/illustrator who uses meticulously illustrator (or at least, vectors)

so Im trying to uderstand what he does. he work with black and white layers then he color it. I can see some gradient tool. some parts looks like mesh tool but probably they are not. degrades looks like a blend tool but incredibly well done. the hand made layers are in a very low transparency like 3-7%... and they are a lot.

so guys, do you see something more here? help
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File: uyLMx.png (166KB, 652x315px)Image search: [Google]
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his values seem darker than yours, maybe just make a few copies and set them to multiply, it's a trick i learned from c4d called ambient occlusion

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Could anyone photoshop the "Deal with it shades" onto this picture for me?
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File: Conjunto revista (3).jpg (2MB, 2500x1667px)Image search: [Google]
Conjunto revista (3).jpg
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Hey /gd/
can someone critique this? i just want to hear some other opinions
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spacing is terrible
cover's type hierarchy is bad
Check this out. It might help. I really dislike the spacing, alignment, and font choices on the cover. The right side of the page is weighted strangely and borders on chaotic.

To start, I'd lose the two red lines, fix the font hierarchy, and pick a consistent alignment.

OP here


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Bump what?
Now I am interested in what too. I'll bump this in the hope we ever find out

File: IMG_20170222_001837.jpg (2MB, 4160x3120px)Image search: [Google]
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Hello anon,
This is an handmade logo for an opensource program (a system monitor), this software is free and still in alpha, so it doesn't produce money and so i can't pay you if u help me.
Pic related, i'm sorry for photo quality but original paper is not with me so i can't give u a better photo.
Can u help me to digitalize this handmade logo? If u will help me and if u want i can link your website on first page of jasm software description (on github)
I'm sorry for bad english, is not my native language.
Thanks anon if u will help me, and thank if u will not help me.. I know what means hard work with no cash
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just do it yourself.
its not very hard to scan it and then do it over in illustrator
and you shouldnt be asking actual designers here to do shit for a shoutout
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I like it, thx bro.
I love first, what do you think?

So I need to make a website for my web development class and I need to make a store. It doesnt need to be a functional one, the teacher will just grade me on code knowledge, layout and responsiveness. I just want to gather a bunch of opinions before I continue my work before making the full site so I dont need to change everything again at the end on every single file.
Thanks <3

Also this is the right board, right? Im not sure if it belongs here desu.
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maybe try at /g/wdg
Try and protect the site from SQL injections (if youre gonne use SQL)
Nah its only html, css, bootstrap (wich is basically html and css), and a little bit of javascript.
We dont do sql and stuff in our grade yet.

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Been fucking around on GIMP for a solid month.

Turns out I'm autistic and can do this shit for hours and hours.

Is graphic design a realistic career goal? Do I need a degree, or can I just continue my autism journey?
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Whilst an autism journey sounds like a good time, graphic design can lead to a career. You need to be diverse, willing to work with clients that think they know what they want; but don't, & etc...

A thorough understanding of advertising, marketing, software, design and time management skills are a must.

I wouldn't go to school unless you can afford it. And by afford it I mean no fucking loans, or the least amount possible.

Graphic design has a wide range of possible jobs and careers. It will help if you know what you want. Good luck in that department.

Currently I am working for a regional publishing company, doing print ads. The work can be quite frustrating but for the most part I enjoy what I do.

Freelance is always an attractive option. You will need to be able to advertise yourself very well to succeed though.
Depends on what you are creating when you say you've been "fucking around on gimp". You have to make sure you have a wide array of knowledge of the theory and practice of graphic design, and not just churn out "cool" looking pictures, because that's not graphic design.

If you're making stuff like your pic then I suppose you could find a market that wants to buy these images and advertise yourself rigorously to it, but you will be working for a very limited amount of people, producing very limited types of work.
Small sites like fiverr are good for independent freelance goofing around work

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76chan Royals.png
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Have you ever done gd for websites before?
If so post yours in this thread.
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i'd design ur website, if ya know what i mean grill ;)
Fucking wasted get!
its funny how this board is so empty that nobody gives a shit about a 300k get.

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